drills by xuyuzhu



                                             The GMI® drills are manufactured in stainless steel under the strictest
                                    quality control.
                                            Their outer finisher design made the GMI® drills a referent in the
                                    implantology world. Their brilliant surface is easy and effective to maintenance
                                    and don’t get dark.
                                           The cutting geometry of the drill improves the efficiency of the
                                    osteotomy and prevents over-heating the bone.
                                    (Note: The drill life depends on its use and the kind of bone.)

Drills. These drills increase and set the width and depht of the dental implant being placed.

                              Ø                            Connection                    Total Length                Model

                             2.70            -                         Motor                 38.00                  KYF0C0027
                             2.80            -                         Motor                 38.00                  KYF0C0028
                             3.00            -                         Motor                 38.00                  KYF0C0030
                             3.25            -                         Motor                 38.00                  KYF0C0032
                             3.80            -                         Motor                 38.00                  KYF0C0038
                             4.15            -                         Motor                 38.00                  KYF0C0041
                             4.45            -                         Motor                 38.00                  KYF0C0044

Lanced Drill. This drill has a sharp pointed tip to break the cortical.

                                            Ø                                 Connection            Total Length         Model

                                           2.35            -                      Motor                  26.00         KYF0C1123

Pilot Drill. Drill that increases the depth of the osteotomy.

                                                 Ø                            Connection            Total Length         Model

                                            2.00               -                 Motor                   34.50         KYF0C2220

Guide Drill. Drill in order to guide the pilot drill.

                                             Ø                                  Connection          Total Length         Model

                                         2.00-2.70                 -                Motor                   -           KYF0C3327


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