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									                     Affiliated with National Alliance on Mental Illness [NAMI] and NAMI Florida       Nov/Dec 2006
   NAMI Pinellas County, Florida, Inc.   •      NAMI Info Line: [727] 791-3434       •    E- Mail:

                     From the President Harry Theofanus

                       wish to express my sincere thanks to all that contributed to make our annual ETM-Mental Illness
                          Awareness Week Banquet and the 20 years anniversary celebration of NAMI Pinellas an outstanding
                    educational and social event. Special thanks go to the Sponsors for their financial support, John Jones,
                    chairman and the ETM committee for the many hours of dedicated hard work, all the donors for the
                    auction items and all who came and enjoyed the event. Special thanks are also in order to Past Presidents
                    Donald Turnbaugh for the 20 years history and progress report of NAMI-Pinellas, and Elliott Steele
for his excellent overview of the End the Mystery Awareness Week.

I congratulate the Award Winners, and all who were nominated. The annual awards are presented to honor people that we
feel deserve recognition for their contributions to significantly improve the lives of persons cooping with mental illnesses.
At the recent National Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Conference in Orlando, NAMI members Jim Dailey and Johnny
Limbaugh were given prestigious awards in recognition of their tireless advocacy on CIT. Jim Dailey, who serves on the
NAMI national Board and is also Executive Director of NAMI-Kentucky, was presented with the Advocate of the Year Award.
Johnny Limbaugh, of our NAMI-Pinellas was presented the Consumer of the Year Award in recognition of his extensive
involvement in CIT training and advocacy in central Florida.

And now I take this opportunity, since this is the last issue of our News & Views for the year 2006, to thank the board
members, committee chairs, News & Views editor and distribution team, advisory council, consumer council and last but
not least our new comer to NAMI-Pinellas family, Amanda Smith, the Executive Director, for all your help and support.

Do not forget the Annual Members Meeting and Elections for the 2007 NAMI Pinellas Board of Directors on November 2nd
and the Holiday Party on December 9th 2006.

According to the nominating committee, the majority of the present board members are willing to serve another year, and
at least six new candidates with very good knowledge of the NAMI goals, have agreed to serve on the board if elected.
According to our by-laws, additional nominations may be made by five (5) or more voting members, if delivered in writing
to the Secretary, not less than five (5) days before the annual meeting.
                                                  Have a Healthy and Happy
                                            Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays.
      Hospice - Nov 2, 2006, 7PM
    Duncan McCormick of the Public Defenders             Your NAMI Membership Expires on...
    Office will speak about the jail diversion
                                                     Please check the mailing label on the top right corner of your
    programs that have been instituted to try to
    get mentally ill persons the treatment they      News & Views. The date printed is your membership renewal
    need, but in other locations than the jail.      date. If it is time for renewal or past due, please fill out the renewal
      Hospice -Dec 7, 2006, 7PM                      membership form on the back page of this newsletter, and mail it
    Elliott Steele, Director of Vincent House and    with your payment to the treasurer. It will help cut down the cost
    others from that organization will speak about   of postage in mailing renewal notices.
    the Clubhouse concept and the success they                Thank you, Anne Jones, Membership Chair
    have had in recovery of the mentally ill.
                                                             Page 2                                                         Nov/Dec 2006

                                                                                        Don’t forget to send in your questions for Bernadet te

                                          ou’ve got questions?                          Ackerman, pshychiatric nurse practioner, for a
                                                                                        professional answer, Email to:

