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                                 REGULAR MEETING

                                   MARCH 10, 2008

      The Board of Mayor and Aldermen met in regular session on Monday, March 10,
2008, at 7:00 p.m. at Town Hall, 123 Boone Street, Jonesborough, TN.

      Mayor Bledsoe called the meeting to order and led with the Pledge to the Flag.

       Upon call of the roll the following members were present: Mayor Tobie Bledsoe,
Alderman Terry Countermine, Alderman Jerome Fitzgerald, Alderman Mary Gearhart
and Alderman Chuck Vest. Also present were Town Administrator Bob Browning,
Attorney Jim Wheeler and Town Recorder Abbey Miller.

      The approval of the February 11, 2008, Board of Mayor and Aldermen minutes
was the next item on the agenda. Motion was made by Alderman Vest, seconded by
Alderman Countermine and duly passed to approve the minutes.

       The Financial Report was the next item on the agenda. Alderman Gearhart
asked if the Grant reimbursement requests had been sent out and Mr. Browning said all
of the reimbursements have been requested except for the Preserve America Grant.
Alderman Vest commented on the savings in our Health Insurance line item. Ms. Miller
said 15% was budgeted and the bid came in lower. Alderman Vest said there are a lot
of positives in the budget. Ms. Miller said her office has collected 86% of property taxes
to date. Motion was made by Alderman Countermine, seconded by Alderman Gearhart
and duly passed to approve the Financial Report as presented
       Approval of the payment of the bills was the next item on the agenda. Alderman
Gearhart questioned the payment to Kathleen Buttolph being doubled. Ms. Miller said
that the Board approved an increase of $500 in February and the February payment
had already been paid so when the March payment of $1,500 was made, the additional
$500 for February was included, making the payment a total of $2,000. Alderman Vest
said he understood the $500 increase in Ms. Buttolph’s payment was to begin in
February and was just clarifying the $2,000 payment. Alderman Countermine made the
motion, seconded by Alderman Vest and duly passed to approve the following bills if
funds are available:

      VENDOR                                         AMOUNT

A-Z Office Resources, Inc.                           2641.33
Accounts Receivable                                    46.00
Advance Auto #6905                                     40.47
Advance Auto Parts                                    289.55
Aggregates USA, LLC                                  3208.66
Alley & Associates                                   1570.16
American Tire Distribution                           1653.54
Anderson & Associates                                2550.00
Another Touch                                          13.50
Appalachian Light & Pro                               102.20
Appalachian Tire                                      357.32
Archer Electric Service                               440.00
Aries Industries, Inc.                               7016.00
Atmos Energy                                         1673.11
Ayers Distributing Co.                                258.00
Bachman-Bernard                                       509.93
Banc of America P&I                                  3073.83
Barnes Exterminating Co.                               92.00
Barry Heating & Air                                  1066.33
Bill Rider                                             50.00
Bldg Permits Law Bulletin                              99.00
Blue Ridge Chocolates                                  12.00
Branham Corporation                                    33.28
Bray’s Recapping Service                              966.75
Brenda Adkins                                          50.00
Brenntag Midsouth Inc.                               1837.66
Brokers National Life                                2916.56
Burk Consulting, Inc.                                 665.00
California Contractors                                 89.70
Caterpillar Financial                                2244.03
Cellular Page                                          53.86
Central Child Support                                 505.61
Central Paper & Supply                                359.93
Championship Sports                                   508.45
Charles E. Lyons                                       50.00
City Electric Supply                                   31.93
Clubhouse Inn & Suites                                101.64
Coca-Cola Enterprises, Inc.                           331.20
Collective Data                                        50.00
Consolidated Pipe & Supply                            330.00
Corporal Supplies                                      77.07
Cox Ford Tractor Co.                                   15.80
Creative Publishing                                   540.00
Cub Scout Pack 130                                    100.00
Dennis Curtis                                          50.00
Department of Commerce                                250.00
East TN Chemicals                                      50.00
East TN Rent-Alls                                     222.65
Embarq                                                283.50
Embarq                                                 35.84
      VENDOR                 AMOUNT

