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					S treetS                                                                                      January 21 - February 3, 2009

                                                                                         GG TION
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                    Where the poor and homeless   earn and give their two cents
               January 21 to February 3, 2009                       Volume 6 Issue 6

A Cinderella Story
                                                                                                          Homelessness is
                                                                                                       all over, even on the
                                                                                                                   Page 8

                                                                                                       Vendor Joann Jackson
                                                                                                     worries about closure of
                                                                                                      a mental health clinic
                                                                                                                   Page 7

   Ten homeless women step out at                                                                    Students try their hands
                                                                                                    at being vendors for a day
   the People’s Inaugural Ball, page 5                                                                          Page 14
2         January 21 to February 3, 2009                                                                                                                                      S treetS
                                                                                                             Our Mission
                                                        Street Sense aims to serve as a vehicle for elevating voices and public debate on issues
                                                          relating to poverty while also creating economic opportunities for people who are
1317 G Street, NW                                                           experiencing homelessness in our community.
Washington, DC 20005
Phone: (202) 347–2006                                          The Story of Street Sense
Fax: (202) 347–2166                                  Street Sense began in August 2003 after two        project of the National Coalition for the Home-                             volunteers, Laura Thompson Osuri and Ted Hen-          less, but in October 2004, the organization incor-                              son, approached the National Coalition for the         porated and moved into its own office space. In                    We are proud
                                                 Homeless on separate occasions about starting          March 2005, Street Sense received 501(c)3 status,
BOARD OF DIRECTORS                               a street newspaper in Washington, D.C.                 becoming a nonprofit organization.                                 members of:
Kristal DeKleer Ted Henson                           A street paper is defined as a newspaper about        In October 2005 Street Sense formed a full
Mary Lynn Jones Sommer Mathis                    poverty, homelessness and other social issues          board of directors, and in November the organi-
Brad Scriber    John Snellgrove                  that provides an income to the homeless indi-          zation hired its first employee, a fulltime execu-
Michael Stoops   David Walker                    viduals who sell it. About 25 street papers operate    tive director.
Kathy Whelpley                                   in the United States and Canada in places like Se-        A year later in November 2006 , the organiza-
                                                 attle, Chicago, Montreal and Boston, and dozens        tion hired its first vendor coordinator, and began
EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR                               more exist throughout the world.                       partnering with several service providers.
Laura Thompson Osuri                                 After bringing together a core of dedicated vol-     In February 2007, the paper started publishing
                                                 unteers and vendors, Street Sense came out with        twice a month and to support the increased pro-                               International
EDITOR–IN–CHIEF                                  its first issue in November 2003, printing 5,000       duction, Street Sense brought on its first fulltime                           Network of
Mary Otto                                        copies. For the next three years the paper pub-        editor–in–chief in April.                                                     Street Papers
                                                 lished on a monthly basis and greatly expanded           As of January 2009 the paper has 80 active ven-
VENDOR MANAGER                                   its circulation and vendor network.                    dors and prints about 30,000 issues a month.
Lindsey Clark                                        For the first year, Street Sense operated as a

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David S. Hammond (volunteer)
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tin Walker, Lawless Watson, Ivory Wison                                                                                                               Thank You!
S treetS                                                                                                                                     January 21 - February 3, 2009        3
         IN OTHER NEWS                                                   Conditions at homeless shelters have improved           — the same time the outbreak occurred in downtown
         Compiled by Dan Horner                                       dramatically over the last 20 years, but some remain       Winnipeg.
                                                                      inadequate for housing people overnight, said Mi-              Plourde said the bacteria can infect anyone, but
         Fire safety inspections lagged at Texas shelter where        chael Stoops, executive director of the National Co-       people who have weakened immune systems, open
         blaze killed 5                                               alition for the Homeless. Because city ordinances          wounds, or who have recently undergone surgery are
            Investigators probing a fatal fire at a Paris, Texas      are the only form of oversight for most shelters, it's     more at risk.
         homeless shelter have been unable to find evidence it        critical that they be inspected regularly, he said. (As-       He said the city’s homeless population tends to
         was inspected for fire safety in recent years, according     sociated Press)                                            delay seeking medical treatment until they’re in dire
         to local officials.                                                                                                     need, and that some patients had severe tissue dam-
            While still early in the investigation into the Jan.      Outbreak of rare disease hits Winnipeg homeless            age and needed immediate surgery.
         5 fire that ripped through the aging building, killing          An outbreak of potentially deadly flesh-eating dis-         Plourde could not confirm how many patients
         five, records indicate it was last inspected in 2004, fire   ease erupted among Winnipeg’s homeless last year,          might have had limbs amputated.
         chief Ronnie Grooms told The Associated Press.               infecting 12 people with an invasive bacterium that            Flesh-eating disease is caused by a bacterium that
            Homeless shelters in Texas aren't licensed by the         spreads rapidly and causes severe pain and disfigu-        quickly destroys tissue and muscles. It is the same
         state, so regular fire inspections are not required.         ration.                                                    bacterium that causes strep throat.
         Grooms said his small department, which has only                 Winnipeg health officials did not publicly disclose        In flesh-eating disease, it can cause death in as
         two inspectors, focuses mostly on state-licensed fa-         that a cluster of cases was reported in the city between   little as 12 to 24 hours, but can be treated with heavy
         cilities where inspections are mandated.                     April and October 2008 until questioned by the Win-        antibiotics and surgery to remove the disease-ridden
            "Sometimes things fall through the cracks," he said.      nipeg Free Press this month.                               tissue. Often, afflicted limbs are amputated to save
         "That's no excuse, really. That's just the way it is."          Dr. Pierre Plourde, a Winnipeg medical officer of       someone’s life. (Winnipeg Free Press)
            The five victims were among 28 men sleeping in            health, said inner-city shelters were alerted about
         cubicles in the warehouse-like building, which has           the spike in cases and told to watch for anyone with       Judge orders trial in slaying of two Calif. men
         long served as both a homeless shelter and a collec-         wounds or sore throats who might be at an increased           A California judge ordered two men to trial on
         tion point for donated clothes and other items.              risk of developing the infection.                          charges they killed a homeless man during a mug-
            Investigators have determined the shelter had                He said there were four or five strains of flesh-       ging in 2007.
         no sprinkler system, fire alarms or smoke detectors,         eating disease that were reported and there was no            Bobby Dee Dozier, 23, and Marlon Reese, 26, are
         Grooms said.                                                 evidence that anyone infected transmitted the disease      candidates for capital punishment in the Aug. 25,
            The facility is owned and operated by a local non-        person.                                                    2007, death of 42-year-old Oscar Alejandre because
         profit group, Seed Sowers Christians in Action. The             Nine of the 12 people had recently suffered ma-         prosecutors allege that the killing occurred during a
         group's founder, Don Walker, declined comment on             jor injuries, including one person who was severely        robbery.
         issues relating to building codes or inspections.            burned in a fire. Plourde said none of those infected         Alejandre was shot to death near a homeless camp
            "All I know is I tried to take care of people," he        died of flesh-eating disease.                              in North Richmond, Calif. Prosecutors say the two de-
         said.                                                           Manitoba province’s chief medical examiner Dr.          fendants had been robbing people there and that Ale-
            The Paris fire is the latest of at least a dozen at       Thambirajah Balachandra confirmed that a total of          jandre was shot in the back as he was running from
         homeless shelters across the U.S. in the last two years,     five people died from flesh-eating disease in 2008, in-    the pair. Both defendants are alleged to have fired
         according to news accounts.                                  cluding one death in August, October and November          shots. (Contra Costa Times)

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4    January 21 to February 3, 2009                                                                                                                                    S treetS

