Water Polo

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					Water Polo
                 English History
   Originated in mid 19th Century England
   Derived from rugby (aquatic version)
   London Swimming Association developed rules for
    indoor swimming pools in 1870, in hopes of attracting
    more spectators.
   The early games were very brutal and were really
    nothing more than underwater wresting matches.
   The goal was to touch the ball with both hands at the
    goal end of the pool. Similar to a touchdown in football.
               Scottish History
   The Scots are said to have tamed the sport.
   In 1877 they added goal posts. Goal became a
    10x3 foot cage.
   Replaced the small rubber ball with a soccer ball.
   Introduced rules that prohibited taking the ball
    underwater or tackling a player unless he had the
   This style spread throughout Europe in the
             American History
   Introduced to the USA in 1888 by John
    Robinson, an English swimming instructor.
   Resembled American football in water.
   Became very popular in the 1890’s.
   Violence was the games main attraction.
    Due to pool sizes and conditions, the American
    version became even more violent than early
    English versions.
                  General History
   Resembles an early African rite of passage into manhood played
    in rivers.
   First team sport added to the Olympics in 1900.
   Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) took over as the national
    governing body for water polo in 1906.
   AAU dropped water polo after a brawl erupted at the 1912
    national championships in Chicago.
    After agreeing to AAU regulations in 1914, water polo was once
    again an AAU event.
   James R. Smith of the U.S. invents a ball specifically for water
    polo in the 1930’s. Became the sports official ball in the 1956
               Women’s History
   During the 1920’s in the U.S., physical educators
    decided that the game was to rough for women.
   It was revived in the late 1950’s by Rose Mary Dawson,
    a women's coach in Michigan.
   The AAU conducted a women’s championship in 1961.
   An international women's championship has been
    conducted by the Fédération Internationale de Natation
    Amateur (FINA) as part of the World Aquatic Games
    since 1986.
   Add as an Olympic event at the 2000 games.

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