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									                          ACEEE International Journal on Electrical and Power Engineering, Vol. 1, No. 2, July 2010

        An Enhanced Flying Capacitor Multilevel
           Inverter fed Induction Motor Drive
                                     K.Ramani1,A.Rathinam2 and Dr.A.Krishnan3
                           Research Scholar/SL/Dept.of.EEE/
                                     PG Scholar/
                                Dean/ Dept.of.EEE/
            K.S.Rangasamy College of Technology ,Tiruchengode, Namakkal- 637215,Tamilnadu, India

Abstract- This paper focused on the development of                     capacitor.A filter circuit of the RLC type tuned at the
capacitor voltage balancing methods in a flying capacitor              switching frequency, connected in parallel with the
multilevel inverter (FCMLI) fed induction motor drive.                 load may be used to achieve the natural balancing
For improving the performance of flying capacitor                      under all conditions. However, the extra filter increases
multilevel inverter, a switching pattern selection scheme
is implemented. The proposed method has been designed                  the cost of the overall system. Another popular method
a nine -level flying capacitor multilevel inverter by using            of capacitor voltage balancing is to vary duty cycles of
sinusoidal pulse width modulation technique. The selected              the switches to charge or discharge the corresponding
pattern has been exposed to give superior performance in               capacitors. There are many ways such as carrier
load voltage, total harmonics distortion and capacitor                 rotation    strategy     [5]-[7],  modulating      signal
voltage fluctuation. The performance of proposed                       modification strategy [8], etc. In the control scheme
strategies is confirmed through simulation investigations.             discussed in [9]-[10], balancing is achieved by
Index Terms - Total Harmonic Distortion, Flying                        preferential charging or discharging of the capacitors.
Capacitor Multilevel Inverter (FCMLI), AC Drive,                       This paper highlights sinusoidal PWM based flying
Sinusoidal pulse width modulation (SPWM).                              capacitor voltage-balancing schemes fed induction
                                                                       motor is discussed. This scheme does not require any
                   I. INTRODUCTION                                     modification in the carrier or modulating signal. It has
                                                                       advantage or superiority over other previous works.
         In recent year, multilevel power inverters are                The modeling of in this paper highlights significance of
popular due to their high-power, high voltage capacity,                a nine level FCMLI.
low switching losses and low cost. The various
different topologies of inverters are neutral point
clamped inverters, flying capacitor inverters and                             II.FLYING CAPACITOR MULTILEVEL
cascaded multi level with separated dc source inverter                                  INVERTER (FCMLI)
[1]-[2]. Midway the Flying Capacitor Multi-level
Inverter (FCMI) does not require isolated dc sides and                 The FCMLI requires a large number of capacitors to
additional clamping diodes. However, these properties                  clamp the device voltage to one capacitor voltage level,
may be quite limited by the voltage unbalancing of                     provided all the capacitors are equal values. The size of
flying capacitors which the most serious problem.                      the voltage increases between two consecutive legs of
                                                                       the clamping capacitors. Hence the size of voltage
 Hence the FCMLI has to ensure the voltage balancing                   steps in the output waveform.
of flying capacitors under all the operating conditions.
The FCMLI offers a great advantage with respect to the                 A. Basic Configuration of FCMLI
availability of voltage redundancies. They are defined
                                                                       A block diagram of nine-level FCMLI is shown in fig
as different combinations of capacitors allowing the
                                                                       1.It consists of input dc source, switching devices, load
charging or discharging of the individual flying
                                                                       and control circuit.
capacitors in order to produce the same phase leg
voltage. This advantage provides the special
opportunity for controlling the individual voltage on
flying capacitors [3]-[4]. Many studies have publicized
that under certain conditions, a simple open loop
control guarantees natural balancing of the flying
 Ramani.K, and Rathinam.A are with Department of Electrical and
Electronics Engineering, K.S.Rangasamy college of Technology,
Tiruchengode. 637215 ;Mobil Number +91 97885 18536 / +91
994228851Dr.Krishnan.A, is Dean, K.S.Rangasamy college of
                                                                                    Figure 1. Block diagram for FCMLI.
Technology, Tiruchengode.637215

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DOI: 01.ijepe.01.02.05
                           ACEEE International Journal on Electrical and Power Engineering, Vol. 1, No. 2, July 2010

The control circuits control the switching devices by                   Van = S A1 ( Vdc − VC1 ) + S A 2 ( VC1 − VC 2 ) + S A3 ( VC 2 − VC 3 )
using a sinusoidal pulse width modulation (SPWM)
strategy.                                                               + S A 4 ( V C 3 − V C 4 ) + S A 5 ( VC 4 − VC 5 ) + S A 6 ( V C 5 − V C 6 )
The voltage of main dc-link capacitor is V dc. The                                                       V
                                                                        + S A7  VC 6 − VC 7  + S A8VC 8 − dc
                                                                                                                                      (3)
voltage of the capacitor clamping of the innermost two                                                    2
devices are
                   n −1
The voltage of the next innermost capacitor will be

