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September 1 newsletter


									                              HOLLAND CHATSWORTH CENTRAL SCHOOL
                                 RR#3, Holland Centre, Ontario N0H 1R0
                                    519 794-2729     fax 519 370-2929
                         Principal: Yvonne McCutcheon Office Manager: Jackie Brown

                               Welcome Everyone!                Happy New Year!

Welcome students and parents to a new year at Holland Chatsworth Central School. To those students who are
attending HCCS for the first time, we welcome you to our community. To our returning students and families, we are
excited to have the opportunity to continue to work and learn with you. We’re looking forward to a great year!

The staff of Holland Chatsworth is dedicated to providing each child with the best educational opportunity possible.
We also strive to foster a sense of community which encourages everyone to be an active, contributing ‘crew
member’, rather than a passenger who is simply along for the ride. We are encouraging everyone to do their best to
be a positive citizen who takes action to demonstrate care for self and others.

In these first days of the new school year we will be establishing routines and discussing goals with your student to
help him/her develop skills and maximize learning. We encourage you to discuss goals and establish routines with
your child so there is a consistent message from home and school about the importance of learning.

About our current school organization…
We thank you in advance for recognizing that our classroom organization is tentative at this point. Depending on
what happens with registration numbers within these first couple of weeks of school, we may or may not need to
reorganize. This would mean changing class placements for some students and maybe some staff. Organization is an
extremely complicated and detailed task that encompasses student’s needs, staffing and resources. We promise you
that we have worked, and will continue to work, diligently to create the best possible scenario for our students.
Schools work best when parents, teachers and students work in co-operation and keep lines of communication open.
Please feel welcome to contact the school at any time to share your feelings of satisfaction as well as your concerns
and suggestions for improvement and growth.

My sincere best wishes to you and yours for a wonderful year ahead.

For Kids’ Sake,
Yvonne McCutcheon

A big THANK YOU to Mrs. Lois McComb and her team of Mr. Fenwick and Mrs. Klages who have our school
in tip-top shape for start-up. We know our students will do their best to continue to show respect for property
and the cleanliness of our school. If possible, please remind your student about the importance of wearing
their indoor and outdoor shoes appropriately.

We are happy to welcome Educational Assistant, Mrs. Ruth Turner to our Learning Team. We wish Mrs.
Kristie Taylor the very best in her new teaching assignment at Alexandra Community School.

Communication is key! We encourage you to contact your child’s teacher at anytime through the planner, voicemail,
or e-mail to share information, clarify situations or express concerns. Our staff checks messages on a regular basis
and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible. The following is the address pattern for e-mail:
first name_last e.g

Communication is vital to the success of student learning! Thanks for the vital role you play in our learning

Here’s our All-Star Team for 2012-2013 along with their phone extensions…
Miss Bisson – Gr. 6                       608         Mr. Koeslag – Gr. 8                       628
Mrs. Brown– Office Manager                521         Mrs. Lemon-Yeo– Gr. SK/1                  610
Mrs. Campbell– Gr. 2                      609         Mr. Linner – Gr. 8                        611
Ms. Carr – Ed. Assistant                  121         Mrs. Madder– Gr. 3                        612
Mrs. Courtios – Music and Other           602         Mrs. McComb – Head Custodian              531
Mr. Evans – Ed. Assistant                 624         Mrs. McCutcheon - Principal               527
Mrs. Givens– Ed. Assistant                605         Mr. McManaman – Ed. Assistant             622
Mr. Johns – Gr. 4/5                       615         Mrs. Schultz – Gr. 5/6                    616
Mrs. Roberta Johnson, Learning Resource   535         Mrs. Tremblay – Gr. 1/2                   613
Mrs. Susan Johnston – JK & SK             607         Mrs. Turner – Ed. Assitant                603
Madame Kelly - French                     606         General Mailbox /Save                     100
                              Preparing our Students Today for the World of Tomorrow
Each month as a school we focus on a character trait to help us think about growing to be the best we can be. We
have identified the character trait of ‘commitment’ as the focus for September. Our definition includes: ' I keep the
promises and agreements that I make to myself and others. I make good decision based on my values. I give my all
to whatever I do.
Later this month we’ll be having our Terry Fox Hike (Sept. 27th). Terry knew the meaning of commitment!

