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               MAY—AUGUST 2012
               Extension Classes

                                SOUTHERN OREGON RESEARCH &
                                     EXTENSION CENTER

                                            569 Hanley Road
                                         Central Point, OR 97502
                                          Phone: 541-776-7371

                                OFFICE HOURS: Monday-Friday 8 AM to 5 PM

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                            Commercial Horticulture                   page 4
 cancellation notice to     Family and Community Health               page 5
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                            Land Stewards                             page 7
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                                    FACULTY & STAFF
Philip VanBuskirk
                                                   Rachel Werling
philip.vanbuskirk@oregonstate.edu                  Rachel.werling@oregonstate.edu

Regional Administrator
Jackson & Josephine Counties                       4-H Natural Resources
Area Commercial Orchards,                          Jackson County
Horticulture, Pesticide
Jackson/Josephine Counties                         Bob Reynolds
Max Bennett                                        robert.reynolds@oregonstate.edu
max.bennett@oregonstate.edu                        Urban Horticulture
Forester                                           Jackson /Josephine
Jackson/Josephine Counties                         Counties

Dr. Gabriel Balint Ph.D.
                                                   Anne Manlove

Viticulture & Enology                              4-H Youth Development
Jackson/Josephine Counties                         Jackson County

                                                   Paula Burkhalter
Sharon Johnson

                                                   Office Assistant
Family & Community                                 Website Editor
Health                                             Jackson County
Jackson/Josephine Counties
                                                   Sheila Lee
Maud Powell                                        Office Assistant
maud.powell@oregonstate.edu                        Catalog & Website Editor
                                                   Jackson County
Small Farms
Jackson/Josephine Counties
                                                   Shelby J. Filley
Shaina Bronstein                                   shelby.filley@oregonstate.edu
                                                   Commercial Livestock and
Small Farms                                        Forage Production
Jackson/Josephine Counties                         Jackson & Josephine Counties,
                                                   Douglas, Lane, Linn and
                                                   Benton Counties

Rhianna Simes                                      Elizabeth Murphy
rhianna.simes@oregonstate.edu                      Elizabeth.Murphy@oregonstate.edu

Land Steward Program
Jackson County                                     Small Farms Livestock /
                                                   Jackson/Josephine Counties

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          Jackson County Extension 569 HANLEY RD. Central Point                      Plant Clinic (541)776-7371 Ext. 204
                                                                                      E-mail: jcmga.sorec@oregonstate.edu

33rd Annual SPRING GARDEN FAIR, May 5th & 6th.                            More information about the
Classes offered at the Spring Garden Fair are:                           Spring Garden Fair on Page 11.
Saturday May 5th                                                      Sunday, May 6th
10:00 AM Gardening for Wildlife                                       11:00 AM Pest Management for Organic Gardens
11:00 AM Raised Garden Beds                                           12:00 PM Keeping Wells & Septic Systems
12:00 PM Battling Noxious and Invasive Weeds                          01:00 PM Planting For Pollinators
01:00 PM Soil Testing to Improve Your Soil                            02:00 PM Jardinemos en el Valle del Rogue
02:00 PM Growing Great Tomatoes
03:00 PM Wondrous World of Worms

SUMMER CARE OF GRAPE VINES *              Jackson, Auditorium
Date(s)                     Day              Time              Cost
05/12/2012                  SAT              9 AM-12 PM        $10 .00
Instructor: Chris Hubert, Oregon Vineyard Supply
Learn the most important grape management techniques after pruning. The proper summer management of grape vines
includes early season shoot thinning, controlling head suckering, training vine growth for the rest of the season and control-
ling crop load. Class will take place outdoors in the vineyard. Come dressed for the weather.

CHOOSE & GROW ROCK GARDEN PLANTS *                   Jackson, Auditorium
Date(s)                  Day              Time            Cost
05/15/2012               TUES             7-9 PM          $5.00
Instructor: Kelley Leonard, North American Rock Garden Society
Learn the basics about building a rock garden: rocks, soil, and plants, along with some pointers on how to choose containers.
Have a look at some rock garden plants growing in the Rogue Valley.