Embarq                        195.08
Environmental Science        1998.00
Equinox Environmental        3496.34
Fenco Supply of J.C.           19.36
Ferguson Enterprises #5      2907.73
First TN Bank                3538.28
First TN Bank Series 20      5737.75
First TN Human Resource      1000.00
Fisher Scientific Co, LLC     202.44
Fleenor Security System       251.88
Food City                      16.98
Foster Signs                   30.00
G & C Supply Company, Inc.    478.80
G & K Services                227.00
G & L Truck Parts              23.53
Gall’s Inc.                  6378.25
General Sessions Court         43.44
General Sessions Court        170.50
Gerdau Ameristeel             200.00
Grainger                       89.25
Gus & Anne Palas               69.50
Hach                          258.33
Harbor Freight Tools           59.86
Hartman Construction Co.      400.00
Hayes Pipe & Supply          1049.00
HD Supply Waterworks, Lt      538.20
Heidi Ehle                     26.15
Herrington                    375.20
Home Depot                    481.85
Hugh A Thomason                50.00
Institute of Police Tec       100.00
International Storytelling     76.50
J. Mark Bowery Insurance     3285.43
Janpak, Inc.                  268.15
Jay Greene                      4.50
Jefferson Sales              4180.45
Jennifer Daugherty            171.00
JoAnn Holley                   50.00
John Rambo                    120.00
Johnson City Power Board      639.74
Johnson City Press            159.47
Jonesborough Water Dept      1068.57
Karen Ebb                     250.00
Kathleen Buttolph             114.23
Kathleen Buttolph            2000.00
Kay Park-Rec Corp             818.00
Ken Smith Auto Parts #4        95.37
Leslie Kemp                    50.00
Lisa Pierce                    80.00
Lowe’s                       1057.46
Matt Rice                      17.00
Morristown Fire Dept          118.00
Napa Auto Parts               754.30
Nationwide Retirement         558.18
Neil Enterprises, Inc.        310.83
Newman Heating & Air         6980.00
News & Neighbor               262.80
Northeast TN Tourism          200.00
Northern Hydraulics           141.99
Nortrax                        78.40
      VENDOR                   AMOUNT

OEC Systems, LLC                 228.50
Office Depot Credit Plan          66.98
Office Max #233                  108.32
Office of the Chapter 1          175.00
Olde Towne Hardware             2541.25
Olde Towne Small Engine           55.90
Oriental Trading Company         273.74
PB Electronics Inc.              682.50
Pip Printing                      60.63
Pitney Bowes                     161.48
Pitney Bowes                     518.99
Polydyne Inc.                   1552.50
Quality Trophy & Engraving        26.00
Ralph Applebaum & Associates   11020.24
Rambo, Wheeler & Seeley         4020.00
Ramey Ford-Lincoln-Mercury       128.00
RDJ Specialties, Inc.             74.90
Red Bud Supply, Inc.             879.12
Reliance Standard (Vol)          272.31
Ricoh                           1609.87
S & W Services                   132.00
Saratoga                          59.00
Saratoga Financial                91.19
Sharon Squibb                    200.00
Shred-It                          10.00
Spring Service Co.               500.00
Sprint                             6.22
Standard Forms                   118.00
Steego Auto Parts                555.67
Summers Hardware                  29.32
Suntrust Bank                  25144.38
Swisher Hygiene                   44.00
Taylor Battery East Whs          551.23
TFACA                            236.00
TFACA                            472.00
TN Cons Retirement System      25968.30
TN Fireman’s Association          75.00
TN Local Dev. Authority         3183.61
Town of Jonesborough             879.75
Tri Cities Communication         120.00
Tri City Waste Paper             100.00
Tri-State Aire-Cooled En          30.64
Tri-State Analytical Lab          42.00
Tri-State Bolt & Screw           158.75
TSAC                              83.52
United Parcel Service            245.03
United Utilities               20836.64
United Way                       305.00
USA Blue Book                    103.35
Valley National Gases             35.31
Vermeer of Tennessee            4325.00
VWR International                538.09
Walmart Store #01-1080           222.15
Walters State College            798.00
Washington Farmers Co-op         527.37
Waste Management               12192.68
Wedding Loft                      51.05
West Group                       101.00
West Hills Ford Tractor          211.23
White’s Auto Parts               955.35
      VENDOR                                            AMOUNT

White’s Discount Food                                      13.97
Williams Electric                                         566.22
Winco                                                      72.98
Wiseman’s Inc.                                            100.00
WNCW Accounts Receivable                                   75.00


      VENDOR                         GENERAL              WATER            SANITATION

54702-54877 AP                       101561.56
54879-54900 AP                       229401.41
TFSCEA                                  348.00
J W Greene                              131.00
Roadrunner #124                          39.14
State of Tennessee                       40.00
Youngman Family Screen                  346.50
First TN Bank                          3322.37
Johnson City Power Board                767.94
Johnson City Power Board                 72.00
TFACA                                   250.00
Chad Bruckman                           134.00
Creative Signs                          770.00
41028-41169 AP                                         140257.69
41171-41179 AP                                         814329.57
Worldwide Equipment                                     74647.00
Doyle Cloyd                                                17.00
Best Western Downtown Conv.                               197.38
Mike Jackson                                              296.00
Treasurer, State of Tennessee                             150.00
Johnson City Power Board                                   38.81
2872-2887 AP                                                                15493.31
2889-2890 AP                                                                  242.00
First TN Bank                                                                2214.92

      Communications from the Mayor was the next item on the agenda. Mayor
Bledsoe introduced Mr. Lester Lattney from United Way. Mr. Lattney introduced the
members of his Board and his wife. He gave a presentation on Community Needs
Assessment by United Way. Mr. Browning said the Town is working on creating a
Jonesborough Community Chest which is on the Two Year Work Plan. He said United
Way serves a lot of county residents. He said he has enjoyed his first year on the
United Way Board. Mayor Bledsoe thanked Mr. Lattney for his presentation.

        Mayor Bledsoe said Arbor Day will be celebrated on April 25th, and further details
will be presented at the April meeting.

