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Talking Books
The titles in this booklist are a selection of the titles available for loan from the RNIB
National Library Talking Book Service. Books read by volunteers have an order
number starting with 40…. Please note the books read by volunteers may vary in
quality. Some may be recorded using synthetic speech which is noted on the title

Don’t forget you are allowed to have up to 6 books on loan. When you return a title,
you will then receive another one.

If you would like to read any of these titles then please contact the Customer Services
Team on 0303 123 9999 or email library@rnib.org.uk

If you would like further information, or help in selecting titles to read, then please
contact the Reader Services Team on 01733 37 53 33 or email

You can write to us at RNIB NLS, PO Box 173, Peterborough PE2 6WS
The classic 1000 recipes; compiled by Wendy Hobson. 1992. 22
hours. TB 400164.
Leading cookery writers have contributed recipes to this collection, which covers the
complete range of cooking in 28 sections. TB 400164.

The family cookbook; Good Housekeeping Institute. 2006. 12 hours
19 minutes. TB 407856.
This book contains over 120 recipes and is divided into chapters including stocking
the Store cupboard, Cooking for One or Two, Cooking with Children, Quick Weekday
Meals, Weekend Recipes and Cooking Family Meals for Special Occasions. Recipes
range from the simple, such as pork and noodle stir fry, to encourage non-cooks into
the kitchen, to Thai chicken curry and Moroccan spice poussin for the more
experienced cook. At the beginning of each chapter there is helpful and practical
advice about where to buy key ingredients, how to plan your meals in advance and
build up a collection of recipes that you can have on standby whatever the occasion.
TB 407856.

Abel, Keith
The Abel & Cole cookbook: easy, seasonal, organic. 2008. 5 hours 1 minute. TB

Allen, Rachel
Rachel's food for living. 2007. 6 hours 13 minutes. TB 408427.
This book, to accompany Rachel Allen's fourth TV series, provides a new collection of
recipes that celebrate life, love and cherished memories. TB 408427.

Allen, Rachel
Rachel's favourite food at home. 2008. 6 hours 8 minutes. TB 403617.
New in paperback and including new recipes, this cookbook draws on international
influences, classic regional fare and good old family favourites to provide creative
options for every occasion. Chapters include: Easy Family Food, Sweet Celebrations,
Picnics and Days Out, Food for Children, Extended Family, Dining Al Fresco, Home
Cinema, Big Celebrations, Edible Gifts, Just Like Mum Used to Make and A Few
More Faves. TB 403617.

Allison, Sonia
The dairy book of home cookery. 1992. Read by Volunteers, 22 hours 31
minutes. TB 403881.
While keeping many of its original recipes, the new edition of this popular cookbook
has many new "basic" ones arising from changes in the range of available foods,
cooking methods and eating habits. Instructions for microwaving many of these
recipes are included. TB 403881.

Atkins, Susy
How to choose wine: a complete guide to buying, storing, and serving wine.
2002. 1 hour 41 minutes. TB 407833. Recorded using synthetic speech.
This book tells you everything you need to know to keep, store, and serve wine
whatever your budget. TB 407833.

Dahl, Sophie
Miss Dahl's voluptuous delights: the art of eating a little of what you fancy.
2009. Read by Volunteers, 5 hours 27 minutes. TB 404026.
Sophie cooks with gusto and passion and here she takes us on a delicious journey
through 100 of her favourite recipes for every meal and every season - from her
Grandmother Gee-Gee's ginger parkin, to her dad's amazing chicken curry to what
she serves her boyfriend for breakfast. TB 404026.

David, Elizabeth
An omelette and a glass of wine. 1984. Read by Elizabeth Proud. 14 hours 45
minutes. TB 7027.
A selection from the author's journalistic work for a wide range of publications on the
subject of food and wine in this country and abroad, especially of course in France.
Her topics cover the kitchen spectrum from "Big Bad Bramleys" to "Sweet Aristo" and
the piece that gives her book its title goes into detail about how not to reveal the
secret of how to make the perfect omelette. Original and witty enough for the most
jaded palate. TB 7027.

Day, Martha
1000 recipe cookbook. 2005. 33 hours 4 minutes. TB 409522. Recorded using
synthetic speech.
This book offers a great range of ideas for soups and starters; fish and shellfish;
poultry and game; meat and vegetarian dishes; pastas, pizzas and grains; vegetables
and salads; bakes and cakes; and hot and cold desserts. It includes traditional
favourites, classic dishes from around the world and innovative new combinations. TB

Grigson, Jane
Jane Grigson's vegetable book. 1998. Read by Sherry Baines, 27 hours 2
minutes. TB 18539.
Jane Grigson's definitive guide to the selection, preparation and cooking of
vegetables covers the common potato to the exotic Chinese artichoke, and providing
ideas for side dishes, main courses and even the odd dessert. TB 18539.

Lawson, Nigella
Kitchen: recipes from the heart of the home. 2010. Read by IVO Amy synthetic
voice, 14 hours 52 minutes. TB 404300.
Divided into two parts -- Kitchen Quandaries and Kitchen Comforts -- Nigella gives us
the wherewithal to tackle any situation and satisfy all nourishment needs. But real
cooking is often about leftovers, too, so here one recipe can lead to another... from
ham hocks to pea soup and pasties, from chicken to Chinatown salad. As well as
offering the reader a mouthwatering array of new recipes, both comforting and
exciting - from clams with chorizo to Guinness gingerbread, from Asian braised beef
to flourless chocolate lime cake, from Pasta alla Genovese to Venetian carrot cake -
Nigella rounds up her kitchen kit must-haves (telling us, too, what equipment we don't
need) and highlights individual ingredients - both basic essentials and modern-day
life-savers. TB 404300.

