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									                       R.B. Stall High School: Twilight Alternative Program

Director/Instructor:     Dr. Daniel J. Ilagan
Instructors:             Mr. Caleb Coblentz
                         Mr. Steve Guerry

        Parents and students are encouraged to contact us via email and phone:
        843-764-2200 Ext: 27252

Program Description:
         Charleston County School District has mandated that each individual high school offer an alternative program to
aid at-risk and troubled students both academically and behaviorally in lieu of expulsion. The Twilight Program at Stall
High School is an intervention for students who have been removed from the regular full-time day school setting for
behavioral reasons.

        Students may be placed in Twilight for reasons including:
             Unresponsive to interventions by Core Team
             Referral by the Office of Student Placement
             Direct placement by the Principal

        Students in the Twilight Program will have the opportunity to work in one of three 3-hour sessions (9am –
12pm, 12pm – 3pm, 3pm- 6pm) and work toward earning at least two core credits using the APEX Virtual School (see
below). At this time, students will not have the ability to earn Science credit in the Twilight Program.

        Students accepted into the program (and their guardian) must meet with the Twilight Program Director and the
Assistant Principal over Alternative Programs before the student is allowed to attend. Procedures and expectations will
be reviewed at that time.

Special Note: Transportation to and from R.B. Stall High School for the Twilight Sessions is NOT provided by CCSD. Food
service is also not provided; please eat something before arriving.

APEX Virtual School:
        Apex offers a multitude of courses, each designed to the meet specific needs of students using audio, video,
animated and still images, and interactivity to support multi-modal learning. A large variety of activity types provide
numerous approaches to learning, among them: interactive simulations, text and graphics to read and interpret, and
discussions and journals to respond to.

Course Texts:
        Apex has some written assignments, but they are accessed via their website. A behavior improvement
(prosocial) component will have a journal and/or workbook assigned.

                                            Please read the following carefully!

Searches by CCSD staff: Twilight students will be searched daily before entering the Twilight Lab.

Materials required of the student: Students are asked to bring a pen/pencil every day. Students may also bring a set of
headphones to use with the online APEX Virtual School. Twilight will provide a journal and folder for the students.

                                                  Twilight at a glance
                     R.B. Stall High School: Twilight Alternative Program

Evaluation Scale: Students will complete online quizzes and tests as part of their online course. Worksheets may also be
printed and used by students to in order to prepare for quizzes and tests. Grading scale: A = 92.5-100; B = 84.5 – 92.4; C
= 75.5 – 84.4; D = 69.5 – 74; F = 69 or below.

All grades will be administered online. BUT there is a maximum limit to the number of times quizzes and test may be
taken: Three. Once those online quizzes and tests have been completed (and passed) a grade of a 70 will appear on your
transcript for that course, and credit will be awarded.

Mastery-Based Learning: As noted above, students will be given three chances to pass quizzes and tests with a grade of
a 70%. In order to receive a fourth attempt, study sheets for the lesson will have to be completed and shown to me
before quizzes are unlocked.

Prosocial: There is a prosocial component to the Twilight program. We will address anger management, communication
skills, conflict resolution/mediation, career exploration, career planning, individual graduation plans, goal setting,
alcohol and other drug abuse prevention, and student survival skills. Students are expected to actively participate in
these activities.

Restrooms: Students must be escorted to the restroom.

Electronics: The use of electronic devices (iPods, MP3 players, cell phones, etc) is NOT allowed in the classroom –
students may use headphones to listen to instruction provided by their online course.

Food/Drink: Per the administration, food and drink is prohibited in the classroom. Please eat before you come.

Behavior Management: The purpose of the Twilight Program is to improve behavior and give you the opportunity to
earn your way back to the regular/mainstream classes. Students may earn points for academic achievement, and
behavioral compliance. Students meeting academic and behavior goals may participate in the following activities:
     field trips to local colleges/ trade schools
     driver’s permit preparation and test
     opportunities to interact with the student body w/ supervision
     participation in a half-unit course with mainstreamed students.

Students unwilling to meet academic and behavior expectations will be referred to the Office of Student Placement for
disciplinary review and removal from Twilight.

Students more than ten minutes late to the Twilight Lab will not be allowed to attend Twilight for that day’s session or
remain on campus. For that day work on APEX must be one online at home or at a public library.

Communication: Parents and students are encouraged to contact any Twilight staff member for any reason. Please let
the Twilight staff know if you have any questions or concerns.

Final Point: Students are expected to take responsibility for their academics, behavior, emotions, attitude, and choices.

                                                 Twilight at a glance

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