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					                          Choosing a Plumber Online
No matter how much of a handyman you think you are, at some point you will need the services of a professional plumber.
There are many horror stories on the internet of do-it-yourself plumbing that has ended in disaster and much higher repair
costs than it would have been to hire a professional to fix the initial issue. However, there are equally as many horror
stories of people being ripped off by plumbing companies. These horror stories can range from ridiculous hidden charges,
overly long repair times to poor quality parts used for the repair. We are going to over a few tips for choosing plumber that
will ensure the best results for you.

Choose a Good Reputation Over Low Prices

It’s natural to choose the plumber you see with the lowest hourly wage, but lower wages often mean lower quality service
which may end up costing you more in the long run. When researching a plumber, using the internet is an extremely
valuable resource. Choose plumbers that have a professional website and quality reviews on a number of websites such as
Google Local, Bing Local, Yahoo Local and Yelp. If a company has no reviews, it’s most likely because they are a new
company or have not taken the initiative to set up an online presence. It most cases these “ghost” companies are worth
avoiding as well.

Look For Experience

In every industry, not just plumbing, experience and company age is a good indicator of ethical business practices. A
business that has been operating for over 20 years is likely to be ethical or they most likely would never have lasted 20
years. Look at their skill sets on their website and make sure they have a broad range of skills specializing in your specific
problems whether it is frozen pipes or leaky faucets. When doing online research, you may be able to find reputable
companies with testimonials and lists of their larger commercial clients which can be a great indicator of skill.

Assess Your Expenses before Hiring

Once you have chosen a company to work with, assess your expenses with them before they begin the repairs. This will
make sure the company adheres to their original quote and does not come back with over the top expenses. If possible,
get your quote in writing or at least an estimate based on the repairs you discuss with the company. If the company is
extremely dodgy about answering questions or giving you a rough estimate, it may be better to choose another plumber to
work with.

Take Preventative Measures

To prevent having to call professionals out frequently, take preventative measures to protect your plumbing. Depending on
your issues there is a number of things you can do. For example for freezing pipes you can disconnect outside hoses and
drains before the coldest seasons of winter hit. If you already need to call a professional, make sure you ask them about
preventative measures that could literally save you thousands and thousands of dollars.

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