McEvedy, Allegra
Economy gastronomy: eat better and spend less. 2009. Read by Mat Field, Read
by Camilla Mathias, 9 hours 11 minutes. TB 17164.
"Economy Gastronomy" is about planning ahead, shopping well, spending less and
using ingredients ingeniously to create flavour-packed food every day. The 100
delicious recipes cover breakfasts and lunches, snacks and treats, with chapters to
show you how to achieve expensive-looking meals without spending a fortune so you
can entertain in style and make something from nothing. Detailed recipes reveal
versatile skills you can use in a range of recipes. Form meal planning to seasonal
shopping, from loving leftovers to store-cupboard basics, the economy gastronomy
system combines traditional skills with restaurant flair. TB 171164.

Myers, Dave
The hairy bikers' cookbook. 2006. 6 hours 15 minutes. TB 409193. Recorded
using synthetic speech.
With their zest for both adventure and food and their laugh-out-loud capacity for fun,
the Hairy Bikers make a very entertaining pair, travelling on their motorbikes to the
ends of the earth in search of great meals to bring home to their friends. TB 409193.

Oliver, Jamie
Jamie's ministry of food: anyone can learn to cook in 24 hours. 2008. Read by
David Thorpe, 6 hours 57 minutes. TB 16524.
Sixty years ago food was in short supply and malnutrition rates were high. "The
Ministry of Food" was set up to teach the public how to make the best use of the food
available to them. Fast forward to the present day, where we have unlimited choices
and plenty of food, yet we're living in a world of junk food, additives and preservatives.
Our war is now against obesity, as most people have little or no idea about how to
cook and what makes a balanced diet. We need to learn from the past. We need to
look back at the way our grandmothers and great-grandmothers cooked - wholesome,
tasty food that was simple and quick to prepare. TB 16524.

Slater, Nigel
Appetite: so what do you want to eat today? 2001. 12 hours 55 minutes. TB
Nigel Slater shows you how to break the rules, experiment with recipes and satisfy
your appetite. The text includes templates for a large range of classic dishes and
hundreds of ideas for how you might adapt each dish to produce something quite
different. TB 400952.

Slater, Nigel
A cook and his vegetable patch. 2009. Read by IVO Amy synthetic voice, 17
hours 37 minutes. TB 404234. Tender ; 1.
With over 400 recipe ideas and many wonderful stories from the cook's garden, this is
the definitive guide to cooking with vegetables from Britain's finest food writer. In his
imitable, unpretentious style Nigel Slater elevates vegetables to the starring role in his
latest cook book, whether that means enjoying vegetables for their own sake or on
the same plate as a piece of meat or fish. From crab cakes and crushed peas to
broccoli and lamb stir-fry, luxury cauliflower cheese to a delicious broad bean salad,
Tender has everything a cook could want from a recipe book. TB 404234.

Smith, Delia
Delia Smith's complete cookery course. 1992. 30 hours 59 minutes. TB 400155.
Completely revised and updated, this cookery "bible" for still contains all the
established favourites such as flaky fish pie, Christmas pudding and the secret of
crunchy roast potatoes. Delia has also added some new recipes like stir-fried mange
tout and roast stuffed goose with prunes and armagnac. Clear and comprehensive,
the recipes are suitable for beginners as well as more experienced cooks. Delia also
gives advice on new and widely- available ingredients like easy-blend yeast, filo
pastry and fromage frais. TB 400155.

Smith, Delia
Delia's how to cook. Book one. 1998. 10 hours 17 minutes. TB 400463.
Delia explains the staple food ingredients of all cooking; eggs, flour, potatoes, rice
and pasta and provides a guide through the basic cooking techniques. For
accomplished cooks, "How to Cook" provides a collection of recipes, incorporating
new ideas such as fat-free white sauces. TB 400463.

Smith, Delia
Delia's how to cheat at cooking. 2008. Read by Charlotte Strevens, 5 hours 25
minutes. TB 15625.
Delia has sourced a range of pre-prepared foods (from tins, chill cabinets, freezers
and store cupboards) to help you short circuit cooking times and techniques. Readily
available from supermarkets, delis, online food shops and farmers markets and of the
very best quality, these recipes using instant time savers will allow you to create
fabulous food without the faff. TB 15625.

Turkington, Maxine
Cooking for VIPs: a cookery book for the visually impaired. 2009. Read by
Emma Powell, 4 hours 10 minutes. TB 17930.
This book provides a selection of recipes that are simple to prepare with inexpensive
ingredients that are readily available from supermarkets or vegetable stalls in local
markets. Also included are several recipes that can be cooked or prepared a day or
two in advance. Each recipe is graded according to the level of difficulty based on the
author experience. TB 17930.

Vale, Jason
The juice master's ultimate fast food: discover the power of raw juice:
everything you ever needed to know about juice. 2003. 7 hours 31 minutes. TB
Real fast food isn't about how quickly food can get to your mouth, but how fast the
body can digest it, extract the goodness and get rid of the waste. Jason Vale
challenges the sort of fast foods we are all familiar with in this recipe book full of ideas
for nature's ultimate fast food-raw juice. TB 400248.

Watson, Guy
Riverford Farm cook book: tales from the fields, recipes from the kitchen. 2008.
Read by Volunteers, 12 hours 42 minutes. TB 403949.
Guy Watson began farming at Riverford in 1985 on three acres of land on the Watson
family farm based in Staverton, South Devon. With the land fully converted to organic
status in 1987, Guy began delivering his vegetables to local shops, including his
brother's farm shops. With a locally successful box scheme, home delivery was the
next logical step, with local distributors setting up to operate the home delivery box

scheme in individual locations, with all the vegetables being packed at Riverford
Farm. Riverford has now become one of the country's largest independent growers,
certified by the Soil Association. This book charts the rise of Riverford and ethical
eating, the new concern for 'food miles' and local food production. TB 403949.