                                                       School Times
                                    Our school day remains the same as last year .
                                         8:45      Students arrive at school
                                         8:50      Start of class
                                    11:10 – 11:50 First Nutrition Break
                                     1:10 – 1:50 Second Nutrition Break
                                          3:10     End of Day

Supervised Yard Times
Please be aware that our Yard will be supervised beginning at 8:45 a.m. We ask that your child does not arrive prior
to that time as no one will be available should he/she need assistance. School yard supervision ends at 3:20.

What’s in their backpack today?….Forms, Forms, Forms + Planner Fee ----Your ‘TO DO’ List
  We know that there seems to be endless amounts of paperwork at the start of each school year. We appreciate your
efficiency in getting it back to us. Today we are sending home:
 *Student Health Information and Consent to Release (both sides)- AF6813 (personalized for your child)
 * Technology Acceptable Use – AF6812
 * Student Identification Consent and Website Consent Form – AF 6810 ( 2 signatures)
 * Volunteer Information Form
 * Student Planner - $5—please send in your donation asap
 * Accident Insurance Envelope (optional)
 * School Year Calendar

It is very important that we have current information on file. Please return the completed forms to the school by
Friday, September 7. Any questions, don’t hesitate to call. Thank you.

Student Planner
Today your student ( Grades 1 – 8) received their student planner. We are proud of the planner. It is an important
tool to teach organization skills and provides a visual framework to plan activities and solidify skills. There are many
helpful resource pages in it also. Each classroom uses them differently, but it has been our experience that for the
small fee of less than 3 cents per day, it is a valuable resource. The planner also outlines our School Code of
Conduct. Please take some time to look at it with your student so this tool may be used to its maximum
potential. Currently your School Community Council subsidizes the payment of planners, however every dollar they
spend on planners is a dollar that can’t go toward playground improvement, bus trips, musical instruments
etc….Thus, you can appreciate your SCC’s request, that if at all possible, please make the student planner donation.

About Volunteers---We NEED You!
Please take special note of the Volunteer Information form, or give the school a call. We really value our
volunteers and the role you play in making HCCS a great place to be. We have lots of unique opportunities. There is
a need for classroom helpers, library helpers, healthy snack and hot dog day volunteers, trip chaperones, helpers with
SCC fundraisers, etc.
We are very thankful that Amanda Strutt (519-794-9944) has once again volunteered to coordinate our Healthy Snack
Program Volunteers. Also, we want to thank Mary Mosier for her great work coordinating Hot Dog days and thank
Melissa Gilmore (519-794-2376) for stepping forward to be the new coordinator of our Hot Dog days. We do need a
great number of volunteers in order to continue to offer our Healthy Snack Program and our monthly Hot Dog days
on a consistent basis. These programs make a big difference for learning but without more hands, we can’t guarantee
they will continue at the same frequency. Please help us in any way you can. If you can’t volunteer, maybe you
know someone who could…many hands make light work! They are great programs!

A Note about Money throughout the School Year
We recognize that we make decisions that involve costs to parents for optional materials and excursions or activities.
We appreciate your financial contributions to the school that enable our students’ programs to be enhanced.
However, it is the intention of your Principal and Staff that no student at Holland Chatsworth will miss out on an
opportunity or resource for financial reasons. Please contact Mrs. McCutcheon if you have questions or concerns. I
assure you our conversations will be respectful and confidential.

Visitors in the School
In an effort to ensure student safety, and to avoid disrupting students and class activities, we ask that parents go
directly to the office when picking up your student, dropping off items, etc. Thank you for your cooperation.
School Materials
Please be assured that there will always be a ‘classroom collection’ of the necessary utensils for learning
activities, such as pencils, erasers, paper, rulers, Kleenex, etc. If your student prefers to have their own
personal materials, or would like to donate to the class supply, we welcome this support.

