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	 A MARC Monthly Newsletter 	                                                                          Volume 54, Number 2 October 2008

                                Next meeting - Wednesday 29 October 2008
                                    Ragchew and Fleamarket: 19:30, Club meeting: 20:00

                                       ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
                                            St. Ignatius of Loyola Parish Church
                            4455 West Broadway (corner of Terrebonne) in N.D.G. - Montreal
                                                 (Please enter by the back door)

                                          Christmas Dinner
                                        The Christmas dinner will be at
                                      Antico Martini, 6450 Somerled. NDG

     Date & Time: Friday, December 5, 19:00
     Cost: $38 per person (cash or cheque)
    Menu: similar to the 75th. with a choice of veal, 

                                          salmon or chicken.

                                     We have a section of the restaurant reserved.

     Please inform our President if you plan to attend.
                                                     James R. Hay

marcOgram - October 2008
                M     O    N    T   R   E   A   L       A   M      A    T   E   U      R   R   A   D     I   0      C      L     U    B

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cooler and we're getting closer to win-                                   Family members (per family) $30.00
ter and spending more time indoors.                                                                    The membership year runs from
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We'll be holding the Christmas dinner                                                                  September 1 to August 31.
again this year, this time at Antico                                           Membership received on or after June
                                                                                                       1 commences immediately and
Martini. If you plan to attend please                       Ron Campbell, VA2RJC                       extends through the subsequent
let me know.                                                              membership year - covering a period
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have been advised that Bob Paknys,                  VE2RED
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VE2JBP, and Nick Kalantzis,                         Owned and operated by the Montreal                 ings will be held in the Lounge which
VE2WPT, are stepping down from the                  Amateur radio Club.                                is the rearmost door on the South side
board owing to work committments. I
would like to thank them both for their                                                                of the building unless we have reason
contribution to the board.                                                                             to hold it in the Parish Hall which is
                                                      Meetings of the Board of                         the first door on the South side of the
                                                             Directors                                 building. An informal flea-market and
This month is an important meeting so
I hope to see you all there.                        Meetings of the Board of Directors are             ragchew session starts at 19:30 with
                                                    open to any member to attend. Board
                                                    meetings are held on the first                      the formal meeting starting at 20:00.
73 de Jim.                                          Wednesday of the month (Sept. to                   STM buses 51, 162, and 105 stop
                                                    June) at 7:30 PM at the Montreal
                                                    Association for the Blind, 7000
                                                    Sherbrooke St. West.                               September 08 Presentation
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                                                    neither been cancelled, nor the

                         location changed.
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 V Sheldon Werner,
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                                                                                                                             marcOgram - October 2008
                 M     O    N   T   R   E   A   L       A    M   A   T   E    U   R       R     A   D     I   0       C   L   U   B

                                        MARC Fundraiser WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT
 In order for MARC to reach some of it’s goals, the BOD have decided to increase the advertising in the marcOgram newsletter.
 The rates are as follows:
 Business card      $ 5.00 per issue                 Quarter page               $ 7.00 per issue
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 The “Marcogram” from September to May, which is eight issues. This year we added June, which becomes a free month. So
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 a business to place an ad.