GROWING VEGETABLES & HERBS IN CONTAINERS *                      Jackson, Auditorium
Date(s)                   Day              Time              Cost
05/30/2012                WED              7-9 PM            $5.00
Instructor: Marjorie Neal, Master Gardener
Marjorie will demonstrate the ways to select containers, soil, plants, both vegetable & herb, that work well together to get your
container garden growing.

DON’T BE AFRAID OF PERENNIALS *              Jackson, Auditorium
Date(s)                   Day              Time              Cost
06/14/2012                THURS            7-9 PM            $5.00
Instructor: Christie Mackison, Shooting Star Nursery
There’s more than evergreen plants for interest in the winter months. Learn about some great, long-blooming perennials and
how to use them to be rewarded with blooms every month of the year.

INTRODUCTION TO PERMACULTURE: THE SELF-SUSTAINING GARDEN *                               Jackson, Auditorium
Date(s)                   Day              Time              Cost
06/18/2012                MON              7-9 PM            $5.00
Instructor: Cynthia Care, Garden Counselor
Increase your garden’s vitality and resilience, decrease your “carbon footprint” by applying permaculture principles and tech-
niques: easiest-to-grow edible plants and managing weeds in an environmentally-sustainable way.

                                                            Page 3
GROWING FERNS IN THE ROGUE VALLEY *                   Jackson, Auditorium
Date(s)                   Day               Time             Cost
07/09/2012                MON               7-9 PM           $5.00
Instructor: Drew Matthew, Grange Co-op
The botany of ferns, including their differences from other plants, will be explained. Those native to the Rogue Valley will be
explored. Choose an appropriate fern for your location and learn how to prepare the soil will be included.

WINTER VEGGIE GARDENS *             Jackson, Auditorium
Date(s)                   Day               Time             Cost
07/26/2012                THURS             7-9 PM           $5.00
Instructor: Janet Rodkey, Master Gardener
What to grow outdoors in the winter months? Garden maintenance, seed starting, frost protection, varieties of vegetables and
herbs that will grow all winter in our region will be covered. Ornamentals will also be addressed.

BEES & PLANTS THAT ATTRACT THEM *                 Jackson, Auditorium
Date(s)                   Day                Time          Cost
08/07/2012                TUES               7-9 PM         $5.00
Instructor: John Jacob, So. OR Beekeepers, Old Sol Enterprises
Bees are beneficial to a garden. How can gardeners help them help us? Bee and pollinator basics will be covered in this class
along with planting strategies that will benefit them.

EVENING PLANT CLINIC/GARDEN CONVERSATION *                        Jackson, Auditorium
Date(s)                  Day              Time            Cost
08/23/2012               THURS            7-9 PM          $5.00
Instructor: Various Master Gardeners
Join Master Gardeners Baldassare Mineo, Regula Pepi, Marsha Waite & Bob Reynolds, for an evening of gardening conversa-
tion. Review your 2012 garden (real and imagined) and we’ll talk.

                                     COMMERCIAL VITICULTURE
Gabriel Balint    gabriel.balint@oregonstate.edu 776-7371 ext. 223

WINE SENSORY WORKSHOP *              Jackson, Auditorium
Date(s)                   Day            Time              Cost
08/22/2012                WED            6-8:30 PM         $50.00 Pre-registration and pre-payment required.
08/29/2012                WED            6-8:30 PM          REGISTER ON LINE

Instructor: Dr. Gabriel Balint– Viticulture/Enology Program SOREC-OSU
The Wine Sensory class is for anyone who enjoys wine and wants to learn more. Whatever your level is, it will help you get to
the next level and increase your sense of wine appreciation. Wine tasting techniques and sensory perception will be dis-
cussed. It's a fun and interactive way to increase your knowledge and wine tasting skills. Through the two modules of this
class you have the opportunity to explore various varietals. Food and wine matching will be covered as well. Each module has
a wine tasting component. Payment is nonrefundable unless cancelled 10 days prior to scheduled class date. You must be
over 21 years old. There is a limited number of seats. You’ll have a chance to win a bottle of wine in each module of the class.

