Why is a Quality Management Plan is So Important?

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					          What Makes a Quality
          Management Plan So
             Quality Management
  Why does your business need a quality
  management plan for Total Quality Management?

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                       A Simple Example
    What happens without a plan?
•   Do a lot – but not getting a lot done
•   Constant retracing of steps – making several trips instead of one
•   Waste time trying to remember what to do
•   Making decisions on the fly

                                        A plan puts the
                                        structure in place that
                                        allows TQM efforts to
                                        gain traction and
                                        produce real results

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  A Quality Plan Sets TQM Priorities & Goals
   Most important aspect of a quality system plan
• Sets in place a reference point by answering critical questions:
            What is TQM supposed to do?
            What are we trying to achieve?

   Well-communicated plan sets overarching goals &
   near-term objectives
• Clear goals & objectives enable informed priority setting
• Puts everyone on the same page – working toward same goal

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  If you don’t know where you are
 going, any road will get you there.

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         A Quality Plan Clarifies TQM Activities
  Next question: how and what to do to meet plan
  Standardization in how tasks are carried out is
  needed to consistently meet TQM objectives
  Plan defines:
• Processes
• Process owners
• Best practices for executing process & measuring results
• What documents and training are needed to ensure consistent results

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            QMS Review and Improvement
                                      Plan establishes a
                                      method to measure
                                      performance against
                                      established goals

                                      Produces results that
   A quality management               are unlikely to occur
   plan creates methods               when things are done
   for periodic reviews &             in an ad hoc fashion
• 2 critical elements: correction &
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True Benefits of a Quality Management Plan
  Achieving clearly
  defined goals through
  consistent activities
  Tangible benefits &
  return on your TQM
  Impact on how well the
  organization meets
  customer expectations

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Description: Achieving clearly defined goals through consistent activities defined by the quality plan will provide tangible benefits and a return on your TQM efforts.