    Obama Urged to Stem Rise in Homelessness
      By Robert Blair                                              But the good news came with an important quali-         new vouchers, plus a substantial increase for the
                                                                fication. The progress documented in “Homelessness         Department of Housing and Urban Development’s
       As President Obama’s economic advisors and Con-          Counts” occurred during a period of relative econom-       Emergency Shelter Grant program, will be needed
    gress finish work on the multi-billion dollar stimulus      ic stability and increased activism by states and local    to prevent an additional several hundred thousand
    package, the recession’s growing impact on homeless         communities. The current economic crisis, the report       families from becoming homeless during the reces-
    Americans still attracts scant attention. So far, the       warns, threatens to reduce the resources available to      sion. (The full report is available at
    Administration’s housing efforts aim mainly at pro-         local governments and nonprofits just when the de-
    viding aid to distressed homeowners.                        mand for homeless services is increasing.                     Short-run and Long-run
       Federal interventions such as mortgage restructur-          “The count report shows that we’ve started to fig-         Just days after releasing its “Homeless Count” re-
    ing, refinancing assistance, foreclosure moratoriums,       ure out some things that work,” observed Nan Roman,        port, NAEH also made available a 6-page briefing
    bankruptcy reform and tax credits have the highest          president and CEO of NAEH. “Sadly, we’re now look-         paper addressing the new problems likely to result
    priority. But measures that could help stem the             ing at increases. We need to take what we’ve learned       from the housing-lead recession. That Jan. 15 paper,
    growth of homelessness, and provide badly-needed            and apply it to this new problem.”                         “Homelessness Looms as Potential Outcome of Re-
    resources for the longer-term effort to end it are being                                                               cession,” made the following points:
    proposed by concerned advocacy groups.                         Seeking a Commitment                                       An estimated 1.5 million additional Americans
       “Increasing foreclosures and growing unemploy-              The recommendations urged on the Obama team             could become homeless over the next two years ab-
    ment are threatening more and more Americans with           by the 15 national advocacy groups that authored the       sent effective intervention;
    homelessness,” warns Maria Foscarinis, executive di-        November letter began with a request that the new             Many communities have already begun to expe-
    rector of the National Law Center on Homelessness           president demonstrate his commitment to ending             rience significant increases in their local homeless
    and Poverty (NLCHP), “and shelters, soup kitchens           homelessness by convening a White House confer-            population;
    and food pantries across the country are reporting          ence at which a federal, inter-agency plan – one with         Unemployment, poverty, and “deep poverty” (in-
    surges in demand for help.”                                 specific goals and timetables – would be presented.        come below one-half the poverty level) could increase
       In late November, NLCHP and more than a dozen               “I don’t think homelessness was a big issue in the      to levels not seen in decades and create overwhelming
    other national homeless advocacy organizations sent         presidential campaigns on either side,” Roman re-          pressures on existing local assistance programs; and
    a letter to the presidential transition team urging then    marked. “It didn’t come up very much except with              $2 billion in funding for homelessness prevention
                                         President-elect        respect to veterans.” So the idea of a White House Con-    and rapid re-housing, plus 400,000 in additional hous-
                                         Obama to embrace       ference on Homelessness is seen as a way of bringing       ing vouchers, and a substantial increase in the National
     Increasing                          six key policy rec-    attention to the issue, and encouraging greater inter-     Housing Trust Fund will be needed to prevent those 1.5
                                         ommendations to        agency commitment and collaboration.                       million people from becoming homeless.
foreclosures and                         demonstrate his           President Bush’s U.S. Interagency Council on                  In a Jan. 16 letter that NAEH sent to the Obama
growing umploy-                          Administration’s
                                         commitment to
                                                                Homelessness concentrated on working with state
                                                                and local groups to help create 10-year plans to end
                                                                                                                           transition team, Roman divided the group’s recom-
                                                                                                                           mendations between relatively short-term emer-
ment are threat-                         ending homeless-       chronic homelessness and to implement rapid re-            gency measures aimed at addressing the immediate
                                         ness.                  housing and permanent supportive housing initia-           economic crisis, and longer-term measures aimed at
ening more and                              A mid-January       tives. “But,” Roman pointed out, “there’s no 10-year       making continued progress toward the goal of ending
                                         report by another      plan for the federal government. We need to start a        homelessness.
more Americans                           of the co-signing      planning effort.”                                                Rather than relying on the creation of more shel-
with homelessness.                       organizations, the
                                         National Alliance
                                                                   “A lot of groups feel that there’s a need to get the
                                                                federal agencies together,” she added. Such collabo-
                                                                                                                           ter beds and soup kitchens, NEAH urges the Obama
                                                                                                                           team to ensure the crisis is met with significantly
Shelters, soup                           to End Homeless-       ration is seen as essential to assuring effective policy   increased homelessness prevention and rapid re-
                                         ness (NAEH), docu-     and adequate resource allocation.                          housing efforts.
kitchens and food                        mented significant                                                                       NEAH also called for $10 billion in economic
                                         progress in reduc-        Proposals                                               stimulus funding for the National Housing Trust Fund
pantries across the                      ing the numbers           Beyond greater planning for and resources avail-        to acquire, rehabilitate and subsidize tenancy – tar-
country are report-                      of America’s home-
                                         less individuals be-
                                                                able for the elimination of homelessness, the 15 ad-
                                                                vocacy organizations recommended specific policy
                                                                                                                           geted to aid those at highest risk of homelessness, and
                                                                                                                           advocated $2 billion in additional funding for HUD’s
ing surges in de-                        tween January 2005     priorities such as increased funding for 150,000 new       Emergency Shelter Grant program for use by com-
                                         and January 2007.      housing vouchers each year; creating and sustain-          munities to provide short-term housing assistance,
mand for help.                           But the report also    ing 90,000 additional units of permanent housing;          relocation funding, security and utility deposits,
                                         noted that the cur-    ensuring adequate incomes through public income            mortgage and rent payments, and case management
                                         rent recession, with   assistance, tax credits, and wage policies; expanding      assistance.
                                         its increases in un-   access to health services; ensuring educational ser-             Finally, NAEH is urged the funding of 400,000
    employment, poverty, housing foreclosures and credit        vices for homeless children and youth; and protect-        vouchers to provide housing for at-risk individual and
    constraints, would undoubtedly lead to increases in         ing homeless people from discrimination on voting          families.
    the number of homeless households and households            rights, utilization of public facilities, and access to           For the longer, post-recession effort, NAEH
    at risk of homelessness.                                    government buildings. (The full text is available at       asked that the Administration pay special attention
       That report, “Homelessness Counts: Changes in                                               to homeless veterans – a commitment that Obama
    Homelessness from 2005 to 2007,” analyzes data col-            On Jan. 8, the Center for Budget and Policy Pri-        economic revitalization plan already mentions. Vet-
    lected by communities from across the country dur-          orities (CBPP), released its report on the increase in     erans, NAEH reports, make up nearly one-fourth of
    ing the bi-annual, late January, point-in-time counts       homeless families in various areas around the nation       America’s homeless population.
    of sheltered and unsheltered homeless populations.          in 2008. That report, entitled “Number of Homeless               The organization also encouraged giving priority
    NAEH’s Homeless Research Institute found that               Families Climbing Due to Recession,” was accompa-          to investment in rapid re-housing efforts for home-
    changes recorded in 2005 and 2007 indicated a rough-        nied by estimates of the probable future increases         less families. The goal is to ensure that every child
    ly 10% decline in the number of homeless men and            in homeless families, and a recommendation that            has a home.
    women over that period (from 744,313 to 671,859),           Congress include one-time funding for 200,000 new,               And, finally, to keep the movement to end home-
    with even larger percentage declines for persons in         non-renewable housing vouchers in its forthcoming          lessness on track, President Obama is urged to fund
    homeless families (an 18% decline) and chronically          economic stimulus package.                                 the creation of an additional 90,000 housing units for
    homeless adults (a 28% decline).                               According to the CBPP report, those additional          the chronically homeless. .
S treetS                                                                                                                                                        January 21 - February 3, 2009       5

                 N Street Village Cinderellas Ready for Ball
                                                                                   Now Webber is sober, and she has renewed her
                Ten Homeless Women                                             ties with her loved ones. She stays at N Street Village
                                                                               and helps run the shelter’s dental clinic, making sure
               Step Out to the People’s                                        other women get the care they need.
                                                                                   Elaine Webber has her dignity back. And if that
               Inaugural Ball                                                  weren’t enough, now she, and nine other Cinderellas
                                                                               from N Street Village, have invitations to the ball.
                                                                                   The People’s Inaugural Ball, to be exact.
               By Mary Otto                                                        When Webber got word she was invited, she
               Once upon a time (actually just two years ago) Cin-                 As this newspaper goes to press on Jan. 20, Webber
            derella – also known as Elaine Webber – sat at the bus             and her N Street friends will be donning gowns and
            stop at 11th and M streets, NW, feeling hopeless.                  slippers and stepping out into the sparkling ballroom
               The jobs she got never lasted. Her family and                   of the JW Marriott to celebrate with nearly 1,000 other
            friends had given up on her. And she had given up                  guests.
            on herself.                                                            “Can you imagine? That’s the Cinderella story,” says
               “I was desperate, homeless, and alcoholic,” she                 Webber, shaking her head with disbelief as she thinks
            says. “Every day was bad.”                                         back to her old life. “There is hope for anyone.”
               But one day, she stopped into a nearby women’s                      And that’s also the message of the People’s Inaugu-
            shelter, N Street Village. She gathered her courage and            ral Ball, the brainchild of Earl W. Stafford, the son of
            asked for help, and she got into a recovery program                a Baptist minister who grew up to found a successful
            for her drinking.                                                  technology company, Unitech. Stafford, who hasn’t
                                                                               forgotten his humble roots, got the idea of hosting a