                                          She’s got answers.                   Subject:“Quest ion for
                                                                                        Bernadet te” or mail it to News & Views (address on
Harry Theofanus, President                                                              back page.)
Nancy Durstein, Vice President
Steven Thompson, Secretary
Jerry Scheg, Treasurer.                LETTER TO THE EDITOR                              stood. For those in need, the increase was less
Stacy Freskos, Past President                                                            – only 10%. This was hailed by advocates,
                                   By Donald Turnbaugh, NAMI Pinellas Board member
John Jones, Past President
Donald Turnbaugh, Past President                                                         and those for whom they advocate, as a vic-
Elliott Steele, Past President     The NAMI Pinellas News & Views is mostly              tory of sorts.
EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR                 news with very few views. Here’s my view:              What I have observed over the years is that
Amanda Smith                                                                             boards often do represent a cross-section of
                                   In the decade or so that I’ve been involved with
                                   NAMI and three of its major missions: Advo-           the community, more or less. Some members
EXECUTIVE COORDINATORS             cacy, Education, and Support, I’ve attended           are more compassionate and empathetic, while
Dick Durstein 727.784.5780
                                   many, many meetings. Quite a number of them           others are more determined. They want to level
John Jones 727.544.4543            are before lawmakers or regulators. The topic         the playing field for all, e.g. no matter what life
  Crisis Intervention Team CIT     is usually about money, or the lack there of. We      brings to you, fair is fair. If their property taxes
BOARD MEMBERS                      are all familiar with the comments attributed to      are going up, your bus fares are going up. It’s
Bernadette Ackerman                President Truman: “the buck stops here.”              only fair.
Dr. Krishan Batra                                                                         Others deny benefits because they believe
Dick Durstein
                                   But, where does the “buck” start? To me, it
Lynn Rosenthal                     appears          to      start      with       the    that many who claim disability are in fact liars
Lynn Hill                          Legislature that establishes funding for social       and cheats and only want to live off the gov-
Terry Taggart
                                   programs, referred to as entitlements. And, de-       ernment dole. They say: “I don’t believe this,
COMMITTEES                         pending on who is using the term “entitlement” it     but some of my colleagues do.” Believe me,
Bernadette Ackerman                can, when said by a beneficiary be very de-           they believe it too. And, I’m sure that, as is
Nancy Durstein                     manding sounding or, when said by a                   true in most government programs, 10 to 15%
  Speakers Bureau                  lawmaker, very derogatory. In either case, it         results in waste, fraud, and abuse. But, not all
Marge Eskenas/Lynn Rosenthal                                                             of this is the payee’s fault; payers have been
  Telephone Chain/Library
                                   does not sound very flattering. Words are pow-
Stacy Freskos                      erful; their inflection even more so. However,        known to hand out the money to friends and
  Support Groups                   we can’t get hung-up on the words. It’s the is-       foes alike without any accountability whatso-
Lynn Hill
                                   sue that counts.                                      ever.
Anne Jones                          Most recently, a hearing was held regarding a         The point of this opinion letter is that some
  Membership                       proposed bus fare increase in Pinellas County,        people are so unfortunate that they have se-
Bertha Jones
   Breaking the Silence            something not done in almost ten years. So, by        vere and chronic illnesses and others do not.
Dee Nelson                         any calculation, the cost of almost everything has    The American society has decided to assist
  Holiday Party                                                                          those who cannot do it for themselves. A good
Fran Rowse/ Lois Lindsey
                                   risen since a price set in the last century! Ev-
  Welcoming                        erything, that is, except maybe fast-food ham-        system. Perhaps not as generous as some Eu-
Terry Taggart                      burgers at 99-cents! But, few of us do, and none      ropean nations, but beneficial to recipients none
  Peer Support
Yiota Theofanus
                                   of us should, live on fast-food hamburgers.           the less. A healthy working class helping the
  Newsletter                        Each of the persons who spoke before the board       disabled underemployed. Not perfect. Could
Donald Turnbaugh                   was poor, either because of income, retirement,       be improved. Not everyone agrees. Some
  Awards/Picnic/NAMI FL
David Vaughn                       or disability. Any fare increase would hit them       abuse. Some success. Must be maintained.
   NAMI-PC Website                 the hardest and they are the primary riders, but       So, as the gap between advocates and law-
CONSUMER COUNCIL                                                                         makers narrows, NAMI must continue its
Steven Thompson-Activities
                                   can afford an increase the least.
Terry Taggart, Bob Pitts            After all the statements were in, the board ruled    stated missions of: Advocacy, Education, and
Johnny Limbaugh                    that, for many, the fare increase of about 20%        Support.
Travis Finchum                                        
Martha Lenderman                   Log on to our website and get all the latest news on mental health and many useful links.We
Douglas deVlaming
Pat Siracusa
                                   welcome recommendations/suggestions. Email Webmaster David Vaughn at:
Judy Turnbaugh                                                      News Views”
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                                                                              News & Views.
                                                                  Page 3                                                   Nov/Dec 2006
           An INVITATION to NAMI Pinellas County                                      By Dolores Castaldo-Benedict Haven