Reporting to Parents
In November, you will receive a progress report about your child’s transition to the new school year. We will have
scheduled interviews at that time ( November 22, 23rd). There will be two formal, written reports sent home this year;
one in early February and the other at the end of June. We encourage all parents or guardians to please set an
appointment anytime throughout the year should the need arise. Some of our students require a duplicate set of
written reports and/or newsletters. We can best do that if you forward self-addressed, stamped envelopes to the
office. This documentation can then be sent home, one copy with the student and a duplicate copy mailed where

School Community Council…Your S.C.C.
They support trips, class programs, playground equipment, healthy snack, instruments….the list goes on! They
encourage excellence in the classroom. They are the SCC…and we need you!
The first meeting of our School Community Council (SCC) will be held on Wednesday, September 12th at 6:30 p.m.
in the Library at HCCS. There will be senior students available to provide care for young children.
The purpose of this group is to inform and support, as well as provide feedback about, programs and activities at
HCCS. At our first meeting we will be selecting our executive for the 2012-13 school year. If you have questions or
ideas to share please contact our retiring chair, Heather Stirling (519-794-2833) or Mrs. McCutcheon. We will be
needing people to step forward and fill the leadership roles; you will be very supported by our school staff and

Plan Ahead…Back by Popular Demand
Our frozen meat campaign, supplied by Elmira Chicken, will once again be happening this fall. Watch for the orders
coming home on Monday, September 10th, with a return date of Thursday, September 20th. Pick-up will be
Thursday, October 11th. Thank you to Mrs. Brown and her team for organizing this campaign to benefit our students
and programs.

Newsletters & Monthly Calendar √
At the beginning of each month you can expect a school newsletter to update and inform you about school
happenings. We will also include a calendar that indicates school-wide events. Each month there will be a lucky
draw for a pizza, courtesy of New Orleans pizza. To be eligible for the prize your student must return the signed slip
indicating the letter was received and read in your home.

Milk Program
You will receive information about our Milk Program that will start up again in a few weeks. The cost is $0.75 each,
or a card of 20 for $15. If possible, we prefer that students order a milk card to provide 20 milks rather than bringing
money on a daily basis.

Peanut Free School
Please remember that we endeavour to be a peanut free school to help ensure the safety of all of our students. Please
refrain from sending peanuts and peanut products to school as peanut oil can easily contaminate commonly used
items such as door handles, water fountains, books, etc. Brochures with more information about peanut allergies from
the Allergy Asthma Information Association are available on their website at

Medical Assistance Provision for Students
If your student has a medical condition that does or may require assistance, please contact Mrs. Brown, our Office
Manager to ensure that we have the most up-to-date information, medication and /or routines. These guidelines also
apply to over the counter medication such as Tylenol, Advil, Benadryl, etc.

A BIG THANK YOU to Rocky Neelands & family for the corrective landscape work on our sunshelters. It’s

Please do not drive through the circular driveway when busses are loading or unloading to help ensure the safety of
our students. Please note that students are assigned to one morning route and one evening route. They are not
permitted to ride on different busses unless it is an emergency and has been cleared through the office. i.e. students
are not allowed to ride a different bus to a friend’s house, etc. If for some reason your child will not be riding home
on the bus, please make sure that you inform the school by note or by phone (519-794-2729 x100) so we may
manifest our busses correctly. Thank you.
Recess Equipment
A number of balls will be made available for children to play with at recess times. However, students
are invited to bring items such as basketballs, soccer balls, skipping ropes, etc. to school. Balls must be
soft (i.e. no baseballs), larger than a tennis ball and CSA approved. Students who choose to bring
equipment to school do so at their own risk – the school will not be responsible for lost, stolen or
damaged items. Please have students label all equipment brought to school with their name.

QSP Magazine Campaign –PLAN NOW!
Holland Chatsworth students will be participating in the QSP Magazine campaign, organized by our
SCC. The company has assured us that they will match a lower price if you are able to find one, and
that they will also honour any savings coupons. We are your cheapest source for magazine
subscriptions! If you have subscriptions that you wish to renew, please consider renewing them
through our magazine campaign which will be starting Thursday, Sept.27th. You can order on-line or
on paper…either way, it’s simple!