                                                          Page 4
Sharon Johnson s.johnson@oregonstate.edu 541-776-7371 ext. 210

CoHo Conversations about Death & Dying
Each 90-minute lecture is presented at both 1:30 PM and 7 PM              These free lectures are open to all.

                                                                  Where: Smullin Education Center @ Rogue Valley
5/1 /12 Tues
Palliative Care: Enhancing Quality of Life in the Face of         Medical Center Campus
Serious Illness
5/8/12 Tues                                                       2825 E. Barnett Road, Medford
Where Do You Want To Be When You Die?                             For more information go to: www.COHOroguevalley.org
5/15/12 Tues
Being With the Dying - Families Tell Their Stories                A $10 tax-deductible donation is requested to help cover
5/22/12 Tues                                                      COHO’s costs.
Your Advance Care Plan - A Mini Workshop

A FEAST or Community Foods Conversation is an opportunity for your community to help improve our regional food system.
What is a food system? It’s the sum of all activities required to make food available to people. A FEAST of Community Foods
Conversations is a way to:

    Build community
    Identify community food needs, resources and opportunities
    Improve health and nutrition in your community
    Strengthen existing projects
    Launch new projects with community support and involvement
Feast Date: Saturday, May 12th in Ashland
At the Feast a meal will be provided that celebrates local food
Please register! Those interested in attending a FEAST or Community Foods Conversation are encouraged to register by con-
tacting Hannah Ancel, ACCESS, 541-618-4019 or E-mail: hancel@accesshelps.org
Community Foods Conversations are centered around a potluck meal for which we encourage you to bring a dish that uses
locally produced ingredients.

STRONG WOMEN (MEN) *             Jackson/Josephine,           Auditorium

Instructors: Tufts University Volunteer Program Leaders: Sue Rode, Jane Schlacht, Yolanda Gentile, Nancy Fenton,
Jackie Dwyer, Kathy Szewc, Carol Kerr, Vickie Belknap, Roz O’Rordan, Teddie Hight, & Phyllis Schroeder
Strength training classes through-out the week. Participate in strength training routines using free weights and leg weights,
(provided). Experience improvements in endurance, balance, flexibility and overall strength. (They have fun too!) For open-
ings please call 541-776-7371 ext. 210.

Strong Women classes are very popular. We have been asked about creating more of these training opportunities. In order
to do that--we need to bring Tufts University experts to the Valley to train and certify new leaders. The Strong Women of Jack-
son County Extension are raising money for that purpose and invite you to a fund-raiser that also supports the artistic work of
an unknown, but highly talented 86-year old artist, Dagmar Smith, who is the oldest Strong Women participant. Meet and talk
with Dagmar, view her amazing artwork and maybe even make a purchase. Or simply join us for refreshments and an oppor-
tunity to acquire information about Strong Women classes and possibilities for future classes. Saturday, June 16 th from
10am —2 pm at the Extension auditorium, 569 Hanley Road. Call 541-776-7371 ext. 210 for more information.

                                                             Page 5
Food Safety/Preservation Hotline 1 -800-354-7319 Open June 25-October 12th 1-4 PM Only

YES, YOU CAN can! *        Jackson, Auditorium
Date(s)                Day               Time              Cost
05/24/2012             THURS             6-8 PM            $10.00 (make payable to FFEV)
                                                            Pre-register by calling 541-776-7371
Instructors: Joanne Lescher & Lisa Sandrock, Master Food Preservers
Remember Grandma’s pantry? All those shelves lined with gleaming jars of tomatoes, jams, preserves, and pickles satisfied
a need for food and a creative urge, too. This class is designed to teach the basics of water bath canning. Everything from
harvesting produce (or selecting it at a farm stand), choosing safe University-tested recipes, to correctly filling and processing
jars worthy of blue ribbons at the County Fair. We’ll send you home with recipes, advice on tools and equipment, and planning
tips to make your time in the kitchen satisfying and enjoyable.

