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					       Welcome to Montreal!

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             Tourist Attractions in Montreal

Entertainment                            Leisure Activities


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                              Montreal’s Past
   Home                     History
                            Historical Sites

Entertainment       Montreal is a welcoming and cosmopolitan city with a rich
                  history, world renowned museums, and fantastic sights. It is
  Leisure       known throughout the world as one of Canada’s most beautiful
  Activities    cities. Learn more about Montreal’s past to enjoy this great city!


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                                                    History of Montreal
                1535       Jacques Cartier, a French Explorer, discovered                   1822    There were 15,000 Catholics in Montreal. They
                           Hochelaga, climbed up a hill, christened it Mont                         began building Notre-Dame de Montreal, designed
                           Royal                                                                    by a New York architect, James O’ Donnel
   Home         1642       Wealthy Parisians sent De Maisonneuve, Jeanne                    1831    50,000 Irish immigrants arrived, brought with them
                           Mance, and some people to New France (Montreal)                          a plague of cholera that killed 10% of Montreal’s
                           to found a colony dedicated to Virgin Mary (Ville                        population.
                           Marie). De Maisonneuve returned to France to get                 1890    Thousands of Jews arrived and settled around
                           more colonists. When he returned, Notre-Dame de                          boulevard St. Laurent
   History                 Bonsecours was built.                                            1920    Montreal became a diverse metropolis as
                1791       English population in Lower Canada was only 7%                           thousands of Jews, French-Canadians, and other
                           but increased to 20% in 1828.                                            immigrants began to flood into the city.
                                                                                            1976    The city hosted the Olympics games.
Entertainment                                                                               1990    Montreal entered the 90's as a cosmopolitan city - a
                                                                                                    leader in the high tech field, still renowned for its
                                                                                                    art, culture, sport and leisure.


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                                                                     Historical Sites
                                                                                                    The Bonsecours Market:
                                                                      Inaugurated in 1847, the Bonsecours Market is a jewel in Montreal's heritage crown. A
                                                                      symbol of Montreal’s heyday, this building was the city’s main agricultural marketplace
                                                                      for over a century. The market’s main features are boutiques, rental halls, exhibition
                                                                      and special events.
                                                                      Location: 350 Saint-Paul Street East
                                                                                 Tel.: (514) 872-7730
                 Photo source :             Web site:
                                                                                                       Old Port of Montreal
                                                                      Described as the cradle of Montreal, it used to be a major port in North America. In
                                                                      1976, most of all port operations were moved farther east. Today, the Old Port is a
                                                                      popular site with a 12-month program of events. More than 5 million visitors every
   History                                                            year take advantage of the many artistic, cultural, historic, recreational, sports and
                                                                      boating activities.
                                                                      Location: Between St. Lawrence River and the Old Montreal
                                                                                 Tel.: (514) 496-PORT (7678)
                                   Photo source:
          Web site:
Entertainment                                                                                               Olympic Stadium
                                                                      The Olympic Stadium has been the host of spectacular events, starting with the
                                                                      Olympic Games of 1976. It is the home of the Major League baseball team, Montreal
                                                                      Expos. Activities in the Stadium from April to mid October includes professional sports
  Leisure                                                             and large-scale entertainment (rock concerts, stunt car shows and large rallies). For
  Activities                                                          the rest of the year, the activities consist mostly of trade shows.
                                                                      Location: Olympic Park
                                                                                   4141 Pierre-de-Coubertin Avenue
                                                                                   Montréal, Québec, H1V 3N7
                                Photo source:
                                                                                   (514) 252-8687 or 1-877-997-0919
                                                                      Web site:

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                                                                                            Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
                                                                  Founded in 1860 by a group of wealthy Montreal art collectors, Montreal Museum of
                                                                  Fine Arts features many educational activities for everyone: adults, families,
                                                                  teachers, students, community, and social and cultural groups.
                                                                  Location: 1379 Sherbrooke St. West
                                                                              Montreal (Quebec)
                                                                              (514) 285-1600
                                                                  Web site:
                                                                                         McCord Museum Of Canadian History
                                                                  Founded in 1921 by David Ross McCord, the McCord Museum conserves, studies,
                                                                  and presents a remarkable collection of objects, archives and historical
                                                                  photographs.The museum helps increase awareness of the social history and
   History                                                        material culture of Canada, Quebec and Montreal, from the 18th century to the
                                                                  Location: McCord Museum of Canadian History
                                                                              690 Sherbrooke Street West
                  Photo source:                Montreal (Quebec) H3A 1E9
Entertainment                                                     Web site:
                                                                                                 Just for Laughs Museum
                                                                  Founded in 1993, the museum is a special place in recognition of laughs and
                                                                  humour as part of civilization's cultural phenomena. Laughs, humor, and fantasy
  Leisure                                                         have their established place in the Just For Laughs Museum, the first museum of its
  Activities                                                      kind in the world.
                                                                  Location: Just For Laughs Museum
                                                                              2111 Saint Laurent Boul.
                                                                              Montreal (Quebec) H2X 2T5
                                                                              Box office: (514) 845-4000
 Information                                                      Web site:
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   Home                  Restaurants
                         Night Life (Clubs & bar)

                      There are many interesting places for
                entertainment in Montreal to discover. Montreal is
                   well-known for its restaurants, night life, and
                                 shopping malls.

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                Mikes Restaurant                                Features:
                1348 Sainte-Catherine Street Ouest              Reservations Recommended
                Montreal, Quebec H3G 1P6                        Credit Cards Accepted
                Phone: (514) 395-2222                           Interac Accepted
                                                                Prices are very acceptable $
                                                                (Breakfast, delivery or take out, dining room, & Kids)

                Poco Piu (Italien)                              Features:
                4621 St. Denis                                  Terrace Available
                Montreal, Quebec                                Entertainment
                Phone: (514) 843-8928                           Interac Accepted
                                                                Credit Cards Accepted
Entertainment                                                   Reservations Recommended
                                                                Prices are between $15 - $30

  Leisure       Lanni (Italien)                                 Features:
  Activities    3132 Sherbrooke Est                             Brunch
                Montreal, Quebec                                Wheelchair Access
                Phone: (514) 527-8313                           Cedit Cards Accepted
                                                                Prices are $15 and up

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                                                 Night Life
                                                  (Clubs & Bars)

                La Salsathèque                                      Prices:
   Home         1220 Peel Street                                    Friday and Saturday: $5
                Montreal H3B 2T6                                    Thursday: spirits and beer for $2 till midnight.
                Phone: (514) 875-0016                               Features music: Salsa, meringue and bachata classes are
                                                                    offered Sunday nights.
                Le Dôme                                             Prices:
                32 St Catherine St W                                Friday and Staurday: 10$
                Montreal H2X 3V4                                    Pazouki night on Sunday: $10 - $15 (Greek community)
Entertainment   Phone: (514) 875-5757                               Features music: Disco & popular dance hits.

  Leisure       737                                                 Prices:
  Activities    737 1 Place ville-marie Ph2                         Friday and Saturday: $10
                Montreal, Quebec                                    Features music: Hip hop, RNB, latin, and arabic
                Phone: (514) 875-5353


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                Complexe Desjardins                         The building's large atrium, surrounded by shops and movie
   Home         150 Sainte Catherine                        theatres, is very popular during the winter months. A variety
                Montreal H5B 1B5                            of shows are presented in this space, also used for
                                                            recording television programmes.
                Phone: (514) 281-1870

                Faubourg Ste Catherine                      In business since 1983, its three floors house some 20 food
                1616 Ste Catherine St West                  product stores and snack-bars, 21 self-serve restaurants, a
                Montreal H3H 2T4                            travel agency, a photo centre, a cinema and even a
                Phone: (514) 939-3663                       computer store. Five kiosks selling various products and
Entertainment                                               several boutiques are also set up.

                Eaton Centre                                This establishment houses 150 diverse boutiques where
  Leisure       705 Ste Catherine West                      shoppers can find the latest fashions without having to
  Activities    Montreal H3B 4G5                            spend a fortune. It also features some of the city's most
                Phone: (514) 288-3708                       popular boutiques, & Co as well as computer, music and
                                                            video stores.