                                                    MONTANA HAM ASSISTS IN                              as to his GPS coordinates, the shelter,
                                                    RESCUE OF FELLOW AMATEUR                            food and water on hand, as well
                                                    600 MILES AWAY                                      as his detailed physical condition. He
                                                                                                        told me exactly who I needed to
                                                    On Sunday, September 21, Bob Wil-                   contact for assistance."
                                                    liams, N7ODM, of Bozeman, Mon-
                                                    tana, was just tuning around on 40 me-              According to Williams, Ruby had
                                                    ters, giving his rig a test just before a           slipped on a wet rock and broken his
                                                    scheduled QSO with his brother Rich,                leg while out hiking in the Buck Creek
                                                    K7URU, in Spokane, when he heard a                  Pass area of the high Cascades in
                                                    faint CW signal around 1 PM (MDT):                  Western Washington, 600 miles away
From the Editor’s Desk                              Glenn Russell Ruby Jr, W7AU, of                     from Williams. "Russ really had his
                                                    Corvallis, Oregon had broken his leg                act together," Williams said. "Before
                                                    and was using a portable radio and                  he even called for help, he set up
It was great to include the first article           Morse code to send out a call for help.             his tent. It was raining when he fell, so
in the ARRL group, “Montana Ham                     Williams said he was able to                        he climbed into his tent and got into
helps Washington Ham.” This kind of                 understand the injured man's code                   some warm clothes and had a snack of
story explains what were' all about.                even when his signal became very                    sunflower seeds and dried
                                                    weak.                                               apricots. After that, he strung up a wire
The piece about Canadian and Ameri-                                                                     antenna, fired up his Elecraft K1 and
can hams giving a "textbook example"                "He called me. He must have heard me                called me." Williams said that Ruby
of amateur radio’s emcomm role by                   testing out the radio. When I                       told him he had a "couple of weeks
providing situational awareness and                 finished, I signed off with my call, and            worth of battery power" for the radio.
disaster intelligence for Hurricane                 then I heard, 'N7ODM, this is
Kyle. This kind of cooperation I’m                  W7AU/7,' so I answered," Williams                   Ruby asked Williams to notify the
sure will be essential in the future.               told the ARRL. "I told him to go                    Snohomish County Search and Rescue
                                                    ahead, I had solid copy. He told me                 in Washington State. "I didn't have
The article on page-9 regarding the use             that he was a hiker that had fallen                 their number, so I called my local 911
of 7.1-7.6 MHz band using a 20 kHz                  and broken his leg. He identified him-              dispatcher. All they had was the info
bandwidth digital emission at a                     self as Russ, provided information                  for King County in Washington, so
transmitter output power of 100 kW
within a radius of 1500 kilometers of
Delta Junction, Alaska by DART
should also be a concern to Canadian
hams. The Yukon Territory is only
about 600 Km from the transmitters,

That’s it -
Your editor..
Rjcam the Video-n-Podcast Ham,

From the ARRL

marcOgram - October 2008
                      M   O   N   T   R   E   A   L        A   M    A   T   E   U   R       R      A   D     I   0       C   L     U    B

                                                      told me that when he woke up Monday                  its inception. "Besides the certificate
                                                      morning, his tent was all covered in                 design change, the WAC certificate
     Submissions for entry into                       snow."                                               will also display the award holder's
                                                                                                           name alongside their call sign. We do
           marcOgram                                  "I just happened to be at the same fre-              this already on the 5BWAC certifi-
                                                      quency," Williams said. "It's just                   cate."
     For submissions of text only it is               a stroke of luck that turned out great. It
     preferable that you send as a “.txt”             was quite an experience. I'm just glad               Moore said there are a couple of ways
     file, however, MS Word is acceptable.             that he was a ham radio operator and                 that hams interested in applying
                                                      that I was able to talk to him. It made              for WAC or 5BWAC can do so. "They
     For pictures please use “jpg” format             the difference for him. What I did was               can download the form from the WAC
     with maximum size 400 x 240. Where               not anything special. I'd like to think              Web site
