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					Australian Embassy in Canada: Getting
      the Australian tourist visa
• Australia is one of the top
  destinations of students and
  tourists from all over the
  world. Many of Australian
  universities and colleges are
  ranked as the top one of the

• With the great prestige of
  these colleges, there are
  countless students from
  many countries of the world
  have desire and dream of
  attending an Australian
• Besides, the Australian
  recognizes the important of
  education is the development
  of society and economy in the
  future, they always consider
  education as the top priority.
• Even in the great economic
  depression, they still invest
  heavily in education. For
  example, in 2009, $14.7
  million was the amount that
  they invest to improve the
  infrastructure of the
  universities, colleges and
• The nation is also one of the hottest destinations for the
  tourists. There are both cultural and landscape travel.

•    The travelers will always have too many choice for the
    destination, they are even too various that makes difficult to
• There are wonderland and
  great landscape in all of
  the states. For example,
  Sydney gives a lot of
  interesting sites: marine
  aquarium in Darling
  Harbour, Sydney Opera
  House, many famous and
  shopping malls.

• Visit the Sydney tower for
  a great overall view of the
  whole city, each house
  roof, each street and river
  in your eyes.
• A must visit site in
  Sydney is The Blue
  Mountains, not only for a
  beautiful panorama of the
  valley but also enjoy the
  food in the restaurant, be
  cared in the health spa
  and enjoy the majestic
  waster fall, cliff and
• Enjoy it with your bike.
  When the night falls, back
  to the center of the city to
  enjoy it nightlife that is so
  active and colorful.
• The second city: Cairns: this
  is a small one with big
  attractions like: Great Barrier
  Reef, Daintree National Park.
• This forest is really special, it
  has the most variety of plant
  on per square meter in the
• This is just 2 of many
  destinations but we can see
  how great Australian
  tourism is.

• There are some more
  suggestion for people that
  intend for a trip to the
  country: Gold coast, Fraser
  island, Magnettic island,
  Whitsundays, Ayers rocks,
  Great Ocean Road, Kakadu
  national park and Tasmania
• And certainly, your firstly
  must get The Australian
  tourist visa before starting
  the trips. People may say
  that the process to get a
  correct visa is a real
  challenge but in fact you
  just need to learn about it,
  maybe on the internet
  before starting.

• Then with the help of
  embassy, everything will
  be much easier. If you are
  in Canada, visit Australian
  Embassy in Canada or
  Australian Embassy in
  Ottawa for help.

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