         Vdc      V       2Vdc
              + dc =                                  (2)
        n −1 n −1 n −1
Each next clamping capacitor will have the voltage
increment of           from its immediate inner one. The
              n −1
                                                                                       Figure 3. Phase-A leg of nine -level FCMLI.
voltage levels and the arrangements of the flying
capacitor in the FCMLI structure assure the voltage                     B.Modulation Scheme
stress across each main device is same. It is equal to
                                                                        In this paper, control technique of sinusoidal pulse
       for an n- level inverter.                                        width modulation (SPWM) strategy is employed. In
 n −1                                                                   this method, a number of triangular waveforms are
Three phase of a nine-level inverter fed induction                      compared with a controlled sinusoidal modulating
motor as shown in fig 2. A single leg of a nine -level                  signal. The switching rules for the switches are decided
inverter shown in fig 3 and likewise others two are                     by the intersection of the carrier waves with the
                                                                        modulating signal [8, 9, and 10]. The proposed nine
coupled to the same dc-link battery Vdc . In fig 1 each
                                                                        level inverter, one modulating signal and eight carrier
switch S A1 to S A8 and S ' A1 to S ' A8 consist of a power             waves are necessary for each phase of the inverter as
semiconductor device (e.g. MOSFET, GTO and IGBT                         shown in Figure 4.
etc) with connected in anti-parallel diode. Voltages
Vc1, Vc2, Vc3, Vc4, Vc5, Vc6, and Vc7, are
 7      3      5     V   3     V                             Vdc
   Vdc , Vdc , Vdc , dc , Vdc , dc ,              and
 8      4      8       2 8      4                             8
respectively, as n = 9.

                                                                                       Figure 4. Modulation scheme for nine -levels
                                                                        The modulating signal of each phase is displaced from
                                                                        each other by 120°. All the carrier signals have same
                                                                        frequency fc and amplitude Ac while the modulating
                                                                        signal has a frequency of fm and amplitude of Am.The
                                                                        fc should be in integer the multiples of fm with three-
                                                                        times. This is required for all the modulating signal of
                                                                        all the three phases see the same carriers, as they are
   Figure 2. Nine-level FCMLI fed three phases Induction motor.         120° apart.
The main dc capacitor combination C is the energy                       The carrier waves and the modulating signals are
storage element, while capacitors CA1, CA2, CA3, CA4,                   compared and the output of the comparator defines the
CA5, CA6 and CA7 are the flying capacitors that provide                 output voltage waveform. It is assumed that the
the multilevel voltage ability to the converter. Skj and                modulating signal varies from + 1V to – V.The
S’kj are the complementary switches where j=1 to 8 and                  amplitudes of the eight carriers waves vary in the step
k are A, B, C of phases respectively.Thus if SA1 is ON,                 of + 0.25V. In the positive half cycle the comparator
S’A8 is OFF and vice-versa. For any initial state of                    output will have the value high, if the amplitude of the
clamping voltage, the inverter output voltage is given                  modulating signal is greater than that of the carrier
by                                                                      wave and 0 otherwise. Similarly, for the negative half

© 2010 ACEEE
DOI: 01.ijepe.01.02.05
                          ACEEE International Journal on Electrical and Power Engineering, Vol. 1, No. 2, July 2010

cycle if the modulating signal is lower than the carrier                                            1

wave, the output of the comparator is high and 0
                                                                                                      0                          0.02          0.04          0.06          0.08          0.1

otherwise.                                                                                        0.5
                                                                                                      0                          0.02          0.04          0.06          0.08          0.1
                                                                                                      0                          0.02          0.04          0.06          0.08          0.1

                                                                                Voltage in volt
                                                                                                      0                          0.02          0.04          0.06          0.08          0.1
                                                                                                      0                          0.02          0.04          0.06          0.08          0.1
                                                                                                      0                          0.02          0.04          0.06          0.08          0.1
                                                                                                      0                          0.02          0.04          0.06          0.08          0.1
                                                                                                      0                          0.02          0.04         0.06           0.08          0.1
                                                                                                                                                  Time in sec

                                                                               Figure 7. Switching pulses for SA1 to SA8
        Figure 5. Switching voltage Technique for FCMLI                                                             0.5
                                                                                                                          0   0.01   0.02   0.03   0.04   0.05   0.06   0.07   0.08   0.09     0.1

In the nine-level FCMLI each carrier waveform and                                                                     0
                                                                                                                          0   0.01   0.02   0.03   0.04   0.05   0.06   0.07   0.08   0.09     0.1

sine waveform are compared individually. The
                                                                                                                          0   0.01   0.02   0.03   0.04   0.05   0.06   0.07   0.08   0.09     0.1

