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                      LED Green Plant Lamps
We all like to plant some small potted plants on the desktop. If lack of sunlight indoors, you can
only plant shade plants. But With the LED plant lamps, you do not have these restrictions and
can grow more various plants. They have the LED Grow Light function, the specific LED
spectrum is near to the sun, can provide ample synthetic light for plants anywhere. In the
following, i will show you some led green plant lamps!

Flower or light? LED green plant light

This is a plant light where Spring is in the air. German designer Aust has been committed to
bring the plants into green home products design, this time she brought the lamp and plants
together, and designed this plant light, which is full of wisdom.

Tapered dimmable LED bulbs are in the transparent glassware. The green plants around can
rely on artificial light source for photosynthesis. So they can also thrive even indoors without
light. Under the irradiation of the lamp, whole pieces of the plant roots in the water are clearly
visible, forming an additional unique decorative effect.

NUDE plant lighting LED table lamp

People in the modern city are far away from nature, they both want green lighting and green
potted plants. The Table Lamp known as “Green Lantern” was from the Italian design company

NuDe, its design has special originality. The shape design of angled shape, the sharp corners
hide thin linear LED light source, providing high-quality energy-saving and healthy lighting.

In addition, the flat end can also be used to plant pots, the harmonious combination of the two,
and the perfect curve streamlined fashion are really amazing. This light’s body part can rotate
360 degrees and can adjust lighting direction according to your needs. There are a variety of
options for materials and colors, with even more flexibility in home collocation. If you are tired
when learning under the lamp, taking a look at the greenery plants is also a good rest. More
you may be interested: led candle bulbs.

Learn more here: http://rayleich.wordpress.com/2012/11/23/led-green-plant-lamps/

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