       Mayor Bledsoe recognized John Dillow and Steve Ollinger who are the Coaches
for the Jonesborough Senior Little League team that recently won the State
championship for the second year in a row. She read and presented them with the
following proclamation:
       Attorney Wheeler’s report was next on the agenda. Attorney Wheeler said this is
the longest time that the Town has gone without any litigation. He said Department
Heads should be congratulated on this.

      Mayor Bledsoe said there was a celebration and ribbon cutting at Stage Road
Park on the previous Friday. She said there was a crowd there and it was a great day.

      Citizen comments was next on the agenda. Mr. Ed Wolfe, 1103 Miller Drive,
addressed the Board stating that he is an ordained minister with the Lutheran Church of
America. He said he and others would like to have a Lutheran Church in Jonesborough
and there will be a general interest meeting at the Jonesborough Presbyterian Church
on March 31st to evaluate the interest in the community of establishing a local Lutheran

       Mrs. Ruth Verhegge said the Flag Committee has two functions each year. She
said the Old Glory Celebration will be held Saturday, April 12th, at 7:00 p.m. at the Visitor
Center. She said the letters for re-adoption of flags will be mailed out very soon.

      The following committee reports were submitted for approval: Jonesborough
Planning Commission, Tree and Townscape Board, Historic Zoning Commission, and
Park and Recreation Advisory Committee

       The following Supervisors Reports were submitted for approval:     Water
Distribution, Park and Recreation, Water Treatment, Public Safety, Environmental
Services, Senior Center, Tourism, Public Works, Building Inspector, and Project

       Alderman Gearhart said that last month she asked for a report from Ms. Copp on
the projects that she has worked on and the hours that she has worked. Alderman Vest
said that there was one in the packet this month. Alderman Vest said that Joan Miller
said she has a leak and asked that it be addressed. Mr. Browning said that he would
check on that.

       There was no Old Business on the agenda this month.

       The first item of New Business was the Lease Agreement with NETTA. Mayor
Bledsoe said that Ms. Claudia Moody from NETTA and Ken Misterly were present.
Motion was made by Alderman Gearhart, seconded by Alderman Fitzgerald and duly
passed to approve the extension of the 5 year lease with the Northeast Tennessee
Tourism Association that includes an increase in the monthly utility payment to NETTA
by the Town from $200 to $250 per month and an increase in liability insurance to be
carried by NETTA to $1,000,000.

                         TOWN OF JONESBOROUGH
                          2008 LEASE AGREEMENT

A.     THIS LEASE AGREEMENT, made and entered into on this the 10 _ day of March,
       2008, by and between the THE BOARD OF MAYOR AND ALDERMEN of the TOWN OF
       JONESBOROUGH, TENNESSEE, Lessor, hereinafter known and referred to as “The
       hereinafter known and referred to as the NETTA:

                                   W I T N E S S E T H:
B.     For and in consideration of the mutual covenants and agreements hereinafter contained,
       the Lessor has let, leased, and demised and does by these presents hereby let, lease
       and demise unto the Lessee the following described real property; situate, lying and
       being in the 15th Civil District of Washington County, Tennessee, and within the Town of
       Jonesborough, Tennessee, and being more particularly described as follows, to-wit:
       BEING the building owned by the Town known as the Slemons House located on Fox
       Street, Jonesborough, Tennessee.
C.   TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the above-described property, together with all the rights,
     privileges, and appurtenances thereunto appertaining, unto NETTA for a period of five
     years, beginning on the _1st day of       April    , 2008, and ending on the  31
     day of     March       , 2013.
D.   The terms and conditions of this Lease Agreement, all of which are deemed inseparable
     and of the essence of this agreement, and NETTA, by the acceptance of this instrument
     and the occupancy of the premises, agrees and binds itself in accordance with the terms
     and provisions hereof, all as follows:
       1.   NETTA agrees to pay unto the Town the sum of one dollar ($1.00) per year,
            payable in advance for each year during the term of this lease;
       2.   The Northeast Tennessee Tourism Association is a non-profit agency dedicated
            to providing a cooperative framework for tourism development and promotion in
            the eight county region of Northeast Tennessee. The association serves as one
            of the nine regional tourism organizations recognized by the Tennessee
            Department of Tourist Development;
       3.   It is agreed and understood that the Town and NETTA will negotiate in good faith
            a renewal of the Lease Agreement at the end of five years for an additional five
       4.   It is agreed by both parties that NETTA will maintain the inside of the building,
            keeping the same in good repair, and that the Town will maintain the outside of
            the building, including the roof, heating and air conditioning systems, and
            plumbing, and will maintain the grounds of Mill Spring Park and parking areas
            around the Slemons House. Four spaces in the adjacent parking area will be
            dedicated for use by NETTA staff or visitors;
       5.   It is agreed and understood between the parties that the Town may maintain
            insurance coverage for the structure of the building, but that NETTA shall be
            responsible for all insurance that it may desire concerning the contents, lease
            hold improvements, or business interruption insurance;
       6.   The parties agree that, should NETTA, NETTA’s employees, or third parties
            having to do business with NETTA, in any way, be injured on the leased
            premises, NETTA hereby agrees to hold the Town harmless for any judgment or
            monies that may be paid over to said injured party, including all expenses
            defending the same, unless said injuries are proven to be the result of negligence
            by the Town of Jonesborough or its employees. NETTA agrees to provide
            liability insurance for injuries on the premises, the minimum about of said
            insurance to be $1,000,000.00;
       7.   The parties agree that the Town of Jonesborough will provide $250.00 per month
            for utility costs related to NETTA’s use of the building. The $250.00 operational
            payment will be paid monthly through the term of this lease and will be included
            as an addition to Jonesborough’s annual Appropriation/Assessment to NETTA;
       8.   NETTA will make no alterations in or additions to said premises without first
            obtaining the Town’s approval, in writing, and that all additions, fixtures, and
            improvements, whether temporary or permanent in character (except movable
            office furniture and display cases) made in or upon said premises, either by
            NETTA or the Town shall be the Town’s property and shall remain upon said
            premises at the termination of the term of this lease by lapse of time or
            otherwise, without compensation to NETTA unless otherwise specified by the
            Jonesborough Board of Mayor and Aldermen;
       9.   NETTA holds the Town harmless and waives all claims against the Town for
            damages to property belonging to NETTA resulting from any accident, theft, or
            equipment being out of repair in or about the building unless said damages are
            proven to have resulted from a willful act or negligence by the Town.
      10.   NETTA, throughout the term of the Lease, shall take good care of the leased
            premises and at its sole cost and expense, make all non-structural repairs
            needed to preserve the inside of said building when repairs result from
            reasonable wear and tear, obsolescence, damage, and fire or other casualty;

