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Legend: Yellow highlight            Blue highlight equals NEEDS JOB or NEW JOB ASSIGNED
equals left us or leaving
Lastname                  Firstname

Anderson              Daniel        Fluorescent Plate Reader, QELS, spin-coater, speed vac (318)

Basto                 Pamela        10.494 seminar food ordering;
Beal                  Connie        Lab Admin; DCM/CAC Rep: Dry ice supply (outside E26-325 and E18-605) and Invitrogen Supply Ctr questions/training

Bellan                Leon          E25-325 chemical hood officer
Bonner                Dan           Water bath (326, weekly); grad-student, co-advised with Hammond,morale officer/ softball coach

Bratlie               Kaitlin       Inotech encapsulator (E18-605);
Bogatyrev             Said          Daily/weekly biohazard waste autoclaving for E25-325/326; autoclave training and validation E25-4th floor in
                                    conjunction with Said- Said's months are: Jan, Mar, May;
Chan                  Juliana       Tissue Culture supplies ordering for E18-676/668;

Chen                  Delai         E25-325 incubators: maintenance of 4 incubators - changing CO2 tanks, HEPA filters and filling up the water trays.

Cheng                 Hao           E18-605 EHS Safety Representative:

Chertok               Beata         Room Coordinator E25-325; ZetaPALS(Brookhaven) Multisizer in E25-318

Cho                   Seung-Woo     Real-time PCR (325) and incubator (326) biosafety cabinet in E25-326
Ciolino                             solvents and flammable cabinets in E25-325;
                      Christina     Room coordinator in E25-318; plate reader, fluorometer, fridges and freezers
Crickett              Ann           Glassware cabinet in E25-345
                      Thuy "Tram"   E18-668 automatic cell counter;
Drum                  Chester       Journal Club organizer; Pipette Calibration for entire lab, (gel imaging) molecular biology bench E18-668, Sorval Centrifuge
                                    (floor model) E25-345.
Dvir                  Tal           lyophiliser (345) fumehoods (318), and 318 room coordinator

                      Eddie         Room Coordinator E25-326; SAA Waste Officer, hazardous waste disposal /collection, Chemical fume hood Officer in E25-
Eltoukhy, Eddie                     326;
Epstein               Hila          - 80 freezer E25-318); Centrifuge-C87 E25-318; Spray-dryer E25-318
Fenton                Patrick
                                    Maintenance of E18-606; Symyx and Tecan robotic machines (606); Genevac (606)
Fisher                Omar          ZetaPALS multi-sizer (318 Brookhaven);
Freed                 Lisa          E25-344 & rightmost corner of 325 Room Coordinator
Gao                   Weiwei        E18-668 SAA Officer; Radiation Officer (may reassign it if they do radiation again not doing it now)
Greaves               Tiffany       Lab Coat Ordering and Mgmt through North Star; SAPweb training; travel voucher and reimbursement assistance with forms
                                    and procedures;                           Page 1 of 7
Guillemette           Max           Room Coordinator E25-344; Safety officer E25-344; Histology Bench in E25-325; incubator, refrig, freezer, and general
                                    equip. in 344; Rightmost corner of 325 EHS Safety Rep:

Hill           Paulina       E18-668 Lab solvents and flammable cabinets; cleaning water bath in E18-676 cell culture room;
Jaklenec       Ana           E25-345 Room Coordinator: assist with Waters GPC in E25-345; Contact Angle; Glassware drying oven; Gel permeation
                             chromatography; chem hood 2 fume hood
Jiang          Shan          DI Water Purification System E25-325;
Kanasty        Rosemary      10.984 Food Ordering, SAA waste officer in E25-325
Karagiannis    Manos         DI Water Purification System E18-606: Nanopure diH20 purification system E18-605;
Kastrup        Christian     Microfluidic stereoscope & syringe pumps in 325; Zeiss fluorescence microscope in 345; Harrick plasma cleaner and pump in
                             345; autoclave training and validation E25-4th floor in conjunction with Said- Christian's months are: Feb, Apr, June;
                             autoclave biohazard waste in 318, 325, 326 (shared w/Said); UV-VIS in 318.
Kim            Eunha         (Assist with tissue culture supplies, make 70% ethanol, milliQ upkeep in E25-325
Kim            Daniel        NEEDS A JOB
Kohane         Daniel        Buchi spray-drier & Rotavap (318), First Aid Kits (monthly)