LETTUCE ENTERTAIN YOU! *             Jackson, Auditorium
Date(s)                Day                Time              Cost
06/12/2012             TUES               6-8 PM            $10.00 (make payable to FFEV)
                                                            Pre-register by calling 541-776-7371
Instructor: Dorothy Crocket, MG/FFEV & Marilyn McDowell, FFEV/MFP
Starring fresh garden greens in spectacular, living-color salads! Also featuring decadent dressings and tasty toppings! We’ll
provide you with a script of delicious recipes and tips to take home that will transform the salad from a sideshow to a show-
stopper. Don’t miss our one-night-only performance - an evening of entertainment, education and incredible edibles!
Samplings of several salads during intermission will be served. Pre-registration required.

DEHYDRATION & MIXES IN JARS *              Jackson, Auditorium
Date(s)              Day                 Time              Cost
06/23/2012           SAT                 1-4 PM            $15.00 (make payable to FFEV)
                                                           Pre-register by calling 541-776-7371
Instructors: Jackie Greer & Margaret Crow, FFEV
Camping, backpacking, school lunches, or just a healthy alternative to junk snacks—dehydrated foods are the perfect choice!
This ancient method of preserving food combined with modern equipment is fun, safe, and easy enough for kids to do! Learn
how to properly dry fruits and vegetables for maximum nutrient retention and storage life, and craft a mix-in-a-jar. Mixes for a
wide variety of soups, entrees, side dishes, cookies, and snacks can be made easily at home using ingredients you’ve dried in
your dehydrator. Bonus lesson on making delicious jerky is included. Pre -registration required.

TWO WAYS TO PICKLE: QUICK PICKLING & FERMENTATION *                         Jackson,      Auditorium

Date(s)               Day                 Time              Cost
07/24/2012            TUES                6-9 PM            $10.00 (make payable to FFEV)
                                                            Pre-register by calling 541-776-7371
Instructors: Jackie Greer & Michele Pryse, Master Food Preservers
Pickling is a fun way to add zest to your meals, and OSU techniques help you safely and deliciously preserve
vegetables and fruits. Learn about “Quick” pickles, such as cucumber dills, dilly beans, relishes and more-- all preserved
with vinegar. A foray into the exotic world of chutneys is included. Then learn about fermentation, the process whereby lactic
acid bacteria transform humble veggies into international delicacies like sauerkraut, kim chi, and preserved lemons, with or
without a crock! You will have the opportunity to start a quart of brine-pickled veggies to take home. There will be plenty of
edibles for tasting, ideas for incorporating these foods into meals, and recipes, too. Pre-registration required. List of items to
bring: cutting board, knife, 2 quart bowl, apron.

                                                           Page 6
SMALL BATCH PRESERVING *             Jackson, Auditorium
Date(s)                   Day            Time              Cost
08/18/2012                SAT            10 AM-12 PM       $10.00 (make payable to FFEV)
                                                            Pre-register by calling 541-776-7371
Instructor: Kathleen Crawford, FFEV
Those of us with small families still like the taste of our own preserves. There are ways to preserve food in smaller batches
and smaller sizes so we can still have the taste of summer without creating too much food. Smaller batches and sizes can
also be useful for items with low or no sugar. Techniques to use left-over bits of fruits and vegetables so that they feed your
family instead of the landfills will be shared. You can save money and put delicious meals on your table with a minimum of
fuss year-round. Pre-registration required.

