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Brian Panish - California Trial Lawyer
Brian Panish is one of the nation’s leading trial lawyers, with more than 100 verdicts and settlements of $1 million, 10 jury verdicts in
excess of $10 million and one jury verdict in excess of $4.9 billion, the largest personal injury and liability verdict in American history.

                        What do you do when you’ve                       tryptophan litigation and his time spent on the Fen-Phen diet
                        accomplished far more than you                   drug litigation. Panish’s firm, Panish, Shea and Boyle have
                        could have imagined? What if you’re              worked tirelessly in their efforts of protecting consumers in
                        the attorney who continues to break              product liability suits, civil rights suits, aviation suits and
                        settlement records and who strives to            personal injury suits, including a 3.3 billion settlement in the
                        make a positive contribution to the legal        Los Angeles County Tobacco Litigation.
                        practice as well as your own community?
                        If you’re Brian Panish, you keep moving          Panish is currently a member of the Consumer Attorneys
                        forward and raising the bar for yourself         Association of California and is currently serving on the Board
                        each time.                                       of Governors. He is also a lecturer throughout both California
                                                                         and the U.S. Other highlights in the career of the brilliant
Brian Panish, a Los Angeles attorney, was awarded Trial                  legal mind includes time spent as the co-chairperson of the
Lawyer of the Year by Consumer Attorneys of Los Angeles, is              Consumer Attorneys of California Annual Lake Tahoe Seminar
ranked among the 100 Most Influential Attorneys in California            for two years, recipient of the American Jurisprudence Award
and most recently, succeeded in in securing a settlement for             in Wills and Trusts, Legal Professions Secured Transactions and
the family of Chris Baker, who died in a 2008 South Carolina             Entertainment Law and Product Liability.
plane crash while traveling with the late DJ AM and Travis
Barker. The settlement includes more than $7.5 million for               He is an active member of Trial Lawyers for Public Justice,
Baker’s widow and more than $17 million for Baker’s son, who             Inner Circle of Advocates, International Society of Barristers,
was three at the time of the crash. Following the settlement             and Association of Business Trial Lawyers. He is admitted
offer, Panish says, “It’s a very sad case, but we’re glad they           in the U.S. District Court, Central, Southern and Northern
were able to avoid a trial and receive full compensation”.               Districts of California.
Other lawsuits from this accident have already been settled
and this recent agreement, completed in March, 2010, signals             Now that the award has come down involving the settlement
closure for many involved in this tragic case.                           for Chris Baker’s family, it appears his firm, Panish, Shea &
                                                                         Boyle, LLP will begin representing those injured due to the
Another highlight of Panish’s career includes his work as lead           recent Toyota auto defects. Currently, the firm is reviewing
counsel against General Motors. The suit was brought due                 cases and posting the most recent breaking Toyota and Lexus
to injuries to six people - 4 children and 2 adults, caused              news on the site’s home page.
by defective fuel systems. The liability verdict, the largest
in American justice system, came to more than $4.9 billion.              You can learn more about Brian Panish and his many accolades
You might also know his name from his involvement in the                 by visiting his firm’s site at

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