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									Windsurfing Wetsuit Manufacturers

With the growing popularity of windsurfing, there has also been a great increase in the number
of companies that design and manufacture windsurfing gear and equipments. This has not only
led to an increase in the variety of gear and equipments but also maintained the prices at a
reasonable level. One of the most important windsurfing components is the wetsuit as it protects
the surfer from the rigors of windsurfing. Over the past few years there has been a tremendous
increase in the number of wetsuit manufacturers that have designed wetsuits to cater to every
demand of the surfers.

Wetsuit Brands

While buying wetsuits, there are a few factors to be considered like the brand, quality of the
material of the wetsuit and the windsurfing conditions. Since wetsuits are such vital safety
elements, it is recommended to opt for a well-known or reliable brand of wetsuit for their quality
assurance. There are several renowned wetsuit manufacturers that buyers can choose from while
making a purchase. Some of them are as follows:

   1. O'Neill: A leading manufacturer of wetsuits and stylish beach wear, O'Neill offers a
      range of wetsuits for men and women. O'Neill has designed wetsuits with firewall
      insulation that have thermal insulation jersey. This jersey protects the surfer from cold
      water and keeps the body warm and well-protected against hypothermia. For women,
      O'Neill offers wetsuits tailor-made for feminine styles. This brand has some of the most
      prolific windsurfers in its team like Jordy Smith, Cory Lopez, Timmy Reyes while its
      women's team includes Malia Manuel, Sage Erickson, Kyla Langen and Kaleigh Gilchrist
      just to name a few. O'Neill has established its presence across North America, Europe,
      Australia and New Zealand.
   2. Lomo: This UK-based wetsuit manufacturer is yet another popular brand with a growing
      customer base. Lomo offers great neoprene wetsuits with varying thickness to suit cold as
      well as warm conditions. Lomo offers various patterns of wetsuits for men, women and
      children at relatively reasonable prices.
   3. Pro-Limit: Yet another renowned wetsuit manufacturer, Pro-limit offers wetsuits that are
      designed with the right seams and shaping that ensures a perfect fit. Pro-limit also
      provides special children's wetsuits that provide protection not just in the water but also
      from the strong beach sun.
   4. Neil Pryde: A leading name in the field of windsurfing, Neil Pryde has been a trusted
      brand for all windsurfing equipments and accessories for several years. Apart from the
      usual range of wetsuits, Neil Pryde also offers zirconium wetsuits. Zirconium soaks up
      the body heat and then gradually releases it. This helps in maintaining optimum body
   5. Gaastra: Another leading brand, Gaastra wetsuits are widely popular especially among
      windsurfing professionals. Gaastra offers wetsuits to suit all seasons - summer, winter
      and autumn.

If visiting a store to buy a wetsuit is cumbersome, it is also possible to order online. Just choose a
suitable wetsuit from the catalogue and order. However, read the features carefully before buying
online. It is also a good idea to take advice from an experienced surfer, especially before buying

For more information visit Apart from the wetsuits,
windsurfers also need to carry other important windsurfing accessories as windsurfing masts,
windsurfing fins etc

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