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									Day 9: Do’s & Don’ts About Google ADsense: Google AdSense program is a fun and easy way to make extra money. It’s very important that you should follow Google AdSense Program terms of service because Google is serious about the maintaining the integrity of this program. Violating the terms of service could result in your Google AdSense account being terminated. Once your account is terminated, you are banned from using Google AdSense program and you can’t use your name to apply for another Google AdSense account. Here are a few AdSense tips that will keep your AdSense account in good standing. AdSense Tip #1: Understand and Follow Google’s AdSense Terms and conditions You’ve probably heard a lot of terminations of Google AdSense accounts due to violation of terms and conditions. The first rule of using Google AdSense program is that you must understand and follow their terms and conditions completely. Google has a very good monitoring system and if they find out you’ve violated their terms and conditions, your account will be terminated immediately. Once your Google AdSense account is terminated, it is very difficult for you to get back your account without a good reason. All of your effort will be wasted AdSense Tip #2: Put Good, Unique and Consistent Content on Your Site You can have a number of content pages about different topics but with a consistent theme for you AdSense site. This way you will have different types of ads to choose from. You

should always focus on providing quality and unique content to your website. The more specific the content is, the more targeted AdSense ads you will get. This could be very effective and possibly maximize your CTR (click through rate). Getting good content for your Google AdSense site is not as difficult as you think it would be, please read ?a href="../Building_Content_Rich_Sites/Easy_Way_To_Get_Q uality_Contents_for_Your_Google_AdSense_Site.htm">Eas y Way To Get Quality Contents for Your Google AdSense Site? AdSense Tip #3: Provide a Good Environment For Users And Advertisers You should understand what your visitors are looking for and you should try to provide a positive user experience for all of them. You should make your AdSense site easy to navigate so that your visitor could get the information they are looking for easily. Positive user experience encourages your visitor to come back more often. Advertisers would have a better chance to promote their products to these repeat and happy visitors. AdSense Tip #4: You Should Do A Lot of Tests And Tracking Different ad formats produce different results. Same ad format will produce different results on different web sites. You should test various ad formats on your web page and choose those that suite your website. You can use Google channels and other external tracking software to evaluate your site performance on a regular basis. AdSense Tip #5: Use the Relevant Keywords for Your Content Pages Higher paying keywords will usually yield more rewards. However the keywords you use should be relevant to your

content pages. You should use variations of keywords to gain added advantage. AdSense Tip #6: Put Your Ads in the Spotlight Position your AdSense ad block in the top section of your web page which can be viewed by your visitor without scrolling down. However, you should do this without putting off your visitors. Hopefully these helpful tips help you with your Google AdSense business. You should not worry too much if you understand the AdSense terms of service and follow them. It is a good idea to communicate with Google AdSense team or ask help from the forums if you want to be sure that whatever you do with your AdSense web site comply with Google AdSense terms and conditions.

DON'Ts Never, never, never, never, never ask your visitors to click on your ads. This is a strict NO according to the Google Adsense TOS, and this is one of the main reasons that your account could be shut down. NEVER click on ads on your own site. The Adsense team tracks for such invalid clicks and you will surely get a warning letter if they find that you are clicking on your own ads. If you still continue to do it, just bid your account goodbye. DO NOT use automated software which promises to click on ads on your site.

Some publishers try to take a short-cut by creating sites with high-paying keywords .

High paying keywords are all a fraud, because if a keyword is about to boost up high paying, it implies that there will be a lot of competition about that keyword and its not possible.

You follow all the methods we have provided you.It will definitely work out because we have been working up with them since a very long time.

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