Wilson, Carol
Favourite country wines and cordials: traditional home-made drinks. 2006. 54
minutes. TB 408752.
This book contains a selection of easy to make country wine, beer and cordials and
simple tips for home preparation. TB 408752.

Cakes, Baking and Desserts
Favourite chocolate recipes: delicious cakes, puddings and sweets. 2000. 52
minutes. TB 408661.
Who can resist the taste of chocolate; this selection of mouth watering recipes for
sweets, cakes and puddings will delight all chocolate lovers. TB 408661.

Gregory, Carole
Favourite teatime recipes. 1992. 35 minutes. TB 408751.
Carole Gregory married a farmer from Shropshire, where she ran a successful
tearoom converted from a farm stable beside the picturesque Llangollen Canal. This
book contains a selection of her teatime favourites; home-made cakes and buns,
delicious breads and biscuits. TB 408751.

Slater, Nigel
Real fast puddings: over 200 desserts, savouries and sweet snacks in 30
minutes. 1994. Read by Volunteers, 5 hours 43 minutes. TB 403849.
A collection of quick and delicous puddings made simply and with the freshest of
ingredients. Divided into four seasonal parts, the book offers ideas for a wide range of
mouth-watering desserts, all of them stylish and irresistible. TB 403849.

Whitley, Andrew
Bread matters: why and how to make your own. 2009. Read by Volunteers, 12
hours 59 minutes. TB 404367.
Andrew Whitley, founder of the celebrated Village Bakery in Melmerby, is a uniquely
experienced baker. This is his foolproof guide to baking real nutritious bread at home.
From soft milk bread plaits and classic French country bread to overnight sponges
and rye sourdoughs, from olive and pumpkin seed bread and gluten-free pizza to
wholemeal cheese bread and hot buttered stotties. He demystifies the baking process
and shares the practical craft he teaches on his popular baking courses. Including
chapters on wheat-free and gluten-free cooking, this book shows why and how to

make your own bread, guiding and inspiring beginners and seasoned bakers alike. TB

Wilson, Carol
Favourite sweets and toffee recipes. 52 minutes. TB 408750.
The Victorian sweet shop was a source of delight for every child; row upon row of
tempting jars filled with bonbons of every shape and colour. Lollipops, barley sugar,
jellies, bulls-eyes - all are stuff of childhood dreams. This book contains recipes for
the best in traditional favourites. TB 408750.

Children’s Cooking
Orrey, Jeanette
The dinner lady. 2005. 8 hours. TB 407545.
This book tells the inspirational story of how Jeanette became Britain's most vocal
campaigner for good food for our kids. It includes her advice on cooking for children at
home, ideas for getting children interested in and excited by food. There are also
practical tips for busy parents to make life in the kitchen easier with notes on nutrition
and advice for making meal times an enjoyable occasion; plus a list of resources and
suppliers. TB 407545.

Woodford, Kevin
Planet Cook cookbook. 2006. Read by Richard Derrington, 1 hour 21 minutes.
TB 14962,
This book features recipes from the TV show as seen on CBBC. It includes step-by-
step photographs and easy-to-follow text and encourages children to get into the
kitchen and try new things. TB 14962.

Cooking For One or Two
Good Food Magazine
101 meals for two: tried-and-tested recipes. 2006. Read by Volunteers, 3 hours
14 minutes. TB 404197.
The team at "Good Food Magazine" have gathered together a host of recipes that are
specially designed for just two people, ranging from the delicious yet simple speedy
chorizo with chickpeas and potato wedge tortilla, to tasty feasts, such as seared beef
with bean mash and baked trout with chicory and bacon. TB 404197.

Mulligan, Grace
Farmhouse kitchen: cooking for one and two. 1988. 12 hours. TB 400622.
This text provides recipes of nourishing food at reasonable cost. Recipes include
breakfast; soups, starters and snacks; fish and shellfish; poultry and game; main

course meats; rice, pulses, eggs and vegetable dishes; salads and vegetables; pies
and pasties; puddings; breads, scones and bakes; and preserves and chutneys. TB

Shearer, Miranda
My turn to cook. 2002. 3 hours 50 minutes. TB 400623.
Miranda Shearer wrote this book for her boyfriend, Tom. He was missing home
cooking at university and was keen to learn how to cook. Miranda enthusiastically
shares her knowledge, unfailingly creating delicious and well-balanced meals using
recipes that can be easily followed by even the most inexperienced cook. Aged 18,
memories of learning and disastrous results are not too far away, and she writes with
great humour, knowing exactly how to coax a novice cook through any tricky stages.
TB 400623.