     possible use at least 240 dpi.                   that any ham in Montana would've                     <>
                                                      done the same thing."                                and send it via regular mail
     For clip art if possible use “gif”.                                                                   (along with QSL cards and payment)
     Maximum size 480 x 340 pix. This will                                                                 to ARRL, or DXCC recipients can
     give a picture size of approximately 8           ARU AWARD CERTIFICATES                               send an e-mail <>, refer-
     Kb.                                              GET NEW LOOK                                         ring to their DXCC award. We can
                                                                                                           look into your account to verify the
     Contact me at:                                   On September 19, the ARRL Awards                     contacts; just include your payment                              Branch unveiled a new design for two                 information in your message," he said.
                                                      IARU award certificates: the Worked
     Home Tel: 514-767-2804                           All Continents Award (WAC) and the                   WAC is currently not supported in
                                                      5 Band Worked All Continents Award                   ARRL's Logbook of The World
                                                      (5BWAC)                                              (LoTW), but Moore said that an up-
I called them and they gave me the                    <>.                   grade to do so is currently in the plan-
number for Snohomish. When I got a                    WAC is awarded to amateurs who                       ning stages. Any comments or ques-
hold of Snohomish County Search and                   have confirmed contacts on any band                  tions regarding the WAC or 5BWAC
Rescue, they asked me to obtain                       with Africa, Asia, Europe, South                     program should be referred to the
additional info from Russ, such as the                America, North America and Oceania,                  WAC Desk <>.
color of his tent and if he wa in a clear             while 5BWAC recognizes hams who
or wooded area, and remain in contact                 have made confirmed contacts with                    The meeting was attended by President
with him as long as possible," Wil-                   those continents on 10, 15, 20, 40 and               Reinaldo Leandro, YV5AMH; Vice
liams said.                                           80 meters.                                           President Dario Jurado, HP1DJ; Secre-
                                                                                                           tary Ramon Santoyo V., XE1KK;
"Russ and I were able to maintain con-                The WAC/5BWAC rules state that all                   Treasurer and Area E Director Noel E.
tact until about 8 PM on Sunday,                      contacts must be made from the same                  Donawa, 9Y4NED; Area A Director
during which time I was able to pass                  country or separate territory within the             Daniel A. Lamoureux, VE2KA; Area
additional traffic between Russ and                   same continental area of the world.                  B Director Rod Stafford, W6ROD;
Search and Rescue, but then his signal                Contacts made on 10/18/24 MHz or                     Area C Director Pedro Rodriguez,
got so weak where I couldn't copy                     via satellites are void for the 5-band               CO2RP; Area D Director Marco Tulio
it anymore. Before he faded, we had                   certificate and 6-band endorsement.                  Gudiel, TG9AGD, and Area G Direc-
agreed to try and make contact in                     All contacts for the QRP endorsement                 tor Reinaldo Szama, LU2AH. IARU
the morning. I tried, starting around                 must be made on or after January 1,                  President Larry Price, W4RA was also
6:30, but he never heard me. I                        1985 while running a maximum power                   present, representing the IARU Inter-
finally heard him calling me around 9                 of 5 W output or 10 W input. US ama-                 national Secretariat.
on 7.051 MHz. We kept in contact                      teurs must be ARRL members to re-
until he was evacuated from the site by               ceive these awards; foreign amateurs                 CANADIAN AND AMERICAN
Search and Rescue at about 10:35                      must be members of their IARU                        HAMS PROVIDE "TEXTBOOK
AM," Williams told the ARRL.                          Member-Society and should apply                      EXAMPLE" OF AMATEUR
                                                      through their Member-Society.                        RADIO'S EMCOMM ROLE
On Sunday, rescue crews reached
Ruby, who had set up camp on Buck                     According to ARRL DXCC Manager                       On Sunday, September 27, the VoIP
Creek Pass, at about 6000 feet just                   Bill Moore, NC1L, the WAC award --                   Hurricane Net
west of the Chelan County line. He                    originally announced in the April 1926               <>
was taken to safety Monday on horse-                  issue of QST -- continues to be a                    formally activated at 5 PM EDT to
back. Williams said that bad weather                  popular award around the world with                  provide surface reports as Hurricane
Sunday prevented a helicopter rescue:                 more than 6000 participants since                    Kyle affected portions of extreme
"It was snowing all night; Russ                                                                            Northeastern Maine, New Brunswick