      11.   No unlawful use will be made of this building by NETTA, NETTA’s employees, or
            any third parties gaining access to the building through NETTA. NETTA also
            agrees not to allow any use of the property that would create a nuisance.
        12.    All notices of intent to renegotiate the Lease shall be given, in writing, to the other
               party at least 120 days in advance of the termination of the lease. Any and all
               other notices shall also be given, in writing, concerning any violations of the
               Agreement by either party. Thirty (30) days will be given to correct any violation
               by either party and if not corrected this lease may be declared invalid by either
        13.    In case of damage by fire to the leased premises, or any part thereof, the Town
               shall repair and restore the same to the extent possible, without terminating this
               Lease. Further the Town and NETTA covenant with each other that, if, during
               the life of this lease said premises shall be damaged by fire or other casualty as
               to be untenable, then, either party, hereto, upon written notice to the other party
               after said fire may terminate this lease;
        14.    It is understood by both parties that NETTA is a non-profit organization,
               organized under the laws of the State of Tennessee, and should NETTA cease to
               operate as a non-profit organization, or should NETTA be dissolved for any
               reason, the Lease Agreement shall terminate, immediately, upon such
        15.    It is agreed and understood by both parties that NETTA shall not sublet the
               premises under any circumstances during the term of this lease unless NETTA
               requests authorization and receives the approval of the Town;
        16.    The parking area adjacent to the building can be fully utilized by NETTA but will
               remain a public parking area. The Town agrees to pave the parking area as
               funds become available. In addition, the Town will provide adequate exterior
               security lighting for the building and parking area;
IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, the parties hereunto have caused this instrument to be executed
by their respective officers on this the day and date first above-written, in duplicate, either of
which copy may be treated as an original for all purposes.

