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Credit Analysis Printable PDF - Avantus


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    Credit Analysis

Improve Decision Speed, Quality and Profitability with Instant Credit Analysis
Now more than ever, lenders need to make                 What data points I can access to set up my
decisions faster, maximize cross-selling                 credit analysis and decisioning rules?
opportunities and incorporate risk based                 Almost everything you see on a credit report can be
pricing into their work flow. Credit Analysis             used for your customized analysis rules. Following are
will help you accomplish these goals while               just some of the data points available:
improving decision quality and profitability.
                                                         Number of tradelines
Using our simple setup, Credit Analysis can be           OFAC or fraud alert
customized to fit your unique lending criteria and        Number of trades currently 30, 60, or 90 days
applied to every report in your organization. With the     past due
Credit Analysis option enabled on your Avantus           Number of trades currently in collection,
account you'll be making loan decisions smarter,           bankruptcy, repossessions and foreclosures
faster and with more consistency across all product      Number of trades delinquent in last 3, 6, 12, or
                                                           24 months
                                                         Number of active non-mortgage trades without
How Credit Analysis works:
                                                           serious derogatory
Define your rule sets
                                                         Oldest active non-mortgage trade without
Request 1-2-3 file merged credit report
                                                           serious derogatory
Receive instant output with predetermined
                                                         Number of Collections, Unpaid Collections
                                                         Public records present
Your customized Credit Analysis "rule sets"              Unsatisfied or “Open” public records present
allow:                                                   Number of public records filed - Up to past 5 yrs.
Branch offices to make better decisions                 Bankruptcies present on report
More control over decisions                            Length of credit history
The ability to take advantage of the short window      Number of Inquiries in last 3, 6, 9, or 12 months
  of opportunity with a customer by providing an         Revolving trade balance to credit limit percentage
  instant decision and keeping the competitive edge      Lowest, Middle, or Highest FICO Score
                                                         Total Debt
Credit Analysis can help you:                            Total Mortgage, Installment or Revolving Debt
Create a unique decision matrix with the ability to    Total Collection Debt
  implement tiered pricing                               Total Monthly Payments
Control deployment of product                          Total Monthly Mortgage, Installment or Revolving
Manage results at a fraction of the cost without         Payments
  having to add another system or login to               Largest Credit Line
  remember how to use                                    Debt to Income Ratio
                                                         Mortgage Debt to Income Ratio
                                                         Revolving Debt to Income Ratio
                                                         Monthly Income
                                                         Loan-to-Value Ratio
                                                         Loan Amount
                                                         Years at current employer, current residence

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