SUMMER SQUASH BONANZA *               Jackson, Auditorium
Date(s)                   Day            Time              Cost
08/21/2012                TUES           5-7:30 PM         $10.00 (make payable to FFEV)
                                                           Pre-register by calling 541-776-7371
Instructor: Lori McTaggart & Lori Thomson, FFEV & MG
Are you looking for fresh new ways to use summer squash in your kitchen? Refreshing salads, velvety smooth soups, and
crispy savory veggie chips are just a few of the possibilities. This fun and informative class will teach you all you ever wanted
to know about the soft-skinned members of the Cucurbitaceae family, including tips on growing them for a bountiful harvest
of both blossom and vegetable. Plan to taste an assortment of scrumptious dishes that will give you new ways to use your
inexhaustible vegetables and take home a variety of recipes showcasing these varied and abundant squashes to add to your
menus. Pre-registration required.

                                           Promotes responsible land management
Rhianna Simes rhianna.simes@oregonstate.edu 541-776-7371 ext. 226

Fall-in-the-Field Land Steward Training                    Jackson County               In-the-Field

Date(s)                     Day              Time                  Cost
Sept 4th- Nov 13th          TUESDAYS         1:00-5:30 PM          $175.00 *($225 per Family)

Coordinator: Rhianna Simes Instructors: Natural Resource Professionals
The OSU Extension Service, Jackson Soil and Water Conservation District, and the Oregon Department of Forestry are pleased
to offer the 2012 Land Steward Fall-in-the-Field 10-week program. The Land Steward training will help small-acreage land-
owners learn about ways to create a healthy environment on their property through weekly field trips, presentations, and the
creation of a personalized action plan for their property. The course is targeting land owners who want to learn how to bal-
ance sustainability with their rural lifestyles.
During the Fall-in-the-Field training, participants learn to:

   live safely in wildfire-prone areas
   promote and develop wildlife habitat
   make their own mulch and compost
   maintain healthy trees and forests
   conserve water and reduce runoff
   identify and eradicate noxious weeds
   reduce yard waste and woody biomass

Applications are available through the Jackson County OSU Extension Service website or by email:
*Scholarships and payment plans available for those in need. Course fee includes books, or pamphlets for each topic.
Pre-registration and pre-payment required. Payment is nonrefundable unless cancelled 7 days prior to scheduled class date.
    Thank you to everyone who attended the Living on Your Land one-day Conference in March!

                                                             Page 7
       Max Bennett max.bennett@oregonstate.edu      541-776-7371 EXT. 221

WEED MANAGEMENT FIELD DAY & TOUR *                        Jackson,     Extension Office

Date                       Day             Time                      Cost
05/12/2012                 SAT             8:30 AM-1:00 PM           FREE
Meet at OSU Extension office, 569 Hanley Road, Central Point. How to manage Scotch broom, puncturevine, garlic mustard,
blackberry and other non-native, invasive weeds, and replace them with desirable vegetation is the focus of this field tour.
The emphasis will be on integrated vegetation management strategies, including consideration of manual, mechanical, cul-
tural, biological, and chemical control methods. Sites will range from the Jacksonville Woodlands to the Valley of the Rogue
State Park. Travel to field sites in vans. Lunch and handouts provided. 3 hours ODA pesticide recertification credits avail-
able. Pre-registration is required. Program co-sponsored by Jackson Cooperative Weed Management Area, Oregon Depart-
ment of Forestry and the Partnership for Forestry Education.

Co-sponsored by the Jackson Josephine Small Woodlands Association and the OSU Extension Service, these programs are
free or low cost and open to the public. Join us for a fun, informative program or tour, while meeting and exchanging ideas
with other land owners. Topics, dates and times subject to change – always call ahead or check the website to confirm! Visit
http://jackson-josephinesmallwoodlands.org/ or http://extension.oregonstate.edu/sorec/Forestry/ for current information.