                                              THE BOARD OF MAYOR AND ALDERMEN
                                              TOWN OF JONESBOROUGH

                                                    TOBIE BLEDSOE, MAYOR


                                                    ABBEY MILLER, RECORDER

                                              NORTHEAST TENNESSEE TOURISM
                                              ASSOCIATION, STATE OF TENNESSEE


                                                    EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR

                                              APPROVED AS TO FORM

                                               JAMES R. WHEELER, TOWN ATTORNEY
        The next item on the agenda was the request for hardwood flooring for the Visitor
Center auditorium. Alderman Vest said he did not feel the fee should be waived for the
rental of the facility.    Alderman Gearhart said she agreed and that was the
recommendation from the Visitor Center Committee. Alderman Gearhart said the
Visitor Center Committee also recommended that the sliding panels be taken down
because the Committee felt a hazardous situation could possibly result if the panels
were cut off at the bottom to accommodate the new flooring. The panels would lose
their weight at the bottom and would not properly connect. Also, the panels would lose
their sound proofing capability. Alderman Vest said if a group wants a private meeting,
they can use the community room. He said he feels that the proposed flooring is a
great gift to the Town. Alderman Gearhart said this is a very generous gift to the Town
but it is for the Dance Society. She said there is going to be a cost in accommodating
that floor. Alderman Vest said we should purchase a matt to put under the stage to
protect the new floors. Mayor Bledsoe said that Steve Cook had called and he wanted
her to let the Board know this is an important group to the Town. He said this dance
program could be as popular and well attended as Music on the Square. She said Mr.
Cook is talking about using money from Music on the Square to help install some better
sound equipment. Alderman Countermine said there are people from five years old to
eighty-five years old who attend these dances. Alderman Gearhart said the center
would have to be closed for two weeks and asked for assurance from Mr. Wiley that the
floor would be completed within the two weeks (May 26 – June 11). Mr. Wiley assured
the Board that the work could be done within the two weeks. He said it would take
approximately three days to put the wood down. Mr. Browning said Ms. Tomko would
be getting prices on replacing the outside doors. Ms. Tomko said they had booked the
dances for the Dance Society for the years 2008 and 2009 and if they wanted 2010,
then they could do that.
        Motion was made by Alderman Countermine, seconded by Alderman Vest and
duly passed to approve the offer from the Historic Jonesborough Dance Society to
install new Mulligan hardwood flooring in the auditorium, community room, and behind
the counter at the Jonesborough Visitor Center at no charge to the Town, with the work
taking place from May 26 – June 11, 2008 and authorize Town staff to move forward
with replacing the outside auditorium doors and replacing the associated sidewalk with
budgeted Town funds. The Town staff will also look at ways to protect the new floor
from the existing stage if it is used the month of June and possibly replacing the stage in
next fiscal year’s budget. Also, the panels in the auditorium will be removed. Alderman
Vest asked if issues arise during the 24 Saturdays that the Dance Society has reserved,
can the Visitor Center Director terminate the agreement? Mr. Browning said the
Director has the authority to terminate the agreement if there is a problem and any
problems also need to be brought to his attention.
       The next item on the agenda was the authorization to bid a pump truck for the
Wastewater Plant. Mr. Browning said we are having problems with our pump truck and
we do pump a lot of areas. Alderman Gearhart asked if there would be a time in the
future that we would stop pumping in the different areas. Mayor Bledsoe said the staff
has finished the work at Colony Brook and we do not have to routinely pump that area
any more. Mr. Browning said one of the biggest problems we have is houses are being
built before the utility services can be installed. He said the contractor sells the house
before utilities are available. That is when we have to pump the sewer. He said he and
Mr. Thomason are working on an agreement that the contractor will have to sign stating
that they will not sell the homes until the utility services are available and they are also
working with J.W. Greene concerning the issuance of building permits.                  Mike
McCracken said his staff dug the pit on Boones Creek Road and will be doing the bore
tomorrow for the installation of the sewer line. He said it would take approximately three
days. Mr. Browning said Mr. Thomason is focused on this. Motion was made by
Alderman Countermine, seconded by Alderman Gearhart and duly passed to authorize
the staff to bid out a new and used sewer pump truck and bring the bids back to the
April meeting for a possible recommendation.
       The next item on the agenda was the appointment of a recycling solid waste
attendant and the approval of the job description. Motion was made by Alderman
Gearhart, seconded by Alderman Vest and duly passed to approve changing the vacant
position in the Wastewater Department to a Recycling/Solid Waste Attendant at Grade 4
under the position description presented.
                          TOWN OF JONESBOROUGH
                              JOB DESCRIPTION


This employee works under the direct supervision of the Director of Environmental
Services (DES) in the daily operation of the solid waste and recycling facility. This
person performs both skilled and unskilled tasks and has knowledge and the ability to
operate related to processing of recycling materials.


Provide a continuous on-site presence to direct and manage the public when they visit
our facility for recycling, trash disposal, and brush disposal.

Build, move, and process compost and mulch piles as needed.

Monitor compost piles for temperature and report data to and aid the Assistant Director
of Environmental Services in the compost operation.

Develop on-site plan for the efficient processing of recycled materials such as glass,
plastic, paper and cardboard.

Develop educational program for presentation to schools and community organizations
about recycling.


Oversee inmate and work camp labor at the Recycling Facility when processing
recycled materials and building or yard maintenance.

Provides assistance to Director of Environmental Services in other activities related to
the daily operation of the WWTP, Compost & Recycling Center and collection system.

Other duties as may be assigned.


Compost experience and/or education desired.

Able to complete and maintain records for recycling/solid waste reporting requirements.


High school graduate or equivalent.

Must possess a valid Tennessee commercial driver’s license / Class A.

Use of both hands and feet for operation of department vehicles and equipment.

Lift equipment for transport, and ability to work in open ditches, and carry out
maintenance tasks.

Able to lift at least 80 lb. bags of concrete mix and able to use a hand truck to move full
55 gallon drums.

Physically able to perform heavy manual labor for extended periods often under
unfavorable climate conditions.

Tasks require good perception and vision. Must be able to hear safety alarms on
equipment and to clearly hear and understand oral instructions with machinery
operating and in somewhat stressful situations. Will be exposed to noise, fumes,
chemicals, and sewage.


Exposure to hot sun, rain, and infrequently snow and cold weather. Works with plants,
grass and other vegetation producing pollen, insects including bees and other
organisms associated with vegetation. Exposure to oil, gas and diesel fumes.