                                                                                                                                            Jane Cave
                                                                               celebration open not only to the wealthy but also to
                                                                               the disadvantaged and overlooked.
                                                                                   Through his private Stafford Foundation, he spent
                                                                               $1 million to rent the Marriott hotel overlooking the                          Can you imagine? That’s
                                                                               inaugural parade route along Pennsylvania Avenue.
                                                                               Working with charities across the country the foun-
                                                                                                                                                          the Cinderella story,” says
                                                                               dation gathered guests including wounded veterans,                         Webber, shaking her head
                                                                               challenged youths and homeless women.
                                                                                   “The People’s Inaugural Project offers the under-                      with disbelief as she thinks
                                                                               privileged in our society a once-in-a-lifetime op-
                                                                               portunity to come to our nation’s capital and join                         back to her old life. “There
                                                                               in the inauguration of President-elect Obama,” said
                                                                                                                                                          is hope for anyone.
                                                                                   On Sunday, Jan. 18, Webber and the other women
                                                                               from N Street Village were welcomed to the hotel to                    And she was right. When she stepped from the
                                                                               choose finery for inauguration night.                               dressing room and pirouetted, beaming, the dress
                                                                                   A large room was set aside, sparkling like a magic              flowed like it was made for her.
                                                                               cave with hundreds of gowns of black and gold, ma-                     But Webber was having trouble. She tried dress
                                                                               genta and mint, lavender and rose, some with tiny                   after dress, but nothing seemed right.
                                                                               straps, others with sequined jackets – and tables of                   “I’m not feeling it,” she said, sounding bewildered,
                                                                               elegant shoes and purses and earrings to match.                     as she once again returned to search through the
                                                                                   There were tuxedoes too for the men, along with                 racks. Then she spotted an outfit she had not no-
                                                                               all the accessories.                                                ticed before, a silk top with delicate flowers, worked
                                                                                   The clothing was all donated, and attendees will be             in beads of silver and bronze and mahogany and a
                                                                               able to keep their outfits, said an organizer, Barbara              long silk skirt, a dark and lustrous brown.
                                                                               Anderson. Some donors tucked special notes of good                     The worry started to lift from her face. The dress
                                                                               wishes into the items they gave, she said.                          worked.
                                                                                   “People have been absolutely wonderful,’ said                      Now for shoes. They needed to be comfortable.
                                                                               Anderson. Ball goers will also get manicures, and                      “We are supposed to be dancing until 1 a.m.,” she
                                                                               help with makeup and hairstyling, she explained                     said. But she would be needed at the dental clinic the
                                                                               amid the whirl. All around her, women were shyly,                   next morning, she added with a smile.
                                                                               anxiously, raptly leafing through the racks of shim-                   “I have to work on Wednesday. They are expecting
                                                                               mering dresses.                                                     me there at 9 o’clock.”
                                                                                   Quiet Mary Abe, who came to N Street during a                      A pair of satiny brown Bruno Maglis with heels not
                                                                               battle with cancer, and now remains there working                   too high and gold beads on the toes just called her
                                                                               at N Street’s Wellness Center, quickly found the per-               name. And a little evening purse.
                                                                               fect outfit, an elegant silver grey suit. She held it up               Laurie Williams, N Street’s food service manager
                                                                               proudly.                                                            looked Webber over from head to toe. She cocked a
                                                       Jane Cave

                                                                                   “It was the first one I tried,” she said. “I love it.”          critical eye. Adjusted a seam here and there. And fi-
                                                                                   Emily Miller, also of N Street, took a deep pink                nally nodded approvingly.
                                                                   Jane Cave

                                                                               gown with a matching stole from the rack and gath-                     Webber sighed.
                                                                               ered it up lovingly.                                                   “I’m ready.”
An N Street Village woman shows off her fineries. - Jane Cave photos               “I’m done,” she said. “It’s gonna fit.”
6       January 21 to February 3, 2009                                                                                                                            S treetS
                                                                                      I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the
                                                                                      office of President of the United States, and will to the
                                                                                      best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Con-
                                                                                      stitution of the United States.—Presidential oath of of-
    StreetPolitics By David Hammond                                                   fice, Article II, Section 1, United States Constitution
       Historic ...

        America is ready to turn a lot of corners – political, social, and genera-     ON THE HILL
                                                                                       Inauguration Follows Tradition
     tional – and the Street Sense vendors know it too. Many of them, like so many
     other Americans, say history is being made in this presidential transition.
     It has captured their attention and their imagination, and excitement has
                                                                                          By Street Sense staff                               Ceremonies, made up of members of the
     been running high.
                                                                                                                                              House of Representatives and the Senate,
                                                                                           On Tuesday, January 20, 2009, Barack               beyond describing the electoral process
       ... But the same basic challenges remain
                                                                                       Obama and Joe Biden were sworn in as                   and specifying the oath of office, “the Con-
                                                                                       the 44th President and Vice President of               stitution says nothing about the Inaugural
        The excitement, though, doesn’t change the basic needs people still face:
                                                                                       the United States during our nation’s 56th             ceremony” itself.
     food and shelter, health care, a way to earn a living, somewhere to live.
                                                                                       inaugural ceremony. The ceremony itself is                 Historically, the day begins with a
        And while homeless people might get lost in the shuffle of both the in-
                                                                                       little changed from the first inauguration             church service and procession to the Capi-
     auguration and the crisis facing the middle class, they’ll be looking to find
                                                                                       of George Washington in New York City in               tol where the official swearing-in occurs.
     their way out the same way as ever, looking for opportunity in the private
                                                                                       1789. The day is full of traditions which              The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
     sector, while hoping the public sector can come through with the emergency
                                                                                       signify both the renewal of leadership and             traditionally administers the oath of of-
     help they need.
                                                                                       the continuity of government.                          fice to the President-elect, who is joined
                                                                                           With the exception of eleven Presidents            by his family, members of the Senate and
       The President’s “To-Do” List, and Congress’s
                                                                                       – most notably Lyndon B. Johnson, who                  House of Representatives, cabinet mem-
                                                                                       was sworn in aboard Air Force One after                bers, Justices of the Supreme Court, former
        Since last fall, a lot of concerns have been pushed aside by the economic
                                                                                       President Kennedy was assassinated in                  presidents and other dignitaries. After an
     crisis and plans for a federal economic stimulus package. Others have been
                                                                                       1963 – all inaugural ceremonies have been              Inaugural Address from the new President,
     rolled into the drive for comprehensive relief legislation.
                                                                                       held in front of the U.S. Capitol building in          there is a parade down Pennsylvania Av-
        So when Congress convened earlier this month, the leadership’s agen-
                                                                                       Washington, D.C. Although all but four of              enue to the White House. The evening is
     da was both less focused, and more ambitious, than the “to-do” lists they
                                                                                       the last 21 ceremonies were held on Janu-              filled with balls, and this year was no ex-
     brought in two years ago. That’s a result of the economic crisis, and of Demo-
                                                                                       ary 20th, before Franklin Roosevelt’s first            ception – with dozens planned for January
     cratic control of two branches of government.
                                                                                       swearing-in Inauguration Day in the Unit-              20th and the weekend before.
                                                                                       ed States was held consistently on March                   Despite the strong traditions running
        Unfinished business gets a second chance: SCHIP and the dental benefit
                                                                                       4th or 5th.                                            throughout the ceremony, this year’s inau-
     for children
                                                                                           The continuity, however, is simply a               guration broke all records with the number
                                                                                       matter of tradition. According to the Joint            spectators who came to Washington for the
        One specific item that’s been talked about for a few years now is expand-
                                                                                       Congressional Committee on Inaugural                   historic event.
     ing SCHIP, the State Children’s Health Insurance Program. President Bush
     vetoed an expansion in 2007, but last week the newly seated House of Rep-
     resentatives voted again to expand the program, including provisions for
     dental care, and then sent the measure across Capitol Hill where it was ap-
     proved by the Senate Finance Committee.
        SCHIP pays for health care for children whose family income falls be-
     tween Medicaid eligibility, and the ability to afford private-market care. The
     measure the House just approved would expand the dental care available to
     children covered under the program, including preventive, restorative, and
     emergency care, as well as opportunities for community health centers to
     deliver care from private dentists funded through Medicaid and SCHIP.
        The dental care provisions are notable because this part of health care                 Help Bring the Homeless in
                                                                                                             from the Cold
     has not always gotten the attention it deserves.
        But plenty of poor people are walking around with broken teeth – it’s that
     simple, and that bad. Some of them haven’t seen a dentist in years, and some
     of them grew up without ever seeing a dentist. Bad teeth can be dangerous
     just like chronic conditions like diabetes or hypertension, because they have
     a way of getting worse if left untreated.
        The dental care provision in the House expansion of SCHIP is just further
     evidence of a growing recognition of that fact at every level of government.
        And the recent votes set the stage for the Senate and the new president to
     approve growth in the federal SCHIP program.
        This is the kind of incremental gain in publicly supported health care that
     has attracted growing interest since the all-at-once push for universal care
     failed 15 years ago.                                                                                                   CALL THE
        And expanding SCHIP – one specific step in expanding health care – is