    Thursday, May 17, 7 pm. Understanding Fire Weather. Free. OSU Extension Auditorium, 569 Hanley Rd, Central
     Point. This program featuring meteorologists from the Medford office of the National Weather Service will introduce you
     to the stories behind fire weather forecasts. What weather produces good conditions for burning and smoke dispersal
     (high ventilation index), and vice versa? What about thunderstorms and periods of high fire danger? What is a red flag
     warning? What goes in to making a forecast? What is the seasonal outlook for this summer? These and other questions
     will be answered by our local meteorology experts, giving you new insight into the weather patterns that affect wildfire,
     prescribed burning and smoke dispersal. Pre-registration requested.
    Saturday, June 16, 9am-1 pm. Jackson Josephine Small Woodlands Association annual picnic & tour. Free. Open to non
     -members. Beat the heat and see a well-managed small woodland property in the Greensprings area. This year’s annual
     tour features a parcel owned and managed by Mike and Barb Meredith, Jackson County Tree Farmers of the Year for
     2011. The Merediths owns 7 parcels in Jackson County, totaling 600 acres, and manage 10 conifer species. They active-
     ly manage their lands through tree planting, vegetation control, thinning, pruning, firewood cutting, timber harvest, and
     other activities. Mike is a recently retired forester well-known for his ability to get trees to grow and thrive on tough south-
     ern Oregon sites. Following the tour there will be a potluck picnic and program at Hyatt Lake. Pre-registration required.
     Contact the Extension office for directions and details.

If you would like to be on the Forestry & Natural Resources mailing list and receive a copy of the “SW Oregon Woodland News” Newsletter,
send your name, complete mailing address, phone number and e-mail to: Southern Oregon Research & Extension, FORESTRY, 569 Hanley
Rd., Central Point, OR 97502 or call: 541-776-7371 for Jackson County. Josephine County call: 541-476-6613.

Shelby J. Filley shelby.filley@oregonstate.edu 541-672-4461             http://extension.oregonstate.edu/douglas/lf

                                                                            Each issue contains meeting and program announce-
COST: $5.00/year for a hard copy.                                           ments, articles on sheep, beef, pasture/hay production,
TO SUBSCRIBE: Shelby Filley at 541-672-4461 or shel-                        and special articles on timely topics.

The L&F website is an excellent source of educational and informational material, as well as meeting and program announce-
ments for L&F topics. For a “walk through” of the website * http://extension.oregonstate.edu/douglas/lf or contact Shelby
Filley at: 541-672-4461 .

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Maud Powell maud.powell@oregonstate.edu 541-776-7371 ext. 208

BEE-FRIENDLY FARMING INFORMATION SESSION *                     Jackson/Josephine, Auditorium
Date(s)                    Day           Time               Cost
5/17/2012                  THURS          6:30-8 PM         FREE (Josephine County)
5/29/2012                  TUES           6:30-8 PM          FREE (Jackson county)
Instructors: Sarah Red-Laird
Please join Bee Girl's Sarah Red-Laird and OSU Small Farms for a free symposium on the Bee Friendly Farming initiative. This
is a collaborative effort to address the issue of declining bee populations (both managed and native) by providing good pollen
and nectar forage for them on lands made available by winemakers, farmers, orchardists, school groups, and other organiza-
tions, as well as individual gardeners.

GROWING LAMB * Jackson, on-farm—Long Mountain Farm, 11630 Agate Rd., Eagle Point

Date                      Day            Time            Cost
05/19/2012                SAT            10AM-4PM        $30.00 half-price for 2nd farm partner sharing materials
In cooperation with USDA-RMA.                              REGISTER ON-LINE
Instructors: Charlie and Pam Boyer (Long Mountain Farm), Dr. Charles Estill (OSU Extension Veterinarian), Robert Dyk (USDA-
APHIS), and Tracy Harding. This day-long workshop is focused on risk management for small acreage sheep producers. Field
day topics include pasture management, nutritional requirements, small-scale facilities, reproductive health, direct lamb mar-
keting, and Scrapie eradication in Oregon. Lunch and a class binder are provided. Pre-registration by May 14th is required.
Register on-line or at (541) 776-7371. Checks payable to OSU Extension. More information: Elizabeth Murphy at (541) 776-
7371 ext. 208; elizabeth.murphy@oregonstate.edu.

