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									            Go Back In Time with a Desert Safari

Dubai, over the years, has become a must-see place for every
globetrotter. It has given the world a chance to indulge in luxury, to
shop, go sightseeing and have the time of your life, all at reasonable
rates. It has attracted tourists by elegantly fusing modern architecture
with the long-established culture and tradition. With a reformist
government and prime infrastructure, Dubai is truly a traveller’s

If you are to look at it today, you will see the city is full of splendid
skyscrapers that are barely reminiscent of the years gone by. However,
the architectural designs are greatly rooted to their Arab tradition and
symbols. And, if you are out in search of the exact feel of tradition and
culture of the Middle East, there is no way you would want to miss the
cosmic deserts. The deserts are a beautiful reminder of the life and
times of the past that have unfolded and spread-out for tourists to
explore. And one of the best ways to discover them is to take up the
desert safari tour.
Desert safari’s are all about adventure sports and fun. Powerful and
strong 4-wheel driven vehicles with highly skilled and practiced
drivers at the wheel are a mark when on safari in Dubai. They take
you away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, giving you that
rare chance to feel at peace in the enormity of the deserts. You can ride
a camel into the desert, take a trip back in time with a stopover to an
established Bedouin village setup, revel in the local society and
generosity, and a lot more in relative ease and comfort. In case, you are
looking for heightened form of an adrenalin rush there is always quad
biking over the sand dunes. And, if you happen to be at the campsite
for an overnight, you can be a part of another long list of activities.
These involve henna painting sessions, belly dancing, smoking sheesha,
and of course relishing the scrumptious barbecue cuisines.

For all this, and a lot more, you simply need to sign up with one of the
many available online tour packages that meet your needs and
requirements. You will be picked up from your hotel and after the
day’s activities; you will be dropped back at the same venue you were
picked up from. So, pack up your bags and take up that impending
expedition you’ve always imagined!

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