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Dell today

“Technology has always been
 about enabling human

                -Michael Dell

2                               Global Marketing
    Dell today

    Our Purpose
     Delivering technology solutions that enable
      people everywhere to grow and thrive

        We make technology that works in service of our customers
                    We make the complex simple
                    We make the powerful easy to use
                    We drive out inefficiency
                    We deliver superior long-term value

                                                           We give customers
                                                           the power to do more

3                                                                                 Global Marketing
    Dell today

    Our people believe …
    It’s about our customers. Not us.

     We listen. And we learn.
     We strive to improve.
     We deliver for the long-term.
     We embrace innovation.
     We are about results, not theory.

4                                         Global Marketing
    Dell today

    The Dell difference
    A customer-inspired
    solutions provider
    Our Goal
    Leverage technology to enable
    our customers’ success

    Our Approach
    Collaborative. Standards-based. Customer-focused.

    Our Solutions
    Open. Capable. Affordable.

    Our Team Members
    We listen. We deliver. We are creative, innovative, resourceful.

    Our Values
    Environmentally conscious. Empowering youth. Enabling

5                                                                      Global Marketing
Our leadership

6                Global Marketing
    Our leadership
    Leadership in service
    to our customers
    95%                          100%
    Of Fortune 500               Of G20 governments
    companies choose Dell
                                 choose Dell
    #1                           1 billion
    iSCSI storage provider
                                 More than 1 billion
    in the world
                                 people connect via
    1.6M                         Dell servers every day
    Registered users in online   #2
    Dell communities
                                 PC provider in India,
    2B                           one of the world’s
    Conversations with our       fastest-growing markets
    customers each year
    35%                          Small businesses
    Of data center servers       served by Dell
    shipped in North America
    are from Dell

7                                                          Global Marketing
    Our leadership
    Leadership in the
    communities we serve
    Top 50
    Named on Diversity Inc.’s Top 50 companies
    for diversity

    To offer 100% renewable bamboo product packaging

    Newsweek Greenest Company in America

    Perfect score for 7th consecutive year on Human Rights Campaign Corporate
    Equality Index

8                                                                               Global Marketing
    Dell today
    Leadership in Giving
    Making a meaningful difference
    in underserved communities by using Dell’s technology
    solutions, resources and know-how

     In FY11, Dell gave $35.1M up $7.7M
      over prior year, more than doubling donations in the last three
      years impacting more than 2M children
     Dell team members contributed 175,000+ volunteer hours,
      reaching more than 1,500 individual charities.
     Launched 65 Dell Connected Classroom solutions that are
      impacting 15,000 underserved students in China, India, and

9                                                                       Global Marketing
Industry trends

10                Global Marketing
     Industry trends
                                          $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$                                2x
                                                                                                            IDC estimates that the Digital Universe
                                          $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$                                will double every 18 months
     3 billion                            $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
     people will connect electronically   $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
     via mobile or Internet technology    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$   By 2020, the Digital Universe will
     by 2014                              $$$$$$$$$$$$                         be 35ZB - 44 times as big as it was
                                                                               in 2009


     $73 billion                          $420 billion
     worldwide spending on Cloud          2011 IT spending in emerging
     Services                             markets – an increase of 10.4%
     by 2015                              over 2010
11                                                                                                                       Global Marketing
     Industry trends
     Customer needs are changing.

           Businesses and                                      Consumers
           IT spending in 2011 expected to increase to $1.7T   Consumer behavior driving ubiquitous computing,
           around three key areas (IDC):                       always-
               Mobility                                       on connectivity and anywhere, anytime mobility.
               Cloud computing                                   Generation Y will make up 48% of the global workforce by 2020
               Analytics                                          (Forrester)

           IT taking a more strategic role in businesses and      In 2011, over 1 billion people will access the Internet through
                                                                   (non-PC) mobile devices (IDC)

           Consumerization of IT driving additional

12                                                                                                                      Global Marketing
     Dell Today
     Our growth strategy
     Solutions that drive efficiency
     and flexibility for the virtual era

     Efficient IT solutions
     Solutions that are open, capable and affordable. Standardized, simplified
     and automated to deliver greater efficiency, reliability and performance.

     End-user computing
     Solutions that are flexible, mobile,
     virtualized and secure.

