Affidavit of Sponsorship to study abroad

I, [Name] (Mother / Father of [name]) ) aged about 00 years, Indian citizen at present residing at [Address]. So here by declared on solemn affirmation as under: 1. I declare that my son [name] aged 00 years at present residing at , [address] ,is desirous of visiting Canada for higher studies . 2. I declare that my son [name] has secured admission to [Institution / Concern / Organisation name] commencing from [date].

3. That I am here by expressly sponsoring my son study and stay at [Place Name] for the entire duration of his one-year course, Project Management 4. We have sufficient means and have attached a “CA statement” and proof of sufficient financial resources to support [person’s name] tuition fees and all related living expenses in Canada for the entire duration of his course –one year  Tuition fee—USD$ 00000.00 Indian currency Rs __00000000 / Living and accommodation expenses USD$ 00000.00 Indian currency Rs 000000 / To and fro travel ,Indian currency Rs00000/5. I declare that whatever is stated above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Place: Date:


Description: This is the sample format for Affidavit of Sponsorship to study abroad. This format can be modified accordingly for any type of sponsorship affidavits.