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                   Leisure Activities in Montreal
                          Winter Activities
                          Summer Activities
   History                Sporting Events
                 There are many interesting events in Montreal to
Entertainment      discover. You can visit Montreal any time to
                discover the different winter and summer activities
                there is to offer, or come and be a spectator at one
  Activities                    of our sporting events.


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                        Winter Activities in Montreal
                                                           Horse Drawn Sleigh Rides
                Beautiful view of the St. Lawrence, with sleigh bells jingling as you ride!
                Location : Departing from Jacques-Cartier Pier
                Time:                       January 2nd to March 4th 2001, Saturdays and Sundays
                Cost:                       Adults, $7.00, Children under 12 $4.00
                Telephone:                  (514) 496-PORT or 1-800-971-PORT
   Home         For additional info:

                Beautiful Skating rink at the Bonsecours Basin right in the heart of the Old Port, it is the only outdoor artificial rink in
   History      Montreal.
                Location: Bonsecours Basin in the Old Port of Montreal
                Time:                        January to March, 2001
                Cost:                        $2.00, skate rental available
                Telephone:                   (514) 496-PORT or 1-800-971-PORT
Entertainment   For additional info:

                You can do some skiing in Montreal, on Mount Royal or in parks like Angrignon and Maisonneuve. There are cross
  Leisure       country trails alongside the St. Lawrence and the Lachine Canal. You must have your own skis.
                Location:                   Mount Royal, Angrignon and Maisonneuve Park
                Cost:                       $10.00 for the day
                Telephone:                  (514) 496-PORT or 1-800-971-PORT
                For additional info:


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                    Summer Activities in Montreal
                                                        Summer Festivals in Montreal
                Montreal is one of the most entertaining cities in Canada during the summer. Montreal hosts a number of festivals for all
                ages throughout the summer months. 2 of them are the Montreal International Jazz Festival, and the Just for Laughs
                Location:                 Down town Montreal
                Time:                     Jazz Festival in June, Just for Laughs Festival in July (Specific dates undetermined)
   Home         Cost:                     Package offered at $65.00, each package includes one ticket to any performance.
                Telephone:                (514) 790-1245 or 1-800-361-4595
                For additional info:

   History                                                       Vélo Adventure
                Discover Montreal! The path is minutes away from some of the most scenic bike paths Montreal has to offer.
                Location:                Convoying Pier
                Time:                    April to October
                Cost:                    Free, bicycle and in-line skate rental available (additional charge)
Entertainment   Telephone:               (514) 847-0666
                For additional info:

                                                               Pedal Boat Rentals
  Leisure       Pedal boats are great outdoor fun on the water for the young and the young at heart. Rent a “tugboat” model and tour the
                Bonsecours Basin at your own pace. Very enjoyable and very relaxing.
  Activities    Location:                 Bonsecours Basin
                Time:                     May to October, length of time for each ride is 30 minutes
                Cost:                     $25 to $50
                Telephone:                (514) 847-0666
 Information    For additional info:

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                                          Sporting Events
                Montreal is home to the Montreal Alouettes, part of the CFL. The Alouettes always make football a fantastic game to watch.
                Come and check out one of their games anytime their playing during the football season. You can visit their web site to find out
                when their next game is and ticket prices.
                Location: Montreal Alouettes Football Field
                                             1255 University street
                                             Montreal, Quebec
                Cost:                        Ticket prices fairy from game to game
                Telephone:                   (514) 871-2266
                Additional info:   
                Montreal is home to the Montreal Canadiens, part of the NHL. The Montreal Canadiens have been around for a long time,
                Montreal could not be Montreal without the Canadiens. You can visit their web site to find out when their next game is and ticket
   History      Location:                   Molson Center
                                            1260 de la Gauchetière Street West
                                            Montreal, Quebec
                Cost:                       Ticket prices fairy from game to game
                Telephone:                  (514) 989-2841
                Additional info:  
                Montreal is home to the Montreal Expos, part of the Canadian Baseball Federation. It’s always an adventure to watch one of their
                games at the Olympic Stadium, a huge part of Montreal's history. You can visit their web site to find out when their next game is
                and ticket prices.
  Activities    Location:                    Olympic Stadium
                                             PO Box 500. Station M
                                             Montreal, Quebec
                Cost:                        Ticket prices fairy from game to game
                Telephone:                   (514) 8GO-EXPOS
                Additional info:   

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   Home                  Map
                         Useful Information

Entertainment    Montreal is a young and beautiful city to visit any
                time of the year. Montreal is a huge city and it is a
  Leisure       good idea to know your way around the city, find a
  Activities    place to stay and have useful information to make
                                 your trip pleasant.