Kolishetti     Nagesh        E18-668 Lypholizer; gas cylinder ordering and management;

Kusanagi       Aki           E25-310 Room Coordinator; BSC Officer 310 (including sharps disposal, waste media); incubators (310); Zeiss Inverted
                             and Histo Microscopes 310; Back-up person for monthly autoclave validation
Kuo            Tim           E18 Lab
Kraehenbuehl   Thomas        SSA Waste Officer E25-310, Daily/weekly biohazard autoclaving for E25-310;
Larson         Benjamin      E25-344 microscope2 and water baths;
Levi           Yair          E18-668 Fume Hood Officer;
Levins         Christopher   E25-345 Room Coordinator: SAA Waste Officer in E25-345: FTIR Caretaker; Chem fume hoods 1 & 3; ISCO combiflash;
                             General chemical storage; Stir Plates.
Ling           Yibo          E25 EHS Safety Rep: E25-325 Room cooordinator, SAA Waste Officer in E25-325

Liu            Wendy         E25-325: two analytical balances

Love           Kevin         325 Room Coordinator; Scintillation Counter in E25-326; Incubator ?? E25-345 Extruder;

Lytton-Jean    Abigail       E18-605 Room Coordinator;
Ma             Minglin       Cold Room E25-310b Coordinator (if ALARM sounds, call 617-253-1500 ASAP!!!);
MacDonald      Maralee       E25-325 Hommond Collaborator bench
McKenna        Marshall      Gas Ordering for the lab; cyrostorage tank in E25-325 keeping liquid nitrogen tank filled & connected.
Malavia        Nikita        Cold Room E25-325b Coordinator (if ALARM sounds, call 617-253-1500 ASAP!!!);
Masi           Byron         E25 Radiation Coordinator in E25-326: Scintillation Counter in E25-326; Signatone probe station in E25-345
Mei            Ying          Waterbaths, incubator water trays, and MilliQ validation (325);(robot arrays?) (stem cell biosafety cabinet and sharp disposal in
                             E25-325) laser scanning icytometer in E18-605
Mizahi         Boaz          E25-318 Room Coordinator; lyophiliser (345) fumehoods (318)
Morales        Carolina      solvents and flammable cabinets in E25-318;
Nichol         Jason         Instron testing apparatus in E25-345; To use get trained first, then book time via Langer Google Calendar
O'Shea         Tim           NEEDS A JOB - HST GRAD STUDENT
Park           Hyounshing    E125-344 microscope1; ELF-300 in 344;         Page 2 of 7
Patta          Yoda          Microchip Bench in E25-325:
Polat          Baris         Ultrasound equipment (326) including 4-VCX 400 signal generators; 4-20 kHz ultrasound horns, 2-hydrophones, dermatome,

Pridgen          Eric          E18-668 Room Coordinator; E18-668 Safety Officer; sharps;
Pritchard        Christopher   SAA Waste Officer in E25-345; Assign fridge space and assist with organizing defrosting as necessary in E25-345; Cleaning
                               and maintaining the two new balances E25-345; cyrostorage tank in E25-325 keeping liquid nitrogen tank filled & connected.

