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									                Benefits of Salsa Dancing: Stay Healthy and Active

Most of the people fear from the name of Salsa Dancing, thinking it as a
complicated dance. Well, as a matter of fact it is terribly easy, and it takes only
some time to get proficient at it. Hereby, we have mentioned the benefits of salsa
dance in Mumbai

Calorie Bursting-The benefits of Salsa Dance Lessons are enormous. The first and
foremost is the dance is a great form of exercise and it is way better than biking
or running for hours and hours on treadmill. It’s estimated that dance burns
between 5 to 10 calories per minute; it is estimated 300 to 600 calories per hour.
So, if you’ve put some extra pounds in this Christmas, then salsa is the best way to
reduce it.

It develops the intrinsic feeling of forever young- Salsa Dancing makes you feel
forever young. It not only provides benefit to cardio vascular system, but it also
enhances the lung capacity. Undoubedtly, it’s physically demanding, but it’s a
thrilling and adventurous. It retards the process of ageing and keeps you
emotionally and mentally fit.

Strong Healthy Bones- One among the benefits of salsa dance is strong healthy
bones. It aids in treatment of osteoporosis and keeps your joint lubricated aiding
in the prevention of arthritis.

Happiness and Fulfillment- Leading salsa
dance classes help you to lead good lives
too. Dance is a true way to showcase your
happiness. It is the right way to become
honest with one and eventually find

Moreover, by joining salsa dance classes in
Mumbai you will get an additional benefit
of strength and endurance.Most of the
women sacrifices her life to husband, son or parents, but this trait can cause

Letting it go is a biggest threat for the women who is in power.

Another reason why to Learn Salsa Dance Moves is it assists in your weight loss
goals. With it, you lose weight, live long and feel better about yourself. Personally,
I used to weigh 50 pounds, and I have tried every diet available on the planet. But
salsa dance was the solution.

Confidence- the Experienced Salsa Instructors will make you feel confident and it
will help you to conquer your doubts and fears. The idea is as you progress, so will
your level of confidence in whatever you do. Everyone will observe the
difference- your boss, friends, and your family.

Here we are not talking about the confidencein the dance ability, but it will overall
improve your personality.

Self expression- the techniques of salsa dance helps you to express yourself
verbally or through movement. Perhaps you’ll need to hear the music and get a
good grasp of it, but ability to express with another person through music fulfills
the basic human need. It will make you a happier person.

Perk up patience level- the fundamentals of salsa dance emphasize on learing
and relearning the basics and relearning before moving forward. This in turn
increases the patience level of the dancers.

Thus, salsa in Mumbai is not a cake walk, but with practice you would be able to
nail salsa dance.

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