Grade 4
March 2008

      The next item was the approval of the promotion of Russell Lunceford. Motion
was made by Alderman Countermine, seconded by Alderman Gearhart and duly
passed to approve the promotion of Russell Lunceford to the Recycling/Solid Waste
Attendant’s position at Grade 4 Step 1 ($18,412).

      Pay clarification for a part-time Water Plant Operator was the next item on the
agenda. Alderman Countermine made the motion, seconded by Alderman Gearhart
and duly passed to approve Edwin Dugger going to Grade 10 Step 10 ($15.48 per hour)
beginning the next pay period in March.

      Appointment of a Water Maintenance Worker I was the next item on the agenda.
Motion was made by Alderman Gearhart, seconded by Alderman Vest and duly passed
to approve the hiring of Martin Adams as a Water Distribution Water Maintenance
Worker I at Grade 1 Step 1 ($15,905) subject to all pre-employment conditions including

       The appointment of an Open Space Coordinator was the next item on the
agenda. Alderman Countermine made the motion, seconded by Alderman Gearhart
and duly passed to approve the hiring of William Russell as Open Space Coordinator in
the Recreation Department at Grade 12 Step 1 ($27,203) subject to all pre-employment
conditions including WorkSteps.

      The next item on the agenda was the Special Events Request for Memorial Day
Weekend. Mr. Browning said this not a special events request but is a street closing
request. Alderman Vest made the motion, seconded by Alderman Countermine and
duly passed to approve the closing of Boone Street on Sunday, May 25, 2008, from
1:30 until the end of the Veterans Memorial Ceremony.

      The approval of the concession agreement with Little League was the next item
on the agenda. Alderman Countermine made the motion, seconded by Alderman Vest
and duly passed to approve the Concession Agreement with the Jonesborough Little
League to operate the concession area near the T-Ball field if construction is complete.
Alderman Vest said he would like to see the lease on the two concessions stands be
separated into two different agreements in the future.
                             TOWN OF JONESBOROUGH


                           2008 CONCESSION AGREEMENT

This agreement is entered into by the Jonesborough Department of Parks and
Recreation and the Persimmon Ridge Soccer Association herein called the
“Concessionaire.”     In consideration of the Town of Jonesborough leasing the
concession rights at the Persimmon Ridge Park Ballfields, it is agreed that:

SCOPE OF CONCESSION: This agreement shall grant the exclusive right and
privilege to the Concessionaire to operate the concessions at the ballfield located at
Persimmon Ridge Park in service to individuals or groups of individuals using the
ballfields, playgrounds and park renting park or picnic areas; however, such rights will
not include determining who can and cannot use the ballfields, only the concession
stand area; nor shall such rights of operation restrain or prevent such individuals or
groups from engaging catering services for themselves or bringing their own food and
drink to the ballfield area, as long as this food is not sold.

Concessionaire agrees to service and dispense concessions at such times the public
needs refreshments and/or when the Director of Parks and Recreation Department
directs and to provide in quantities adequate for the needs of the public. All sales and
promotions will be operated efficiently in order to provide optimum revenue as well as

The introduction of additional privileges not contained and enumerated herein will be
subject to the approval of the Recreation Director, and the Town officials.

BUILDING AND LOCATIONS. The Parks and Recreation Department will provide for
the use of the Concessionaire a refreshment stand and location for the purpose of
providing the services herein specified.

REPAIRS AND MAINTENANCE. The Parks and Recreation shall, at its cost and
expense, make all ordinary and reasonable repairs required to preserve the buildings,
occupied under this contract, except any damage done by the Concessionaire.

CONDITIONS AND SURRENDER OF PROPERTY. The buildings, which are the
property of the Town of Jonesborough, shall remain the property of the Town of
Jonesborough and upon termination of the contract by lapse of time or otherwise, the
Concessionaire shall surrender possession of all said premises and part in as good
condition as said premises where when first occupied by the Concessionaire.

PLANS FOR ALTERATION. The Concessionaire shall make no alterations of or
repairs to any building, reserved for its use, or erect any new structure or building on the
grounds without official approval from the Parks and Recreation Department.

EQUIPMENT. The Concessionaire shall, at his own cost or expense, furnish and
maintain in good usable condition, a sufficient amount of movable equipment,
dispensers, hot dog cookers, table utensils, dishes, such other equipment as may be
necessary to properly furnish the services here in provided for in a manner acceptable
to the Director of Parks and Recreation.

The Town of Jonesborough will not accept any liability or be responsible, in whole or
part, for any damage, which may be sustained by any materials and/or equipment on
any location resulting from any cause whatsoever.
DISPOSAL OF GARBAGE AND REFUSE. The Concessionaire shall not allow
garbage or other refuse to accumulate or to gather in or about any of the buildings or
structures occupied by the Concessionaire except in suitable covered garbage
receptacles. The Parks and Recreation Department will be responsible for the removal
of rubbish, trash, and garbage provided that the Concessionaire accumulates such
trash at given points and at given times under the direction of the Town.

Jonesborough Little League shall appoint personnel responsible for picking up trash and
litter in and around the ballfields, creekway, and parking areas used by players and
spectators every night the Concession Stand is in operation.