                                                                                              Shelter Hotline
     getting back on the agenda even as widespread economic misery, and the
     Democratic ascendancy, bring back to people’s minds the old push for uni-
     versal care.
        But whatever happens, and on whatever scale, dental care expansions
     can deliver important help to the people who need it the most – at least as
     long as the economy, the cost of dental care, and personal circumstances
     put privately paid-for care out of reach.
                                                                                                         1 800 535-7252
                                                                                             Adrian M. Fenty, Mayor, Government of the District of Columbia
S treetS                                                                                                                                              January 21 - February 3, 2009                  7


          Ticket Blitz: Vancouver Police
          Crack Down on “Street Disorder”
          How am I going                              chandise on the sidewalk.”                  that the police must enforce the law
                                                          “It’s better than robbing people. I regardless of a person’s income.
                                                                                                                                                         “The real solution is to create a
                                                                                                                                                     community that provides adequate
     to pay a $100 ticket                             found this stuff in the dumpster and           “We can’t do an economic assess- affordable housing, detox facilities,
                                                      I’m trying to do something positive. ment of everybody we’re giving a mental health services and job op-
     when I’m on social                               But the cops are a bunch of vultures ticket to,” said Fanning. “If we went by portunities in the DTES and across
                                                      who keep harassing us all the time.”        [that] logic, we’d only give tickets to the city,” Robertson wrote in an email
     assistance,”      asked                              Vancouver Police Department people who were driving Mercedes.”                             response. “We can’t ticket our way out
     David Napio, who said                            spokesperson Const. Tim Fanning                Still, many in the neighborhood see of our problems.”
                                                      confirmed that the police are focus- the crackdown as part of an escalation                        Robertson said he and Vision coun-
     he received two tickets                          ing their resources on street disorder against Downtown Eastside residents cillor George Chow are looking into
                                                      in the neighborhood in order to make in the lead up to the Olympics. This the idea of starting an organization
     for jaywalking and one                           the “community more liveable.”              past summer, police handed out tick- like Cheapskates in the Downtown
                                                          “Often we warn people before we ets to homeless people for camping in Eastside where “reusable goods that
     for spitting in the past                         give a ticket out,” said Fanning, who Oppenheimer Park and have intermit- are retrieved can be cleaned, repaired
     week. “There wasn’t                              could not say how many tickets had tently given out tickets to vendors and and be sold or exchanged in the com-
                                                      been handed out. “Anybody that has homeless people around Hastings and munity.”
     a car on the street                              ever got a ticket for street vending Carrall—either locking up people’s be-                         United We Can executive director
                                                      has probably got at least one warning longings or throwing them in a dump Ken Lyotier had floated the idea of a
     [when I jaywalked].                              before. I’d say we’re very good that truck.                                                    Binner’s Market in the past. Robert-
                                                      way.”                                          Gregor Robertson, who became son said police could easily regulate
     I’m not that stupid.                                 However, many in the neighbor- Vancouver’s mayor and chair of the the market to ensure there aren’t any
     The cops need to use                             hood complain that they can’t afford police board earlier this month, said stolen goods.
                                                      the bylaw fines, which range from he plans to “send a strong signal” to
     some. discretion.                                $100 for jaywalking and riding a bicy- the VPD that officers should focus on                       Reprinted from Megaphone
                                                      cle on the sidewalk to $250 for vend- violent crime and the hard drug trade, Magazine through the Street News
                                                      ing without a business license.             and not jaywalking and spitting.                   Service,
            ?By Sean Condon                               “How am I going
                                                      to pay a $100 ticket
                                                      when I’m on social                                                    Now Providing Quality Dental Services for D.C.
             Over the past month, Vancouver
                                                      assistance,” asked
          police officers have been cracking
                                                      David Napio, who
                                                                                                                              Medically underserved and homeless persons
          down on street disorder in the Down-
          town Eastside by handing out tickets        said he received                                                                                                                ….We treat you well
          for everything from illegal vending         two tickets for jay-             A Reconciling
          and riding a bicycle on the sidewalk        walking and one                  Congregation
          to jaywalking and spitting.                 for spitting in the
                                                      past week. “There                Invites you to join us in
             The normally chaotic makeshift
                                                      wasn’t a car on the              worship on Sundays
          market that takes up a half-block at                                         at 9:30 and 11:00 AM
          the corner of East Hastings and Carrall     street [when I jay-
          has been deserted as police officers        walked]. I’m not                 Homeless Outreach
          hand out tickets and arrest vendors         that stupid. The                 Hospitality:
          with outstanding warrants.                  cops need to use                 Fridays 9:00 AM
             Downtown Eastside residents and          some discretion.”
                                                          But Fanning said             Foundry United
          bottle binners often use the block to
                                                      street disorder is               Methodist Church
          sell found goods. Drug dealers also
                                                      the “thin edge of                1500 16th Street, NW
          operate in the dense crowd. Many of                                          Washington, DC 20036
          the vendors feel the ticket blitz is vin-   t h e we d g e,” a n d
                                                      if the police al-
                                                                                       (202) 332-4010                       For one of Unity Health Care’s Medical
          dictive.                                                                              Homeless Service Sites Call (202) 255-3469
             “I’m just trying to feed myself,”        low bylaw infrac-
          said Dawn, who was selling random           tions to continue it
          hair care products on a blanket and         could escalate into
                                                      a “mess.” He added                                                                                                                           388-
                                                                                                                             For an appointment at any of our Community Health Centers Call 1(866) 388-6489
          received a ticket for “displaying mer-
8        January 21 to February 3, 2009                                 S treetS

                                                               Homeless In
         Some 4,000 miles east of DC lies Nice, the jewel
      of the French Riviera. An ancient city that traces
      its origins to Phoenicians, it is also the play-
      ground of the jet-setting rich. Even in winter the
      climate is mostly balmy. Like everywhere else the
      rich like to flaunt their richness; rain or shine, fur
      coats abound among Sunday strollers and the
      city’s harbor is packed with luxury yachts. Tied in
      serried ranks along the dock hundreds of millions
      of dollars of boats await their super-rich owners
      to jet down for a leisurely cruise on the Mediter-
      ranean. It is their land of milk and honey, their
         Even so, poverty is never far away. Just like in
      our fair city, it is often rubbing shoulders with
      wealth. Across the quays from the super yachts,
      huddling in the archway in front of a church,
      there are clusters of homeless women and men.
      They don’t have far to go; they needn’t ‘jet in’. All
      their worldly possessions are scattered around
      them. Their luck, in a manner of speaking, is that
      the weather is mostly clement and that, in a truly
      French way, togetherness breeds camaraderie.
      More often than not, breakfast consists of a bottle
      of cheap red wine and a baguette, shared with
      others. At least the wine – a staple in each French
      household, rich or poor – is cheap. So is the bread,
      which is among the world’s best.
         But beyond the camaraderie and the wine and
      bread, there is something else that distinguishes
      France’s homeless from their peers in other coun-
      tries. All over France, in whichever city, most
      homeless people have at least one dog, sometimes
      two, and even a cat or two. The pets offer comfort,
      company, and friendship; ‘someone’ to care for.
      Perhaps they bring some joy and laughter, some-
      thing to look forward to when waking up in the
      shadow of super yachts.

    Photos and essay by Eugene Versluysen and Jane Cave.
S treetS                                                                 January 21 - February 3, 2009   9

              Cyberspace Love Affair
              The phenomenon fiber optical intertwining space,
                    two souls,
                    two minds,
              with the realm of wordplay.
              The awesome conclusion insight,
              eternal compassion for manipulating,
              keys under masterful control,
              vision with mind, heart and soul.
              Upon the climax creativity,                               What’s up world?
              leverage of intensity.                                    Where’s my girl?
              "Cyberspace love affair"                                  I don’t know.
              The struggling to satisfy heart, mind, and soul.          She didn’t show.
               The totality that craves within me more.                 I am homeless.
               The simplicity within my psychology boldness to          She is not.
               overcoming all boundaries within mind, body, and soul.   It hurts so much when
               All for poetry. "Cyberspace love affair."                we can’t be together.
                                                                        She sticks with me,
                         - Carlton "InkFlow" Johnson                    through all types of weath-
                                                                        She sells this paper,
                                                                        so do I.
                     Who Do It (Man)                                    Hopefully,
                     It was a cold night in the hood.                   is not
                     My homies and I was going down to the              the highest we can fly!
                     Local bar to hang out a little while
                     when we saw two people in the alley.
                          One was a light skinned dude from the
                                                                              - Shawn Herring
                     fourth ward on Washington Street,                  Dedicated to my wife and friend,
                          He had lost his cup of soda, or               Ms. Margaret J. Jenkins,
                     maybe someone took it.                             my fellow Street Sense vendor.
                          “Who do it, man, who do it?”
                           That dude began to yell, “Police,
                     Police!” but they only asked, “Who do it,
                     man, who do it?”
                          It was D-Sweet man he
                     was running down the street, cup in hand.
                          Maybe, maybe we will never know
                     Who do it, man, who do it.

