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Meet Dave Meet SlideShare


									meet Dave
Facebook fanboy &
   startup mentor
Dave likes to hang   out at...
the University Cafe
...and give startups
the religion of metrics.
But he cannot   meet everyone...
he has conferences to organize...
 ...and two doting kids
he wants to spend time with
He creates
presentations to get his
ideas across
He used to email them
After a conference, he would take
business cards & email them
One day, he read on
    TechCrunch about...
Michael Arrington called it the
YouTube of PowerPoint
Dave tried it and was hooked!

He now uploads         to SlideShare
before giving a talk
When someone asks for slides,
he says "go   to my SlideShare page"
even better: people who missed the talk
still find his presentation!
His ideas are spreading,
new people find his slides everyday on

 Dave is a happy      man!
He met Rashmi, the CEO of
SlideShare who invited him
   to become an advisor
     Joining other advisors...
             Hal, Ross &         Guy

Hal Varian       Ross Mayfield         Guy Kawasaki
Dave believed in the company
and decided    to invest
Soon others joined him in investing in SlideShare...

                           ... Jonathan, Ariel, Yee, Saul,

Jonathan Abrams

                  Ariel Poler

                                Yee Lee
                                          Saul Klein    Mark Cuban
 ...including David & Dev from

David Siminoff
                             Dev Khare
These guys write bigger checks
than Dave.
…David Siminoff has joined SlideShare’s
Now SlideShare has a new office in
San Francisco with orange walls
They‘re looking for Ruby hackers,
Linux sys admins, and Community
managers for one reason and one reason
only... that people like Dave can upload
even more presentations to SlideShare!
            This presentation is inspired by Meet Henry,
Photography Credits
Slide 1:    

Slide 3:    a presentation genre that was born (and

Slide 5:

Slide 8:
            spread) through SlideShare.


Slide 9:    

Slide 10:   We would like to thank Scott Schwertly who

Slide 15:

Slide 17:
            created it, and all the SlideShare users who


Slide 20:
            share their presentations on the site and inspire

Slide 22:   us everyday.

Slide 24:   
                                                                                  -the SlideShare team

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