Tibbenham, Don
Man alone cook book. 1993. 3 hours 47 minutes. TB 400303.
When you first start cooking for yourself, there are many questions that face you.
Starting from your first shopping trip, Don Tibbenham shows how easy it is to make
tasty meals for one, and offers daily menus for your first two weeks of cooking. TB

Caribbean cuisine
Roots, Levi
Caribbean food made easy with Levi Roots: more than 100 fabulocious recipes
using easy-to-find ingredients. 2009. Read by Damian Lynch, 4 hours 20
minutes. TB 17038.
In the BBC2 programme, "Caribbean Food Made Easy", Levi Roots travels around
the UK and the Caribbean and reveals how delicious Caribbean food can be prepared
at home with easy-to-prepare, mouth-watering recipes using fresh, healthy and
readily-available ingredients. The accompanying cookbook includes 100 delicious
Caribbean recipes, including all of those that appear on the TV programme. TB

Chinese cuisine

Huang, Ching-He
Chinese food made easy. 2008. Read by Wai-King Cheung, 5 hours 7 minutes.
TB 16240.
Chinese Food Made Easy begins with some of the most familiar dishes from a
Chinese takeaway menu - Sweet & Sour Prawns, Chicken with Cashew Nuts, Chop
Suey and Cantonese Vegetable Stir Fry, each with Ching's special and imaginative

twist. Later we explore spicy Szechuan food: Noodles, Dumplings and Dim sum;
Seafood; Fast Food; Desserts and finally Celebratory Food, where Ching presents a
complete banquet of dishes to celebrate the Chinese New Year. TB 16240.

Lo, Kenneth
Chinese food an introduction to one of the world's great cuisines. 1996. 10
hours 18 minutes. TB 400834.
The author demonstrates how to cook, eat and entertain the Chinese way. He looks
at the types of meal - the banquet, the ordinary main meal, breakfast and tea, and
discusses preparing food, cooking dishes and choosing delicious combinations. TB

Stein, Rick
Rick Stein's Far Eastern odyssey. 2009. Read by Ian Redford, 9 hours 37
minutes. TB 16836.
Rick Stein's Far Eastern Odyssey is an epic culinary journey along rivers, through
jungles and around coastlines. Along the way, Rick visits traditional family-run
restaurants, street vendors, floating markets, night markets, fishing villages, and the
local cinnamon and rice farmers to learn about the authentic food of the Far East, and
to sample the delicious spectrum of exotic flavours. TB 16836.

Indian cuisine

Bhogal, Vicky
Cooking like Mummyji. 2003. 6 hours 14 minutes. TB 407890.
This book reveals a little-known cuisine with roots both in the Indian sub-continent
and in Britain. In over 100 recipes she reveals it secrets. Many of the names of her
dishes will be familiar to aficionados of high-street Indian restaurants, but they will find
the author's versions healthier, with fresher, more vivid colours. TB 407890.

Jaffrey, Madhur
Madhur Jaffrey's quick & easy cookery course. 1997. 2 hours 6 minutes. TB
This book includes: the Indian store cupboard; equipment; techniques; chicken;
seafood; meat; vegetables and pulses; rice; and chutneys and relishes. TB 400562.

Vassallo, Jody
Easy curries. 2004. 2 hours 38 minutes. TB 407638.
This book aims to demystify the art of curry making, and provides a collection of
recipes that are easy to prepare at home. All recipes are designed to require minimal
preparation and, where possible, limited cooking time. TB 407638.

Japanese and Thai cuisine
Arnold, Hugo
The wagamama cookbook. 2004. 5 hours 49 minutes. TB 409432.
This official collection of recipes shares the secret of the hallmark culinary minimalism
that has won it instant cult status worldwide. The distinctive wagamama flavour
originates from the traditional 200-year-old ramen (noodle) shops of Japan which
guarantee nourishment with ingredients that cleanse and nurture the mind and body.
Suitable for meat-eaters, seafood lovers and vegetarians alike, the 120 recipes have
been specially created by the people behind wagamama's unique house style and
concentrate on cooking fresh, quality ingredients in a way that retains maximum
flavour and nutrition. TB 409432.

Mediterranean cuisine

Carluccio, Antonio
Carluccio's complete Italian food. 1997. 22 hours 42 minutes. TB 400683.
This text describes all aspects of Italian food. It includes over 200 recipes, both
classic and modern, which include: fish and shellfish; eggs, poultry and game; fresh
and cured meats; vegetables and pulses; pasta; rice and grains; fungi; spices and
flavourings; dairy produce; fruit and nuts; breads and baking; and wines and liqueurs.
TB 400683.

D'Acampo, Gino
The i diet: over 100 healthy Italian recipes to help you lose weight and love
food. 2010. Read by IVO Amy synthetic voice, 5 hours 37 minutes. TB 404182.
The i diet cook book is based on a traditional Italian diet with recipes that can be
prepared for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It includes a dietician's advice on what to eat
and what not to eat and daily and weekly menu plans. TB 404182.

Hazan, Marcella
The essentials of classic Italian cooking. 1992. 33 hours 2 minutes. TB 400537.
Designed as a basic manual for cooks of every level, from beginners to highly
accomplished chefs, this is a comprehensive guide to the products, techniques and
dishes that constitute authentic Italian cooking. TB 400537.

Oliver, Jamie
Jamie's Italy. 2005. Read by David Thorpe. 6 hours 45 minutes. TB 14690.
Jamie's journey takes the reader all over Italy to cook with and learn from the real
masters of Italian cuisine: the locals. As a result the text provides more than 120
recipes for everything from risotto to roasts and spaghetti to stews. TB 14690.

Middle Eastern cuisine

Roden, Claudia
Tamarind & saffron: favourite recipes from the Middle East. 1999. 6 hours 55
minutes. TB 400373.
The collection of new and updated recipes are simple to prepare and healthy without
losing any of their exotic flavours and aromas. Recipes include Aubergines in a spicy
honey sauce; baby onions in tamarind and lamb with chickpeas and chestnuts. TB

UK cuisine
Favourite English recipes: traditional fare from around the counties. 51
minutes. TB 408667.
Simple recipes prepared with fresh ingredients are the essence of English regional
cookery. This book brings together a collection of traditional fare from the shires of
England. TB 408667.