CLEANING PREMISES. The Concessionaire shall furnish all labor, services, materials,
supplies, and equipment necessary to maintain, in a clean orderly and inviting condition
satisfactory to the Director, all premises used and occupied by the Concessionaire in
the operation of concessions, together with the areas immediately surrounding the
concession stand that are affected by said operations including but not limited to the
spectator/bleachers area, creekway, and parking lots.

UTILITIES. The Parks and Recreation Department will furnish light, power, and water
in such locations where these utilities exist. All additional installations which require the
use of these utilities shall be made and maintained at the expense of the
Concessionaire and only after securing prior approval.

EMPLOYEES. The Concessionaire shall, at his/her own cost and expense, provide a
sufficient number of employees to service the public promptly and efficiently and in a
manner satisfactory to the Director. A minimum of one (1) adult is required.

The Concessionaire shall not permit any agent or employee to remain in or upon
premise of Persimmon Ridge Park or in any of the buildings, structures or locations
occupied by the Concessionaire for any period of time longer than is normally
necessary to secure the premises and to perform minor clerical work after the close of
business, provided, however, that if required for the protection of its property the
Concessionaire may employ and permit watchmen to remain in said building, so
occupied by it.

The Concessionaire shall employ only competent and satisfactory workmen and
whenever the Director shall notify the Concessionaire in writing that any person
employed on the premises in his/her opinion, is incompetent, disorderly, unsanitary, or
otherwise unsatisfactory, such person’s employment shall be reviewed thoroughly and
appropriate action taken.

Concession stand personnel at the ballparks will be responsible for turning off the lights
on the field, after the last game of the day securing the building, and policing the area to
keep it sanitary.

HOURS OF OPERATION. The Concessionaire shall keep all concessions herein
provided for the operation during all reasonable hours and at such other times as the
public needs require or the Director shall direct. Ballfield concessions will be opened 30
minutes prior to the first game.

ORDINANCES, LAWS AND REGULATIONS. The Concessionaire shall not sell or
permit to be sold, used or brought upon the premises of the Park intoxicating or
alcoholic beverages, and shall not permit or suffer any gambling at any time upon said
premises, and shall not permit improper or immoral conduct on the part of its officers or
employees, and shall not permit hawking or any other noises or disturbance designed to
attract attention or to solicit trade, and shall abide by the ordinances of the County of
Washington, Town of Jonesborough, and the laws of the State of Tennessee, and of the
United States, and the rules and regulations promulgated by the Parks and Recreation
Department. There shall be no smoking in the concession stand and around the
ballfield facilities
It shall be the obligation of the Concessionaire to apply for, pay for, and obtain all
permits and licenses required by the various law enforcement agencies to operate the
concessions, and to sell the approved merchandise.

ACCOUNTS, BOOKS AND RECORDS. The concessionaire shall keep books and
records showing accurate and complete data on all receipts and disbursements in
connection with the operation of all concessions. The Concessionaire shall provide
monthly financial reports, which follow the Governmental Accounting Standards Board
(GASB) guidelines to the Town Recorder and the Parks and Recreation Director. The
Town Recorder has the right at all times to examine and audit all of said books and
recorder and to reexamine and re-audit same.

PAYMENTS. The Concessionaire agrees to pay the Jonesborough Parks and
Recreation Department a flat fee payment of $1.00 as compensation for the lease. This
payment shall be paid to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen on or before August 1 of
each season.

CANCELLATION BY THE TOWN. This agreement shall be subject to cancellation by
the Town of Jonesborough in the event of the happening of any one or more of the
following contingencies:

        A.   In the event the Concessionaire is adjudicated as bankrupt, or because of
             its financial condition is judged by the Town as being unable to continue
             successful operation.

        B.   Failure of the Concessionaire to perform, keep, and observe any of the
             conditions of the contract.

RIGHT TO DECIDE QUESTIONS. The decisions of the Director of the Parks &
Recreation Department relative to the proper performance of terms of the contract shall
be subject to the final approval of the Jonesborough Parks and Recreation Advisory
Board and the Board of Mayor and Aldermen.

ASSIGNMENTS AND SUB-CONTRACTS. This agreement or contract of any of the
rights and privileges provided for herein shall not be transferred or assigned by the
Concessionaire without first having obtained the consent of the Town to do so.

LIABILITY OF THE TOWN. The Town, to the extent permitted by State Law, will be
saved and held harmless by the Concessionaire from damage of any kind, make and
description which may arise as a result of making this contract and the operation of the
concessions by the Lessee. The Town shall not be liable for any damage to persons or
properties in the space leased exclusively to the Concessionaire. The Concessionaire
only is responsible for the equipment within the concession stand and that the Town
shall not be liable for any damage thereto or loss or theft thereof.

RELATION TO TOWN. It is the intent that the Concessionaire shall be considered as
an independent contractor and that neither he/she nor his/her employees shall under
any circumstance be considered servants or agents of the Town, and that the Town
shall at no time be legally responsible for any negligence on the part of said
Concessionaire his/her servants or agents, resulting in either personal or property
damage to any individual firm or corporation.