                                                                                                                               marcOgram - October 2008
                 M     O    N   T   R   E   A   L       A    M   A   T   E   U   R       R     A   D     I   0      C   L   U   B

and Nova Scotia, Canada. The activa-                Hurricane Kyle," he said. "The work                rest of the world, the US's ARDF "big
tion was in coordination with                       these hams performed was a textbook                guns" continue to
WX4NHC                                              example of the role Amateur Radio                  improve.
<>, the Ama-                  plays in events like this. Many
teur Radio Station at the National                  lessons were re-learned tonight, les-              Earlier this month, the Korean Ama-
Hurricane Center (NHC), to support                  sons that need to be re-taught in                  teur Radio League
their operations for Hurricane Kyle.                areas impacted by tropical events."                <> hosted the
                                                                                                       ARDF World Championships
"The Canadian Maritimes rarely get                  On Saturday, prior to Kyle's arrival in            <>, and for
hurricanes, but we received some of                 the Canadian Maritimes, Dura                       the sixth time, Team USA made the
our highest quality reports that in-                began providing information to the                 trip. Members of the American team
cluded measured wind data every 15-                 Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC)                     ranged in age from 23 to 66,
20 minutes, as well as damage reports               <> through their                  representing seven states. Team mem-
from radio amateurs in the area. They               ARES e-mail reflector. Sunday's                    bers earned their positions at the
did a fantastic job," said Director of              information sharing was escalated with             2007 USA Championships near South
Operations for the VoIP Hurricane                   direct contact with RAC Vice                       Lake Tahoe, California as well as the
Net Rob Macedo, KD1CY. "We                          President for Field Services Bob                   2008 USA Championships near
reached out to many of the IRLP and                 Cooke, VE3BDB. "This event pro-                    Bastrop, Texas.
EchoLink stations in this area and the              vides an opportunity for cross border
response rate from those amateurs                   support, as it's certainly not every day           "Overall, this was Team USA's best
connecting to our Net was extremely                 that a tropical event is aimed at a Ca-            performance ever," Moell said. "We
high."                                              nadian Province without first hitting              had four Top 10 finishes in the two
                                                    the States," Dura said. Cooke echoed               days of fox-finding competition,
Assistant WX4NHC Coordinator Julio                  this in his message to the RAC Section             first with 2 meter AM signals, and then
Ripoll, WD4R, agreed: "The Canadian                 Emergency Coordinators, District                   with 80 meter CW signals. ARRL's
amateurs provided critical surface re-              Emergency Coordinators and local                   team faced more than 300 of the
ports to the National Hurricane                     Emergency Coordinators, urging                     planet's best foxtailers that
Center that we wouldn't have received               "every Radio Amateur to participate                represented 24 other national Amateur
otherwise. I was very impressed                     to the best of his or her ability."                Radio societies. "
with the level and detail of the reports
we received." The National                          ANOTHER WORLD CHAMPION-                            "This was an excellent World Champi-
Hurricane Center in Miami works                     SHIP MEDAL FOR ARDF TEAM                           onships," Neal said. "The courses
closely together with the Canadian                  USA                                                were very hard, almost brutal!" Radio-
Hurricane Centre                                                                                       orienteers are used to running
<              Ten years ago, only a few hams in                  among trees in forested land, using an
cane/index_e.html> when tropical                    North America knew that on-foot hid-               orienteering map as a guide, but
events impact this area of the world.               den transmitter hunting is an interna-             this year's 2 meter event on September
                                                    tional sport with many names such as               4 was quite different. According
The storm downed trees and wires,                   foxtailing, foxhunting, radio-                     to Jay Hennigan, WB6RDV, of Goleta,
prompting power outages over por-                   orienteering and Amateur Radio Direc-              California, the terrain of the 2400
tions of Nova Scotia and New Bruns-                 tion Finding (ARDF)                                acre site was unlike any he had ever
wick, Canada. A measured wind gust                  <                experienced.
to near 95 MPH was reported in                      >. Few were aware that Eastern Euro-
Lockeport, Nova Scotia by a ham ra-                 pean countries had begun playing with              "The course was long and narrow,
dio operator with a weather station                 ARDF decades ago; the first World                  about three times as long as it was
within a couple hundred feet of the                 Championships were in 1980. In 1988,               wide," Hennigan explained. "The start
coast of the Atlantic Ocean.                        stateside ARDF active hams in Port-                was in the north and the finish
                                                    land, Oregon and Southern California               was in the south. On the map, it was
ARRL Emergency Preparedness and                     were learning the ARDF ropes by                    about three-fifths woods, but that
Response Manager Dennis Dura,                       holding on-foot foxhunting events us-              was all marked dark green, which
K2DCD, acted as Net Control for most                ing international rules.                           meant you couldn't get through it
of the Net's activation; Dura also                                                                     unless you could find a pathway. For-
serves as Assistant Director of the                 In the past 10 years, more hams in                 tunately, there were a few trails in
VoIP Hurricane Net Operations. "I,                  more places have discovered that this              there to make it doable. The rest was
too, was extremely impressed with the               form of radiosport is great exercise for           marked yellow, which turned out to
level of support from the Canadian                  the body and the brain. According to               be cultivated fields and drained rice
amateurs in providing situational                   ARRL ARDF Coordinator Joe Moell,                   paddies. There were roads on
awareness and disaster intelligence for             K0OV, as the USA catches up with the

marcOgram - October 2008
               M    O   N   T   R    E      A   L        A   M    A   T   E   U    R         R   A   D     I   0       C   L     U    B