Favourite meat recipes. 2003. 1 hour 9 minutes. TB 408748.
The green pasturelands and hill country of Britain produce a superb array of succulent
meats, whilst its fields, woods and moorland hold a rich variety of game animals. This
collection of British recipes uses a selection of farmed and wild meats. TB 408748.

West Country teatime recipes. 2003. 1 hour 2 minutes, TB 408441.
This is a collection of teatime recipes from the westernmost counties. TB 408441.

Corbett, Heather
Fast and fresh: recipes from the South-West. 2006. 1 hour 43 minutes. TB
Recipes for all the year round that take the minimum of preparation, and use the fresh
ingredients from the South West. TB 408385.

Gomar, Ann
Northumberland and Durham country recipes. 1989. Read by Volunteers, 2
hours 32 minutes. TB 403886.
This book contains local North Eastern recipes for soup and starters; fish; poultry and
game; meat; vegetable dishes; cheese and egg dishes; puddings; miscellaneous
cakes; scones and bread; sweets; preserves; pickles and sauces; drinks. TB 403886.

Pressdee, Colin
Food Wales: a second helping: a second culinary journey - where to find, taste
and buy the best local, seasonal, natural and sustainable foods in Wales. 2008.
Read by Volunteers, 12 hours 16 minutes. TB 403730.
In this book Colin Pressdee revisits Wales to find the best places to eat, taste and buy
local produce and find the rich diversity of foods from the countryside, coastline and
sea. TB 403730.

Corbett, Heather
Fish recipes from the South-West. 2003. 1 hour 31 minutes. TB 403689.
The recipes in this book aim to be easy, fast, successful and interesting. They have
been cooked and adapted over the years for family and friends. The fish used are
those caught in the waters of the West Country. Nearly all the recipes are cooked in a
hot oven. TB 403689.

Herbs and Spices
Boxer, Arabella
The herb book: all about herbs and their uses with over 275 imaginative
recipes. 1980. 16 hours 14 minutes. TB 400944.
This text describes the history and traditions of herbs and explains about their uses
and cultivation - from home-made cosmetics, herbal teas and sweet-scented potpourri
to the flavour of herbs in cooking. The text presents over 275 recipes from light soups
to health-giving drinks. TB 400944.

Grey-Wilson, Christine
Herbs for cooking and health. 1987. 3 hours 41 minutes. TB 408860.
How to grow and use the herbs that for centuries have been used in recipes and
medicines. TB 408860.

Swahn, J O
The lore of spices: their history, nature and uses around the world. 1991. 8
hours 1 minute, TB 400390.
The search for spices led to the discovery of new worlds and their value influenced
the rise and fall of empires, as well as the function of spice as a way of transforming
food preparation. This text explores the cultural history of the use of spices and
describes the plants and origins. TB 400390.

Pasta and Rice
A passion for pasta; Reader's Digest. 1999. 6 hours 42 minutes. TB 407712.
This text gives information on eating well to live well. It includes recipes for starters,
for healthy meals and for quick meals as well as general main dishes all using pasta.
TB 407712.

Pasta Express recipe book. 17 minutes, TB 409147.
A recipe book to accompany the Pasta Express cooker. TB 409147.

Owen, Sri
The rice book: the definitive book on rice with hundreds of recipes from around
the world. 1998. 18 hours 48 minutes. TB 400483.
This cookbook contains over two hundred and fifty recipes from around the world and
also investigates: the many varieties of rice; the nutritional value; its history and
agriculture; the cults, cultures and myths surrounding it, and it's importance through
the ages. TB 400483.

Food Processing

The blender book. 1971. 5 hours 33 minutes. TB 400265.
The text covers how to make appetizers and spreads, drinks, soups, lunch and
supper dishes, sauces and relishes, vegetables, salads and dressings, desserts and
bread and cakes with a blender. TB 400265.

Healthy Eating
Bowling, Stella
The everyday diabetic cookbook. 2001. Read by Diana Bishop, 7 hours 46
minutes. TB 14433.
This diabetic cookbook contains over 200 specially created recipes which provide
healthy, balanced meals. Each recipe lists calories per serving, fat, protein and
carbohydrate content. The book also contains a section on diabetes and a healthy
lifestyle. TB 14433.

Conley, Rosemary
Rosemary Conley's hip and thigh diet cookbook. 1990. 5 hours 45 minutes. TB
For many people, the Hip and Thigh Diet has changed the eating habits of a lifetime
and achieved successes in reshaping the male and female form far beyond their
greatest expectations. This cookbook takes the punishment out of dieting with over

100 low fat, high nutrition recipes specially devised for followers of the world's
bestselling diet, and for those who soon will be. TB 400324.

Conley, Rosemary
Rosemary Conley's complete hip and thigh diet. 1993. 11 hours 5 minutes. TB
This edition contains a new programme of exercises to reduce those hips and thighs,
a wider selection of flexible diet menus to suit every lifestyle, over 150 mouthwatering
recipes, more options for vegetarians, maintenance instructions and easy-to-use fat
charts and statistics. TB 400766.

Conley, Rosemary
Rosemary Conley's flat stomach plan. 1994. 11 hours 42 minutes. TB 400772.
A 28 day, step-by-step daily programme designed to flatten your stomach, including:
daily menus and exercise routines, a positive goal for everyday, recipes, a listing of
foods to avoid, and a maintenance programme to help you keep your new flatter
stomach. TB 400772.

Cousins, Barbara
Cooking without: a detoxification guide and recipe book for gaining and
maintaining good health and weight control. 1995. 6 hours 12 minutes. TB
The recipes in this book obtain their flavour from ingredients which are health
promoting. Ingredients such as wheat, dairy produce, salt and yeast which cause
many individuals to have health problems have also been excluded. The intention of
this book is to concentrate on a way of eating which encourages the body to produce
extra energy used for elimination, healing and weight control. Order No: 401012.

