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It is not advisable that you take in any medicines without proper prescription. Some
people when they are not well, instead of going to the doctor they take their own
medicines. This can be risky sometimes. Therefore it is said that half knowledge is
dangerous. You should have complete medical and health information if you are taking
medicines on your own. If you have half knowledge then you should go to the doctor
for proper treatment.

Medical Information and health information can be acquired by reading
knowledgeable books and also from the internet. You can know the health benefits of
whatever foodstuffs you consume from the internet. You can also replace your
unhealthy foodstuffs with healthy food. Many schools educate children on health and
medicines. There are various programs that teach the students about health
education. Staying healthy should be a top priority to one and all.

Health Information can also include how to save a person’s life when suffering from
a heart attack. It teaches you the things that you should do before taking the patient
to the hospital. This might save his or her life. It is rightly said ‘health is wealth’. If
you have all the riches, and you are not healthy, it is of no use. So for that reason it is
advisable that you should take proper care of your health. Eat properly and in
moderation. Visit the doctor for regular health checkups. Once you cross forty, you
should take more care of your health as you are prone to any kind of sickness at this

 Eating right amount of fruits and vegetables can keep you healthy for a long period of
time. You should also exercise, as it keeps your body fit. You should also control the
amount of sugar in foodstuffs as it can lead to diabetes. Controlling salt also in the
food is important as it leads to high blood pressure. You should not take too much of
stress as it can lead to a variety of problems. One should avoid taking medicines every
now and then. High dosage of medicines have side-effects, so it is better to go the
natural way then have medicines every time you have a problem. For example
including more fruits in your diet can help you instead of just having a tablet. And
moreover fruits do not have any side-effects. You should also cut down alcohol and
stop smoking if you are a smoker. This helps you to lead a healthy and a happy life.

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