either side, so it became a matter of                                                                    systems, filters, EMI, digital signal
running down the road until you                                                                          processing and software radio
thought you were perpendicular to a                                                                      design, and RF power amplifiers.
transmitter, slogging to it through                                                                      * Real-World Applications and Operat-
the mud, punching in and then running                                                                    ing -- including practical projects,
to one of the side roads,                                                                                station setup, antennas, transmission
depending on where the next fox ap-                                                                      lines, and methods for testing and
peared to be. It wasn't just rice,                                                                       troubleshooting.
there were other crops including some                                                                    * References -- filled with hundreds of
kind of cabbage. We couldn't avoid                                                                       detailed tables, illustrations
trampling the plants, but the farmers                                                                    and photos.
weren't yelling or coming after                                                                          * And much more!
                                                                                                         The "Handbook" is filled with valu-
The 80 meter event on September 6                                                                        able references, practical examples
was mostly in more familiar forested                                                                     and projects. The CD-ROM at the
terrain. It was a bigger site and a 10                                                                   back of the book includes all of the
percent longer course.                                                                                   fully searchable text and illustrations
Competitors said that they felt like                STEPHEN PICKFORD --TRAVEL EX-                        in the printed book, as well as
mountain goats because it seemed as                 PERT                                                 companion software, PC board tem-
if each fox was on top of a different                Host of The Travel Hour with Stephen                plates and other support files.
hill.                                                Pickford and Friends (formerly CIQC's
                                                           Travel World Radio Show)                      Revisions to the 2009 "Handbook"
Excellent radio-orienteers abound in                                  include updated material on amateur
Europe and Asia. Fourteen of the 25                                                                      satellites, including details for today's
nations at this year's World Champion-                                                                   fleet of operational satellites, as well
ships took home one or more medals,                                                                      as updated versions of accessory soft-
but only five countries brought home                 For more information on ARDF, in-                   ware on the CD-ROM included with
gold. Three of them -- Russia,                       cluding international rules, suggestions            the book.
Ukraine and the Czech Republic --                    for equipment and ideas for local
dominated the medal count, capturing                 events, go to Moell's Web site                      New projects in the 86th edition in-
71 percent of all medals and 92 per-                 <                 clude:
cent of the golds. In these                          >. "I welcome your local event                      * RockMite QRP CW transceiver --
countries, ARDF is an important Ama-                 stories and photos for future ARDF                  now expanded to cover 80, 40, 30 or
teur Radio activity in nearly every                  Updates," he said.                                  20 meters.
city and town. With so many hams                                                                         * Audio Interface for Field Day or
doing radio-orienteering, these                      2009 ARRL HANDBOOK                                  Contesting -- audio and mic
countries can fill complete team ros-                (EIGHTY-SIXTH EDITION) NOW                          connections for two operators sharing
ters with the maximum allowable                      AVAILABLE                                           a radio.
three persons in each age category for                                                                   * Remote Power Controller -- turn
males and females.                                   "The 2009 ARRL Handbook for Radio                   high current devices off and on.
                                                     Communications" uniquely serves                     * Audible Antenna Bridge -- tune for
Having a large team does not provide a               both amateur experimenters and indus-               the lowest SWR by ear.
cooperative advantage. Each                          try practitioners, emphasizing
competitor must work independently                   connections between basic theory and                The softcover edition of the "Hand-
on championship courses. Any                         application. "The ARRL Handbook" is                 book" sells for $44.95; the hardcover
collusion or collaboration among team                simply the standard in applied elec-                sells for US $59.95
members is strictly forbidden;                       tronics and communications. This 86th               <
team scores are based only on the sum                edition is both a useful introduction to            -hb2009>.
of individual performances.                          radio communication and Features the                Both editions are available now.
                                                     most current material on electronics
Long-time map-and-compass orienteer                  and Amateur Radio.
Bob Cooley, KF6VSE, of Pleasanton,                                                                       Material from The ARRL Letter is
California, explained, that "It is impor-            Topics in the 2009 edition include:                 reproduced in part it with permis-
tant to make a lot of mistakes                       * Principles of Electronics -- including            sion. from The ARRL Letter/
while practicing and to learn from                   basic theory, components, analog and                American Radio Relay League
them so that you don't make them in                  digital circuit construction.
the future. I got the opportunity to get             * Radio Communications Fundamen-
fooled in a variety of ways."                        tals and Design -- including modes and

                                                                                                                             marcOgram - October 2008
                 M     O    N   T   R   E   A   L        A   M    A   T   E   U    R       R     A   D   I   0      C     L   U   B