Radovic-Moreno   Alex          EHS Safety Reprsentative for E25

Rhee             June-Wha      Daily/weekly biohazard waste from BSC autoclaving for E18-668; autoclave training and validation E18-6th floor in conjunction
                               with Said Location : E18-668
Schroeder        Avi           E25-325 biosafety cabinets: including traps emptying, vacuum system maintenence, bleach supply and sharp disposal
Scott            Alex          Plastic Recycle bin in E25-325 (pickup when full (media bottles, etc., recyling)
Jiang            Shan          MilliQ - Millipore in E25-325
Seto             Jennifer      VCX 400 signal generators; 20 kHz ultrasound horns, hydrophones, dermatome, hygrometer (326)
Shi              JinJun        Spectrometer in E25-325
                 Mohummad      Big centrifuge and water bath in E25-326;
Siddiqui         Minhaj
                 Daniel        Viscotek GPC (345 bench 607); Buchi Rotavap; Waters GPC (with Ana Jaklenec); Chem Fume Hood #2 in E25-345; assist
Siegwart                       with waste mgmt and general 345 upkeep
Stefanescu       Cristina F.   Flammables Cabinets in E25-318;
Tekin            Halil         Ali Khamenhosseni-RSL-Draper lab bench in E25-325
Timko            Brian         Beckman Multisize III Coulter counter (318);
Vacanti          Nate          E18-668 Sharps;
Valencia         Pedro         Cold Room E18-664 Coordinator: Centrifuges and sonicator in 668;
Vegas            Arturo        Fume Hood Officer in E18-605; High-Througput Robots; DI Water Purfication System for Robot in E18-606
Urbanska         Aleksandra    Sonicator, homogenizer and UV Abs Spec (318); Agilent HPLC (318)
Wang             Jane          Big Blue Oven connected to vacuum in E25-345 bench 3; PDMS ovens
Whitehead        Kathryn       Printer in E8-605; cell incubator (Anderson) in E18/668.
Xu               Qiaobing      Daily/weekly biohazard autoclaving for E25-345; E25-4th Floor Monthly Autoclave Validation: Cyrosectioner in E18-668
                               Caretaker and training
Xu               Xiaoyang      E18-668 Sink area (keep clean);
Yi               Kevin         Biohazard autoclaving in 310 and 345
Zoldan           Janeta        310 Room Coordinator and Fume Hood Officer: SAA Waste Officer 310; Beckman-Coulter Allegra X-15R Refrigerated
                               Centrifuge in 310; E25 general tissue supplies ordering.

                               Need someone to take care of the following equipment:
                               vacuum traps in E25-325 and all E25 and E18 labs - change them on a regular schedule

                                Centrifuge, Eppendorf 5810R (rm 326); fridge/ freezer, stem cell incubator (326)
                               from Siegwart: Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC); Thermogravimetric anlyasis (TGA):
                               Unassigned Equipment:GPC, GC

                               Waters HPLC (318); automated silica gel chromatography machine.
                               Impedance spectrometer/Potentiostat (325);
                               GPC in E25-345 (from Alborz Mahdavi); from Berend-Jan deBruin
                                DSC & TGA (345) from Todd Hoare
                               Bucci Rotovap in E25-345; tall fridges/freezers in E25-345; from Haeshin Lee
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                               Cary 100,Nanodrop UV-vis Spectrometers E25-345 from Jae-Seung Lee

Job that still needs doing:
E25-325: biowaste autoclaving for 325

                                         Page 4 of 7

Email ( unless   Locations; Phone
otherwise stated)
dgander                  E25-143f: 258-6843

basto                    E25-HST Grad Lounge
cjbeal                   E25-342d: 258-5290

Dan Bonner
[dbonner@MIT.EDU]        66-525, x21681: but Jan-Feb 08 at 66-265, x22722.
kbratlie                 E18-605:
said                     E18-605:

juchan                   E18-668: 324-2032


h_cheng                  E18-605:

beatac                   E25-328C

seungwoo                 E25-147D: 253-0939
no email
                         E18-668: 324-2032
                         E25-345: E25-143h
                         E25-143D: 253-6315
hila                     E25-147B: 253-3533
prfenton                 E18-605; 617-324-3634

ozf                      E25-147C: 3-5359
lfreed                   E25-330: 452-2603

tiffanyg                 E25-342: 3-3413
                                                                             Page 5 of 7

pshill                E18-668; 324-2032

sjiang2               E18-307: 324-9163

cutzie                E25-328d: 253-6315

dskohane              E25-328: 258-0468

nagesh                E18-668; 324-2032

kusanagi              E25-342A: 253-3125

                   E18-668: 324-2032
thomaskr           E25-143f: 258-6843
                      E25-147A: 253-3482
yairl                 E18-668: 324-2032
levinsc               E25-345:




ymei                  E25-342C: 253-3443

csalvado              E18-668: 324-2032
jnichol               E25:147A; 253-3482
hpark                 E25-147A: 253-3482                  Page 6 of 7
bpolat                66-257: 253-6441

epridgen                  E18-668: 324-2032
cpritcha                  E25-345???

aradovic                  E25 HST Grad Lounge: E25-668:
juna                      E18-668; 324-2032

jseto                     66-257: 253-6441: E25-326


cstef                     E25-147B,3-3482
halil                     E25-325:
nvacanti                  E18-668: 324-2032
pedroval                  E18-668: 324-2032
avegas                    E18-605:
a_urban                   E25-328d: 253-6315
kawhite                   E18-605:
qxu                       E25-345: E25-143d; 3-0939

xy_xu                     E18-668: 324-2032
kevinyi                   E18-307:324-9163

Google Calendar to Book
time on machines

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