Switching voltage Technique for FCMLI is shown in

                                                                                                  Voltage in volt
                                                                                                                          0   0.01   0.02   0.03   0.04   0.05   0.06   0.07   0.08   0.09     0.1

fig 5. The individual comparator output is given to the
                                                                                                                          0   0.01   0.02   0.03   0.04   0.05   0.06   0.07   0.08   0.09     0.1

switching devices .An example of switching pulse                                                                    0.5
                                                                                                                          0   0.01   0.02   0.03   0.04   0.05   0.06   0.07   0.08   0.09     0.1

generation simulation model is shown fig 6.As in fig 6
                                                                                                                          0   0.01   0.02   0.03   0.04   0.05   0.06   0.07   0.08   0.09     0.1

the comparator output is directly given to SA1 and S A1’
                                                                                                                          0   0.01   0.02   0.03   0.04 0.05 0.06       0.07   0.08   0.09     0.1

is connected through not gate, because S A1’                                                                                                          Time in sec

complementary operation of SA1.                                               Figure 8. Switching pulses for S’A1 to S’A8

                                                                                                  III. PROPOSED SCHEME
                                                                  In the paper, nine levels inverter is designed. The output
                                                                  voltages nearly get sinusoidal. It reduced harmonics and
                                                                  increase inverter efficiency. The implementation of ZVS or
                                                                  ZCS further reduces the switching loss. The nine level flying
                                                                  capacitor inverter fed induction motor drive has been
                                                                  developed by using MATLAB software.
       Figure 6. Simulation model for one switching pulse
                                                                                                      IV. RESULT ANALYSIS
In the nine-level FCMLI eight carrier waveform and a
sine waveform are compared with comparator .This                  The nine-level FCMLI has been simulated using MATLAB.
comparator output is given to SAj and S’Aj switches               The output of the inverter voltage is shown in simulation
where j=1 to 8. S’Aj is the complementary function of             results. Fig 10 shows the FCMLI phase voltage waveform.
SAj. In this way nine output levels are obtained. A               The stator of three phase induction motor is star connected.
Simulation model for switching pulses shown in
                                                                   A. Nine -Level FCMLI
Fig.6.It consists of eight carrier wave generators, a sine
wave generator and relational operator. The outputs of            The FCMLI output balanced phase voltage is 200Volts
each comparator for each phase are combined to                    with nine levels as shown in figure 9.The line voltage
produce the corresponding decision signals for the                is shown in fig10. It agrees with the conventional star
switches to synthesize the output voltage of that phase.          connected stator voltage. Fig 11 exhibits the three
The SPWM output reference signal is shown in Figure               phase stator voltage waveform. The nine step
5. This signal resembles with the output voltage                  arrangement brought the simulation waveform in
waveform of the inverter and decides the voltage level,           closed resemblance with the three phase sinusoidal
which is to be generated at a particular instant.                 waveform for the inverter parameters given in table I.
The nine-level FCMLI control circuit produce                                             TABLE I
                                                                            NINE -LEVEL INVERTER PARAMETERS
switching pulses for SAj and S’Aj switches where j=1 to
8. S’Aj is the complementary function of SAj. The                    Number of main switches                                                                                   48
sequence of the switching pulse turn-on the switching                Main devices type                                                                                         IGBT
devices, and the FCMLI produce nine-level output                     Device ON resistance                                                                                      0.01 ohm
voltage. The switching pulses for SAj and S’Aj switches
                                                                     Device OFF resistance                                                                                     1.0E6 ohm
are shown in fig 7 and 8.
                                                                     Forward voltage drop                                                                                      0V
                                                                     FCMLI capacitances                                                                                        3600 μF

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DOI: 01.ijepe.01.02.05
                                                           ACEEE International Journal on Electrical and Power Engineering, Vol. 1, No. 2, July 2010

The nine levels FCMLI phase have nine levels                                                     of 1500rpm. A nine level FCMLI fed induction motor
                                                                                                 speed curve result shown in fig 12. It quickly settles to
    Vdc 3       Vdc Vdc      V      3       V      V                                             a constant speed. The stator current and
(       , Vdc ,     ,   ,0, − dc , − Vdc , − dc , − dc
     2 8         4    8       2     8        4      8                                            electromagnetic torque are initially has maximum
)                                                                                                starting current then get reduced at rated value of the
and line to line voltages have fourteen levels.                                                  motor current.