L    ast month’s News & Views had a great article by Donald Turnbaugh addressing the need to establish group homes throughout
     the state for persons with chronic and persistent mental illness, and staffed around the clock basis. He suggested that a
nationally known recognized non profit organization should take up this challenge.
I’m sure that many of you remember back in January 1998 when I addressed your NAMI members, telling them about my dream
to create a special home for people with special needs, who because of the severity of their illness, needed a permanent supervised
home. It is now almost seven years and Benedict Haven has proven to be a success.
I would love to collaborate with NAMI if they would be the non profit, taking on the challenge to get more homes up and running.
I would be happy to share all the information and knowledge we at Benedict Haven have gained throughout the years. Benedict
Haven can be the role mode for others throughout the state and country. Our residents represent what the future can and should be
for those suffering from severe and chronic mental illness.

                                  In Praise of Family-to-Family -                        by Amanda Smith

A     s a newcomer to NAMI, the first
      class I was anxious to sign up for
was Family-to-Family.
                                               Effectiveness of the Family-to-Family
                                               Education Program concluded, “After
                                                                                                  overwhelming that it almost reduced me
                                                                                                  to tears.”
                                                                                                  Family-to-Family isn’t just about
                                               completing the program, the participants
What is Family-to-Family? It’s a free, 12-     demonstrated significantly greater family,         education; it’s about real families making
week class for the friends and family of                                                          connections, sharing ideas, and helping
                                               community, and service system
those diagnosed with a mental illness. The                                                        one another. It’s easy to see how life-
                                               empowerment and reduced displeasure and
three-hour weekly classes provide an                                                              long friendships can be formed in just a
                                               worry about the family member who had
intense overview of such topics as                                                                matter of a few weeks. There’s a
                                               a mental illness. These benefits were
symptoms of mental illness, basics of brain                                                       palatable sense of connection when
biology, the causes of mental illness,         sustained at six months.”                          participants find that others are dealing
psychotropic medications, communication        One psychiatrist who attended the classes          with the same issues and feelings.
skills, problem-solving techniques, and        reported on the NAMI Web site, “It was             The classes are lead by NAMI volunteers
fighting stigma and working towards            the first course that taught me concise,           Joe Connelly, Patricia Pierce and Lynn
advocacy for those with mental illness.        empathetic communication with a patient.           Hill. Each has extensive training and
The curriculum that NAMI Pinellas uses         It was very useful in helping me deal with         personal experience dealing with mental
has been implemented throughout the            my mother who has mental illness. In fact,         illness with their own families.
United States and the effectiveness of the     when I used some of the empathetic                 Family-to-Family is offered twice a year
program has been the subject of academic       listening skills taught in the class with my       in Pinellas County. I strongly encourage
research. In 2001 the journal Psychiatric      mother, her joy and relief that someone            you to learn more by telephoning Lynn
Services in their article Pilot Study of the   actually understood how she felt was so            Hill at (727) 947-7533.

