Reaping The Energy Ball in an Entrepreneur's Mental Field

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					Reaping The Energy Ball in an Entrepreneur's
               Mental Field
                       Stadium General
              6 november 2012 at 10.00 – 11.30 AM
            ITB @Ruang multimedia Labtek VIII second

           Keynote speaker : Feri Sulianta

            Dedicated for Education Purpose

• Know the Mental Fields
• Benefit to sense mental field dan grab it
• Get to know your trueself and all the good
  thing in yours
• Mental Game – Reveal Identity Patern and
  your Future
• Entrepreneur’s Personality vs Behaviour
• Cultivate your Ball Energy


1   Mental Field

2   Get to know yours

3   Mental Game

4   Analyze your Ball of Energy

5   Answers & Questions

Tennis Ball
                         Diamonds              Company Logo
                         Another Challange                       Company Logo
    Mental Field & Ball of Energy

• Ball Energy is on your mind, cannot be
  touch or seen. Power to attract you to act.
• Element : Thinking (core), inspiration,
  ideas and creativity, experience, (spherical
• Our brain lies governance fields of
  creativity, you may not realize your ability
  to create and be creative.
• Grab with your mental tool, QC (quality
  control),brain asses all the layers,
  inspiration, idea and creativity fulfil the
  layers exced quality?
Mental field = develop storage for all the essence of thinking
Managable mindset
You are the center of your mental field realm                                    Company Logo   Company Logo
                         Knowledge         Opinion
                            Interest   Taste    Decision
                         Creativity             Feeling


                         bold on
                         mind                                 Company Logo
          What is Ball of Energy?

                                          Ball of Energy
                                               Mental field’s track

There are no great limits to growth because there are no
limits of human intelligence, imagination, and wonder.
Ronald Reagan
   • The energy ball (the bold things),
     important, valuable and worth to think & to
     make it real.
   • Consider the effort, expenses, risk, or your
     short term passion? Just over excited.
   • We did not attempt to deceive our own
     mind, but some parts of ours will do.

Challange :
Grab, Make Real,
Take Risk, Responsible                    Company Logo
           Pick your Energy Ball

• Your eyes can fool you. You can’t barely
  imagine how mind can fool you more.
• Mind is hard to understand
• Mind is invisible
• Mind can be fooled by five senses and your
  6th sense ‘intuition’ (gambling table.. drag
  you to bankcrupcy)

       Entrepreneur Mentality

• Reputations comes 1st
• Entrepreneurship goal’s is not money, but
  the confidence to grow and win
• Open your mind, learn new things
• Be ready, prepare yourself well
• Be in uncertainty
• Be serious doing businness
• Find, Capture, Create the Opportunities
• Take the Opportunities with High
• Be Courage & never give up
         Entrepreneur Mentality

•   Chose within ‘klik things’ & passions
•   Action Oriented
•   Think simple
•   Focus on ‘doing’ to ‘execute’
•   Focusing energy to everyone who involved
    in the business

Rat Analogy
       Employee vs Entrepeneur vs
           Gambler Mentality
• Employee  Refusing uncertainty, need to
  feel safe and comfortable
• Entrepreneurial  Deals with uncertainties
  (if it does not work hard, dare to face the risk
  of loss, can provide sustenance for the family
  and employees)
• Gambler  Based motif want to get rich
  quickly with instant ways, extol "passive
  income", which is important "I was lucky".
  Educational and spiritual life are not
  considered important
           Cultivate your Mental Fields

 • The planter and the harvester is you, you
   have responsibility for all processs, you
   are the farmer and the owner
 • Farmer with the hunter personality
 • Worker who have entrepreneur personality
 • Behaviour ≠ Personalilty (Beaviour cant
   stand challange & facing tough life)                Company Logo
Put your Ball of Energy in the right
Growing up, .. (keyword)
Remember our purpose in life is not to be
rich, .. But growing. To grow, you have to
believe, willing, able, and maintain, ..

Rich is just another side effect, ..
Not your destination, ..
Be Rich with dignity, not just rich, ..
Rich through the process of independence

  Grow crops – ‘Money’ is an Idea

• Write a list of 10 things you can do legally
  and formally so you can buy what you
  want without asking the parents
• How could have the money for anything
  you want
• If you can make it right now, then.. That
  is your original pattern to live by.

• You can decrease dependency (no need
  borrow resources to others)
   Grow crops - Back from the Future
• Imagine 5 years have passed, everything is now perfect in
  every respect. Imagine you are working at the ideal job,
  working with ideal people, in the ideal place, with the ideal
  responsibly and earning the ideal amount of money. Your
  work life, career or business was perfect in every respect,
  what would that look like? Bind with Energy Ball
• You can gather this information by yourself and use
  whiteboards or flip charts. Write down every idea. These
  inputs may include your talent, workplace, your job, people
  around you, etc.
• Then ask yourself "How?". You can ask how do you make
  foot steps to reach your purpose
• Next, look at the steps that must be taken today and in the
  near future to achieve this goal in 5 years. Finally, make
  plans for achieving these goals.
       Build your mental field

       Be imaginative

Phsycically & Mentally health
                                      You are
Never let yourself can’t think
                                 the entrepreneur
   (stress management)
                                   in your own
       Enough Sleep                mental field
    Learn unexplorable

• Balls of energy is not destroyed, nor just disappear,
  this is powerfull ability of the human mind. The energy
  balls destroy : Mental disability or death.
• The pressures of life, even capable of causing stress to
  depression energy balls are in a long period of
  hibernation. (monk in India with hundreds of years
  lotus seeds )
• Indifferent people have fields that are not empowered
  imaginary balls hibernating energy by itself.
• Meditate conscience clearly and a healthy mind is the
  appropriate method to cultivate imaginary for real.

       Cultivate your Energy Ball
                                      Synchronize Unconscious
Deep                                  & Consciousness
Knowledge       Mind & Heart

 Phase 1            Phase 2         Phase 3                Phase 4

                                      Meditated            Responsible

                +     Managable Mental
                         Well Maintain Plan
            -              Reach Goal Faster
                +             Renew your Mindset
                                Enhance Entrepreneur Personality
            Build your imaginary mental field as a basis
        Fast Stress Management

• “Stress is like an iceberg. We can see one-eighth
  of it above, but what’s about below?”
• “Adopting the right attitude can convert a
  negative stress into a positive one”
• “In times of great stress or adversity, it's always
  best to keep busy, to plow your anger and your
  energy into something positive.”
• "When you find yourself stressed, ask yourself
  one question: Will this matter in 5 years from
  now? If yes, then do something about the
  situation. If no, then let it go.“


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