Davies, Ester
Student cookbook: healthy eating - the essential guide. 2008. Read by Sherry
Baines, 5 hours 36 minutes, TB 16893.
Series: Need-2-Know. This student cookbook will help you prepare and cook healthy
meals, proving that quick and easy healthy food doesn't have to be complicated or
time consuming, and can be done on a student budget. Discover how to set up a
healthy store cupboard, how to select the right foods at exam time and how to
prepare healthy snacks and meals. TB 16893.

Fraser, Linda
Low fat low cholesterol cooking: practical handbook. 2002. 9 hours 9 minutes.
TB 400362.
This work presents over 220 delicious low-cholesterol and low-fat recipes using step-
by-step photographs and easy-to-follow instructions. The dishes are for all occasions,
with calorie counts and nutritional information for every one. TB 400362.

Grey, Sonja
Low fat, high flavour. 1997. 3 hours 7 minutes. TB 400433.
Over 70 recipes for the health-conscious cook, including soups and starters, main
courses, vegetables, side dishes and puddings. TB 400433.

Grant, Doris
Food combining for health: don't mix foods that fight. 1991. 7 hours 36 minutes.
TB 407682.
An American doctor, William Howard Hay, devised a diet about 75 years ago based
on not mixing foods that fight. The Hay system maintains that since the body uses
acids to help digest proteins and alkalis to help digest starches, mixing the two in one
meal may lead to sluggish digestion and more serious problems, including ulcers,
allergies and obesity. TB 407682.

Grierson, Ian
Vegetables for vision: nature's supplements for eye health. 2005. Read by IVO
Amy synthetic voice, 4 hours 9 minutes. TB 404169.
A cook book, of mainly vegetable recipes, which promotes good eye health. TB

Jefferson, Angie
High blood pressure: food, facts, and recipes. 2005. 3 hours 27 minutes. TB
More than one-third of the UK population and over 150 million people in the United
States have high blood pressure. These are frightening facts, but simple changes to
your diet can dramatically - and quickly - reduce your risk. TB 408876.

McKeith, Gillian
You are what you eat cookbook. 2005. Read by Sally Armstrong, 5 hours 26
minutes. TB 14265.
This cookbook puts Dr Gillian McKeith's healthy food philosophy into action. This is
not about telling you what not to eat, rather it shatters the usual expectations of
dieting and allows you to eat more, not less. The key is variety and Dr McKeith
provides over 200 recipes and menu plans for daily life, from smoothies to lunches on
the run to family meals. Take the food test at the beginning of the book and you will

also get to tailor your own plan according to your specific needs, whether you would
simply like more energy throughout the day, you'd like to lose some weight, or you're
stressed out. TB 14265.

Middleton, Helen
Good for your heart cookbook: 50 healthy, flavourful and nutritional recipes.
1997. 2 hours 59 minutes. TB 401024.
50 healthy and nutritious recipes. Includes low fat, low salt, high fibre soups and
starters, fish and seafood dishes, meat and poultry meals, salads and
accompaniments, main course vegetarian dishes, desserts and baking. TB 401024.

Polunin, Miriam
Healing foods. 1997. 14 hours 55 minutes. TB 400968.
This book highlights the best 50 foods to guard against illness and to enhance health
and well-being. It also demystifies the scientific evidence about the healing properties
of the top health-promoting foods. Clearly displayed information enables you to
assess each food's therapeutic benefits, key nutritional values, the medical conditions
it can help prevent or relieve, the best forms in which to eat it, and how much to eat
for particular health needs. TB 400968.

Roswell, Abi
Food and juice for health. 2002. 6 hours 17 minutes. TB 400630.
This guide explains clearly how to control the symptoms of specific ailments through
diet, and suggests recipes and juices which will ease the condition. TB 400630.

Sen, Jane
The healing foods cookbook. 1996. 4 hours 12 minutes. TB 400528.
The Healing Foods Cookbook contains recipes which are quick to prepare, and
provide the right balance of natural foods to stay well. The recipes include creams,
dressings, cookies and puddings. TB 400528.

Turner, Lisa
Mostly macro: a guide to healthy eating for the discriminating palate. 1995. 8
hours 51 minutes. TB 409440.
With 120 palate-pleasing dishes, Lisa Turner takes the best of macrobiotic principles
and adapts them to a Western lifestyle. Macrobiotics is based on whole grains,
vegetables, legumes and fresh unprocessed foods. The author summarizes these
principles and provides the practical information to make macrobiotics work for you,
including how to buy and use natural ingredients, step-by-step details on cooking and
cutting techniques, and a month of recommended meal plans. Order No: 409440.

Van Straten, Michael
Superjuice: juicing for health and healing. 1999. 5 hours 12 minutes. TB 400350.
The author has devised over one hundred simple juice recipes designed specifically
to give you a whole range of health and lifestyle benefits. These include boosting
mental and physical energy, alleviating stress, warding off disease and delaying the
ageing process. Van Straten also explains how to tap into 'Nature's pharmacy' to
make the most of its healing benefits and provides a directory of common ailments
along with which juices you should drink to treat them. TB 400350.

Vorderman, Carol
Carol Vorderman's detox for life: the 28 day detox diet and beyond. 2001. 3
hours 41 minutes. TB 408095.
The text reveals the secrets of the detox diet and details stories of those who have
followed the programme. The text provides a step-by-step diet plan, how it works and
the benefits it brings, showing you which foods to eat and which to avoid. TB 408095.

