Be Careful If You Have Crossed 30 and Studying At a Law School

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Be Careful If You Have Crossed 30 and Studying At a Law School
By Surajit Sharma

Now, here is a touchy subject. What happens to overage students who join law school from other fields of work or at a relatively late
age? Usually, the situation seems grim, unless you have things planned out in sync with reality.

Unless you are an extremely methodical and pragmatic                     At your age, in the legal world, you are expected to be billing
person, and took the decision to join law school at late age             at a higher rate than a novice. However that can’t be done,
with full knowledge of consequences, chances are you are at a            because the truth is, you are a novice. Your peers will mostly
disadvantage, and you recognize it.                                      be people who joined the profession early and maybe already
                                                                         have 15 to 20 years practice experience behind them. They
Sometimes, things do work out like a widely known insurance              are not going to feel comfortable at somebody their age
agent turning to insurance law practice and things clicking for          earning so poorly in front of them, and showing such lack of
him/her. Or it can be a language editor from a media house,              experience. None of them would discriminate against you for
who’s acquiring a law degree to support his proficiency in               your age, but you will find the situation working against you.
copyright and intellectual law for a better job in the media
industry. But usually in cases where people come in from                 This is normal. However, quixotic it might be, again law is the
other fields and go back there again, the huge investment                only profession where appearance of age carries an instant
for studying law becomes questionable, and how much they                 advantage. If you are smart enough to build connections fast
really added to their careers with that law degree remains               and avoid going into situations or trying to directly handle
unresolved.                                                              situations that calls for greater experience you can be fine.
                                                                         But if you have been inspired by Hollywood movies, and
Unless you are determined on solo practice, and have enough              plan to become a great courtroom lawyer, then please be
grit and contacts, chances are you are in for a hard time.               practical, do what is required to be done. That includes long
Ultimately, the job market is a free market and though no                hours of study, and I mean real study; long hours given to
employer would consciously discriminate against you for your             social networking; and mental and financial preparation that
age, things will work against you if you are not up to the task.         for the next 5 years you are not going to earn enough to pay
                                                                         your bills. It also includes willingness to work hard enough to
In the wide world out there where you are going to join as               acquire 15 years of experience in five even when you can’t
a new lawyer, everybody will attach by reflex to you, the                meet your bills from law practice. If you can do that, you will
knowledge and experience that go with your age in the                    be able to build a career in law. If you are not ready to do
profession. This will include colleagues, peers, and clients.            that, then it is good to start looking for alternative careers
For sometime, you might also enjoy the respect until the time            from now on. To make a mistake is human, but if you persist
comes when the same people start to express that you are                 in that mistake in spite of being aware of a contradictory
dumb, without considering that actually, you are just a novice.          reality, then you will end up hurting everybody near and dear
Do not hold a grudge against your peers, they are only acting            to you, including yourself.
normally as average people do.

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Description: Sometimes, things do work out like a widely known insurance agent turning to insurance law practice and things clicking for him/her.
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