                      Johnny Limbaugh gets National Award                                   - by Donald Turnbaugh

A    t the Second National CIT Conference held September 25-27, 2006 in Orlando, Florida, Johnny Limbaugh, a consumer and NAMI
     Pinellas member, was named the CIT Consumer of the Year for his ground-breaking and long-standing efforts to promote and
support the Crisis Intervention Team Program.
 His award was made at the conference luncheon attended by the many of the over 800 persons who attended the two-day conference.
Consumers, family members, advocates, mental health providers, and law enforcement officers were tantalized by the more than 100
workshops offered.
 Johnny Limbaugh played at key role in getting CIT a foothold in Florida, when, in March 1999, he made Florida history when during the
state’s first-ever CIT 40-hour training course, 35-patrol officers spontaneously applauded the “Consumer Perspective” presentation by
Johnny Limbaugh. From that moment, the sponsor, the Pinellas Mental Health Coalition, knew that CIT was a winner!
 Since that memorable day, Johnny has continued as a Presenter at over a dozen CIT classes for more than 600 officers from 15
jurisdictions in five counties! He speaks of his life-long battle with mental illness, specifically, the terror experienced during his numerous
involuntary examinations, when officers didn’t talk to him or tell where they were taking him.
 CIT is Johnny’s passion; however, his advocacy work is multi-faceted. An avid and successful fundraiser, he appears, for fun and funds,
as Santa Claus, Miss NAMI Pinellas, and Dolly Parton! As an accomplished baker, he donates dozens of cookies for the annual NAMI
Holiday Party.
 Johnny celebrated his award at the Dolly Parton Dixie Stampede dinner and show in Orlando with his friends Terry Taggart and Judy and
Donald Turnbaugh.
                                                      Page 4                                            Nov/Dec 2006
                       2006                                                     We had 252 attendees at the awards
   End the Mystery Awards Banquet & Silent Auction                              banquet, it was a wonderful evening and
                                                                                I think everyone had a great time. We
Well Mental Illness Awareness Week is past and we had a very successful End     greatly appreciate everyone attending.
the Mystery Awards Banquet. Many thanks to everyone involved. It was such a     Thank you all for coming out and joining
pleasure to work with this committee; I never saw such cooperation, hard work   us and making this event such a success.
and dedication by a group of volunteers. Congratulations to all committee       A special thanks also to all our sponsors:
members and thanks for all your hard work.                                      National Non Profit Americans with
             Committee: Bernadette Ackerman – Auction Chair,                    Disabilities Inc./ The Guardian Pooled
                  Nancy & Dick Durstein, Lynne Hensley,                         Trust, Castle Supply Company Inc, Mr.
                       Anne Jones – RSVP & check in,                            & Mrs. Philip Christopher, Galleria Bath
                   Johnny Limbaugh, Brenda Matthews,                            & Kitchen Showplace, John Jones
                          Dee Nelson - Decorations,                             Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Inc, Lynne
                      Lynn Rosenthal, Amanda Smith,                             Hensley, Harmony Behavioral Health,
                Yiota Theofanus – Program, Art & Graphics,                      Boley Centers for Behavioral Healthcare
                   Harry Theofanus, Steven Thompson,                            Inc, Donald & Judy Turnbaugh, Wal-
                    Judy & Donald Turnbaugh - Awards.                           Mart Stores Inc, Alley, Rehbaum &
                                                                                Capes Assurance Inc, High
          Congratulations to all the award winners and nominee’s.               Performance Plumbing Service, Mr. &
                     Award winners: ( photos below)                             Mrs. Louis Antoniou, Jim McNeil
             Public Defender Bob Dillinger – Humanitarian                       Construction Inc, Besel Plumbing Inc,
 Renee Kilroy/Suncoast Center for Community Mental Health – Leadership          Mr. & Mrs. George Andreadis, Mr. &
                Tom Wedekind/PEMHS – Achievement                                Mrs. Chris Lazarides, and Mr. & Mrs.
            Johnny Limbaugh/NAMI – Chip Correll Award                           Harry Theofanus. Also our table
     Leslie Waters/Fla. State Representative – Legislator of the Year           sponsors, Accurate Construction Corp,
 Joan Andrade/Suncoast Center for Community Mental Health – Health &            Bay Pines VA Health Care System,
                              Human Services                                    Depression and Bipolar Support
       Dep. Steve Buckner/Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office – CIT                Alliance, Directions for Mental Health,
           John & Anne Jones/NAMI Advocates of the Year.                        Gulf Coast Jewish Family Services Inc.,
                                                                                in Memory of Pamela Smithpeters,
                                                                                Norris & Samon pump Service Inc.
                                                                                PEMHS, Red Hat Fallen Angels,
                                                                                Suncoast Center for Community Mental
                                                                                Health, Bill & Joan Trahman, UA
                                                                                Plumbers, Pipefitters & HVAC Local
                                                                                Union 123, and Windmoor Healthcare.
                                                                                All your generosity has helped provide
                                                                                the funding needed to carry on all our
                                                                                programs for the coming year. Thanks
                                                                                also to the donors of items for our silent
                                                                                auction. The auction was very successful
                                                                                and a main attraction of the event.
                                                                                Thanks so much to everyone for their
                                                                                If you missed this event I hope you will
                                                                                plan to attend next year. Again my
                                                                                heartfelt appreciation to all who made
                                                                                this event such a success.
                                                                                Sincerely, John Jones, ETM Chair
                                                                                Event photos on p.5
Page 5   Nov/Dec 2006
                                                            Page 6                             Nov/Dec 2006
                                                                      New Date for our Holiday Party-Mark
                                                                     your calendars - SATURDAY Dec 9, 06.

