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									14 secrets to always win the debates

Whether you like it or not, the debate is an essential part of business. But to always win the
debates and promote positive thing, you need to master the secrets below:

In communication, sometimes we can't get out of debates, because the people's ego is usally too
big and the consequences of this debate is a waste of time, even dented sentiment. However,
sometimes the debate also brings certain benefits, such as enhanced promotion or the
development of your personal emotional.

The best way to avoid a debate is not to let it happen. However this is very difficult, and if you
constantly dodge the debate, people can tell that you are weak in capacity and do not dare to
believe in the value of their own and do not have their own opinion so please choose and
participate in the debate that you think are really useful. Please maximize your capacity so that
the debate will not fall into a dramatic war no results.

1. Respect the opinions of others

Different people have different beliefs, and you should never disregard the belief of those who
disagree with you. Never rush to conclude they are wrong, even if in fact that is the case matter.
You need to remember you are not the guards to the slogan "All that I know is right". You may
also have to review not used as the subject.

2. Put yourself in the shoes of others

How you would feel if others throw allegations he insists that his face? You should calmly
express your disagreements gently, and insist that your opinion comes from their different

3. Admitting Mistakes

Right from wrong when you realize, do not hesitate a minute that admit their mistakes
immediately. You will immediately see the effect of the frankly not claim his mistake
immediately: A man does not respect you only superior but also attaches great importance to
your comments than in all of the subsequent debate. Moreover, the enemy will think about later,
if he is wrong, you will very easily accept it and ignore him. People often think of comparisons
like this, and everyone loves the generous hero.

4. Start gently

All debates start when a person is given the demands of others, such as employers require
employees to do a task, his way which the employee for that that are detrimental to their
interests. So when opening a debate with gentle tone, calm and self-controlled voice, you will
make your opponent do not feel under attack so that they feel comfortable. Everyone has the
instinct for self-defense, so if you start a fierce debate only makes their defensi
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