PASTURING HOGS *         Jackson,     Hensel Family Farms, 9100 W. Evans Creek Rd., Rogue River

Date                       Day            Time              Cost
06/02/2012                 SAT             10AM-4PM         $30.00 half-price for 2nd farm partner sharing materials
In cooperation with USDA-RMA.                                REGISTER ON-LINE
Manage the risk of successful hog pasturing in this field day with Ian Hensel, a former Joel Salatin intern and operator of Hen-
sel Family Farms and veterinarians and farmers, Bob and Jan Bradford. This class covers intensive rotational pasturing, nutri-
tion and alternative feeds, and hog breeds and health. Pork enterprise budgets, processing, and niche marketing will also be
addressed. Lunch and a class binder are provided.
Pre-registration by May 28th is required. Register on-line or at (541) 776-7371. Checks payable to OSU Extension.
More information: Elizabeth Murphy at (541) 776-7371 ext. 208; elizabeth.murphy@oregonstate.edu.

FARMER TO FARMER FIELD DAY * Seven Seeds Farm, Williams

Date(s)                     Day              Time             Cost
06/22/2012                  FRI              9-12 pm          FREE
Join other beginning and commercial growers for a tour and discussion at Seven Seeds Farm in Williams. Gwendolyn Ellen,
coordinator of OSU’s Farmscaping for Beneficial's Project will be our guest. She and farmer, Don Tipping will guide a tour and
discussion. The event will focus on beneficial insects and native pollinators and recognizing and creating habitat for them on
your farm. The Small Farms program is offering these quarterly gathering to provide opportunities for commercial growers to
meet on-farm and exchange. Directions and details will be emailed to registered participants.
Register at: 541-776-7371 ext 208 .

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PROCESSING POULTRY UNDER HB 2872 *               Jackson,     Rogue Valley Brambles, 6764 Tarry Ln., Talent

Date                      Day                Time             Cost
07/08/2012                SUN               10AM-4PM          $60.00 half-price for 2nd farm partner sharing materials
In cooperation with USDA-RMA.                                  REGISTER ON-LINE
Instructors: Ken and Susan Muller (Rogue Valley Brambles), Lauren Gwin (OSU Small Farms Program and Niche Meat Proces-
sor Assistance Network). This hands-on workshop addresses the new laws and regulations for farm direct slaughter and sales
under Oregon HB2872 (the 1000 bird exemption). The A to Zs of poultry processing, sanitation, pathogen management, and
regulatory compliance will be covered as each participant processes a bird to take home. Pasture management and niche
marketing will also be addressed. Lunch and a class binder are provided. Please bring work clothes, work gloves, and rubber
boots. Pre-registration by July 2nd is required. Register on-line or at (541) 776-7371. Checks payable to OSU Extension.
More information: Elizabeth Murphy at (541) 776-7371 ext. 208; elizabeth.murphy@oregonstate.edu.

MANAGING MEAT GOATS * Glendale, on-farm —Tri-R-Ranch, 110 McCullough Creek, Glendale

Date                     Day            Time               Cost
07/27/2012               FRI            10AM-4PM           $30.00 half-price for 2nd farm partner sharing materials
In cooperation with USDA-RMA.                              REGISTER ON-LINE
Instructors: Manda and Richard Doffing (Tri-R-Ranch), Angie Boudros (Jackson SWCD), Dr. Aurora Villarroel (OSU Extension
Veterinarian). This one-day workshop for small-acreage livestock enterprises examines strategies for successful meat goat
production and management. Topics include goat browse management, nutritional requirements, multi-species diversifica-
tion, alternative markets, fencing and facilities, and preventative health. Lunch and a class binder are provided.
Pre-registration by July 22nd is required. Register on-line or at (541) 776-7371. Checks payable to OSU Extension.
More information: Elizabeth Murphy at (541) 776-7371 ext. 208; elizabeth.murphy@oregonstate.edu.

