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									               2012 California Ballot Initiative
                 Neighborhood Voter Guide
Presented as a non-partisan guide by the students of Central
            High School/Elysian Valley branch

Proposition 30: Temporary Tax to fund Education. Guaranteed Local Public
Safety Funding. Initiative Constitutional Amendment.
Personal income tax on earnings over $250,00 will temporally increase for seven years. The
measure will increase sales tax by ¼ cent. For example, if you buy $40 worth of shirts, taxes will
increase 1 cent, to be used for education programs. The sales tax rate would be effective for four
years, from 2013 to the end of 2016.

What will a YES vote do?
A “yes” for Proposition 30 will prevent a $6 billion cut in schools and colleges. The money
gained on this proposition will be spent to support smaller class sizes and rehiring teachers. Also,
Proposition 30 keeps cops on the street. This measure will also help pay down California’s debt.

What will a NO vote do?
This current California budget crisis will stay the same.

Proposition 33: Auto Insurance Companies. Prices Based on Driver’s history
of insurance. Initiative statue
Proposition 33 protects people that have not had auto insurance from five years ago, from extra
charges. Proposition 33 protects military families, people who are unemployed, and student

What will a yes vote do?
A yes for Prop 33 means: reforms for laws that set prices on whether the driver had auto
insurance before, would hand discounts to drivers with prior insurance protection, will hike
prices for drivers who have not had continuous protection; and will allow people serving in the
military or people with loss of unemployment to treat a 90 day lapse as continuous coverage.

What will a NO vote do?

A no vote for Prop. 33 means: no changes in current law, including no set prices on drivers with
or without prior coverage, discounts to drivers with prior protection, no hikes for drivers without
continuous protection, or protecting a lapse for any drivers.
Proposition 34:
Proposition 34 will abolish the death penalty in California.

What will a YES vote do?
Those accused of murder will no longer face the death penalty; rather, they will face life
imprisonment without parole. This will also apply to those currently on Death Row.

What will a NO vote do?
The Death Penalty will remain in place.

Proposition 35:
Proposition 35 increases penalties, fines, and prison sentences for human trafficking. The
production and distribution of child pornography will be considered human trafficking. All fines
collected will be used for victim services and law enforcement. A sex offender must register as a
sex offender and disclose their online identification. Proposition 35 also requires human
trafficking training for police and dismisses evidence against the victim in court proceedings.

What will a YES vote do?
A yes vote on proposition 35 will increase on proposition 35 will increase fines and penalties for
human traffickers. It will require sex offenders to register as sex offenders and disclose their
online accounts.

What will a NO vote do?
A No vote on proposition 35 means that consensual prostitution or a sex worker’s family cannot
be prosecuted as a human trafficker nor be required to register as a sex offender.

Proposition 36
Proposition 36 modifies the state’s “Three Strikes Law.” The change will target more serious
crimes and offenders for a Third Strike prosecution, while disqualifying less serious offenses
from being considered a Third Strike. Example of felonies that will be considered Third Strike
material include murder, robbery and rape.

What will a YES vote do?
If the initiative passes, it will make the punishment fit the crime. Non-violent crimes will not be
strike material. This will save California 100 million dollars a year. This money can be used for
schools and add more police on the street.

What will a NO vote do?
This initiative will keep dangerous criminals in jail without changes to their sentences. Three
Strikes law will remain in place and all felonies will be considered strikes.
Proposition 37 Genetically Engineered Foods. Labeling Initiative Statue.
This initiative will require special labeling for any genetically engineered (GE) food that is sold
to the public. Any food that is altered slightly will be labeled “partially produced with generic
engineering.” Super markets and grocery stores will be held responsible if a product is not
properly labeled. The law will prohibit the labeling of an enhanced product as natural.
Consumers can sue if a product was labeled properly.

What will a YES vote do?
Everyone will have the right to know what ingredients your food consists of. Food will have to
be labeled accurately and disclose if the product was genetically engineered. Food will also have
to be labeled in a way that all consumers are able to understand if it is GE or not. There are 40
other countries that required food to be labeled properly and disclose any information regarding
GE food, although America does not. It will allow consumers to have the power to more
knowledgeably choose what foods to feed your family. It can prevent the misuse of the word
“natural” on products that are GE.

What will a NO vote do?
Everything will remind the same as is. Foods that made with biotech crops such as corn,
soybeans, and other crops would still be produced the same way. Scientific and medical
organizations have concluded that biotech foods are safe, including the National Academy of
Science. If voted “no,” we would be prohibiting more bureaucracy and tax payers cost.

Proposition 38:
Proposition 38 increases personal income tax and giving a certain percent from those taxes to
schools and Medicare for students in grades K-12. Between different years the taxes will
increase and decrease, but the taxing of the taxes will still be there.

What will a YES vote do?
It will increase funding for public K-12 schools to go to school and earn an education. Plus it
will give better medical or Medicare for kids as well.

What will a NO vote do?
A “no” vote will not change anything.

Proposition 39: Tax Treatment for Multistate Business
Multi-state business that are located in other states but still conduct business in our state will pay
taxes at a rate similar to California-based businesses. Currently, multi-state businesses are
allowed to choose a form of taxation that is most advantageous to them for tax purposes. The tax
money from the multi-state business taxes would be put into energy efficiency programs..
What will a YES vote do?
A yes vote would provide $550 million dollars annually for five years to fund projects creating
energy efficiency and clean jobs in California. Also, some multi-state business will pay more
state taxes. A significant portion of these multi-state tax dollars would also be spent on public
schools and community colleges.

What will a NO vote do?
A no vote will do nothing and keep things the same as they already are.

Proposition 40: Redistricting. State Senate District. Referendum
A “Yes” vote on Proposition 40 approves and a “No” vote rejects new state senate districts
drawn by a citizen’s redistricting commission. State senate districts are revised every 10 years
following the federal census. If the new districts are rejected, the state senate district boundary
lines will be adjusted by officials supervised by the California Supreme Court.

What will a YES vote do?
If the voters vote yes and approve the state senate district maps certified by the citizens
redistricting commission, there will no fiscal effect on state or local government. It would be
able to save tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars. It would protect the voter-approved
independent citizens redistricting commissions. With district lines drawn by independent citizens
commission politicians are no longer guaranteed re-election but are held accountable to voters
and have the answer to the people and their constitution needs.

What will a NO vote do?
The state would incur a one time cost of about $500,000 to established new senate districts and
related material for each new district.

                              Vote Tuesday, November 6

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