Global Simulated Emer-                                   3760                                            1=None, 2=Battery, 3=Generator (of
                                                         7060                                            any kind), 4= Battery and Generator.
gency Test – November                                    14300                                           - Emergency Communications
2008                                                     18160                                           Group or National Society
                                                         21360                                           - As messages are relayed, add via...
Saturday November 8th 2008                          Region 2                                             via... to show the callsigns of
04.00 - 08.00 UTC                                        3750 or 3985                                    stations which have relayed this
                                                         7060, 7240 or 7290                              message.
                                                    Region 3
IARU Region 1 invites the HQ-
                                                         3760 7060                                       A one-character prefix will be used
Stations of all IARU member societies
                                                                                                         before each part of the message in
and stations of Emergency Communi-
cations Groups to participate in a                  • Stations intending to participate are              order to make it easier to decode
                                                      requested to send their callsigns
Global Simulated Emergency Test on
                                                      to                       Where:
Saturday November 8th, 2008 04.00 –
                                                      <                  - M(ike) = Message number
08.00 UTC. The operation will take
                                                      c/compose?to=globalset08@raynet-                   - B(ravo) = Band available
place on and near the emergency
                                            > before the exercise so that                - O(scar) = Operators
Centre-of-Activity (CoA) frequencies
                                                      HQ stations can be aware of the                    - P(apa) = Power available
on 80, 40, 20, 17 and 15 metres (+-
                                                      number of stations calling them. A                 When a station other than an HQ
QRM ).
                                                      list of participating stations will also           station receives a message, it should
The objectives of the test are;
                                                      be available at                  relay the message towards the desti-
1/ increase the common interest in
                                                                                                         nation in whatever way it can.
emergency communications.
                                                      To practice relaying messages, each
2/ test how usable the CoA frequencies
                                                      participating station is allowed to                For example :- a message originated
are across ITU regions.
                                                      send six (6) messages: three during                by SU1KM in Egypt for the Region
3/ create practices for international
                                                      the first two hours and three more                 1 HQ station might be passed ini-
emergency communication and
                                                      during the last two hours of the test.             tially to a station in Malta on 40m,
4/ practice the relaying of messages
                                                                                                         from there to a French station on
using all modes.
                                                      After sending their own messages,                  80m, and finally to the destination
                                                      participating stations should start to             HQ station on 80m.
Please remember that this is not a con-
                                                      relay messages of other stations,
test, it is an emergency communica-
                                                      when a message has been relayed                    For example :-
tions exercise !
                                                      it should then be sent to the HQ sta-              1. ZS6BUU sending message num-
Following the recommendation of the
                                                      tion of their own region. It is very               ber 1 at 0430UTC, 80,40,20,10m
GAREC conferences, participating
                                                      useful if messages 'jump'' between                 bands
stations are requested to use /D in their
                                                      countries and/or Regions.                          available, 3 operators, no emergency
callsign (D=distress/disaster)
                                                                                                         power, member of HAMNET.
where permitted by their licensing ad-
                                                      Participating stations should call 'CQ
ministration. (NOT IN CANADA)
                                                      GLOBALSET' giving their callsign                     "0430 ZS6BUU M1 B80 B40
                                                      and organisation ( ARES, RAYNET,                   B20 B10 O03 P1 HAMNET"
Traffic may be passed on voice (SSB),
                                                      NETMAR etc. ).
Data or CW modes as detailed below.
                                                                                                         2. MM3UJL/P sending message
                                                      Each participating station will send               number 4 at 0700UTC, 160, 80, 40,
Voice mode
                                                      up to six messages to theirRegional                20,1 0m bands available, 2 opera-
                                                      HQ station as follows;                             tors, both battery and generator
Each IARU Region will have a HQ
                                                                                                         available, member of RAYNET
station operating on voice as follows:
                                                      - Time of sending the message in
Region 1 – TBA
                                                      UTC                                                  "0700 MM3UJL/P M4 B160 B80
Region 2 – TBA
                                                      - The callsign of the sending station              B40 B20 B10 O02 P4 RAYNET"
Region 3 – TBA
                                                      - Message number - 1,2 or 3 in the
                                                      first half of the exercise, 4,5 or 6               Regional HQ stations will not send-
HQ stations will be QRV simultane-
                                                      in the second half.                                messages, only receive them. To
ously on all CoA frequencies
                                                      - Bands available for use – use the                avoid QRMing the HQ stations,
appropriate to their region +- QRM as
                                                      meter band designation NOT fre-                    please move to frequencies near the
shown below.
                                                      quency.                                            CoA in steps of 5KHz for contacts
                                                      - Number of operators at the station               with others.
Region 1
                                                      - Emergency power available:

marcOgram - October 2008
                  M    O   N   T   R    E    A   L        A   M    A   T   E   U   R       R      A   D     I   0       C   L     U    B