                                                                     H     O HO HO!!! The NAMI Elves and Santa have
                                                                            changed the date for the Holiday Party to Saturday
                                                                     December 9th. The date has been changed so that our
C     ome and join NAMI Pinellas “Members Have More
      Fun” Committee. We are a group of consumers who
go to interesting locations in the community every month,
                                                                     NAMI members will be able to attend the convention on
                                                                     Dec. 2nd. So change your date to December 9th!!!
like local museums including the                                     The party will be held at the same location as last year!!!
Dali Museum. We go to baseball                                       The Salvation Army is located at 1625 N. Belcher Road,
games, Clearwater beach,                                             Clearwater. It is conveniently located on Bus Route 82
Sunken Gardens and more. We                                          and is just north of the Long Center.
also go out to eat at Ci-Ci’s                                        There will be a delicious sit down dinner for all to
Pizza. In the near future we plan                                    enjoy. Bring your appetites for our traditional dinner.
to go to The Botanical Gardens                                       But, make sure to save room for the yummy desserts that
and also miniature golf. NAMI                                        “Paula and Johnny” have spoiled us with over the years.
Pinellas covers all or most of the cost including gas to drivers     While enjoying your complimentary Holiday meal, Bill
who drive to events. If you are interested in going places,          Ebersberger and his lovely wife Laurie will entertain us with
                 being with friends and having fun together          lively Holiday music. there will be plenty of room for dancing
                 contact me at 727-443-4715 or email me at           and of course singing too.
                              Remember to mark your calendars for December 9th from
                 Here are some pictures from our latest outing.      11-2 for our annual NAMI Holiday Party. See you there,
                 We went to Ci-Ci’s Pizza for dinner and then        HO, HO, HO, Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus
                 to Clearwater Beach to see the art vendors.
                                                                     Dr. David Shern, Dean, Florida Mental
                 I would like to thank our new Executive
                                                                     Health Institute, USF, has accepted a
                 Director whom was in attendance.
                                                                     position as the Director, Mental Health
I also would like to thank the NAMI PC Board of Directors
                                                                      Association, Hqs. in Washington, DC.
for their financial contribution to this effort.