                                                                                                 Speed in rpm
              Voltage in volt



                                           0        0.02    0.04      0.06    0.08   0.1                          0
                                                             Time in sec                                           0           0.1    0.2     0.3         0.4         0.5
                                                                                                                                      T e in sec
                                      Figure 9. Phase voltage of FCMLI
                                                                                                                  Figure 12 .Speed curve of induction motor
                                     400                                                         Total Harmonic Distortion of nine-level FLCMLI is
                                     200                                                         13.22% which is illustrated in figure 13. In the nine-
                  Voltage in volt

                                                                                                 level FCMLI, THD is reduced compared to THD value
                                                                                                 of five and seven -level FCMLI. The THD value of
                                                                                                 five and seven are 26.26% and 17.76% respectively.
                                    -400                                                         Different level of FCMLI THD values are compared it
                                           0        0.02    0.04      0.06
                                                             Time in sec
                                                                              0.08   0.1
                                                                                                 shown in table III. It have obtained same simulation
                                                                                                 parameters values
                                               Figure 10. Line voltage of
                                                                                                                       TABLE III COM PARISON OF THD


                                    200                                                                            Five-level        Seven-Level         Nine-level
                                                                                                                    FCMLI              FCMLI              FCMLI
            Voltge in volt

                                                                                                                  (% of THD)         (% of THD)         (% of THD)

                                           0        0.01    0.02       0.03   0.04   0.05
                                                             Tim e in sec
                                                                                                                       26.26            17.76                 13.22
         Figure 11. Three phase output line voltage of FCMLI

The fluctuation in capacitor voltage is tiny. This can be
further reduced by increasing capacitance values and
carrier frequency. Flying capacitor voltage Table II
highlights the voltages across the capacitors.
                                             TABLE. II
                                    FLYING CAPACITORS VOLTAGE
                                     Capacitors             Capacitors voltages
                                               C1             50 Volts
                                               C2           100 Volts
                                               C3           150 Volts
                                               C4           200 Volts
                                               C5           250 Volts
                                               C6           300 Volts

B. FCMLI fed Induction Motor
Induction motors are widely used in industries because                                                                   Figure.13 THD of nine levels FCMLI.
it offers lot of advantages. The proposed method of a
nine -level FCMLI is fed to induction motor drive of
rating 5HP, 400V and supply frequency of 50Hz, speed

© 2010 ACEEE
DOI: 01.ijepe.01.02.05
                          ACEEE International Journal on Electrical and Power Engineering, Vol. 1, No. 2, July 2010

                     V.CONCLUSION                                      [9] G. Carrara, S. Gardella and M. Marchesoni, "A new
                                                                            multilevel PWM method: A theoretical analysis", IEEE
In the proposed method, nine levels flying capacitor                        Trans. Power Electronics, Vol. 7, No. 3, pp. 497-505,
multilevel inverter provides sinusoidal waveform and                        1992.
increased efficiency. The basic concepts and                            [10] M. H. Rashid, Power Electronics Handbook, Academic
operational features of inverter have been explored. A                      Press, London, 2001.
control scheme has been proposed which uses the
preferential charging or discharging of flying the                                        VI. BIOGRAPHIES
capacitors to balance their voltages. The control                                           K.Ramani was born in Vedaranyam on
scheme allows balanced flying capacitor voltages;                                           May 7, 1982. He is graduated in 2004
hence output phase and line voltages are obtained with                                      from Bharathiar University, Coimbatore
much less THD. The nine level flying capacitor                                              and post graduated in 2006 at Anna
multilevel inverter fed induction motor has been                                            University, Chennai. He is a Research
illustrated with                                                                            scholar in Anna University Chennai
simulation results using MATLAB. The technique is                                           under the guidance of beloved
used to improve the level of the inverter to extend the                                     Dr.A.Krishnan, Dean, K.S.Rangasamy
                                                                       College of Technology, Tiruchengode. He is currently
design flexibility and reduces the harmonics.                          working as a senior lecturer in the department of EEE at
                                                                       K.S.Rangasamy College of Technology, Tiruchengode from
                        REFERENCES                                     January 2006. He published 12 international/national
[1] J. L. Thomas, S. Poullain, A. Donzel, and G. Bornard,              conferences, journals. His research interest involves in power
     “Advanced torque control of induction motors fed by a             electronics, inverter, modeling of induction motor and
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     Seminar, 'Advances in Induction Motor Control', 23                is life member of an ISTE, IETE member.
     May, 2000, pp. 5/1 - 5/5.
[2] T. Meynard, H. Foch, P. Thomas, J. Courault, R. Jakob                                      A.RATHINAM was born in Salem on
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 [3] K.Ramani and A.Krishnan “High performance Flying                                         K.S.Rangasamy        College         of
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     Engineering Vol. 2, No. 6, Nov 2009. Pp 7-9                                              beloved K.Ramani senior lecturer in
[4] L. Xu and V. G. Agelidis, “Active capacitor voltage                                       the   department     of    EEE       at
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[7] Escalante, M.F. and Vannier, J.-C., “Direct approach for                                 Technology, Tiruchengode and guide at
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