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   Abdullah ibn Uthman
   Nickname.
      As- Siddiq – truthfulness (Night of Isra
    – Jabril Abu Bakr will believe you)
      Ateeq – set free (fire)

   2 year younger than Prophet (pbuh)

   successful tradesman – honesty/good
    charitable character
          Community work

   settlement of blood money and depths
      no king. Leader of each tribe had
        Pre-Islam Character

   idols
   drink
   poetry
          First Muslim Man

   general consensus
   no hesitation
        Wanted to go public

   private Islam – 38 men
   would not stop to urge Prophet (pbuh) to
    go public
   1st public speaker
   beaten badly – carried off
     Prophet (pbuh) attacked

   Prophet (pbuh) - strangled
   - Abu Bakr to the rescue

   Abu Bakr built mosque
   Relinquish protection from his tribe
           Spending wealth

   freeing slaves - Bilal
   in competition with Umar – did not leave
    anything for his family
       Night of Isra (journey to

   unstinting support.
   Did he say that – then it must be true.
        Companion in the cave

   Got a Tip off
       from Jibrael
   Hijra
       Bounty on their heads
   …when he said to his companion ‘do not
    be sad. Truly Allah is with us.’ (9:40)
   tree, dove and spider web

   Jabril or Mahkil with either Ali/Abu Bakr
   Would have killed his son
      Slander against Aysiah

   Abu Bakr – vowed never again to give
    money to the punished Muslims: Quran
    24:22 requires people to forgive and
    forget and God asks “do you not wish that
    God forgives you?”

      - Prophet (pbuh) came to Abu Bakr's
               Trailing robe

   proudly trial robes - Allah will not look
    upon him
   Abu Bakr – I do that
   Prophet (pbuh) – you not haughty
                  Good deed

   Prophet (pbuh) addressed companions
    after fajr.
       Fasted
       Funeral
       fed poor person
       sick person
will attain paradise
                     Lead Hajj

   7th year Hudaybiah
   8th Prophet (pbuh) lead Hajj
   - 9th year Medinah
       Year of the delegation
       Surah Tubah
    Lead Prayer during Prophet
   Prophet (pbuh) - ill
       Aysiah – tender heart
   Prophet (pbuh) insisted it should be Abu
    Bakr – 8 days
       Lead 17 prayers
   Last day
       Lead the Prophet (pbuh)
     Death of Prophet (pbuh)

   whoever worship Prophet (pbuh) – he is
   whoever worship Allah – he is living
                 Oath Of allegiance
   Same day
   Ali and family busy with Prophet (pbuh) passing
   Meeting of the Ansar
   Abu Bakr and Umar went along
   One said Ansar have done a lot should be amongst themselves
   Abu Bakr said you have done a lot but will not be accepted by the Arabs
   Nominated Umar and someone else
   Ansar – 2 amirs
   Confusion and raised voices
   Umar – gave bait to Abu Bakr and everyone followed
   Umar – wanted decisiveness - avoid unfavourable decision made
   Next day Umar asked everyone to give allegiance
   Speech
           Not the best – dislike it
           Right – help me
           Wrong – put me straight
           Weak – strong
           Strong – weak until take due
           Obey me until I obey Allah and messenger (pbuh)

   place of burial
   inheritance

   went to work next day
   Umar – gave money from the treasury
   Still went to work
   More money given – large family
          Commander Usamah

   carried on Prophet (pbuh) controversial
    decision of appointing Usamah
       Muslim army against Byzantine)
       age/son of former slave/in charge of nobility
        &experienced companions

   ordered the building of a treasury building
    for the collection and distribution of Zakat
       Bait – ul mall
              War of Zakat

   Arabs pray but not pay
   Umar – go easy on them – Prophet (pbuh)
    – gave them peace
   Abu Bakr firm stance – safe except for
    their dues - I will fight anyone who
    distinguishes between prayer and Zakat
   Khalid – led army

   False pretenders
       lot of hafiz killed
   Umar suggested collection of Quran
       Abu Bakr – how can I when Prophet (pbuh)
        did not
       Finally persuaded
       Gave responsibility to Zaid
       Appointment of Umar

   Abu Bakr became very sick
   Asked other what they thought of Umar
   Some companions were afraid of his
   Appointment of next Khilafah written by
    Abu Bakr

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