Seasons Autumn recipes: a selection of seasonal recipes which are all calorie
counted and based on the Weightwatcher programme. 1990. 4 hours 6 minutes.
TB 400290.
This comprises recipes which include ingredients available during the autumn
months. Although many ingredients are available throughout the year, this book gives
details of some fruits and vegetables whose prime season is the autumn. TB 400290.

Meals in Minutes
Light bites: quick and easy, proven recipes. 2007. 8 hours 14 minutes. TB
This collection of recipes shows it is possible to make quick and light food, without
skimping on taste and nutrition, from finger food snacks to light meals including pasta
and salads. TB 408196.

Lawson, Nigella
Nigella express. 2007. Read by Lucy Scott, 6 hours 52 minutes. TB 15935.
Featuring fabulous fast foods, ingenious short cuts, terrific time-saving ideas,
effortless entertaining and easy, delicious meals, "Nigella Express" is her solution to
eating well when time is short. This new book is every working mother's dream and a
joy for everyone who wants to cook but can't seem to find the time. TB 15935.

Slater, Nigel
The 30-minute cook: the best of the world's quick cooking. 1996. 8 hours 25
minutes. TB 400419.
Quick and delicious meals from Asia, India and China as well as dishes from Europe.
TB 400419.

Young, Caroline
The stir fry cook. 1997. 5 hours 9 minutes. TB 400706.
This book contains 101 quick, simple recipes which can be created in one pan and in
less than 30 minutes with minimum preparation. Quick and nutritious food, ideal for
the brand-new cook and the very experienced one. Each recipe serves two people.
TB 400706.

Microwave Cooking

Allison, Sonia
The complete book of microwave cookery. 1995. 10 hours 50 minutes. TB
The text covers specialist tips on microwave techniques, including cookware, power
control and individual guidelines on over forty kinds of fresh fruit and vegetables. TB

Brown, Sarah
Cooking with a microwave: 101 essential tips. 1995. 2 hours 9 minutes. TB
This book breaks down core information on microwave cooking into 101 easy-to-
grasp tips, from understanding microwave cooking to cooking basic foods and
timesaving techniques. TB 401013.

Norwak, Mary
Microwave recipes. 1993. 4 hours 38 minutes. TB 400554.
Getting it right series. The text offers information for converting microwave timings for
500W, 600W and 700W ovens. Also included are over 100 recipes from fish and
poultry to sauces, pasta, puddings and cakes. TB 400554.

Seasonal Cooking

Oliver, Jamie
Jamie at home: cook your way to the good life. 2007. Read by David Thorpe, 9
hours 29 minutes. TB 15834.
Jamie's book offers no-nonsense simple cooking with great flavours all year round.
His recipes are inspired by his vegetable patch, and are divided up into the four
seasons to give an idea of when each kind of garden produce. The book also offers
advice on how to grow your own vegetables. TB 15834.

Search, Gay
Delia's kitchen garden: the beginner's guide to growing and cooking fruit and
vegetables. 2004. 9 hours. TB 408116.
This book follows a year in the life of Delia's kitchen garden, with a chapter devoted to
each month, containing detailed advice on sowing and planting, fruit and vegetable
varieties, and how to harvest. With recipes by Delia that use the produce at its peak,
this guide is suitable for first-time horticulturists and cooks of all levels. TB 408116.

Smith, Delia
Delia Smith's summer collection: 140 recipes for summer. 1993. 6 hours 57
minutes. TB 400185.
Delia Smith brings the sun into the kitchen, whatever the weather, as she introduces
us to the freshness of summer produce. Here are new ingredients - rocket leaves,
lemon grass; new herbs - sorrel, coriander; new ideas - Oriental, Californian. There
are techniques for grilling and roasting vegetables, stunning home-made ice creams,
barbecues, a feast of fruit and preserves which will keep the taste of summer all
winter through. TB 400185.

Smith, Delia
Delia Smith's winter collection. 1995. 9 hours 53 minutes. TB 408473.
From beef in designer beer and venison steaks with cranberry Cumberland sauce, to
chocolate bread and butter pudding and marscapone nutmeg ice cream, this book
contains old favourites and new ideas to try out during the cold winter months. TB

Slow, One-Pot and Steam Cooking
Page, Dianne
Slow cooking properly explained: with recipes. 1995. 3 hours 56 minutes. TB
This book is for those who are buying (or thinking of buying) their first slow cooker, as
well as for the expert. It contains over 100 recipes for soups, meat, poultry and game,
fish, vegetables, puddings and desserts. TB 400414.

Reader's Digest
One dish meals: the easy way. 1994. 27 hours 2 minutes. TB 400905.
The book contains over 380 recipes ranging from soups to salad, microwave to quick
and easy and also includes a section on vegetarian cooking. The recipes are
designed to inspire both experienced and inexperienced cooks and they employ fresh
ingredients and inventive cooking techniques. TB 400905.

Healthy recipes: create delicious and well-balanced meals. 1 hour 33 minutes.
TB 409368.
This booklet contains recipes for the Tefal VitaCuisine steamer. TB 409368.

Soups, Sauces and Preserves

McIntyre, Anne
Healing drinks: juices, teas, soups and smoothies. 2000. 7 hours 39 minutes.
TB 401080.
This text features juices, teas, soups and smoothies that have been selected for their
healing properties. Follow the recipes to look good, feel good, lift your spirits or
soothe your soul, or recover from a range of illnesses and ailments. The text contains
over 120 recipes from around the world, combines traditional wisdom with discoveries
from modern medical science, healing benefits of key ingredients explained, and
includes drinks for special diets. TB 401080.