                                      - James Fetherson
10   January 21 to February 3, 2009                                                                                                                          S treetS
                                                                                                                      JUICE               JUST
     gREgORY’S gREAT gAME                                                                                                                               JIGGLE
                                                                                                                      JUMP                JAM
                                                                                                                      JOIN                JANUARY
     Vendor Gregory Martin loves to create seek-and-find puzzles and drive the Street                                 JOINT               JUNE
     Sense staff crazy trying to find the answers. Below is his latest puzzle. Good Luck!                             JAR                 JULY
                                                                                                                      JUNK                JOKE
     The Letter J                                                                                                     JUG                 JUSTICE
                                                                                                                      JUNIOR              JELLY
        J      R       E       K       O      J       O           S          J       O          K   E
        E      U       L       J       J      U       S           T          I       F          Y   J       W     N     I     O      H     I     S      T     O     R        Y   B

        R      O       G       Z       A      J       A           R          J       J          L   U       I     E     S     N      E     S     T      E     E     R        T   S
                                                                                                            N     W     C     H      A     N     G      E     A     E        A   U
        J      I       G       G       L      E       J           E          J       U          L   Y       D     Y     O     B      H     M     A      U     Q     T        I   R

        O      J       U       W       I      O       R           E          O       R          E   J       S     E     L     N      R     I     N      A     U     N        E   J
                                                                                                            R     A     D     O      S     A     S      S     A     I        D   G
        J      Y       J       J       O      I       W           T          T       E          J   O
                                                                                                            E     R     T     C      J     O     A      M     R     W        A   N
        I      U       R       U       S      J       K           S          J       A          Z   Z       W     S     O     I      A     O     A      A     I     Q        R   I
        W      Z       S       A       J      N       U           E          C       I          U   J       O     B     M     T      E     B     I      C     U     O        A   K
                                                                                                            H     L     H     C      O     N     E      R     S     R        P   L
        G      J       U       T       U      J       G           N          G       J          E   U
                                                                                                            S     N     O     I      T     U     L      O     S     E        R   M
        L      A       J       J       I      N       G           S          I       G          N   R       N     O     I     T      A     R     U      G     U     A        N   I
        E      J       O       L       A      C       A           E          U       O          U   Y
                                                                                                        Street Sense apologizes for the missing lines in the “January in DC” puzzle
        P      M       U       J       O      M       E           J          N       A          J   J   which appeared in the January 7-January 20 issue of the paper. Here are the
                                                                                                        answers to a revised version of the puzzle, sorry for any inconvience..

     STREET SuDukO: PuzzLE 7
               6                       7          1
                           2 4
         8 4                 9   2                                DifficuLTY
                           5 7 3 1                                LEvEL:
         5                                                3       hARD
                 7 9 6 4                                                                                                        The Scope
                 1   2                            7 9                                                                       By Carlton Johnson
                     3 5                                                                                           In the month and the new year of historical events, the
                                                                                                         year of new beginnings are in front of us. Remember to keep
               3   7                              2                                                      your Street Sense of humor-today is your special day. Spoiling
                                                                                                         yourself is a must.
                                   Puzzle by
                                                                                                                   Now is not the time to compromise, move ahead
                                            3     5   6       9   1      4       7   8   2               no matter of the hard times to come. Make all decisions with
                                            1     4   8       2   7      3       9   5   6               profitable importance in mind. Avoid wasting your time. Spear
                                                                                                         head your way and you’ll accomplish much in the coming
                                            9     2   7       5   6      8       1   3   4               months.
                                                                                                                   Remember: If you are not on top of your game, the
                        LAST ISSUE’S        8     6   2       1   9      5       4   7   3               game will be on top of you.
                        ANSWERS                                                                                    Today’s predictions, there are none for you and yours
                                            5     7   1       4   3      6       2   9   8               recognizing that you influence lots of people with your ideas,
                                            4     9   3       7   8      2       6   1   5               your leadership, and your opinions. Do relax and use your
                                                                                                         imagination. Don’t overwhelm yourself with domestic drains
                                            7     8   5       6   2      1       3   4   9               and drama. May your special day be the best day ever. Don’t
                                                                                                         forget to do something bigger than life by helping someone in
                                            6     3   9       8   4      7       5   2   1               need.
                                            2     1   4       3   5      9       8   6   7
                                                                      Puzzle by
S treetS                                                                                                                                                January 21,- February 3, 2009     11
                                              Will write for food: Writer’s Group
                            Writer’s Group meets Wednesdays 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. at the Street Sense office. A poetry after party is 3:30 to 4:30 p.m.

                          Article Exercise                                                                                                         by Jerry W.

                                                                                                                            Pop is what they call soda, where some are from
                                                                                                                             Pop goes the trunk, when it used to be Porsches
           The recent scandal of the                                                                                              Hip Hop is the music I sometimes like
                                                                                                                           Pop pop pop goes the sound in my neighborhood,
           alleged attempt to sell a Senate                                                                   later to find out firecrackers used by gangs to test response and intimidate
           seat by the Illinois Governor ...                                                                    Pop goes the sound when walking by a car with guys I don’t recognize,
                                                                                                                                         maybe a gun or backfire?
                                                                                                              Pop goes the weapons at Tech, from a guy I probably met days before, but
             By Cara J. Schmidt
                                                                                                                                               didn’t realize
                                                                                                             Pop goes the attitude when they tell you to be positive, but have nothing to
                                                                                                                                             look forward to,
          I have never, in all my years that I have been conscious of the political process,                                         and a past they don’t want to hear
      been so excited about a president. The feeling of fresh air after 8 years of W is like                    Pop goes the bubble when asked to speak in an audience that may not
      a 7-year-overdue spring, But admid all my excitement over what Obama can do in                                                       understand nor care
      the next 4 years, it seems like the rest of the world is crumbling. For months there                                       Pop goes the weasel, as they tell the kids
      has been endless coverage on the crashing economy, the crumbling of companies                                               Pop, why the hell they calling me pop?
      that once seemed invincible, and now one more scandal to throw on top of the pile                                     oh, I’m 45 and they are first time college students.
      of disgraced politicians.
          I have so much hope for what our new president can do, but so much disappoint-
      ment in what has become of the country he has promised to lead. The old saying
      that I have heard since I was a child “absolute power corrupts absolutely” seems
                                                                                                            Here’s to Archie’s 65th
                                                                                                            by Patty Smith
      only to be proven true time and time again. Can Obama, the man I have already
      personally invested so much in, really be different? This scandal seems to hit a                         Is he going away or ain’t he? Those girls ever since they were little tykes(Betty
      little closer to him, and it really makes me wonder. Obama is not best friends with                   and Veronica) were fighting over Archie. Curly haired,fair skinned boy. He
      the governor, but there was a time when he was not above using the govenor for                        runs on to tell the news that his father has a promotion in a new city. He runs
      his own political gain. They were at one point political allies. I wonder if he could                 into Josie and the Pussycats, they said that they will be sad to see him leave.
      have known back then what the governor was like, and even more disheartening, I                       He sees Sabrina, the teenage witch and she says the same thing. He eventu-
      wonder if he turned a blind eye. There is no solid proof either way at the moment,                    ally gets to Pop’s diner, the hang out spot, everyone has heard the news. He is
      and so for now I am not ready to give up my faith in the man who is my deliverance                    surprised at this information. They explain that Betty and Veronica’s mother
      from the Bush administration. I only hope that he will prove the old saying wrong                     saw each other and the rumor got around, like some wild fire. They all agree
      and be worth my faith and hope.                                                                       to have a going away party for Archie. When he enters Pops diner the next day,
                                                                                                            they yell surprise. He tells them that he is not going away after all, and they
                                                                                                            say that we can still celebrate because it is your 65th Anniversary.

             Cara has been volunteering with WG for about nine months.                                        Patty is Vendor number 4, and an early WG participant.

