The Bunn Coffee Maker in Variety and Style

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                             The Bunn Coffee Maker Leads The Way In Variety And Style
                                                                By M. Jedediah

   It was 50 years ago that the Bunn-O-Matic Corporation began its history of manufacturing its Bunn
coffee maker for restaurants and homes around the world. The company, founded in 1957,
manufactures is headquartered in Springfield, Illinois. With the incredible rise in popularity of coffee
and coffee products, the Bunn coffee maker has become an essential home appliance.

Bunn not only manufacturers a variety of Bunn coffee makers, but it was the first company to introduce
the paper coffee filter, a staple in coffee making today.

The Bunn coffee maker comes in a variety of styles to suit the needs of all java lovers. Some will need
to serve hundreds of cups of coffee each day while other are just searching for that perfect cup of
coffee to get them going in the morning.

One type of Bunn coffee maker is the single pot warmer. It is perfect for the college student who relies
on coffee to get through studying for a tough exam. A Bunn coffee maker is a great gift for a student
who is going way for college.

A family may want a Bunn coffee maker that features an 8-cup carafe to make sure everyone can have
their morning coffee. The modern Bunn coffee maker can be set to begin brewing coffee before you
get out of bed.

One of the latest Bunn coffee makers features a stainless steel carafe that can brew 10 cups of coffee
in less than 10 minutes. The stainless steel carafe of the Bunn coffee maker keeps the coffee fresh,
eliminating the need for a warmer. This Bunn coffee maker ensures that you will never have a cold cup
of coffee.

A Bunn coffee maker can also yield cappuccinos and espressos, two coffee drinks that are popular.
While many people will visit coffee shops for these specialty drinks, many will want to make their own
in the comfort of their home.

Many restaurant owners rely on a Bunn coffee maker for that perfect cup of coffee for its customers. A
commercial Bunn coffee may have two warmers so that coffee can be continually brewed throughout
the day. And many of the trendy coffee franchises use a Bunn coffee maker in their stores.

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Why should you choose a Bunn coffee maker? According to information on the company's web site,, the company has patented a brewing reservoir on its Bunn coffee maker that keeps
water temperature at about 200 degrees. This is said to be the ideal brewing temperature for coffee.

The Bunn coffee maker also has three-minute brewing cycle that keeps coffee from tasting bitter. A
spray head design on the Bunn coffee maker creates the exact amount of turbulence to spread flavor

Online auction websites and retail outlets sell a Bunn coffee maker in a variety of styles. The prices of
the Bunn coffee maker will fit any budget as they range from $20 to several hundred dollars. Your
individual needs from how much coffee you drink in a day to the kind of coffee you prefer will determine
your type of Bunn coffee maker.

Still looking for the perfect coffee?  Try visiting, a website that
specializes in providing coffee advice, tips and resources including information on the Bunn coffee

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                                               A Bunn Coffee Maker - Its The Best!
                                                            By Candice Sabrina

 When it comes to brewing coffee for small or large crowds, the Bunn coffee maker is rated one of the
best. Consumers will find a Bunn coffee maker not only in homes, but also in convenience stores,
offices, hotels, and restaurants and even cruise ships. Bunn is a leading manufacturer of coffee
makers in the world, with services to over ninety countries around the globe.

Bunn coffee makers are designed for home, commercial and industrial use. Their exceptional quality
and sturdy design makes them a favorite with both small and large businesses. Bunn began in the
coffee business in the late 1950's, founding the Bunn-O-Matic Corporation. In the early 1960's, Bunn
was the first to introduce the paper coffee filter and the new design of 'automatic drip' coffeemakers.

Every so slowly, the old fashioned percolator type coffee brewer made way for the new automatic drip
coffee maker that's still in wide use today. Bunn in known for their great coffee makers, and their
reputation is well regarded throughout the globe for their premium brewing and beverage equipment
and customer service.

Today, Bunn designers continue to churn out new coffee makers that can create not only great coffee
but also espresso and juice beverages. A Bunn coffee maker maintains a water reservoir that keeps
water at an optimum brewing temperature of around 200 degrees for industrial brewers, though a
home version will only heat water until it reaches the coffee basket for safer use.

A Bunn coffee maker can brew a fantastic cup of coffee in about three minutes, while most coffee
makers take twice as long, or until all the water is used up, making for a more bitter tasting coffee. And
with most coffee makers, but not a Bunn, water drips through the coffee in the basket unevenly, while
with a Bunn coffee maker, a spray head designs gets all of the coffee saturated in order to create an
even tasting brew.

Even if you don't know anything about different coffee makers, a coffee drinker will be able to taste the
difference between coffee brewed in a cheap coffee maker and a Bunn coffee maker.

The home version of a Bunn coffee maker offers a simple black or white design in a moderately sized
coffee maker that will hold about ten cups of coffee. It comes with a sliding lid for easy access to the
coffee and water reservoir, and will brew the full pot of coffee in about three minutes.

A stainless steel water reservoir keeps the internal temperature of the water at an ideal temperature for
a great pot of coffee. A switch will turn the heat off in the reservoir while a warming plate keeps coffee
warm without scalding. For a great cup of coffee every time you brew, try a Bunn coffee maker.
Moderately priced and designed in a variety of styles and models,

Bunn coffee maker manufacturers have dedicated themselves to coffee for decades. For the best cup
of coffee you've tasted in a long time, try a cup from a Bunn coffee maker.

Still looking for the perfect coffee?  Try visiting, a website that
specializes in providing coffee advice, tips and resources including information on the Bunn coffee

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