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Are You Contemplating Career Suicide?


There is nothing that guarantees that you will find work satisfaction in a new field of work, and that you will never find satisfaction while practicing law.

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Are You Contemplating Career Suicide?
By Surajit Sharma

Recently, with the economic gloom and all that, the number of attorneys I meet who are dissatisfied with their work or workplace seems
to be going up. More so with the younger people, who think they still have time to make a career shift and build a new one in another
field. Well, that can be done any time, and it does not take age, but luck and smart work on your side.

What you desperately need is a positive turn in your life.             Some things that might help you to get in tune with your
Picture yourself getting the brief that puts your name on the          surroundings include:
headlines. Picture people coming up to you and congratulating
you on the way you are conducting things. Picture the media               •       Toning down your expectations to realistic levels
taking your interviews and asking you what you are going to               •       Ceasing all comparisons with others and concentrating
do next. Would you still think of leaving your career? If the                     on your own work
answer is still yes, then you should prepare yourself to do               •       Feeling pride in your work and describing what you do
what you prefer. And if the answer is no, then you need to                        with pride to friends and family
reassess your situation and try to work out new strategies to             •       Showing respect and greeting people you meet at work
handle difficulties.                                                              including coworkers, seniors, juniors, legal staff, and
Don’t think your situation to be unique. At any given time,               •       Killing the feeling that your present is due to a wrong
close to 50% of workers in any field of work are not satisfied                    choice in the past
with their situation. There is nothing that guarantees that you           •       Recognizing that social networking and looking for work
will find work satisfaction in a new field of work, and that you                  is as much a part of regular work for ace attorneys, as
will never find satisfaction while practicing law. Just answer                    they are for any brie-fless newbie
yourself one question: Are there attorneys around you who                 •       Understanding that briefs other than in your choice
have capabilities close to what you have, but are satisfied at                    field can hold keys to success
their work? If the answer is yes, then again it is your duty to           •       Understanding that people who deride and ridicule you
gain success and not give up. The break will come. It comes                       today will praise you tomorrow if you could only learn
in every lawyer’s career. Only you need to be prepared and                        to manage the situation
capable to utilize the break when it comes, for it will never             •       Understanding that praising and appreciating others do
announce its arrival.                                                             not cost even half a penny but can change your world
                                                                          •       Understanding that false praise deceives nobody, but
Are you prepared to accept and superbly handle the dream                          appreciation withheld in deserving situations creates
brief if it came your way? If not, then get on your feet and                      hurt feelings
start building yourself. That brief will come. Take my word               •       Understanding that you really need to revamp you
for it. Every lawyer receives a break once in his or her lives.                   skills of social interaction and polish them
If they are ready to handle it at the time, then five years is
sufficient to make the earnings of five generations. If they are       Hey, I have seen successful lawyers who never knew much
unready, then they keep on carrying briefs for others the rest         of law, but were extremely sophisticated in social interaction.
of their lives. Be ready. That is all you need to do. Be always        Other lawyers, as well as clients and officials enjoyed their
at your prime.                                                         company and they wanted their cases to be handled by that
                                                                       lawyer even though they were aware that he or she would not

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be pleading or preparing the case personally. Haven’t you seen           into existence. You will understand your role better. And may
such lawyers? Find out the true English meaning of the word              be have a long thought about your career. I wish I could have
Attorney from common law times in Britain when it first came             put a smiley in here. Cheers.

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