     Long-term value creation
     Balanced liquidity, profitability and growth

13                                                                               Global Marketing
                                                                                                                  Option #1
                                                                                                                  Use for Customer Audiences
     Dell Today
     Our growth strategy
     Solutions that drive efficiency and flexibility for the virtual era
                       Efficient IT Solutions
                                                                                                        End-User Computing

                  Next Gen Computing Solutions & Intelligent Data          Services, Security                End-User Computing
                  Management                                                   & Cloud                    Flexible & optimized value chain
                   Virtualization                                     Multi-vendor support
                                                                                                          Mobility solutions
                   vStart                                             BPO & applications
                                                                                                          Tablets & smartphones
                   AIM Systems Management                             IT infrastructure outsourcing
                                                                                                          Desktop Virtualization
                   Modular Data Centers                               Security & cloud
                   Networking Fluid Data Architecture                 ITaaS, SaaS, PaaS
                   SAN & Scale-out NAS
                   Deduplication

14                                                                                                                                    Global Marketing
                                                                                                                        Option #2
 We are executing a growth strategy                                                                                     Use for IR/PR Audiences

 Built on enterprise solutions that drive efficiency
 and flexibility for the virtual era
                                                  Efficient IT Solutions                                                            Long-Term
                                                Open, Capable, Affordable                                                          Value Creation

                                         Enterprise                                                End-User                         Stakeholders

          Next Generation Computing Solutions                      Services, Security                End-User               Balanced Liquidity, Profitability &
            & Intelligent Data Management                              & Cloud                      Computing                           Growth

Virtualization             Networking fluid data           IT infrastructure outsourcing   Flexible & optimized value      > 5-7% Revenue Growth
v Start                    architecture                    BPO & applications              chain                           7%+ GAAP OpInc
AIM systems management     SAN & scale-out NAS             Multi-Vendor Support            Mobility Solutions              CFOps > Net Income
Modular Data Centers       Deduplication                   ITaaS, SaaS, PaaS               Tablets & smartphones
                                                                                           Desktop Virtualization

     Dell today
     Our FY11 financial strength

      $61.5 billion                33%                         $4 billion
      total revenues               of revenue and              Of Dell IT assets leased by
                                   50%                         customers
      $4 billion                   of gross margin generated
      cash flow                    by data center solutions    $10.3 billion
                                                               software distribution and
      $1.4 billion                 34% CAGR                    peripherals business
                                   in Dell China revenue
      Revenue in India
                                   over 12 years

16                                                                             Global Marketing
What we do best

17                Global Marketing
       What we do best
       Dell leadership in the Virtual Era

       Create                                          Manage
                                                                    Key design
     End-user                                           Services,
     computing                                          Security,
                                                          Cloud        Open


                 Next generation computing solutions
                         and intelligent data
                            management                               Affordable

18                                                                         Global Marketing
     What we do best
     Next generation computing solutions
     and intelligent data management

      More than 35% of all x86 servers shipped in North
       America are
       from Dell
      15 million servers shipped globally
       in the past decade
      Dell EqualLogic iSCSI storage #1
       in share with 66% yearly growth
      Rated #1 in IT service and support customer satisfaction
      More than 1 billion people connect via Dell servers every

19                                                                 Global Marketing
     What we do best
     Services, security and cloud
      Broad range of IT services offerings
      Applications, business process outsourcing, consulting, infrastructure services,
       security and support
      Deep, end-to-end cloud computing expertise
      43,000 services professionals serving 90 countries & territories
      60 tech support centers, 7 global command centers
      #1 provider of healthcare IT services worldwide; #2 provider of IT support for education
      #1 in 32 of last 38 quarters in corporate IT services support and customer satisfaction
       in North America

20                                                                                                Global Marketing
     What we do best
     End-User Computing
      Customer-inspired designs specific to the needs of small businesses, large enterprises, home users, students, military personnel,
       healthcare professionals
       and academia.
      Distinctive expertise serving “pro-sumers” or customers who purchase in a consumer/retail environment and use devices in a
       corporate or business setting.
      100+ unique designs of laptops, netbooks, desktops, tablets, workstations, smartphones.
      400+ awards for Dell device solutions in 2009.
      More than 100 million mobility devices shipped since 2000.

21   Dell Confidential                                                                                                 Global Marketing
Our customers

22              Global Marketing
     Our customers
     Who we serve
     We want to help every person at every
     age and in every profession achieve their potential – from the 4-year
     old starting school to a data center systems administrator to the CIO
     of a global corporation.