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                Map of Downtown Montreal






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                                                                                           Hôtel Wyndham Montréal
                                                                             572 rooms, 28 suites. In the heart of downtown Montréal,
                                                                             underground access to the Convention Center, within
                                                                             walking distance of Old Montréal, the Old Port, Place des
                                                                             Arts and Musée d'art contemporain.
                                                                             Location: 1255 Jeanne-Mance Street, P.O. Box 130
                                                                                        Montréal (Québec) H5B 1E5
   Home                                                                      Telephone: (514) 285-1450
                                                                             Fax: (514) 285-1243
                                                                             Toll free: 1-800-361-8234
                                                                             For additional info:

                                                                                           The Ritz-Carlton, Montréal
                                Queen Elizabeth (The)                        229 rooms including 45 suites, newly renovated in a
                                                                             traditional French style. Impeccable and personalized
Entertainment   1,062 rooms including 100 suites. Express check-in/out.      service down to the smallest detail. Walking distance of
                Pool completely renovated. Direct access to 30 km of         Old Montréal, the Old Port, Place des Arts and Musée d'art
                underground shopping.                                        contemporain. Adjacent to the Complexe Desjardins and
                Location : 900 René-Lévesque Blvd. West                      its 100 shops and boutiques.
                Montréal (Québec) H3B 4A5
  Leisure       Telephone: (514) 861-3511
                                                                             Location: 1228 Sherbrooke Street West
                                                                                         Montréal (Québec) H3G 1H6
  Activities    Fax: (514) 954-2256                                          Telephone:(514) 842-4212
                Toll free: 1-800-441-1414
                For additional info:                   Fax: (514) 842-3383
                                                                             Toll free: 1-800-363-0366
 Information                                                                 For additional info:

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                                           Useful Information
                                                                                                     Liquor Laws
                                                                                Beer hails (brasseries) are permitted to serve liquor from 8
                                                                                a.m. to 1 a.m. All other establishments are allowed to
                                                                                serve alcoholic beverages from 11 a.m. to 3 a.m. The legal
                                                                                drinking age in Québec is 18. Liquor stores (Société des
   Home                                                                         Alcools) are open weekdays and Saturdays, but closed on
                                                                                holidays. A few selected outlets are open on Sunday. Beer
                                                                                and wine are also sold in convenience and grocery stores.

                                                                                                 Visitor Information
   History      French is the official language of the Province of Québec.
                                                                                Infotouriste Centre
                English, the mother tongue of 18 % of the population, is        Location: 1001 du Square-Dorchester Street
                widely spoken.                                                  Montréal (Québec) H3B 1G2
                                                                                Telephone: (514) 873-2015 / 1 877 BONJOUR (266-5687)
                                Population and Size                             Web site:
Entertainment   Montréal is the second largest metropolitan centre in           The best reference for Québec tourist information! Tourism
                Canada and the largest French-speaking city outside             Québec's Infotouriste Centre offers a multitude of free
                France. Approximately one million seven hundred                 tourist information on Montréal as well as the rest of the
                thousand people live on the island and over three million       Province of Québec including hotel and cabin reservations,
                three hundred thousand in the greater metropolitan area.        guided tours, currency exchange, Internet Café, cruises,
  Leisure       Montréal has an area of 177 square kilometres; the island       travel agencies, bookstore and car rentals. The scope of
  Activities                                                                    the facility in terms of services available makes the
                of Montréal, 494 square kilometres and the greater              Infotouriste Centre a North America first.
                metropolitan region, 3,509 square kilometres.
                                                                                Open: September 5 to May 31: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.; June 1 to
                                                                                September 4: 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Closed on December 25
                                                                                and January 1.

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