     To create a more realistic situation,             ments, pictures and suggestions for                bly to study the operation of this
     please limit your transmitting                    future                                             'shortwave' system at high latitudes,
     power during the exercise to 100                  exercises to;                                      and apparently in order to roll out this
     Watts. Special value is given to                                  domestic broadcast service, DART
     stations operating mobile/portable                <                  specifies exceptionally high power
     and/or on emergency power.                        c/compose?to=globalset08@raynet-                   operation in various segments of the
                                             > as soon as possible after the              HF spectrum. ARRL's interest in this
     Data modes                                        SET. A brief report of the event is                matter is limited to the fact that the
                                                       required for the IARU Region 1                     experimental license includes the band
     Data stations must send the same                  conference in Cavtat on 16th No-                   7.1 -7.3 MHz, allocated domestically
     format as used for voice messages.                vember but the full report is hoped                exclusively to the Amateur
     There will not be any HQ stations                 to be                                              Radio Service."
     for data modes, data stations should              available in December 2008.
     use the frequencies defined for their                                                                "It is astonishing that the FCC would
     preferred mode in national                        To be fair to all regions we use three             grant this experimental license for op-
     bandplans. This makes the use of                  different time slots for the                       eration at such a high power level in a
     'CQ GLOBALSET' and registering                    exercise, the next exercise will be on             band that is allocated exclusively to a
     your intended participation particu-              May 2nd 2009 at 11.00 -15.00 UTC                   service with which such operation is
     larly important.                                  with the event in November 2009                    clearly incompatible," said ARRL
                                                       being at 18.00 – 22.00 UTC.                        Chief Executive Officer David
     'Structured' modes such as Winlink,                                                                  Sumner, K1ZZ. "The only possible
     ALE, PSKmail should send their                    Thanks for your support of emer-                   explanation is that it was an error; the
     messages directly to                              gency communications.                              only reasonable step for the FCC to                                                                         take is to correct its error immediately,
     <                 Greg Mossop, G0DUB                                 either by cancelling the license or by
     c/compose?to=globalset-data@rayne                 GlobalSET Organiser                                amending the frequency ranges to de-> , other data modes                                                                         lete 7.1 -7.3 MHz."
     should attempt to relay the messages            VE7RAC will be on the air as the
     through two other stations before               RAC HQ station, operated by RAC                      It is the ARRL's view that "Simply
     sending them to                                 NTSC Hew Lines, VA7HU                                stated, there is a 100% certainty                                                                         of severe, continuous, harmful inter-
     <               The above notice was sent to us by:                  ference from operation of the
     c/compose?to=globalset-data@rayne               James Keep, VE2KHC RAC Certified                     DART facilities as authorized by the> for analysis.                         Emergency Coordinator (EC) –                         Commission to ongoing Amateur
     CW Mode                                         Vaudreuil-Soulanges ARES FN25xq                      Radio operation at 7.1 to 7.3 MHz.
                                                     514-945-2120                                         This authorization must be modified
     CW is included in this SET to in-                                                                    immediately (if not cancelled com-
     crease the possiblility of stations                                                                  pletely), so as to delete the band
     making contacts in difficult condi-             Using the 40 Meter Band                              7.1-7.3 MHz" from DART's experi-
     tions and should be used when SSB                                                                    mental license application.
     or data contacts are proving impos-             On Monday, October 20, the ARRL
     sible. There will not be any HQ sta-            filed a Petition for Modification or                 The ARRL ascertains that DART has
     tions for CW, CW stations should                Cancellation of Experimental Authori-                been permitted operation in the
     operate near the CoA frequencies                zation (Petition) with the FCC with                  7.1-7.6 MHz band using a 20 kHz
     when SSB traffic cannot be heard.               respect to WE2XRH. According to the                  bandwidth digital emission at a
                                                     FCC, this experimental license, issued               transmitter output power of 100 kW
     CW stations must send the same                  to Digital Aurora Radio Technologies                 and an ERP of 660 kW within a
     format as used for voice messages               (DART), proposes to "test digital                    radius of 1500 kilometers of Delta
     and not exceed 15wpm. If necessary              transmissions in 4.50-5.10 MHz,                      Junction, Alaska. In the
     CW messages can be relayed                      7.10-7.60 MHz and 9.25-9.95 MHz for                  Petition, ARRL General Counsel Chris
     through two other stations before               a terrestrial digital radio service to the           Imlay, W3KD, points out that
     sending them to                                 citizens of Alaska."                                 while DART says it will coordinate                                                                           with the High Frequency
     <               The League's Petition states that                    Coordination Conference (HFCC),
     c/compose?to=globalset-cw@raynet                DART's hopes that this experimenta-                  "[i]t does not propose any> for analysis.                          tion "will lead to a terrestrial, high-              coordination with any individual or
                                                     frequency (HF) digital aural (domestic               entity in the Amateur Service.
     Conclusion                                      broadcast) service in Alaska. Ostensi-               There is no showing whatsoever how
     Please send your logs with com-                                                                      DART proposes to avoid interference