           America for Sale, Cheap!                                                                         Reggie’s Reflections: a premonition
           by Jerry W.
                                                                                                            by Reginald Black
              Turns out Nader is a Harvard lawyer too, and said Obama’s got to choose be-
         tween being Uncle Sam - that ‘We Want You’ character seen on old military posters,
         or Uncle Tom, a literary racist image of servitude, and other times hopefully past.                The messages still lingered in my mind. i remember feeling
         But maybe Obama was helped by more than just Oprah,                                                anger at first. I didn’t understand anything at this point. I
         young people, Internet grassroots campaigns, churches, the                                         flirted daily, and the new her only left voice mails. I guess
         Obama Girl and Republican failures over the last 8 years?                                          the two worlds I lived in did not coexist. They were separate
         Turns out America is for sale, really, really cheap, not just to corpora-                          and the void of emotional distress loomed like an ominous
         tions, lobbyists, PACS, and foreign investors, outsourcing and whole-                              cloud. I called the voice mails back when i could but got
         sale to oil interests, but to incumbent individuals. Most state secrets                            limited answers. I started to feel like I couldn’t continue in
         go for less than $20k, but a high paying Congressional seat costs                                  my endeavors. I used to her just shutting the world out. It
         more than $400k, before book deals, speaking engagements, etc...                                   happened whenever she couldn’t reach me. While the entire
         I t ’s a g o v e r n m e n t j o b , i n a c o l d N o r t h e r n t o w n , n e a r D e -         time I blatantly flirted i perused only two for myself again I
         troit, and the Auto Bailout Capital of the World, with mob con-                                    hit a question mark. How do I decide which girl to ultimately
         n e c t i o n s p re f e r re d , s o s h o u l d n’t b e m u c h o f a N I M B Y i s s u e. . .   choose? I weighed the pros and cons. I found more similar-
         All else fails, the after Inauguration/ Xmas sale, jobs in government, no SF 171                   ity than difference between the two. comparing the two didn’t go well as I
         required, and maybe just a Congressional confirmations to deal with today’s                        expected the woman I desired split into two one from where I lived the other
         issues, to be posted on Apply today. Good benefits. Please check                         from another state and city. I could follow my heart but what happens when
         that they are authorized incumbent vendors, no stinking badges required...                         your heart is divided in to two equal parts. What was it about me and the other
                                                                                                            men different from those who are in happy relationships? Time after time I
                                                                                                            watched as people I knew cheated constantly. This disturbed me and I also
            Jerry, a formerly homeless disabled person, volunteers with WG by playing                       began to question was this my fate.
         the role of a Jewish Mother.
                                                                                                              Reggie puts the new spin on Sarah Jessica Parker’this side of the Anacostia.
12   January 21,- February 3, 2009                                                                                                                                        S treetS

                                   This Wasn’t the “Cosby Show”
                                                                                      By Jeffery McNeil

                   e all have battles to fight         I grew up as a country boy who           knew this was her lot in life.               sign on our house saying “Niggers Go
                   and demons to slay, and          would rather be drinking my Icehouse           Wynona had a sixteen–year–old             Home.”
                   we can be hurt and man-          beer, shooting ducks or fishing for cat-    daughter named Gloria, who was a                 We had a loving family but there
     gled from their ferocity. I can tell end-      fish. My roots are in Zanesville, Ohio. I   light–skinned Creole and very attrac-        was friction between my youngest
     less stories about the times I thought it      was born at Good Samaritan hospital         tive. The New Orleans of the 1940’s was      uncle and me. We were only five years
     was my time to die, only to wake up the        on May 7, 1967. My father, Bishop T.        deep in Jim Crow and there weren’t           apart and he was extremely jealous of
     next morning.                                  McNeil, was a firstborn McNeil who had      many opportunities for black women           the attention I got. As early as I could
                           However the hard-        six siblings. My grandmother, whose         besides prostitution and motherhood          remember when they left me unsu-
                        est battle I am facing      name was Mary Massey, was the typi-         and domestic work. Wynona knew               pervised with my uncle, he was a total
                        is baring my soul and       cal black woman of those days — she         my grandpa was a good man and ar-            terror. He was huge and strong and he
                        telling people about        was old–school, from Kentucky, and          ranged for him and Gloria to be mar-         could hold me down and fart on me. It
                        the memories of my          the family was the centerpiece. In her      ried. Frank and Gloria settled in a small    is funny now but when I was young I
                        childhood with my           young days she was very attractive.         town in Ohio called Barnesville, which       dreaded him.
                        brother.                       My paternal grandmother was the          was nothing but farming country, and             My brother, Virgil Todd, was born in
                           One of the toughest      polar opposite from my mom’s side           eventually moved to Cambridge, Ohio.         1971 and I wish I could say I was a good
                        things about writing        of the family. She didn’t spoil you but     The couple eventually settled in a house     brother. But I became like my uncle and
                        is deciding whether         when she gave you praise you knew it        which was part of the Underground            bullied my little brother. I hated him
                        to print what actu-         meant something. She wasn’t a scolder       Railroad during the Civil War.               getting the attention I once got.
                        ally happened. My life      or punisher. My memories of her were           My mom, Gloria Jean, was born in              My life became tragic in 1971. My
                        story is so powerful to     how she loved collards, beans, corn         1946 shortly after World War II. Even-       grandpa was dying from leukemia and
                        me that I hope people       bread and oxtails, ham hocks and chit-      tually my grandma gave birth to seven        my mom was there until he eventually
                       who have been in my          lins. Thank God they always had dogs,       children in Cambridge. Cambridge was         passed. That was my earliest memory
     situation can speak out and let their          yuk yuk. I guess that’s why I am very       rough in those days; they weren’t big on     about my mom’s character. She had a
     pain go. This article will be my hardest       skinny for I ended up liking calzones       integration and the many stories I’ve        sense of loyalty and compassion I truly
     to write, because for the first time all       and strombolis.                             heard from my aunts tell the scars they      miss.
     my family and friends will know what              I am just starting to learn my dad’s     felt from racism. In due course my dad,          The second tragedy was the death of
     makes me go.                                   side of the family and I will see them      who was from Zanesville, Ohio, met my        my cousin T Anne. She died when I was
         I am 41 going on five, because that’s      soon at a family reunion in Philadel-       mother, who was from Cambridge. They         four and I can’t help but wonder how
     how long I’ve been on my own. I held           phia.                                       got married and I was born in 1967 in        life would have been if she stayed alive.
     this pain all my life because I was so            My mom’s roots started with my           Zanesville.                                  I would have had a female cousin who
     ashamed to share. Because of this inner        grandfather, Frank Newsom, who was             My earliest memories were how             I could talk to.
     selfishness, I could never be the leader       one of the first African–Americans          proud my grandparents were of me.
     of my relatives that was my birthright,        to enlist in World War II. He traveled      They loved to tickle me and squeeze             Part Two will appear in the next issue
     and I lost a relative that was brutally        across the country and eventually met       my cheeks and I was their pride and          of Street Sense: My family moves East,
     murdered. I have to bear this cross. I         the woman would become his mother–          joy. I was spoiled by Grandpa and            and my journey through life takes unex-
     deprived myself of the inner beauty I          in–law, my great–grandmother Wynona         Grandma.                                     pected detours. I am seeking any further
     had because of the lack of love my par-        Scott, who ran a brothel in New Or-            My grandpa taught us how to live          information about the whereabouts of
     ents never gave me or understood.              leans. Her husband, my great–grand-         off the land by hunting and fishing.         my father Bishop T. McNeil, nicknamed
         My parents weren’t bad people. They        father George Scott, was typical of the     He also taught us how to protect our-        Junior, and my brother, Virgil Todd.
     parented the way they were raised and          family structure in the South in those      selves. There were many times we had            Jeffery McNeil regularly puts on a suit
     tried to give me and my brother a good         days. He was strict, abusive mentally       to pick up a rifle to protect ourselves.     to sell Street Sense. E–mail him at jef-
     life.                                          and physically, and my great–grandma        I remember one time racists posted a

                Michael Belkosky,                                                                           Blanket Worries
                   My Father                                                                                                    By Charles Carson

                                     By Kenneth Belkosky

                                                                                                           he grey blankets distributed by       There are a lot of ways of losing your
                                                                                                           the hypothermia hotline, the      blanket. But if you lose your blanket, you

                                his is a story      17th, my dad was 63 years old. My dad I                Salvation Army and other or-      still need a blanket.
                                about my            would call a saint because he took care     ganizations help save the lives of home-         The city has a U–Lock–It for the Inau-
                                f a t h e r. Hi s   of me until he died about 18 years ago.     less people in cold weather.                 guration. But if you put your blanket in
                      name is Michael               When I was growing up, we were mov-            But there is no place to store them,      there, you can’t get it out until Wednes-
                      Belkosky; he was born         ing around a lot. We ended up in Ohio.      so it can be hard to keep them. They         day. The homeless who are staying out
                      on October 6th, 1902.         We lived in a city called Cuyahoga Falls.   get swiped by other homeless people,         downtown are being urged to go into the
                      He served his country         I lived there for about 13 years. People    they get thrown away or confiscated if       shelters during the festivities. But if the
                      in two ways. He was           thought my dad was my grandfather           the homeless person goes to the hos-         shelters are overcrowded, where do you
                      in the U. S. Army, and        when they saw us together.                  pital. Good citizens will find them and      sleep? That’s a good equation to die.
                      he was a federal police                                                   put them in the trash can. Some of the
                      officer here in Wash-            Kenneth Belkosky has been a vendor       cleanup people will throw them away             Charles Carson has been a vendor for
                      ington, D.C. When I           for four months and he loves to listen to   because they don’t like us. The police       two months and came to D.C. as a Hur-
                      was born on January           police scanners.                            will do it for security reasons.             ricane Katrina evacuee.
S treetS                                                                                                                                        January 21,- February 3, 2009          13

