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									What is healthy food?

All types of foods have many advantages over processed nutrients. Usually processed foods are
loaded with salt, sugar and artificial additives. In summation, working usually strips of many
vitamins and minerals called for good condition.

Well maintained at the level of the water is vital. The best option is to water, mineral water, tea,
diluted fruit juice. The popularity of the drinks like tea, coffee and soda contain extras like sugar,
caffeine and is best used sparingly.
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Meat and fish

He was known to be associated with more high consumption of red meat with various diseases,
and much reduced also high in saturated fat. It is therefore important to reduce the consumption
of red meat. However, fresh fish contains high levels of essential fatty acids, which has shown to
protect against many diseases, including heart disease. It should be integrated in white meat and
fish, particularly herring, mackerel and sardines in your dieting equally better you may.

Necessary fatty acids
This is required by the body for optimal wellness. They are found in cold-pressed oils (safflower,
sunflower, nuts, olives), nuts, seeds, avocados, fish oils. It is recommended to not treat the oils
and margarine.

Fruits and vegetables
Fresh fruits and vegetables are low in calories and rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals and water
and should therefore constitute a large part of your diet. In addition, raw foods to improve energy,
vitality and wellness.

Dairy products
Eating dairy products is a positive interest. The dairy products are products that help to remove
the fat from the digestive tract. However, many dairy products are also rich in fat-key to select
low-fat dairy products. Good options include the skim milk, lite cheese, yogurt, soy cheese and
tofu biological. Also, be aware of high levels of sugar in most name brand of yogurt.

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