       95% of global Fortune 500
       10 million small businesses
       400,000 classrooms
       Every G20 government
       200,000 physicians
       75,000 channel partners
       60,000 retail locations

23                                                                           Global Marketing
     Our customers

     Our reach
     Serving millions of customers In 180 countries

       More than 103,000 team members
       65% of Dell team dedicated to
        servers, storage, networking and services
       7,000 team members in China
       23,000 team members in India
       12 solutions centers in 2011, 10
        more in 2012
       R&D centers in Israel, Silicon Valley
        and Austin
       120,000+ Dell systems shipped
        each day; more than 1/second

24                                                    Global Marketing
     Our customers
     What our customers tell us
     “Only Dell could demonstrate the global capabilities and fast delivery times we needed.”
               -Dirk Vandenhirtz, Chief Executive Officer, LemnaTec, (Germany)

     “The Dell team helped us make the most of our existing investments. We have a strong, long-term
      relationship with Dell. They’re not just selling us equipment, they’re assessing our needs and working
      with us to design integrated long-term solutions.”
               -Don Reece, IT director, Pembina Trails School Division, (United States)

     “We soon realised that Dell understood our industry – everything from the technology needed to design
      an F1™ car, to our requirement for trackside laptops and storage that could
      withstand extreme temperatures and vibrations.”
               -Bill Peters, Head of IT, Team Lotus, (United Kingdom, Malaysia)

     “We have never experienced the level of support we receive with Dell. Support from Dell has always
      been amazing.”
               -Matthew Moore, CEO, rt health fund (Australia)

     “Dell always offers us innovative suggestions on how to improve our infrastructure, including providing
      readiness for our IT staff, which helps us to manage our infrastructure more effectively.”
               -Frank Wang, Chief Executive, Easou (China)

25                                                                                                             Global Marketing
     Our customers
     Midmarket to large
     Dell’s efficient IT strategy enables customers to free critical
     IT dollars for innovation and competitive advantage
     through open, capable and affordable solutions.

       Using standardization, consolidation and automation to reduce
        IT maintenance costs and free up to 50% of IT spending for
       More than 1 billion people connect on Dell cloud solutions
       Dell services help companies reduce TCO by up to 10X.
       Dell helps companies deploy Windows 7 almost 80% faster
        while cutting deployment costs by 55%

26                                                                      Global Marketing
     Our customers
     Small and Medium Business
     Dell helps simplify technology decisions for small and
     medium businesses with tailored solutions, reliable
     products, consultative services, and support that are aligned
     to their needs.

       Aggressive & flexible financing options help SMBs save money and
        do more of what they love.
       Repeatedly Awarded “#1 IT services and support customer
        Satisfaction” by TBR.
       More than 10 million SMB customers are served – directly and via
        75,000+ channel partners – around the clock and around the world.
       $26M investment and 1,000 engineers are focused on ensuring our
        systems and services perform as promised to
        quickly enable SMBs.

27                                              Global Marketing
     Our customers
     Government organizations
     From mobility to the cloud, Dell’s solutions support
     governments as they seek to better serve citizens today and
     build more efficient infrastructures for tomorrow.

      Serving 65 central governments worldwide and every U.S.
      Leading efforts to help the U.S. government reduce the
       deficit by
       $1 Trillion
      Top IT provider to the U.S. Federal Government
      Delivering mobility, cloud computing and end-to-end
       solutions to help agencies reduce costs and enhance mission

28                                                                   Global Marketing
     Our customers
     Dell provides customized solutions, services and programs
     that enable 21st century teaching and learning, preparing
     students for a globally competitive workforce

       Connected Classroom strategy deploys digital capabilities to
        prepare students for success in Digital Age.
       Dell’s team of former educators spend hundreds of hours per
        year providing professional development to educators.
       Researchers at the world’s leading universities use Dell high
        performance computing to work on society’s biggest challenges.
       Helping educational institutions leapfrog years ahead to achieve
        state-of-the-art IT outcomes that improve learning and increase

29                                                Global Marketing
Our customers
Dell Healthcare and Life Sciences solutions facilitate efficient,
information-driven healthcare and accelerate innovation

+ Top global provider of healthcare IT services, serving:
             15 of top 25 U.S. healthcare systems
             3 out of 5 U.S. Hospitals
             100 health insurers supporting more than 40 million members
             Leading pharma and life sciences companies
+ Recovered $15B over 7 years for hospitals through revenue cycle improvements,
  reclaiming time and money for patient care.
+ 11,000 dedicated team members, including 300+ clinicians, provide integrated
  business and technology solutions that reclaim time and money for patient
+ Efficiency of Dell solutions enables each hospital clinician to devote an average
  of 3 extra hours per week to patient care.

                                                                                      Global Marketing
     Our customers
     Dell’s consumer solutions deliver the ultimate in
     Entertainment, Mobility and Gaming, helping people
     connect with each other and their passions.

      + Dell delivers breakthrough solutions for an ‘always connected’
        lifestyle: XPS, duo (convertible); Streak 5 (pocket tablet)
      + Dell delivers seamless experiences across range of Consumer
      + Dell’s design leadership and cutting-edge innovation were
        honored with 224 awards last year – an 18 percent increase over
        the previous year
      + Dell makes technology accessible: is the #1 technology
        marketplace in the world, and Dell products are available in more
        than 60,000 retail locations worldwide

31                                                Global Marketing
Global Marketing

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