                                                                                                                              marcOgram - October 2008
                 M     O    N   T   R   E      A   L        A   M    A   T   E   U    R       R     A   D     I   0        C   L   U   B

to Amateur Radio operation at 7.1-7.3                  why such large segments of spectrum                  Computer security firms are warning
MHz. In fact, there is no indication                   were specified by DART, given                        about an attack that hijacks the clip-
that DART is even aware of the alloca-                 its stated course of experimentation,                board where copied text is stored.
tion."                                                 and given its narrow occupied
                                                       bandwidth" and notes that DART                       The attack puts a hard-to-delete
Calling the 40 meter band "perhaps the                 "should have been required to conduct                weblink into the clipboard that, if fol-
most heavily-utilized Amateur                          its frequency coordination efforts in                lowed, leads people to a website sell-
HF band in the United States," the                     advance of the filing of its                         ing fake security software. The code
ARRL states that it can see "no                        application."                                        that inserts the link has been found in
compatible use that DART can make                                                                           flash-based adverts seen on many le-
of this band in any state or territory of              The ARRL contends that DART's pro-                   gitimate websites.
the United States, at any time of the                  posed facility cannot meet the
day or night" and will cause "preclu-                  FCC's requirements, as outlined in the               The attack on the clipboard has hit
sive interference" to amateurs using                   Commission's Rules, Section                          both Windows and Mac users of the
that portion of the band. "The entire                  5.111(a)(2), "and there is no showing                Firefox web browser.
7.0 - 7.3 MHz band is used heavily                     that the transmitter power is
within Alaska, especially by radio                     the lowest practical value consistent                The attack came to light as victims log
amateurs located in its remotest areas,                with the program of experimentation.                 reports in discussion forums of a
at all times. It is particularly critical in           Nor has it even taken Amateur Radio                  weblink that appears in the clipboard
times of emergency due to its daytime                  operation into account." This portion                in place of text they thought they had
and nighttime propagation characteris-                 of the Rules state that when transmit-               placed there.
tics. The band is also used at all times               ting, the experimental licensee "must
of the day and night for worldwide                     use every precaution to ensure that                  It seems to work by exploiting Adobe
communications by radio amateurs."                     the radio frequency energy emitted                   Flash files used to make display ad-
                                                       will not cause harmful interference to               verts in such a way as to endlessly
The League's Petition points out that                  the services carried on by stations op-              flush the clipboard of other text and
the FCC's Rules at Section 5.83(b)                     erating in accordance with the Table of              constantly re-insert the malicious link
state that experimental license grants                 Frequency Allocations of part 2 of this              in its place.
are subject to change or cancellation                  chapter and, further, that the power
by the Commission at any time with-                    radiated is reduced to the lowest prac-              Getting rid of the link has proved
out hearing if in the Commission's dis-                tical value consistent with the program              problematic. Some report resorting to
cretion the need for such action arises:               of experimentation for which the sta-                re-booting their machine to free them-
"ARRL submits that this application                    tion authorization is granted. If                    selves of it but others stopped it by
should never have been granted as                      harmful interference to an established               killing the Firefox process thread.
applied for in the first place, and there              radio service develops, the licensee
is an urgent need to prohibit operation                shall cease transmissions and such                   Story from BBC NEWS:
of the DART high power transmitters                    transmissions shall not be resumed
in the entirety of the 7.1-7.3 MHz                     until it is certain that harmful interfer-           September 08 Meeting
band. It is likely that DART has been                  ence will not be
under a misapprehension that the band                  caused."
is among the international broadcast
allocations, because, in ITU Regions 1                 Calling for DART's WE2XRH ex-
and 3, the band is allocated to that                   perimental license to "be cancelled
Service. However, in Region 2, in                      entirely, or at least modified so as to
Alaska, it is not." After March 29,                    delete the reference to any
2009, 7.1-7.2 MHz will not be avail-                   Amateur HF allocation," the ARRL
able for broadcasting anywhere.                        reminded the FCC that DART failed
                                                       to make any showing as to how it
The League goes on to say that Section                 would avoid interference to Amateur
5.85 of the Commission's Rules gov-                    radio operation at 7.1-7.3 MHz:
erns the selection and use of frequen-                 "ARRL submits that such a showing
cies by holders of experimental                        could not be made in any case."
authorizations and adamantly states                    NNNN
that "there is no justification submitted
by DART for the use of the frequency                   Clipboards hijacked in                               Vernon, VE2MBS
bands requested, particularly with re-                                                                                Counting the pennies!!!
spect to 7.1-7.3 MHz. It is unclear                    web attack

marcOgram - October 2008
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