                         Please Say No To Closure of the Mental
                            Health Clinic at 35 K Street, N.E.
                                                                                          By Jo Ann Jackson

                                   As part of a                  he very first institution I was    Maybe you will understand after read-       others, too.
                                move to privatize                admitted to was St. Elizabeth’s.   ing my short story. For me, like most          People with mental illness, we look
                                its delivery of out-             After spending six months          people with mental health problems, it      forward to our monthly clinic visits. I
                                patient mental         there, I was sent to New Endeavors by        is hard to talk about my problems with      don’t want to be shipped somewhere
                                health services over   Women. This is a transitional house to       anyone.                                     else where patients will be treated like
                                the next year, Dis-    help women get a new start with their           I would talk a little but only with my   a herd of cattle, where people who
                                trict officials say    lives. They help with education, sav-        psychiatrist. I wouldn’t even talk to my    work there only think of making eight
                                they plan to close     ing money, finding housing and help          family. And when it came to my case         hours regardless of their patients’ well
                                the city’s Depart-     receiving psychological assistance if        manager, I wouldn’t talk at all because     being.
                                ment of Mental         needed.                                      I just didn’t trust anyone. It’s hard,         Please, for my sake and the sake of
                                Health Clinic on          After I left New Endeavors by Wom-        very hard to talk about being sexually      many others, don’t close 35 K Street,
                                K Street Northeast.    en, I was enrolled in DC General’s           molested from ages ten to eighteen by       N.E.
                                Officials say that     mental health clinic, then transferred       your uncle.                                    It’s like a second home rather than
                                the shift to private   to D.C. Department of Mental Health’s           Since coming to the clinic, I’ve been    a mental health clinic.The clinic has
                               agencies would al-      clinic at 35 K Street, N.E. , where I’ve     with this group of loving, concerned        given me my life back in more ways
         low the city to serve more people, expand     been coming ever since 1996. To              and caring individuals from the doc-        than one. Have heart and find some-
         services and save money. But some us-         whomever had the great idea of clos-         tors down to the receptionists.             thing else to pick on.
         ers of the current system are concerned       ing this clinic, it is a big mistake.           To be moved someplace else after all
         about the change. Street Sense vendor Jo         First of all, you are not taking the      these years would cause a major prob-         Jo Ann Jackson is a Street Sense ven-
         Ann Jackson is among them.                    patient’s well being into consideration.     lem for me and I’m sure it would for        dor and proud grandmother.

                Open Letters to President Barack Obama
           Mr. President,                                                                           and families can afford decent hous-
                                                                                                    ing. Meanwhile, the foreclosure crisis
            I would like to thank you for being                                                     continues to increase the number of                    President Obama, NCH
         the first black President.                                                                 homeless and precariously–housed
            I made a big mistake during the pri-                                                    Americans, and recent estimates indi-                 asks you to stand by your
         mary and voted for Mrs. Clinton. When
         you won the general vote and became
                                                                                                    cate that the unemployment rate will
                                                                                                    reach over 9% by 2010.
                                                                                                                                                          word and conviction by
         the President, I was glad and proud that                                                      Historically, you would not be the                 working for the federal
         history was made.                                                                          first American president to turn down
            If you can, sir, please help this paper                                                 his salary. George Washington donated                 minimum wage during
         and the Pay It Forward Project.                 Dear President Obama,                      his earnings back to the state, believing
            The paper I write for is a street paper                                                 that helping the public was payment                   your time in office.
         called Street Sense. I know you are great         Back on July 23, 2007, in the “CNN–      enough. John F. Kennedy, too, turned
         person who wants to help people.              You Tube Debate” for the 2008 Demo-          down his salary, choosing instead to
            Please Mr. President, end the war          cratic primary, Pennsylvania citizens        donate the money to private organiza-           We ask you take time and careful
         in Iraq and still go after Bin Laden, the     Cecilia Smith and Ashanti Wilkins            tions such as the Boy Scouts of America     consideration to this proposed action.
         jerk who attacked us on 9/11. We need         asked the candidates if they would           and the United Negro College Fund.          It is, we at NCH believe, an unprece-
         to find him and kill him. He hurt us real,    be willing to work for minimum wage             The NCH believes that such an act of     dented opportunity for you to establish
         real bad .                                    if elected President. Nearly all of the      philanthropy would be consistent with       a new foundation of public good that
            Sincerely,                                 candidates, with Senator Christopher         your message of change, and would           Americans can build upon. With your
                                                       Dodd being the only exception, an-           inspire many other Americans to act         help, the nation will be more likely to
           Kenneth Belkosky                            swered in the affirmative. At that time,     selflessly and in the name of the public    bring an end to homelessness, reduce
                                                       you responded, “We can afford to work        good. The current economic crisis has       the number of Americans living in pov-
                                                       for minimum wage because most folks          highlighted and exacerbated the chal-       erty, and provide health care to the na-
                                                       on this stage have a lot of money. We        lenges faced by low–income Ameri-           tion’s most vulnerable populations.
                    Your thoughts and                  don’t have Mitt Romney money,” you           cans, and this action would be a fitting        T h a n k yo u f o r yo u r t i m e a n d
                                                       continued, “but we could afford to do        expression of solidarity and concern.       thought. We are happy to provide you
               editorials are welcome.
                                                       it for a few years.”                            NCH, founded in 1982, is a national      with further information on the subject
                Please e–mail content to                   President Obama, the National Co-        network of people who are currently         as you design your agenda.
                       alition for the Homeless (NCH) asks          experiencing or who have experienced            Sincerely,
                        or mail to                     you to stand by your word and convic-        homelessness, activists, advocates, ser-
                                                       tion by working for the federal mini-        vice providers, and others committed           Aaron Gaide,
                   1317 G Street, NW,
                                                       mum wage during your time in office.         to a single mission: to end homeless-          NCH Intern, Dartmouth ’11
               Washington, DC 20005.                       The current federal minimum wage         ness. Toward this end, NCH engages in
                                                       is $6.55 per hour, a rate insufficient       public education, policy advocacy, and         Michael Stoops,
                                                       to ensure that working individuals           grassroots organizing.                         NCH Executive Director
14   January 21,- February 3, 2009                                                                                                                                S treetS

                                     The Student Vendor Experience
                                                                                                                                       By Chris Maves

                                                                                                                                               oday the Service Learning class
                                                                                                                                               visited the offices of Street
                                                                                                                                               Sense and helped sell papers
                                                                                                                                     with the vendors. When we arrived at
                                                                                                                                     the Street Sense headquarters we found
                                                                                                                                     out it is the same place we stayed for
                                                                                                                                     our YSOP ( Youth Service Opportunity
                                                                                                                                     Project) trip last year. After we entered
                                                                                                                                     the church we passed through the same
                                                                                                                                     locked doors and went straight into a
                                                                                                                                     small conference room. There we were
                                                                                                                                     briefed on the rules and got a few tips on
                                                                                                                                     how to sell the papers.
                                                                                                                                         The tips that were really helpful were
                                                                                                                                     the ones we learned from the vendors.
                                                                                                                                     In the beginning of the briefing there
                                                                                                                                     was only one vendor, but as we left the
                                                                                                                                     room they were able to round up another
                                                                                                                                     vendor, who turned out to be our super-
                                                                                                                                        We then headed out in our bright yel-
                                                                                                                                     lowish green vests and completely fitted
           Vendors Carlton Johnson, Reggie Black and Jeffery McNeil get ready to go out with a group of student from St. Andrews.    with a guide, a group, and a stack of pa-
                                                                                                                                     pers. My group headed off towards Metro
        During winter and spring breaks, Street Sense hosts several       By Tommy Finton                                            Center but eventually stopped around
     student groups through its Vendor for a Day program. The                                                                        the Warner Theatre. Fortunately, I did not

     students spend about 30 minutes learning about Street Sense                   n Wednesday our class went to downtown            have to become familiar with the area,
     and then spend about 90 minutes trying to sell Street Sense                   D.C. to sell newspapers for Street Sense. I was   because it was near my mom’s office and
     with a vendor or two.                                                         excited for the trip because I pictured myself    my sister danced The Nutcracker there
        The comments below are from a group of students from St.       dancing around and screaming, telling people to buy           every year for the past three years. The
     Andrews Episcopal School just before Christmas.                   the paper. When we finally got there we went inside the       only thing I had to get used to was walk-
                                                                       church where the Street Sense headquarters were and we        ing up to strangers and trying to strike
       By Anne Mercer                                                  talked a bit about the newspaper. Once we got our news-       up a conversation.
                                                                       papers and our Street Sense vests we headed out to the           This was not as hard as I thought it

