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									As part of my research I have handed out questionnaires to people
in and around sixth from to get some views and opinions about a
school magazine. I asked in total 8 questions about how old the
person is, there gender and what they would think a school
magazine is useful and what they would like to see in it. I have 6
completed copies of my questionnaire filled in by students and
some have given similar and different research.
Target audience
My target audience for my magazine is students between the age of
15-18 who are still thinking of what they want to do when they leave
school and do A-levels. My questionnaire has been answered by
people in this age range so I can get an idea of what sort of this can
be included in the magazine and what's relevant for a sixth from
I asked a few people in person about the possibility of a
school magazine and they said …

‘ It will encourage more pupils and students to read, as
well as learning about the school. I would personally buy
a magazine as it will keep me up to date with school
Alex ,16

‘ I think the idea of a school magazine sounds like a
good idea, and I would buy one if they were published.
However I think they may struggle to sell as pupils and
students may not be interested in reading about school
and spending money on a magazine.’
Daryl, 17
  Text is big at the    The text is in bright
  top of the page       orange to show that
  and in bold           the pupils at the
  writing to make it    school are ‘bright’
  stand out to the      and that its is a
  reader.               friendly and happy

Girl in centre of the
page is smiling         Plain, white
showing she is          background which
happy to be at          makes the girl in
school                  the centre of the
                        page and the other
                        text stand out. Also
                        with a plain
                        background it
 The student has a      shows the school is
 book to show she       professional and
 is ready and           serious about there
 determined to          pupils success.
 learn so people
 might think that
 pupils are
 motivated to learn.
I got 10 copies of my                 Out of my sample of 10 people 70%
questionnaire filled in and from my   of the people who completed the
sample of people 100% were in         questionnaire were male and 30 %
year 12 and 0% in year 13.            were female this shows more males
                                      answered the questionnaire than
Out of the 10 people I asked      I wanted to find out in my research how
80% were 16, 20% were 17          much time 16-18 year olds spent
and nobody was 18. This           reading magazines. 60 % never read
suggests that everyone in my      magazines, 40 % read magazines 1-3
sample are in the first year of   times a week and 0% read magazines
sixth form or college and this    everyday or 3 or more times a week.
magazine is appropriate for
I wanted to know how much people          I wanted to know how often a
in sixth form or college are willing to   sixth form or college magazine
pay for a school magazine. From my        should be published. From my
research 30% would pay £0-£0.99,          research I found out 40% would
60% would pay £1-£1.99, 10 would          like to see the magazine published
pay £2-£4 and 0% would pay over           every week, 20% every 2 weeks
£4, This shows the majority would         and 40% every month. From this I
pay between £0-£1.99 for a school         established that either every week
magazine.                                 or every month is the best time to
                                          publish a college magazine.
Finally in my questionnaire I wanted to find out whether my
target audience though a college magazine would be useful
or not. From my research I found out that 60% think a
college magazine would be useful and 40% think it wont be
useful. From this I gathered that the majority would think a
college magazine would be useful.
From my research there was 6 males and 4 females
that completed the questionnaire. Every student that
completed the questionnaire was in year 12 and 2
people were 17 and 8 were 16.
Out of the 10 people I asked 6 people never read
magazines and 4 people read magazines about 1-3
times a week. 7 of the students were willing to pay
£1-£1.99, 2 would pay £0-£0.99 and one person
would pay £2-£4.
I also asked how often would you like a magazine to
be published, and 4 people said every week, 4
people said every month and 2 people said every 2

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