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                    Interviewing OC President Pietro De Godenz

The Val di Fiemme team never stops. A group of professionals as the cabin crew, and 1.200 volunteers as
the main engine. The captain of this incredible team is Pietro De Godenz.
‘The secret to our success’, Nordic Ski Fiemme OC President Pietro De Godenz claimed, ‘is not at all a
secret, first of all. We could not be where we are in this moment without the precious work of our team of
volunteers, who have grown so much through the past years, from a professional point of view. Around
1.200 men and women will be working during future World Cup events and during next year’s World
Championships, and these people’s attitude and availability to any sort of activity have convinced everyone –
FIS included – that Val di Fiemme has got an extraordinary engine that allows our machine to move
flawlessly. Some volunteers are part of the Fiemme team since 1991, when we hosted our first Nordic World
Ski Championship, and their experience has grown so much through the years. Many youngsters have
joined our group, showing great enthusiasm and excitement, and we awarded some young people placing
them in crucial positions inside the main board’.
‘A huge support to what you called a success’, continued De Godenz, ‘undoubtedly comes from local and
national institutions and associations such as Autonomous Province of Trento, Italian Winter Sports
Federation (FISI), local municipalities, Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme, schools, fire brigades, touristic boards
and many others, that have never left us alone. In every single activity or project we deal with, as organising
team we also pay extreme attention to the environment, we conceived our structures with the idea of reusing
them in the future and we aim to enhance local products and companies, giving them a chance to show what
Val di Fiemme and Trentino are capable to do on an international basis’.
‘We received appreciation and congratulation from FIS in regards of the works done at the venues’, said De
Godenz, ‘especially concerning the fact that both the cross country and ski jumping stadiums and the tracks
are practically ready one year ahead of the World Champs. At the end of December we hosted the Nordic
Combined and Women’s Ski Jumping national championships, so I’d say we are ready, yes we are, for the
Pre-Worlds and the next Worlds in one year time.’
The 2012 winter season is about to kick off with a two-day Tour de Ski event that will test De Godenz’s team
and the structures as a whole. ‘The Pre-World Championships represent an incredibly important test for us, a
fantastic training’, concluded De Godenz, ‘and we’ll be working hard in order to sharpen all our capabilities.
The FIS Tour de Ski has been scheduled in Val di Fiemme until 2017 and we appreciate FIS’s trust in us.
Certainly we won’t be disappointing them.’


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