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                                                                                                12 October 2012

Euro: hard data beats soft data – which is right?
   There is a big divergence between hard and soft data in the euro area at the moment
   (see charts next page). Although not clear cut, it does suggest that soft data – such as
   euro PMI – may be too downbeat and could surprise on the upside in coming months.

   Euro industrial production was released today and showed surprising strength, rising
   0.6% m/m for the second time in a row. This is much stronger than indicated by soft
   data such as PMI, ZEW, EU sentiment etc.

   If unrevised, it points to positive euro area growth already in Q3. Our hard data model
   now points to a rise in GDP of 0.3% q/q in Q3. However, our soft data model points
   to -0.4% in q/q. This is a very unusual difference as the models normally point to
   similar growth rates.

   The divergence also shows up in the German data for production and orders.
   Production has been strong in recent months whereas factory orders have been weak.

   So, which of them is right? Well, hard data of course is hard data and that is what
   feeds into the GDP. However, given the weakness in much of the soft data, it does
   raise a question mark with regard to the reliability of the hard data at the moment.

Euro hard data outpacing soft data

         % q/q                                                              In d e x
                                E u ro P M I m an , n ew ord ers > >                   6 2 .5
    1                                                                                  5 2 .5
                                                                                       4 2 .5
   -5                                                                                  3 2 .5
           < < E u r o la n d , in d u s t r ia l p r o d u c t io n
                                                                                       2 2 .5
 -1 1                                                                                  1 2 .5
      98          00         02          04          06         08     10     12

Source: Reuters EcoWin

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                                                                                                Allan von Mehren
                                                                                                +45 4512 8055

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     Overall there are three possible outcomes going forward:

1. The hard data will be revised.

2. We will see a nose dive in industrial production in coming months, putting it more in
     line with soft data.

3. Sentiment data is too negative and will rebound strongly in coming months.

     Since the rise in production is seen in pretty much all euro countries, it would seem
     that there is a common factor in play and that revisions are not so likely. So, either the
     strength is genuine, or it reflects technical factors (problems with seasonal adjustment
     etc.) that provide a temporary positive effect now and a subsequent decline in coming
     months. The divergence between orders and production in Germany points to stock
     building and this does indeed point to a decline in production in coming months.

     What is the chance that the soft data is too negative and that we will see a rebound?
     Actually, looking at other hard data from the demand side rather than the output side
     could suggest that sentiment may be too negative. Exports have been holding up fairly
     well so far. And retail sales have stabilised lately after a period of steep decline. The
     weakness in PMI is thus not to be found in either exports or consumer demand.

     The data currently does not paint a very consistent picture, adding to the uncertainty
     about where the euro economy is at the moment. Our base case is still that we will
     start to see an only gradual rise in PMIs over the coming months and a slightly
     negative Q3 GDP reading. We also expect industrial production to fall back.

     However, the recent hard data does tilt risks towards the possibility of sentiment being
     too downbeat relative to reality and hence we could see upward surprises in PMIs in
     coming months. This would underpin risk sentiment and performance of risk assets.

Our soft data model points to another negative quarter in Q3                While our hard data model points to positive growth

Source: Reuters EcoWin                                                      Source: Reuters EcoWin

2|   12 October 2012

Euro production bottomed in April – if hard data is right                                                   Improvement seen across countries

 1 1 2 .5                                                                                        1 1 2 .5   105                                                                                                             105
               In d e x                                                               In d e x
                                                                                                            100                                                                                                             100
 1 0 7 .5                                                                                        1 0 7 .5
                                                                                                                                                                                                     G erm any
                                                                                                             95                                                                                                              95
 1 0 2 .5                                                                                        1 0 2 .5
                                                                                                             90                                                                                                              90

                     E u r o in d u s t r ia l                                                                                                                                                         France
     9 7 .5                                                                                       9 7 .5     85                                                                                                              85
                     p r o d u c t io n
                                                                                                             80                                                                                                              80
     9 2 .5                                                                                       9 2 .5
                                                                                                                                                                                                           It a ly
                                                                                                             75                                                                                                              75
     8 7 .5                                                                                       8 7 .5                In d u s t r ia l p r o d u c t io n , in d e x 2 0 0 7 = 1 0 0
                                                                                                                                                                                                  S p a in
                                                                                                             70                                                                                                              70
                05        06        07           08        09          10        11     12
                                                                                                                             09                         10                          11                       12

Source: Reuters EcoWin                                                                                      Source: Reuters EcoWin

Divergence between orders and production in Germany                                                         Strong divergence between PMI and production in France

 120                                                                                              133        15                                                                                                             65
              2005=100                                                                                             q/q, % A R                                                                                    In d e x
                                   < < G e r m a n in d u s t r ia l p r o d u c t io n                      10                                                                                                             60
 115                                                                                              123         5
 110                                                                                                          0
                                                                                                  113                                                                                                                       50
 105                                                                                                        -1 0                                                                                                            45
                                                                                                  103                France P M I m an, new orders > >
                                                                                                            -1 5                                                                                                            40
                                                                                                            -2 0
                                                                                                     93                                                                                                                     35
     95                                                                                                     -2 5
                                                                                                     83     -3 0
     90                                                                                                                     < < F r a n c e in d u s t r ia l p r o c u t io n
                                                                                                            -3 5                                                                                                            25
     85                             G e r m a n fa c t o r y o r d e r s > >                         73     -4 0                                                                                                            20

               06          07          08             09          10         11          12                        02        03       04        05        06       07        08           09    10        11         12

Source: Reuters EcoWin                                                                                      Source: Reuters EcoWin

                                                                                                            Exports holding up reasonably well while retail sales have
The cost of the euro crisis - euro area way behind US this time

 105                                                                                               105      160                                                                                                             108
                                                                                                                   EU R bn                                                                           In d e x
              In d e k s 2 0 0 7 = 1 0 0                                                                                                                                                                                    107
 100                                                                                               100                      < < E u ro e x p o rts
                                                                                                            140                                                                                                             105
                                  USA                                                                                                                                                                                       104
     95                                                                                              95     130
                                                                                                            120                                                                                                             102
     90                                                                                              90                                                                                                                     101
     85                                               E u r o la n d                                 85     100                                                                                                              99
                                                                                                                                                                                      E u r o r e t a il s a le s > >
     80                                                                                              80
                                                                                                             80                                                                                                              96
               02            04             06               08             10           12
                                                                                                                    05             06           07            08           09             10          11             12

Source: Reuters EcoWin                                                                                      Source: Reuters EcoWin

3|    12 October 2012

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4|   12 October 2012

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5|   12 October 2012

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