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									                   Charlie Chaplin Movies Biography
Charlie Chaplin movies are among the most sought after movies the world over.
They reflect the astounding genius of the man himself who was ranked by the
American Film Institute as the 10th greatest male screen legend of all time. He
conceived stories, acted them, and directed them. Sometimes he even gave music
for his films! Without him it would have been unimaginable to convey so much
without uttering a single word. He could take up almost any subject – even the
darkest – and fit into a comic matrix in such a way that one has to admit that
only he could do it and nobody else. This gallery showcases almost all his major
works. You have got here an opportunity to buy Charlie Chaplin movies online.

A Charlie Chaplin movie is all about having entertainment, pleasure and relief to
you when you need it most. It never fails to do this. There is strange fascination
about the show he put up almost single-handedly. All he needed was a simple
domestic situation involving ordinary husband and wife (as in Pay Day) or life’s
little (or big, whatever you may call it) uncertainties (as in Sunnyside) or a way of
life of a particular class, say, that of tramps (as in A Dog’s Life) or life’s little
(even farcical) ironies (as in A Day’s Pl easure). You have featured in this showcase
the best Charlie Chaplin movies.

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