                                                                   N    AMI Pinellas attended Dr. Shern’s farewell party and
                                                                         presented him with a desk clock to thank him and
                                                                   wish him well.
     Volunteers needed to Gift Wrap!!!                             “I would like you to extend my appreciation to all my NAMI
                                                                   friends for the great clock. It will be on my desk at home in
“   Ring, Ring” Calling all happy gift wrappers for a Fun
    Fundraiser for the Holidays! NAMI Pinellas will gift wrap
at Clearwater Barnes and Noble (Sunset Pt & U.S. 19) on
                                                                   Virginia and I will literally see it everyday. Thanks for your
                                                                   thoughtfulness and all that all of you do”.
Saturday, December 2nd from store opening (9:00 a.m.) to
                                                                      “BREAKING THE SILENCE” receives
store closing (11:00 p.m.) Please call Lynn R.osenthal
                                                                     grant from SED NETWORK by Bertha Jones
(727)443-5931 to state your three hour time slot. Happy
      CIT training progress-by John Jones                            T    he SED Network of Pasco and Pinellas Counties is
                                                                          funding the purchase of 12 “Breaking the Silence”

F   riday October 6th, 2006, the CIT Committee of the
    Mental Health Coalition completed their 13th training
                                                                     curriculum packets to aid and support the educational
                                                                     program which we provide in Pinellas County Schools. The
                                                                     SED Network is a set of “Cooperative Services for Severely
There were 51 graduates from the 40-hour class. Police               Emotionally Disturbed Children/Youth” (SED) and Ms.
Chiefs in attendance at the graduation included Sheriff Jim          Khush Jagus is its Project Manager. Some of the
Coats, Chief Deputy Fowler from Pinellas County, Chief               population they serve are children and youth with mental
Dorene Thomas from Pinellas Park who was an attendee of              illness; so SED shares NAMI’s concern for those with
the class, Chief Lester Aradi, Largo. Congratulations to all         mental illness and is supportive of our efforts to teach youth
the attendees and the CIT Committee.                                                                                    cont. p.7
                                                                Page 7                                                  Nov/Dec 2006
cont’d from p.6
the true facts about mental illness. The “BTS” curriculum packet           in the ’01-’02 school year. We are grateful to Ms. Jagus
is the basis of our classroom teaching session, and a packet is            and the SED Network for their continued support and the
given to each teacher who invites us to present. It provides               grant of $199.50 to provide a dozen packets to aid us in
them with the basic session and with followup activities for               continuing to educate middle and high school youth about
additional student learning. SED provided our first set of packets         mental illnness. THANK YOU MS. JAGUS and the
when Dr. Susan Blanchard initially implemented the program                 SED NETWORK!
                                     LEGISLATIVE ADVOCACY:
                      THEY SENT POSTCARDS. NAMI SENT POSTCARDS! By Donald Turnbaugh

In the Florida 2006 Primary Campaign, candidates of both parties flooded mailboxes with postcard after postcard explaining to potential
voters why they should vote for them. In some cases, a single candidate in hotly contested legislative districts sent as many as a dozen
postcards individually covering every issue!
To demonstrate that two can play that game, NAMI Pinellas launched, as part of its Legislative Advocacy efforts, a fight fire with fire, or,
in this case, match postcard with postcard to every candidate running for state senator or representative in every Pinellas County
Legislative District.
For some of those candidates, this may be their first knowledge about NAMI. Term limits and redrawn district boundaries has had the
consequence of drawing relative newcomers to seek state office. NAMI Pinellas did not want to miss-out on this opportunity.
The postcard mail-out campaign will be followed up with visits to as many candidates as can be scheduled before the General Election on
November 7, 2006. Beyond that, the winners will be again contacted by NAMI before the next session of the Florida Legislature begins
in March 2007.
A 4x6 postcard may not seem much, but, just as the candidates themselves did, it contains a wealth of information about NAMI in a very
small space.
As has always been the case, a postcard is a little reminder to family and friends that you were thinking about them. NAMI wants
legislators to think of it as a friend. A friend, not only around election time, but also when questions concerning pending legislation
effecting mental health issues is introduced. As one Tampa Bay area Legislator put it: “make your legislator your best friend.” While that
may be taking it too far, any friend should know where you stand on important issues.
They send postcards; NAMI sends Postcards!

