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Sizing is always a key question. If you are not familiar with Matilda Jane you may
need a bit of guidance. Be sure to ask your Trunk Keeper for help, or call us at the
office. We want you new outfit to look great. I’ll try my best to help you out.

MJC sizing is according to age. A 2 would be for a 2-3 year olds, a 4 would be for
a 4-5 year old and so on. Our clothing tends to run a bit generous and true to age.
In almost all cases, there is no need to buy a size up.

For example, on a 2 year old, try a size 18m, 2, and a 4.
Look at the differences. More than likely you will note,
     the 18m just fits,
     the 2 has plenty of room for her to grow,
     and the 4 would most likely need the waist rolled and be worn as full length pants.

Your best bet is to go with their age. I find many people buy a size up, which is fine
and still looks great. However you should note, if your want the, let’s say, Cora
Plaid Capri’s they will fit as Capri if you buy the 2, if you size down to an 18m
because her waist is small, they will be full length, if you size up to a 4 because she
is a bit thicker, they will just be shorter. They will long great at any length and the
elastic waist band will always do the trick.

You’ll need to understand that all the waist measure are consistent as far as grading.
You should note about a 1” grade between sizes. However, remember fit/cut and
sizing are 2 different things. Capri’s will not be the same as full length. The waist
will be the same but the length will not. A slim cut shirt will not fit the same as the
peasant top not the logo tee. You should really as how the piece is cut if you have

The above is what throws most people off. For example, sometimes we may have 2
skirts, one could be cut to fall at the knee and one could be cut to fall mid-calf.
Think of it as min-skirt vs prairie skirt, or a snug fitting tee vs a box cut tee. These
are not inconsistencies these are simple different fits.

                                       SIZE CHART
                     size             weight    height                  waist
                     12               28-33     27-31                    18
                     18               33-38     31-36                    19
                     2yr              38-43     36-40                    20
                     4yr              43-48     40-45                    21
                     6yr              48-53     45-50                    22
                     8yr              53-59     50-58                    23
                     10yr             59-65     58-68                    24

                             Hat Circumference Chart
                               Small (approx. 6 - 18 month): 17"
                              Medium (approx. 18 mo - 3T): 19 1/2"
                                   Large (approx. 4T-7): 21"
                     * Hats can be tricky. Kids head sizes vary greatly. Ask questions.
                            Round up to be safe. They always grow into them.

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