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					Evaluation for Non-Website Projects
Case Study from the field

          Presentation by- Camille Cameron,
                    Idaho Legal Aid Services
Idaho Interactive Court Forms Project

      A collaborative pioneer project between
       the Idaho Supreme Court and Idaho Legal
       Aid Services to develop interactive court
       forms for self-represented litigants using
       HotDocs, A2J Author, and the NPADO

TIG 01.18.07        Evaluation for Non-Website Projects - ILAS   2
What we initially set out to accomplish…
    Complete automation of 300 court forms within two
    Develop Spanish interviews linking to 25 of the
     HotDocs court forms, including Spanish print
    Conduct a statewide promotion of the project, giving
     presentations to at least 100 community
     organizations & advocacy groups.
    Create an effective system of evaluation.
    Create effective evaluation tools to gather feedback
     from users and advocates.

TIG 01.18.07         Evaluation for Non-Website Projects - ILAS   3
Factors Affecting Project
    Too ambitious.
    Working with a committee and forms that
     continually changed.
    Adequate planning for revisions and review.
    Learning curve for HotDocs.
    Adopting A2J late in the game.

TIG 01.18.07      Evaluation for Non-Website Projects - ILAS   4
…Continued Factors

    Marketing the project.
    Gathering statistics.
    Adequate research and planning to create
     the initial evaluation plan.
    Adequate research and planning to collect
     effective evaluations/feedback from users
     and advocates.

TIG 01.18.07       Evaluation for Non-Website Projects - ILAS   5
Project Accomplishments…
    Completed 144 HotDocs templates, authored 21
     A2J guided interviews, plus 3 Spanish A2J guided
     interviews linked to 17 court forms with Spanish
    Received over 23,000 hits on our website related to
     the interactive court forms (May – Dec 06).
    Partnered and built relationships with all 44 county
     Court Assistance Offices.
    Gave presentations across the state to 126
     community organizations and advocacy groups.

TIG 01.18.07         Evaluation for Non-Website Projects - ILAS   6
…Continued Accomplishments
    Developed and printed- 50,000 brochures, 500
     posters and 50,000 bookmarks.
    Developed a survey for clients, which is included as
     part of the printed form packets.
         We’ve received about 250 completed surveys thus far.

    Received approximately 60 comments from users
     via “send feedback” feature on NPADO.
         We’ve received 25 positive remarks or thank yous; 25
          questions or requests for other help; and 10 frustrated or
          negative comments.

TIG 01.18.07              Evaluation for Non-Website Projects - ILAS   7
What we’ve learned…
    Don’t get too ambitious!
         Be realistic and reasonable in your assessment of what can
          be done with the resources you have (or re-evaluate your
          priorities) and allocate time for learning.
    Do your homework.
         Learn from what others have done. Plan effectively, and set
          evaluation goals in phases, rather than putting all the focus
          on the end result.
    You can’t make everyone happy.
         When working in a partnership, compromise and effective
          time management are key. Prioritize everything, from what
          you want to accomplish in a day or meeting to what you
          feel are the most important aspects of your project at hand.
          And, always have a back-up plan, especially for your time.

TIG 01.18.07              Evaluation for Non-Website Projects - ILAS   8

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