  Dear Candidate:                                                                    Florida General Election Campaign 2006

   You want our Vote; NAMI wants your Vote!

  NAMI Pinellas County reaches thousands of persons with severe and persistent mental illnesses and their families. The
  Florida Legislature can also reach them by voting to:
                    Require Insurance Companies to offer coverage for Mental Illness equal to that for Physical Illnesses. (Parity)
                    Provide access to appropriate and effective Medications. (Formulary)
                    Ensure Assertive Community Treatment is available statewide. (FACT)
                    Increase availability of appropriate housing options. (Housing)

   NAMI provides programs of:      Support            Education         Advocacy
                  Support Groups for families and persons with mental illnesses.
                  Educate the public, law enforcement officers, middle-school students, and the Florida Legislature about
                  mental illness.
                  Advocate for the elimination of stigma, incarceration, and discrimination against persons with mental illnesses.

                                       The Families and Members of NAMI Pinellas County
                                       NAMI: NATIONAL ALLIANCE ON MENTAL ILLNESS
                   NAMI Pinellas, P.O.Box 17474, Clearwater 33762, Tel:727-791-3434,

                  Dates to Remember:                                                      Memorial Donations:
 December 1-3, 2006 NAMI Florida Membership Meeting,                              NAMIPinellas acknowledges and thanks
 December 9, 2006 NAMI Pinellas Holiday Party; www.nami-                                           Carolyn & Tom Hammond                                                                                     For their generous donation
 December 13, 2006 Boley Centers: Jungle Bell Run/Walk;                                        In Memory of Ponciano Olayta, Jr.
 The Pier/St. Pete; 7:30pm
                                                     NAMI Pinellas                       Views
                                                                                  News & Views             NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION
                                                                                                              U.S. POSTAGE PAID
     1st Thursday of each Month                      1151 Lemon Tree Lane
                                                                                                                   TAMPA, FL
       Education:        7:00 pm                     Palm Harbor, FL 34683                                     PERMIT No. 7096
     3rd Thursday of each Month
      Board of Trustees: 6:00 pm
      Support:           7:30 pm
      Every Monday at 6:30 pm
           Consumer Support
    Location for all above meetings:
    The Hospice of the FL Suncoast
         5771 Roosevelt Blvd.                                          RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED
         Clearwater, FL 33760

       Editor: Yiota Theofanus
   Circulation: John & Anne Jones
      Newsletter Submissions
        Mail to: Yiota Theofanus
1151 Lemon Tree Lane, Palm Harbor 34683
  Deadline for articles for next issue:
             Dec 10, 2006


          Name: _____________________________________________              Phone: [        ] _______________________

         Address: _____________________________________________________

          City: ______________________                  State: ________________                  Zip: _____________

        ___Open Door $3 ___Individual $30 ___Family $40 ___Supporter $50              Please circle one:   New        Renew

                                            Relation to Consumer: [Check only one]
                                   __Adult Child __Consumer __Friend __Parent w/child under 18
                                   __Sibling   __Parent of adult __Spouse __Professional

                                             Ethnicity: Optional [Check one]
                          __African American __Asian __Hispanic __Native American __Caucasian __Other

         Did this member join through Family-to-Family? __Yes __No                 ___ I would like to become a volunteer

                                       Donations:      $25       $50       $100        $ ___

                       Make check payable to: NAMI Pinellas County, Florida Inc. and mail to the treasurer:
                                  Jerry Scheg, 5001 3rd Ave. S. St. Petersburg, Fl 33707-1913
                                                Thank you for your support
                                                 Memberships are tax deductible

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