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									The Adopters’ Charter
Bolton Adoption Service supports the principles of the Governments Adopters
Charter 2012 which states that;

Children come first

•   Adoption is first and foremost a service for children who cannot live with their birth
    family. Children should be helped to understand what adoption means and supported
    throughout the adoption journey and beyond.

•   Adoption is a life-changing decision that affects the child, and his or her birth and
    adoptive families. It must be made with the child’s best interests, wishes, feelings and
    needs at its heart and on the basis of sound evidence and high quality assessments.

Adoption agencies must:

•   Ensure that children are placed, with siblings wherever possible, within a timescale that is
    best for them and without unnecessary delay.

•   Treat prospective adopters and adopters with openness, fairness and respect.

•   Make prospective adopters’ first points of contact informative and welcoming.

•   Approach adopter recruitment in the spirit of inclusiveness with a view to identifying
    potential and opportunity – no-one should be automatically excluded.

•   Recruit prospective adopters who can meet all or most of the needs of children waiting
    for, or likely to need, adoption and signpost prospective adopters to other agencies if
    there is insufficient local demand.

•   Explain to prospective adopters the needs and profiles of the children waiting to be

•   Ensure preparation and training, the home study assessment, and approval process are
    explained and proceed efficiently.

•   Regularly review progress on matching with prospective adopters, and inform them about
    the Adoption Register and refer them to this within required timescales.

•   Provide adopters and prospective adopters with information, counselling and support, as
    and when needed, throughout the adoption journey and beyond.

•   Provide prospective adopters with information about the Independent                 Review

•   Work in partnership, and with other agencies and the Courts, to ensure that all decisions
    are timely and joined-up.
Adoptive parents must:

• Be aware that adoption often brings challenges as well as joy, be realistic about the
  needs of children awaiting adoption, and accept that with support they may be able to
  consider adopting a child with a different profile to the child they originally envisaged

• Make the most of opportunities to develop their parenting skills, and seek support when
  needed at the earliest stage.

• Do all they can to enable their adopted child to feel loved and secure, and to reach their

In signing this Charter the adoption agency and adoptive parent agree to reflect
the spirit and intentions of the Charter in their actions.

What you can expect of us:

        To provide you with your own social worker who will complete your assessment. Where
         ever possible this same social worker will support you to the placement and adoption of
         your child.

        To offer you assessment, training and support.

        To be open, transparent and sensitive in our work with you.

        To provide adoption support services (e.g. support groups, support during contact,
         therapeutic services, counselling advice and information) to enable the adoption to be a
         success both before and after your child(ren)’s legal adoption.

        To provide access to our Complaints Procedure if you are dissatisfied with the service
         with which you are being provided.

        To keep any personal information you give us safe and secure.

        To ensure that you receive full written up-to-date information about any child who we
         are considering as a potential match with you so that you can make an informed
         decision as to whether you wish to proceed. To give you the opportunity to explore this
         fully with your link worker and the child’s social worker as well as any other ‘experts’
         who may be appropriate.

What we expect of you:

•       To recognise that adoption has lifelong implication for yourselves, your adopted child(ren)
        and their birth parents.

•       To make yourself available for assessment and support visits.

•       To accept that it is inappropriate to smack your adopted child.

•       To fully recognise and positively value your adopted child’s ethnic origin, cultural
        background, religion and language.
•   To help your child reach their potential - promote your adopted childs health welfare,
    safety and emotional needs.

•   To seek help and support as necessary

•   To share with your child information about their birth family, and the reasons they were
    placed with you for adoption, in an age appropriate way.

•   To meet with your adopted child’s birth parents at an early stage in the process if it is
    seen by the workers involved to be appropriate and helpful.

•   To co-operate in providing information for the birth family about the progress of your
    adopted child via the Agency’s letterbox system and discussing difficulties you may be
    having with this so that they can be overcome.

•   Let us know of either the death of your adopted child or of a serious genetic illness which
    may have implications for their siblings or other birth family members.

•   To keep safe any personal mementos which have been given to you by the birth family
    and share these with your adopted child at an appropriate time.

•   If the placement of your child disrupts prior to the making of the Adoption Order, to
    participate in a Disruption Meeting so that we can all reflect on our practice to inform
    future plans for the child and also out future practice.

•   To let us know if you move to enable us to contact you with any relevant information
    (e.g. illness or death within the birth family).


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