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					To persuade means to get
 others to believe or act in a
 certain way
To win over
To convince
 Companies use advertisements to
  persuade consumers to purchase their
 Peers sometimes use persuasion to get
  others to join them in an activity.
 People use persuasion to share their
  ideas when they feel strongly about
  something and they want others to
   this technique, people
 In
 persuade others to join them
 by convincing others that
 everyone else is doing it too.
   A friend convinces another friend to go
    to a party by saying, “Everyone is going
    to be there! You’ll be laughed at if you
    don’t go too!”
 Bewhere the action is. Shop
 at Hang-out Mall.
 In this persuasive technique,
  numbers, tables, and graphs are
  used to show statistics of both
   An advertisement might read, “This
    product kills 99% of your germs.”

 Surveys may be conducted and
the results graphed to show people’s
 In this technique, famous people
  promote an item and draw attention.
 For example:
Jessica Simpson on Pizza Hut commercials.
             Michael Jordan and Nike
              tennis shoes.
 Celebrity  endorsements - when a
  product is sold by using words from
  famous people or an authority figure
 If the celebrity/athlete/star uses the
  product, then it must be good, so I will
  purchase it too.
 Examples: Proactiv, Nike, Gap, Got
  Milk ads, T-Mobile
“After I skate, I just take the
  bottles out, wash my
  face, and I’m good-to-
  go. I use Proactiv® every
  day and my face looks
Ryan Sheckler
World Skateboarding
 Words or pictures that appeal to your
 They appeal to positive emotions like
  your desire for success.
 They can also appeal to negative
  emotions like fear.
 Example: Save the Children. Feed the
 video
  Ad with
Emotional appeal
– make you look

 They use experts such as doctors,
  dentists, engineers, or fitness trainers to
  say that they recommend this product.
 Example: 4 out of 5 doctors prescribe
  Bayer aspirin
Two items are compared to
 convince consumers that
 one is better than the other.
   Here is a
    recent ad
 Advertisers try to convince you to make the
  right decision, smart decision or best choice
  in purchasing their product
 Examples:
     (It makes sense to buy this!)
         • Smart moms choose JIF
         • Save time and money with this
         • Shop smart, buy here
appeal –
 Words  or phrases in an
  advertisement are repeated
  several times for effect.
 Repetition gets your attention and
  stresses a slogan or product.
 Repeating something helps you
  remember the product or ad.
  What is repeated
in this ad?
“Head on, apply directly to the
 forehead. Head-on, apply directly to the
Head-on, apply directly to the forehead.
Head-on, apply directly to the forehead.”
A celebrity endorses a
 product without saying
 anything. (Unlike testimonial
 where a celebrity speaks
 about the product)
                Steven Speilberg

Penelope Cruz

                                   Mary J. Blige

                Chris Rock
 Makes an oversimplified statement
  about a group.
 Based on limited information.
 “A generalized picture of a person, created
  without taking the whole person into
 “Context: When we stereotype a group of
  people, we depict all of the individuals
  within that group as having the same
  characteristics.” (Discoveryeducation.com)
   An attack on a person rather than an
 Sometimes called a smokescreen.
 An attempt to distract the reader with
  details not relevant to the topic.
           "I think there is great merit in making the
           requirements stricter for the graduate
           students. I recommend that you support
           it, too. After all, we are in a budget crisis
           and we do not want our salaries
            from Nizcor Project
 States the conclusion as part of the proof
  for the argument.
 Example: The school supports the dance.
  There will be cookies at the dance. The
  school supports cookies.
 Play this ad detective game!
 Look at the following pictures and find
  the advertisement.
 “Come  to Florida, Everyone
 loves our clear, sandy
 beaches. Don’t miss out.”

 Bandwagon
4out of 5 dentists recommend
 Sparkle toothpaste.

 Expert   opinion
 Amazing  much nutritious stuff they
 get with Kraft Macaroni &
 Cheese, isn’t it? A good source
 of protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Emotional    Appeal
Actress Kirstie Alley has lost
 50 pounds on the Jenny
 Craig diet plan.


This technique tries to persuade everyone to join in and do the
                          same thing.

An important person or famous figure endorses a product.
                                Emotional Words

Words such as luxury, beautiful, paradise, and economical are
       used to evoke positive feelings in the viewer.

Negative words are used to create an unfavorable opinion of
           the competition in the viewer's mind.
Emotional Appeal
   Taco Bell made a
    partnership" deal
    with X-Box video
    games. That
    means that you
    see Taco Bell ads
    in X-Box games,
    and X-Box
    promotions in
    Taco Bell stores
   SAFECO, an insurance
    and investment
    company, is paying
    $40 million over 20
    years to get the Seattle
    Mariners' baseball
    stadium named
    SAFECO Field. Buying
    the name of a sports
    arena is one way for
    companies to make
    their name known.

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