RAISING BEEF ON GRASS * Jackson, on-farm —Martin Family Ranch, 2673 Taylor Rd., Central Point

Date                       Day              Time               Cost
08/10/2012                 FRI              10AM-4PM           $30.00 half-price for 2nd farm partner sharing materials
In cooperation with USDA-RMA.                                   REGISTER ON-LINE
Instructors: Larry Martin (Martin Family Ranch) and Shelby Filley (OSU Extension Livestock and Forage Specialist).
This on-farm workshop addresses risk management in grass-fed beef production. Topics include management intensive
grazing, forage and nutritional requirements, cow-calf health, beef finishing and quality, and direct marketing. Lunch and a
class binder are provided. Pre-registration by August 6th is required. Register on-line or at (541) 776-7371. Checks payable
to OSU Extension. More information: Elizabeth Murphy at (541) 776-7371 ext. 208; elizabeth.murphy@oregonstate.edu.

                                                4-H YOUTH– JACKSON
            Anne Manlove manlove.a@oregonstate.edu Jackson County Extension 541-776-7371 ext. 205
            Diane Miller diane.miller@oregonstate.edu ext. 229

4-H UP-COMING EVENTS                                                   http://extension.oregonstate.edu/sorec/4h

   May 1, Tues. local scholarship applications due
   May 2, Wed. New 4-H member orientation/dinner
   May 16, Wed. Spring Fair registration deadline
   June 1-3, Fri.-Sat. Spring Fair
   June 26, Tues. Registration for County Fair
   June 27-30, Wed.-Sat. OSU Summer Conference, Corvallis
   July 13-14, Fri.-Sat. 4-H Dog Show, Expo
   July 17-22, Tues.-Sun. County Fair, Expo
   August 6-10, August 12-15, 4-H Summer Camps
   August 24-September 3, State Fair, Salem

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  33rd Annual SPRING GARDEN FAIR, May 5th & 6th. It’s time to get out of the house and into the garden. Every year
  we make our Spring Garden Fair bigger and better. There’s something for everyone. Visit with well over 100 horticulture
  related vendors, ranging from numerous types of veggies starts, to yard art, to Bokashi. What’s Bokashi? Come and
  find out. Look up Aaron Ward. He will be glad to let you know of Bakashi’s great benefits to your garden soil, and how
  using it creates super worms!! We always like to add a small variety of other types of vendors, like the chocolate ven-
  dor. After all, chocolate is horticulture-related as cocoa grows on trees.
  Among our other educational classes, this year we have added a class taught totally in Spanish by Joan Thorndike:
  Jardinemos en el Valle del Rogue ¿Cómo empezamos? If you know any Spanish speaking gardeners, please let them
  know of this special class taught on Sunday at 2:PM. Need your well water tested for nitrates? We have a booth for
  that, too.
                                     Make sure you attend! Held at the Jackson County Expo
                               Saturday, May 5th, 9:AM-5:PM, and Sunday, May 6th, 10:AM-4:PM.
                                                 $3.00 tickets, 15 and under free.
              Advanced tickets available in the OSU Master Gardener Plant Clinic, Extension Center Hanley Rd.
                                                       See you there!

                                         WHERE TO FIND US!
            JACKSON COUNTY EXTENSION                                       JOSEPHINE COUNTY EXTENSION
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When pre-payment is required, PLEASE MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO OSU EXTENSION, unless otherwise specified;
(Some classes ask for checks to be made payable to other entities.)
Mail registration to: OSU EXTENSION, Attn: Sheila Lee, 569 Hanley Road, Central Point, OR 97502
For more information Call: 541-776-7371

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Or Register on line at: http://extension.oregonstate.edu/sorec (Specified classes only)

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Oregon State University offers educational programs activities, and materials—without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin,
age, marital status, disability, and disabled veterans or Vietnam-era veteran status. Oregon State University is an Equal Opportunity Employer. OSU Extension
programs will provide reasonable accommodations to persons with physical or mental disabilities. Our location is accessible to persons with disabilities. If you
need particular accommodations, please call our Extension Office at(541) 776-7371 at least 7 days prior to the event.
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