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                             To the Cisco World

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                           Cisco Courses & Training Institutes

There are different streams of certifications under the Cisco career certifications and one
has to choose what one wants to specialize in and become the master of that technology.
Like if an individual wants to specialize in Routing and Switching the correct path being is
CCNACCNP R&SCCIE R&S. Suppose if another individual wants to specialize in the field
of Security and has a keen interest into that field the preferable path is CCNA R&SCCNA
SecurityCCNP SecurityCCIE Security and so on. CCNA R&S is the base it is like the
building base and clearing the fundamentals of networking technology every step or
specialization that a person wants to do have to complete CCNA R&S first. The details of the
certification process are Next Slide:

Cisco certifications are provided by many top of the line institutes Like ACIT, Networxx,
Networkers Home, KarRox, INE, Global Knowledge and Many more. These institutes
provide top of the line certification training and are specialized into Cisco. Like ACIT has a
Quadruple CCIE Trainer Rohit Pardasani holding four CCIE Certifications, Networkers Home
having a Dual CCIE Trainer Vikas Swami. All these institutes are rated as the top institutes in
India and around the world providing world class top of the line training and latest Cisco
Equipments for their students to work upon on their knowledge.
                     ROUTING SECURITY                VOICE         WIRELESS            Design             Service           Service        Data Center      Storage
                        &                                                                                Provider          Provider                         Networking
                     SWITCHIN                                                                                             Operations

                     CCIE           CCIE           CCIE           CCIE Voice-     CCDE Design         CCIE Service      CCIE Service      CCNA Data         CCIE
                     Routing &      Security-      Voice-Cisco    Cisco Certified Cisco Certified     Provider          Provider          Center            Cisco Certified

                     Switching-     Cisco          Certified      Internetwork    Design Expert       Cisco Certified   Operations        Cisco Certified   Internetwork

                     Cisco          Certified      Internetwork   Expert Wireless                     Internetwork      Cisco Certified   Internetwork      Expert
                     Certified      Internetwor    Expert Voice                                       Expert            Internetwork      Expert            Storage
                     Internetwork   k Expert                                                          SP                Expert            Data center       Networking
                     Expert R&S     Security                                                                            SP Operations

                     CCNP           CCNP           CCNP           CCNP              CCDP Design       CCNP Service      CCNP Service      CCNP Data
                     Routing &      Security-      VOICE-         Wireless-         Cisco Certified   Provider          Provider          Center
                     Switching-     CISCO          CISCO          CISCO Certified   Designing         CISCO Certified   Operations        CISCO Certified
                     CISCO          Certified      Certified      Network           Professional      Network           CISCO Certified   Network
                     Certified      Network        Network        Professional                        Professional      Network           Professional
                     Network        Professional   Professional   Wireless                            SP                Professional      Data center
                     Professional   Security       Voice                                                                SP Operations

                     CCNA           CCNA           CCNA           CCNA              CCDA Design       CCNA Service      CCNA Service      CCNA Data
                     Routing &      Security-      Voice-         Wireless-         Cisco Certified   Provider          Provider          Center

                     Switching-     CISCO          CISCO          CISCO Certified   Designing         CISCO Certified   Operations        CISCO Certified

                     CISCO          Certified      Certified      Network           Associate         Network           CISCO Certified   Network
                     Certified      Network        Network        Associate                           Associate         Network           Associate
                     Network        Associate      Associate      Wireless                            SP                Associate         Data center
                     Associate      Security       Voice                                                                SP Operations
                            The Salary Increasing CCNP R&S Certificate!

The next stepping stone towards a bright future in Networking and a level above the CCNA
Routing and Switching certification, CCNP Routing & Switching (Cisco Certified Network
Professional) certification is designed for those professionals wanting to expand their knowledge
base, have in depth understanding and skill set of networking and those wanting to have better
career opportunities and widen their job scope to have a better and higher paying job. The skills
after becoming a Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) R&S, has is very much advanced and
one can install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot LAN, WAN, and Dial Access Services that
utilize Cisco routers and switches; and for whose organization's networks range from 100 to more
than 500 nodes. Types of CCNP R&S – CCNP Security, CCNP Voice, CCNP Wireless.

He can handle a medium to large sized network and is capable enough to operate network devices
and play along with Cisco devices applying and manipulating with network protocols. For being
certified one must have a valid CCNP certificate should pass three exams named ROUTE #642-902,
Switch #642-813 and TSHOOT #642-832. Every exam will cost approx 125 USD for every exam
meaning you have to shell out 375 USD as an initial investment. But this speaking doesn’t mean
that it is bad inn face this certificate after passing is worth thousands of dollars you will earn after
landing a job. Every individual obtaining a CCNP R&S certification should re certify after 3 years.
Yes you read it right certifications do have EXPIRY FOLKS! And folks after having CCNP R&S
certified don’t forget you are become a gem so go out there and be amongst the BEST OF THE
BEST! After completing course best Cisco Certified Jobs available in MNC.
                                    CCNA Certification Exam Fees

CCNA is the starting point to Cisco’s line of certifications. Preferably called as the stepping stone and
the base building certification for all the further tougher certifications in Cisco. CCNA knowledge is
very important if a person has to accomplish and have an excellent career in IT networking. CCNA is
completely an online examination conducted by Pearson vue. For CCNA Examination you need to
purchase a voucher for the exam number 640-802 for CCNA Composite exam. CCNA Exam fees and
Exam cost depends on country to country varying mainly because of the currency changes. You can
check the rates according to your country on the official pearsonvue website.

The actual exam cost for every student wanting to appear the CCNA Composite exam is US $250.
Since CCNA is one of the most recognizable and highly-valued certifications in the networking
industry. Students taking training from Cisco Networking academy get a discount and any student
holding a discount voucher can take up their CCNA Certification exam in a much lesser cost. Every
voucher you purchase is pre paid and fees for the examination have to be paid in advance. Vouchers
are valid for 12 months from the date they are purchased and printed on the vouchers and the
examination has to be taken on or before the voucher expiration date. The prices of the CCNA
Composite exam are subject to change without prior notice. But students who have already
purchased the exam vouchers need not pay anything extra even if the prices change after they have
purchased the voucher. ACIT provide affordable CCNA fees, CCNP & CCIE Security Exam Fees & CCNA
Certification Cost in India.
Heartiest Congratulations to Mr. Manish Singh, Mr. Karkun Wasim, Mr. Nitin bansal and
Mr. Shishir Mhalgi for Passing             CCIE security lab exam in 1st Attempt.

 Congratulations to Mr. Manish Singh, Mr.                      Congratulations to Mr. Nitin bansal and
 Karkun Wasim for Passing CCIE security                        Mr. Shishir Mhalgi for Passing CCIE security
 lab exam in 1st Attempt.                                      lab exam in 1st Attempt.

About CCIE Security Lab :

CCIE Security Lab Practical Guide is the hands on practice companion to the CCIE Security Bootcamp, and is the first
step in Cisco CCIE Security Exam preparation. Each lab is designed to walk you through the technology, and provide in
depth explanations of the necessary configurations. The CCIE Security Lab Practical Guide consists of individually-
focused, advanced technology labs that present topics in an easy to follow, goal-oriented step-by-step approach. Every
scenario features detailed breakdowns and thorough verifications to assist you in getting 100% understanding of the
particular technology. By isolating each topic on its own you are able to see, firsthand, the various ways to configure
each technology. By understanding these fundamental technologies, you will then be able to predict advanced and
sometimes subtle interactions when configuring multiple technologies together.

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