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									Will accountable care organizations
      pave the way for change?

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     ACOS- And the debate continues…

 Are accountable care organizations the future of the healthcare

 Or will they force independent practices to shut their doors?

 According to a recent report 49 percent of primary care
  physicians and 53 percent of endocrinologists are expected to
  switch to the ACO model in the coming year.
     Financial security and better care

 Physicians who’ve partnered with acos are provided incentives for
  prescribing more generic medication.

 They are also encouraged to lower hospitalization costs.

 This accent on the quality of care and containing costs can offer
  clinical benefits and savings, for healthcare providers.
        The much needed compass…

 One of the major reasons attributed to the popularity of acos is
  that they provide a sense of direction.

 And help physicians to focus on quality metrics, to receive
  reimbursement and incentives.
                   It is not all gravy…

 There are strong oppositions to practices adopting the acos model
  of working.

 Some section of the healthcare sector, feel it can pressurize
  independent practices, to join larger organizations.

 The clinical benefits it offers are also viewed with a sense of
       Will it join the IDNs of the 90’s?

 Integrated delivery networks were followed by several healthcare
  providers in the 90’s.

 Hospitals followed and pursued two strategies, of vertical and
  horizontal integration.

 There were different models such as strategic alliances and
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