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									  Don’t Forget to Choose a Guardian for Your Children

Do you have minor children? If so, you should name a guardian for your children
right away. A guardian is someone you pick to care for your children in case you
and your spouse should become disabled or die. This important decision should
be documented in your estate plan.

If You Don’t Have a Guardian Plan

If you don’t name a guardian for your children one of two worst case scenarios
could occur. First, if several family members wish to take your children in, a
custody battle could ensue and affect your children’s happiness and well-being.
Second, no one may be willing to act as guardian, and your children could be
placed in foster care.
Naming a Guardian

It is important to take plenty of time in your decision making process. First, make
a list of everyone you can think of who have caregiver qualities that you value.
Include both family members and friends of the family in your list.

Next, narrow down your list of names based upon what attributes are most
important to you. Choosing your parents or your spouse’s parents may be good,
since grandparents will bring maturity to the job. Beware, though, older guardians
may have some physical trouble that hinders caregiver duties.

You may also want to consider family members who already have children of their
own. You will know their parenting style and what values and morals they
treasure. Be sure, though, that asking someone with children to be your guardian
will not be too much of a burden with their current parenting duties.

It is best to narrow your list down to no fewer than three couples or individuals.
This gives you people to fall back upon if your chosen guardian is unwilling or

Update Your Choice

Each time you review your estate plan, be sure to speak with your chosen
guardian to make sure he or she is still willing and able to care for your children in
the event of an emergency. It is also vital to review the back-up guardians you
have listed to ensure they are still available as well.

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