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									Why You Should Not Do Freelance Web Development or Design - Strategies of a Web Development

This is a letter of suggestion for all freelance web developers on behalf of Web Development companies
in India. Freelance web designing or web application development is excellent to earn an additional
income for you but it has several adverse effects on the economy in India. The following consequences
can ruin India from several aspects.

1. Freelance Web Designers are independent so they are asking for very cheap rates for web designing
company; this brings all the way down the market rates of the same work. Web application
Development companies cannot conquer the rates offered by freelancers. Ultimately a new company
could die ahead of time or cannot survive longer. County loses a business unit and development of
business prevents.

2. Freelancers work on projects to earn extra income, but they are hardly interested to pay taxes on it,
so they ask for payment through various alternate methods, such methods are cash payments.
Freelancers do not pay taxes on cash income. The country like India loses the tax income, if it would
have been web Development Company, they would have paid taxes on income.

3. An Individual web developer works for money and not for reputation, so if the web application
project of client fails, they are not responsible but the obtaining client gets the bad perception of Indian
web development industry. Sometimes overseas clients never come back because of one bad
experience with freelance web developers.

4. A lot of freelance web developers are not even experienced when they start presenting their service
to the overseas clients. The client believes that India is very cheap so project is assigned to
inexperienced freelancers. Finally a Web Application developed by Freelance Web Developer is either a
crap or volatile, otherwise a web design company could have made a good experience for client.

5. A Web Development Company establishes a business unit and they expect to have honest developers
in the company. If you are a freelance web developer and still working with a company, then you are
trying to cheat your current company that pays for your livelihood.
So if you want to help India, your own country, then leave freelancing and work for a good web
company or if you are entrepreneur, then start a new web application development company.

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