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					               GRID-initiatives in the Nordic region
Conference xxx - August 2003

                  status and future challenges
                                       Anders Ynnerman
                                     EGEE Nordic Federation
                       Director Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing
                                       Linköping University
        Outline of presentation

• Status in the Nordic countries
    • Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden
•   SweGrid testbed for production
•   NorduGrid
•   Nordic DataGrid Facility
•   Nordic Grid Consortium
•   North European Grid
•   Identifying potential problems for Nordic Grid

                            Workshop on eInfrastructure (Internet and Grids) Rome Dec-03 - 2
           HPC-infrastructure                                      GRID-initiatives

•   HPC program initiated 2001                           •   Copenhagen University is a partner
     •   Danish Center for Scientific Computing              in NorduGrid
     •   Distributed program                             •   Danish Center for Grid Computing
•   Location of facilities based on                          (DCGC) has just been established
    scientific evaluation of participating                     •   Virtual center located a 5 sites
    groups not on computer centers or                          •   Main location at the Niels Bohr Institute,
    infrastructure                                                 Copenhagen University
     •   Århus                                                 •   0.75 MEuros/year
     •   Odense                                                •   Operations and support of a Danish Grid
     •   DTU                                                   •   Research agenda with 10 senior
     •   Copenhagen University                                     researchers and 5 PhD students
•   Budget                                                     •   Strong ties to NorduGrid and Nordic
     •   2.1 MEuros (2001)                                         DataGrid Faicility
     •   1.6 MEuros (2002)                               •   Participation in EGEE through NBI
     •   1.5 MEuros (2003)
     •   1.4 MEuros (2004)

                                                  Workshop on eInfrastructure (Internet and Grids) Rome Dec-03 - 3
          HPC-infrastructure                          GRID-initiatives

•   NOTUR – The Norwegian High-              •   Metacenter goal – To establish a
    Performance Computational                    uniform and as seamless as
    Infrastructure                               possible, access to HPC resources
     •   Trondheim                           •   Parallab at Bergen is participating in
     •   Oslo                                    the Nordic Grid Consortium with
     •   Bergen
                                                 PDC and CSC
     •   Tromsö
                                             •   Parallab is contributing to EGEE
•   Budget
                                                 security team
     •   168 MEuros (2000-2003)
     •   50% from reserach councils          •   Bergen and Oslo are partners in
     •   Statoil, DNMI                           NorduGrid
     •   In kind contributions               •   Plans for a ”NORGRID” are being
•   New program similar to the Swedish           developed
    program is being initated and placed
    under the NREN (UNINETT)

                                      Workshop on eInfrastructure (Internet and Grids) Rome Dec-03 - 4
          HPC-infrastructure                                       GRID-initiatives

•   Center for Scientific Computing                       •   CSC is one of the founding partners
    (CSC) is the (main) center in                             in the Nordic Grid Consortium
                                                          •   CSC is contributing resources to
•   The largest HPC center in                                 NorduGrid
                                                          •   CSC is a partner in DEISA
•   Runs services for academic users
                                                          •   Helsinki Institute of Physics is
    all over Finland and FMI
                                                              running several GRID projects and
•   Budget                                                    is contributing to the EGEE security
     •   Directly from the ministry of education              team
                                                          •   A Finnish Grid dedicated to
•   Smaller university HPC-systems                            Condensed Matter Physics is being
    (clusters) are beginning to appear                        built

                                                   Workshop on eInfrastructure (Internet and Grids) Rome Dec-03 - 5
          HPC-infrastructure                                   GRID-initiatives

•   Swedish National Infrastucutre for                •   Lund and Uppsala are partners in
    Computing (SNIC) formed during
    2003                                              •   Largest resource contributions to
                                                          NorduGrid are SNIC clusters at
•   6 participating centers                               Umeå and Linköping
     •   Umeå
                                                      •   SweGrid production Grid is being
     •   Uppsala                                          built (600 CPUs) over 6 sites 120 Tb
     •   Stockholm                                        storage
     •   Linköping
                                                      •   SNIC is hosting the EGEE Nordic
     •   Göteborg
                                                          Regional Operations Center
     •   Lund
                                                      •   Stockholm (PDC) is coordinating
•   National resource allocation (SNAC)                   the EGEE security activity
•   Budget                                            •   PDC is one of the founders of the
     •   4.5 MEuros/year (Government)                     Nordic Grid Consortium
     •   4.0 MEuros/year private foundations          •   PDC is a partner in the European
                                                          Grid Support Center