               oday in Service Learning we went to help sell           street. A Street Sense vendor, a homeless person, stationed   would be. It was almost like asking some-
               Street Sense. Our job was to go on a street corner      people,including myself, on the D.C. street corners.          one to dance at a school dance. After a
               and sell the newspaper. I really enjoyed this trip         As I said before, I thought it would be easy to sell the   few rejections I got used to it, and started
     and learned a lot.                                                papers. I was wrong. I was so nervous to sell the newspa-     focusing on the buys, like our supervisor
        When we first were in our two–person groups I was with         pers to people. Everyone on the streets seemed like they      had told us.
     Victoria and we were very nervous asking people to buy            were extremely busy and had no time for anything. It took        Part way through the time we were
     our merchandise. We would start talking but it would be           me about ten minutes to finally bottle up the courage to      selling, another street vendor came up
     very quiet so no one could hear us.                               ask a person if they wanted to buy the newspapers. Just as    but he was not selling papers. He was
        As this approach did not work, we started to say it loud-      I expected, they said, “No, thank you,” and kept on walk-     trying to promote and raise donations
     er and we developed a routine. I would start off by saying,       ing. My first sell came when I went up to an old person       for a non–violence basketball tourna-
     “Would you like to help the homeless?” and then Victoria          and asked him if he wanted to learn about the homeless.       ment. He was very nice and showed me
     would say, “It’s only one dollar.” When we said this we real-     He said nothing to me, gave me a dollar, took the paper,      a little more about working the streets.
     ized that people were actually listening and some people          and kept on walking. I was very pleased that I sold a news-   One of the things he most emphasized
     were interested. As this went on we started having a really       paper.                                                        was how this training for talking to com-
     good time and sometimes we would even dance! As we                   My second sale came when a man walked out of the           plete strangers would help us talk to oth-
     became more and more friendly, more and more people               Corner Bakery. He asked me when the bus was going to          er people later in life. He added a little
     would stop and buy what we had to sell.                           come. I noticed his Spanish accent, so I told him in Span-    bit of comedy to my work time. He would
        Before we started I was worried people would be really         ish. I am a very good Spanish speaker so we started to talk   ask a woman if she would help his cause,
     mean to us. But there was only one time when I was ner-           in Spanish. We kept on talking about Street Sense, how        and if she denied him he would ask for
     vous. That was when a group of guys were saying things to         much Spanish I knew, and my school. I think I made him        her phone number.
     us that we would have rather they not say.                        really happy by talking in Spanish.                              The reactions of the people he ap-
        I thought this trip was a good way to help our commu-             When the bus finally came I asked him if he wanted a       proached were priceless.
     nity and I had so much fun while doing it. Not only did I         paper. He was very sincere and gave me a dollar and took         I believe that if you become com-
     have fun but I learned a lot. I learned that the people who       a paper. After about five more minutes we went back to the    fortable and bolder, selling the papers
     are willing to donate are not the ones that look so rich. I       church and turned in our gear and money. We then left the     becomes easier. When our shift ended,
     also found that saying “No, we are not interested” is much        church and went back to school.                               Justin, Adam, and I had made more than
     better than saying “no” or just walking away. From now on            This was by far my favorite trip in this course. We went   $23 as a team. Justin and I both think we
     I am never going to walk by someone who is talking to me          on the streets and talked with people. We raised awareness    will be coming back to Street Sense and
     and not acknowledge that they exist. I think that when I          of homelessness and we got money as well. I hope that         volunteering for more community ser-
     have a chance I will volunteer there again!                       next trimester’s class can do this as well. I loved it.       vice hours.
S treetS                                                                                                                                                       January 21,- February 3, 2009                   15
WASHINGTON,                         mental health services                          SHELTER                                 VIRGINIA
D.C.                                Dinner Program for Homeless          Friendship House
                                                                                                              housing, job and substance abuse
                                                                                                              counseling, clothes closet
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                                    Women                                619 D Street, SE                                                        Co.                                     SHELTER
SHELTER                             AND the “9:30 Club” Breakfast        (202) 675–9050                       Foundry Methodist Church           114 W. Montgomery Avenue,               Alexandria Community Shelter
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                                                                                                              JHP Inc.                                                         
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Covenant House Washington           1317 G Street, NW                                                                                                                                    org
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                                    1717 Columbia Road, NW               Sasha Bruce Youthwork                2201 P Street, NW
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                                                                                  activists, speakers bureau
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My Sister’s Place                   1407 S Street, NW
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office (202) 529-5261               OUTREACH CENTERS                                                          1345 U Street, SE , AND            9309 Old Georgetown Road,
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Church of the Pilgrims              1221 Taylor Street NW
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        January 21,- February 3, 2009                                                                                                                     S treetS
veNDOR PROfiLe                               Miles Keller                                       THe LaST WORD                  By James Fetherson

                                             By Roberta Haber

                                             Miles Keller grew up in Queens, NY. He finished
                                                                                                 Peace For Vets
                                          high school in Queens and then attended John Jay
                                                                                                                                                   n amazing event? I
                                          College in Manhattan, graduating with a major in
                                                                                                                                                   never would have
                                          forensic psychology. He plans to go to law school.
                                                                                                                                                   dreamed it! “It is
                                             Times were tough in New York. Both of Miles’
                                                                                                                                        a time for change,” said Ba-
                                          parents became ill and moved into nursing homes.
                                                                                                                                        rack Obama, the nation’s
                                          The apartment where they lived in Queens was
                                                                                                                                        first African American presi-
                                          empty, there was no electricity, and it was time to
                                          leave, so about six weeks ago he decided to come
                                                                                                                                            The country is hoping
                                          to DC and look for opportunity.
                                                                                                                                        for better times ahead. In
                                             The hardest thing about the move was leaving
                                                                                                                                        the meantime, God only
                                          his friends in the neighborhood. A few weeks after
                                                                                                                                        knows what is taking place
                                          Miles arrived here he learned about Street Sense
                                                                                                on earth. Israel is attacking Gaza, bad weather, days of hard rain,
                                          from a vender he met at a shelter on Georgia Ave.
                                                                                                young African American men killing each other.
                                                                                                    However, it will be an Obama–Jam at the capital this month, with
                                                                                                all the big names, Oprah and all the other stars.
                                                                                                    Hopefully there will be local change also. A former U.S. Army
             What is your favorite music?                                                       Green Beret, a war veteran awarded the Silver Star and the Purple
             I like Elvis, ‘80s rock and roll, Van Halen.                                       Heart found himself homeless. He was an African American, facing
                                                                                                unemployment with bad times and trouble adjusting back home.
             Favorite food?
                                                                                                    Living on the streets of Washington, D.C. two blocks from the
             Tuna fish with butter and mayonnaise.
                                                                                                White House, the flashbacks are gone but the tough times are still
             Favorite movie?                                                                    here. So with this new Administration that calls for change, let’s hope
             The Wizard of Oz. Star Wars is another good movie.                                 that this combat vet will find peace. And we as a people will find the
                                                                           Shop | Eat | Explore | miDCity | Shop | Eat | Explore | miDCity |
                                                                                                Promised Land.
            How did you become homeless?
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            It was a matter of circumstances. A plan fell through. I need to have a job
          before I can get an apartment.
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                Were you ever homeless before?
                For one week, when I was a teenager.                     | miDCity | Shop | Eat | Explore | miDCity | Shop | Eat | Explore |
                Where do you see yourself in 5 years?                     City | Shop | Eat | Explore | miDCity | Shop | Eat | Explore | miD
                                                                           Shop | Eat | Explore | miDCity | Shop | Eat | Explore | miDCity |
                Living here in Washington with a MS degree, doing something related to law
             or psychology.
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                                                                                                    fashion in MidCity
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                                        Miles                            | miDCity | Shop | Eat | Explore | miDCity | Shop | Eat | Explore |
                        reminds customers to only buy                     City | Shop | Eat | Explore | miDCity |NW  1603 U Street Shop | Eat | Explore | miD
                                                                                                          1736 14th Street NW
                       from badged vendors and not to
                                                                          Shop | Eat | Explore | miDCity |Shop | Eat | Explore | miDCity | S
                        give to those panhandling with                                                                               caramel

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                                     one paper.
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                                                                          City | Shop | Eat | Explore | miDCity | Shop | Eat U|Floor NW
                                                                                              1911 9th Street NW
                                                                                                                                             1338 Street
                                                                                                                                                 2nd Explore | miD
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 Street Sense                                                           Explore | miDCity | Shop | Eat | Explore | miDCity | Shop | Eat | E
                                                                         Nonprofit Org

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