Abe Lincolns Hat by Martha brenner by yurtgc548


									 Abe Lincoln’s Hat
by Martha Brenner

   Power point by:
   Austin Burchfield
                                Early life
   Abe Abraham Lincoln was
    a poor man before he
    became a lawyer.
   When Abe became a
    lawyer he wanted to look
    professional so he bought
    him a jacket and a tall
    black hat .
   People remembered as a
    loyal man.
               His Career

   When all the settlers came to Illinois, they
    argued over land and animals.
   Abe helped settle many of the arguments
    among the settlers.
   When Abe got letters from other people
    asking questions, he would put them up
    and forget them.
                 His Career

   Abe thought to himself and said “if I am
    going to be a good lawyer he would need
    to keep up with the letters.
   One day Abe got an idea to put the letters
    in his hat
                His career
   When he got his new hat he forgot to
    remove the letters.
   So he forgot to write back .
   Because of this ,Abe stopped getting
   So when he realized what he had done he
    got the old hat and answered to all the
    Abe’s achievements and goals

   Abe ran for U.S. senate against Stephen
   Abe lost the election by a few votes.
   A few years passed since he lost the
    When he ran for president. The other
    man that was running was Stephen
    Douglas this time Abe won the election.

   Brenner, Martha. Abe Lincoln’s Hat.
               THE END

Power Point By Austin Burchfield
 With The Help Of Mrs.Russel and

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