                                               Workshop on eInfrastructure (Internet and Grids) Rome Dec-03 - 6
                 •   3 parts
                       •   Research and development
                       •   Operations
                       •   Hardware
                 •   Total budget 3.6 MEuro
                 •   6 GRID nodes:
                 •   600 CPUs
                       •   IA-32, 1 processor/server
                       •   875P with 800 MHz FSB and dual
                           memory busses
                       •   2.8 GHz Intel P4
                       •   2 Gbyte
                       •   Gigabit Ethernet
                 •   12 TByte temporary storage
                       •   FibreChannel for bandwidth
                       •   14 x 146 GByte 10000 rpm
                 •   1 Gigabit direct connection to
                     SUNET (10 Gigabit)

          Workshop on eInfrastructure (Internet and Grids) Rome Dec-03 - 7
         Persistent storage on SweGrid?

     1                  2                                       3

Size                                                    Bandwidth
Administration                                          Availability

                     Workshop on eInfrastructure (Internet and Grids) Rome Dec-03 - 8
                The NorduGrid project

• Initiated by several Nordic universities
    •   Copenhagen, Lund, Stockholm, Oslo, Bergen, Helsinki, later: Linköping and Umeå
• Started in January 2001 & funded by NorduNet-2
    •   Simultaneously with EU DataGrid, but with only a 2 years budget and 3 new positions
    •   Initial goal: to deploy DataGrid middleware to run “ATLAS Data Challenge”
• Cooperation with DataGrid
    •   Common Certification Authority and Virtual Organization tools, Globus2 configuration
    •   Common applications (high-energy physics research)
• Switched from deployment to R&D in February 2002
    •   Deployed a light-weight and yet reliable and robust Grid solution in time for the
        ATLAS DC tests in May 2002
• Continuation
    •   NorduGrid was one of the driving forces behind the creation of the ”North European
        Grid Federation” together with the Dutch Grid, Belgium and Estonia
    •   Is an option for middleware for the ”Nordic Data Grid Facility”
    •   …as well as for the Swedish Grid facility SWEGRID

                                           Workshop on eInfrastructure (Internet and Grids) Rome Dec-03 - 9
The resources
                • Currently available resources:
                     •   4 dedicated test clusters (3-4 CPUs)
                     •   Some junkyard-class second-hand
                         clusters (4 to 80 CPUs)
                     •   Few university production-class
                         facilities (20 to 60 CPUs)
                     •   Two world-class clusters in Sweden,
                         listed in Top500 (230 and 440
                • Other resources come and go
                     •   Canada, Japan – test set-ups
                     •   CERN, Russia – clients
                     •   It’s open, anybody can join or part
                • People:
                     •   the “core” team grew to 7 persons
                     •   local sysadmins are only called up
                         when users need an upgrade

           Workshop on eInfrastructure (Internet and Grids) Rome Dec-03 - 10
A NorduGrid snapshot

           Workshop on eInfrastructure (Internet and Grids) Rome Dec-03 - 11
                 Reflections on NorduGrid
•   Bottom up project driven by an application motivated group of talented people

•   Middleware adaptation and development has followed a flexible and minimally
    invasive approach

•   HPC centers are currently “connecting” large resources since it is good PR for
    the centers

•   As soon as NorduGrid usage of these resources increases they will be
    disconnected. There is no such thing as free cycles!