Wilson, Carol
Favourite country preserves: traditional home-made jam, chutney and pickle
recipes. 1999. 1 hour 4 minutes. TB 408749.
Thirty one recipes ranging from old favourites such as lemon curd, green tomato
chutney and piccalilli to the more unusual chestnut jam, parsley honey and rum &
raisin marmalade. TB 408749.

Special Occasions

Cook, Sian
Women's Institute complete Christmas: over 130 recipes for a perfect
Christmas. 2010. Read by Sherry Baines, 6 hours 26 minutes. TB 18041.
This updated version of The WI Complete Christmas is packed with over 130 failsafe
recipes and ideas for Christmas from traditional favourites such as Buttered Roast
Turkey with Chestnut Stuffing, Gran's Christmas Pudding, Star Mince Pies and
Jewelled Christmas Cake, to modern variations, including a Rosti Topped Halibut with
Smoked Salmon and Avocado, Quail's Eggs with Sea Salt and Chilli Dip, Italian Plait

and Banoffee Tarts. Chapters include a Cheat's Christmas to help the truly time
starved cook create the best Christmas ever, an invaluable section on using up your
Leftovers and a guide to Parties and Celebrations that will enable even a first-time
cook to provide for large gatherings. The book contains detailed advice on cooking
ahead, planning for the big day and useful menus to cover the whole festive season.
TB 18041.

Berry, Mary
Mary Berry's Christmas collection: over 100 fabulous recipes and tips for a
trouble-free festive season. 2006. Read by IVO Amy synthetic voice, 6 hours 38
minutes. TB 404238.
In this collection Mary combines all her favourite winter recipes with a selection of
new dishes to give us not only the time-honoured traditional roast turkey and classic
Victorian Christmas cake, but also a variety of new food ideas for the festive period.
With clues on leftovers, buffets, a Christmas Day countdown and a trouble-shooting
section, Mary will help solve your holiday cooking problems. TB 404238.

Smith, Delia
Delia Smith's Christmas, 1990. 7 hours 1 minute. TB 400142.
In this collection of the very best of her Christmas recipes Delia Smith demonstrates
how you can easily cope with the whole gamut of Christmas entertaining while still
having plenty of time to relax with your family and friends. Whether this is the first time
you have had Christmas at your own home or have been doing it for years you'll find
this book will be indispensable every Christmas for years to come. TB 400142.


Abensur, Nadine
The Cranks bible. 2004. 16 hours 5 minutes. TB 408779.
This is the collection of Nadine Abensur's recipes for Cranks. Drawing on a breadth of
knowledge of meat-free cooking, the author creates over 200 recipes in tune with
today's style for lighter, healthier eating. There are anecdotes about the most
important ingredients used, as well as handy tips on cooking techniques and how to
find and buy the freshest produce. It is packed with tasty treats and ideas, from
Spinach Soup and Mile High Pie to Fresh Fig and Port Sorbet. TB 408779.

Brown, Sarah
Vegetarian kitchen. 1984. Read by Volunteers, 8 hours 51 minutes. TB 403956.
Sarah Brown has created a rich collection of dishes. There are recipes for all
occasions from simple family meals to the most elaborate buffets and dinner parties,
and she gives plenty of practical advice on how to make wholewheat bread and
pastry, as well as traditional vegetarian fare such as pulses and grains. TB 403956.

Brown, Sarah
Sarah Brown's new vegetarian kitchen. 1987. 8 hours 48 minutes. TB 400591.
The author offers advice, encouragement and inspiration for all those who are ready
to move a stage further beyond the basic principles of vegetarian cookery. Beginning
with a chapter on creating vegetarian meals, she provides 150 new recipes - from
soups, pate and snacks to salads, breads, cakes and puddings - including plenty of
main course ideas based on pasta, grains, pancakes, casseroles and bakes. With
additional hints on microwave cooking, freezing, choosing wines and cooking for
children. TB 400591.

Canter, David
The Cranks recipe book. 1985. 8 hours 26 minutes. TB 400849.
This book lets you into the secret of vegetarian cooking as developed by the Cranks
restaurants. With a helpful introductory section and numerous delicious recipes for
soups, starters, salads, dressings, sauces and savouries, not to mention sections
devoted to baking, pudding, cereals, preserves, sweetmeats and drinks. TB 400849.

Elliot, Rose
Rose Elliot's new complete vegetarian. 2010. Read by Felicity Duncan, 20 hours
37 minutes. TB 17456.
This book includes hundreds of pasta, pulse and rice dishes; hot and cold desserts;
pizza and bread making; cakes, biscuits and teabreads. It also includes new recipes
such as Purple Sprouting Broccoli with Lemon Butter Sauce, Wild Mushrooms en
Croute and Boozy Banoffee Pie. TB 17456.

Freeman, Sarah
The student vegetarian cook book: eating well without meat, mixer, microwave
or money. 1992. 8 hours 13 minutes. TB 400835.
This book contains over 100 delicious and easy meatless recipes for hard-up healthy
eaters. The dishes are simple and nutritionally balanced, requiring no experience and
only basic equipment. All recipes have been researched and tested by students. TB

Jaffrey, Madhur
Eastern vegetarian cooking. 1983. 24 hours 6 minutes. TB 400153.
Although Madhur Jaffrey now lives in America, she grew up in India where the
majority of the population are vegetarian. This book contains recipes from India and
other countries which she has explored over the years, including Bali, Korea, Israel
and Hong Kong. TB 400153.

Smith, Janet
Good Housekeeping microwave vegetarian cookery. 1987. 6 hours 6 minutes.
TB 401002.
Quick, delicious, healthy recipes for everyone. TB 401002.

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