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									DuroStar DS4000S Review

• This portable generator is
  constructed of solid steel pipe and
  is very easy to use.
               Running Watts

It is important to consider a few aspects of a
portable generator before making a final
• This generator’s running wattage is 3,300.
              Starting Watts

Generally, the generator requires higher surge
wattage to startup.
It could be double or triple of normal running
watts of power.
• This model can reach a maximum 4,000 surge
   wattage at startup.
      Durable Engine Horsepower

• The DuroStar DS4000S includes a powerful 7
  horsepower air cooled overhead valve engine.
             Fuel Tank Capacity

Under normal circumstances, the larger the
tank, the longer the unit will run.

• This generator has a 4 gallon size.
       Running Time @ 50% load

• At 50% run time, the DuroStar DS4000S can
  run for up to 8 hours.
              Starting Method

This generator has a manual start method.
• It is simple to pull the recoil start, even though
  it will require a bit of energy.
• The benefit of a manual start is that there is
  no need for a working battery like with other
  generators containing an electric start.
             Operating Noise

A DuroStar DS4000S review would not be
complete without including the amount of noise
the unit produces.

• This generator is very quiet because of the
  special muffler that makes the engine sound
  less loud. It runs on a 69 dBA rating.
                  Fuel Type

• This generator uses gasoline as its sole source
  of power.
• This makes it simple to fill. Keeping some extra
  gasoline on hand will ensure use whenever
  necessary. It is also easy to fill.
          Additional Features
• There are numerous positive features to
  include in this DuroStar DS4000S review.

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