•   Motivation of resource allocations is missing
     •   NorduGrid lacks an approved procedure for resource allocation to VOs and individual user groups
         based on scientific reviews of proposals
•   Funding for the continuation of the project is today unclear
     •   NorduGrid may remain a middleware project that delivers solutions to other Nordic production
         Grids such as SweGrid

                                              Workshop on eInfrastructure (Internet and Grids) Rome Dec-03 - 12
             Nordic DataGrid Facility
• Based on a Working paper by the NOS-N working group
   (April 4, 2002): road map towards the Nordic Grid Facility
• Project started 2003-01-01
• Builds on interest from
   •   Biomedical sciences
   •   Earth sicences
   •   Space and astro sciences
   •   High energy physics
• Gradual build-up
   • Project leader and 4 postdocs
   • Projects in middleware and application interfaces

                                   Workshop on eInfrastructure (Internet and Grids) Rome Dec-03 - 13
              Nordic DataGrid Facility
                                International Evaluation
                                Competition for location
                                 of Nordic Grid Facility

                                                        Nordic Agreement
           Competence Building                   Investments in Nordic Grid Facility
      Nordic Funding for co-ordination
           of Nordic co-operation                        Capacity Building

      2002        2003             2004            2005            2006           2007

Prototype period 2002-2004:                       Capacity building 2004-2007:
Scope 0.54 MEuro.                                 Scope 15 MEuro.

                                           Workshop on eInfrastructure (Internet and Grids) Rome Dec-03 - 14
          NDGF challenges

  Users    Users    Users     Users
 Country 4Country 3Country 2 Country 1            Current HPC setup

                                                                 Funding agency
                                                                    country 1
                                                             Funding agency
HPC-center             HPC-center
               HPC-center                                       country 2
                                                          Funding agency
                                                     Funding agency 3
                                                         country 4

                               Workshop on eInfrastructure (Internet and Grids) Rome Dec-03 - 15
              VO 3

      VO 1
                                                                              Other GRIDs
                     VO 2
                                                GRID management

                Accounting       Allocations

         HPC-center                                   Funding agency
          HPC-center                                   Funding agency
           HPC-center                                    Country 1
                                                        Funding agency
                                                          Country 1
                                                          Funding agency
                                                            Country 1
                                                             Country 1

                               Workshop on eInfrastructure (Internet and Grids) Rome Dec-03 - 16
             Nordic Grid Consortium
• PDC, CSC and Parallab have signed Memorandum of
• The Vision is to:
   • “create a Grid for the benefit of the users of the facilities”

• Purpose is to:
   • Explore Grid production from an HPC-center point of view
   • Explore means of exchanging resource allocations across national borders

• NGC is an inclusive organisation and will expand to include
  all major HPC centers in Scandinavia

                                      Workshop on eInfrastructure (Internet and Grids) Rome Dec-03 - 17
• A large number of GRID initiatives in the Nordic Region
• HPC – centers and GRID initatives are rapidly merging
• Strong need for a mechanism for exchange of resources
  over the borders
• Very few existing users belong to VOs
   • Most cycles at HPC-centers are used for chemistry
   • How will these users become GRID users?
• There is a need for authorities that grant resources to
  projects (VOs)
   •   Locally
   •   Regionally
   •   Nationally
   •   Internationally

                                 Workshop on eInfrastructure (Internet and Grids) Rome Dec-03 - 18
            North European Grid
• NEG is an EGEE federation consisting of
   • Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Holland, Norway, Sweden
• NEG is responsible for the security in EGEE
• NEG is hosting an EGEE Regional Operations Center
   • Two lead sites
       SARA
       SNIC/PDC

• NEG executive committee has been formed
   • One representative per partner in the federation plus also a national
     representative per country
   • Phone meetings every second Friday to deal with common issues
• NEG will play an important role in the coordination of Grid
  efforts in the federation

                                   Workshop on eInfrastructure (Internet and Grids) Rome Dec-03 - 19
            The NorduGrid philosophy
• No single point of failure
• Resource owners have full control of the contributed
• Installation details should not be dictated
   • Method, OS version, configuration, etc.
• As little restriction on site configuration as possible
   • Computing nodes should not be required to be on the public network
   • Clusters need not be dedicated
• NorduGrid software should be able to use existing system
  and Globus installation
   • Patched Globus RPMs are provided
• Start with something simple that works and proceed from

                                  Workshop on eInfrastructure (Internet and Grids) Rome Dec-03 - 21
 Atlas                     MoU     NorduGrid

                           MoU     SweGrid

                           MoU     DCGC
                           MoU     Notur

                           MoU     CSC


          Atlas               PigMap

                  Workshop on eInfrastructure (Internet and Grids) Rome Dec-03 - 22

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