SIGNS. The Concessionaire, at all locations used for the purpose of providing the
services specified shall erect suitable signs, approved by the Director of the Parks &
Recreation Department, informing the public of the nature of the services provided at
any such location.

INSPECTION. The Concessionaire shall allow the Director of Parks & Recreation, or
such other persons as may be designated, access to the premises at all reasonable
hours for the purpose of examining and inspecting said premises, or making necessary
building repairs, or for any other purpose, not unduly affecting the operation of the
Concessionaire’s business.
NO SMOKING REQUIREMENT. Persimmon Ridge Park is a “Smoke Free” park and
smoking is prohibited by the Town of Jonesborough. The Concessionaire agrees to
inform all workers in the concession stand area and parents/children using the
concession stand that smoking is prohibited.

TERM OF CONTRACT. Term of this lease is for the 2008 season and will run from
March 1, 2008 through August 1, 2008.

This agreement may be renewed by the Jonesborough Parks and Recreation Advisory
Board with the consent of the Town of Jonesborough.

Executed on this day of   10th day of   March   , 2008

LESSEE                                              LESSOR

_____________________________                       __________________________
CONCESSIONAIRE                                        TOBIE BLEDSOE, MAYOR

_____________________________                       __________________________
Phone:_______________________                         ABBEY MILLER, RECORDER

APPROVED AS TO FORM:_______________________________________________
                         JAMES R. WHEELER, TOWN ATTORNEY

       The next item on the agenda was the 2007-2008 Audit Agreement. Motion was
made by Alderman Gearhart, seconded by Alderman Vest and duly passed to approve
the audit agreement with Blackburn, Childers, and Steagall to undertake the financial
audit for FY 2007-08 as follows:
        The next item on the agenda was a discussion concerning Visitor Center Rental Rates.
Alderman Vest said since this has not been increased since 1999 that he feels this needs to be
revisited and increase some of the items even more. Mr. Browning recommended giving the
Recreation Department one-third (1/3) of the rental fee from Mill Spring Park. Ms. Miller said
the rental of the Gazebo goes into the General Fund under “Gazebo Rental” and does not go
into the Recreation or Visitor Center line items. It goes into the General Fund revenue. Motion
was made by Alderman Gearhart, seconded by Alderman Countermine and duly passed to
approve the recommended changes in the Visitor Center rental rates and refer the proposed
change in the rental rate of Mill Spring Park to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee to
look at it again and bring back any additional recommendations at Budget time. Alderman
Countermine said he would like to see a list of the groups that rent the Visitor Center. Attorney
Wheeler said there are organizations that do not qualify as civic organizations such as political
organizations but do serve an important civic responsibility. He said there are a lot of these
functions that could not be held if the organizations had to pay rental fees. Alderman Vest said
Mayor Bledsoe can waive the rental fee if so desired. Attorney Wheeler said you have to be
careful about waving fees for selected groups.
        The next item on the agenda was approval of purchases to be paid out of
Litigation Tax Funds. Alderman Vest made the motion, seconded by Alderman
Countermine and duly passed to approve the use of $3,500 in the Litigation Tax Funds
to complete the development of office space in the Public Safety wing of Town Hall.

       The last item was a discussion concerning vehicles for the Recreation
department. Mr. Browning said the Parks and Recreation Department is down to two
vehicles. The department currently has a gray GMC pickup and a Ford Explorer that
Rachel drives. He said the Open Space Coordinator needs a vehicle and the park
maintenance crew needs a vehicle. Mr. Browning said he had communicated with Gary
Lykins to look at what was available in the State Surplus. Mr. Lykins reported he found
three trucks that he felt were worth the Board’s consideration. Mr. Browning said
Recreation needs three trucks. He said one truck that was in Recreation went with
Patrick McCammon when he was transferred to Public Works and the red truck was
taken out of service. Mr. Browning said there is $14,317 left in the Capital Outlay note
for equipment. He said Jeff Thomas was looking at an extended boom mower which
would be very helpful, but he said Recreation did not receive any equipment with the
Capital Outlay Note funds, and they really need vehicles. Ms. Miller said the backhoe
came in at a lower cost than was projected and that is where the extra money came
from. Alderman Vest asked if this was money that was borrowed. Ms. Miller said she
had the money in an interest bearing account and transferred it as purchases were
made. Motion was made by Alderman Vest, seconded by Alderman Countermine and
duly passed to approve the purchase of three trucks at State surplus vehicles for a total
not to exceed $11,300 to be paid out of the remaining Capital Outlay Funds.

      Mayor Bledsoe asked the Board to look at the June schedule because she and
Alderman Countermine are going to be out of town on the scheduled date of the June
meeting. She suggested moving the meeting to June 16th. This can be addressed at
the April meeting.

      Alderman Vest asked about the status of employee evaluations. Mr. Browning
said most of the evaluations were completed except for his part. He said the project
would be completed by the next Board meeting.

       Motion was made by Alderman Countermine, seconded by Alderman Vest and
duly passed to adjourn.

   ABBEY MILLER, RECORDER                             TOBIE BLEDSOE, MAYOR

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