          HCCS’s TERRY FOX ‘Hike for Hope’ – Thursday, September 27th

                                 It will be Red & Black Day too !

We’re NEVER too OLD to Label Personal Belongings!
Every year we end up with quite a pile of unclaimed items including everything from clothing, to
running shoes, to coats, etc. If personal items are labeled, it is much more likely that your child will be
able to retrieve a lost item. Our lost and found will be ‘emptied’ at Christmas and March Break. Items
not claimed will go to local charities.
Safe Arrival Program
If you know your child(ren) will be absent or late, please call the school (519-794-2729 x100) or send a
note to the office. Absences may be reported by phone at any time to the school’s voicemail. If we
haven’t heard from you by the time the morning attendance comes to the office, it’s our policy to call
home, work, emergency contacts, etc. to ensure the safety of your child. Thank you for keeping us

Accident Insurance
Accident insurance forms are sent home on the first day of school along with the student health forms. This insurance
is recommended. Student Accident Insurance is available to parents, at low cost, to provide benefits for dental
injuries and other accidents which may occur through participation in sports and other activities. The basic insurance
can be purchased a small amount to cover accidents which occur during school hours. Family rates are also available.
Dental injuries account for approximately 75% of all claims and many dental plans cover only 50% of the cost of
repairs for accidental damage to teeth. By participating in this insurance, parents can ensure that the high cost of
dental repairs following an accident will be covered. If you wish to purchase the insurance, please send the forms
directly to the address provided and not to the school.

Did you know that HCCS has been recognized by the Ministry of Education for being a Healthy School…This is due
in large part to the Healthy Snack program at our school. Each day a tray of cheese, fruit and vegetables was
delivered to each class at first Nutrition Break.
We want to continue…but we need you to be able to continue. If you can give 1 ½ hours once a week, or once a
month, we would be thrilled to have you. The job is easy and satisfying and you make a difference for kids! Please
contact Amanda Strutt ( 794-9944) or the office to let us know that you can help out. Training is provided and it’s a
great way to support students’ healthy choices and learning.

Support HCCS at the MOM S to MOMS Sale!
Do you have gently used baby or toddler items? Would you like to make space in your home while supporting your
You can donate your clothing, toys and furniture to the HCCS table at the Moms and Tots sale being held on
Saturday, October 6th at HCCS! Katie Edwards is coordinating this effort and you can contact her at 519-794-0768 to
make arrangements for pick up or drop off, or you can bring your items into the school. All proceeds from the table
will go to support HCCS students!

           Join us for our Meet the School Community Evening, Thursday, September 27th!
                                              5:30 – 7:00 p.m.
                We’ll be having a ‘mini’ Hike-for-Hope in support of our Terry Fox Hike!
                                    Visit with Staff, Students & Families
                         HCCS Clothing Samples will be available to view, size & order
                               Hot dogs, apples and water available
            NEWS FLASH: PIZZA will be available every FRIDAY beginning Sept. 14 – $1.25/slice

If you meant to order a 2011-2012 yearbook but just didn’t get it done, we have good news. We have a few extra!
Call Mrs. Brown in our office, and she’ll give you the details to get your copy.

If you have, or know, a child born in 2009, he/ she will be eligible for kindergarten next year! HCCS is hosting our
“Let’s Learn” Kindergarten Registration event on Tuesday, October 16th. Please contact the office to book your
appointment. In 2013 HCCS will have Full Day, Every Day Kindergarten!

Your cooperation in completing & returning the following forms/money by Friday, September 7th is greatly
    Student Health/Safety Info and Consent to release (both sides)---this is a pre-generated, personalized form---
     Parent Volunteer Information Form
    Student Identification Consent and Website form
    Planner Donation ($5)

Community Notes:

Chatsworth Fall Fair
Students of Holland Chatsworth have entries displayed at the fair which is being held Sept. 14,15 & 16th. Please be
sure to drop by the school exhibits. Should your child have an entry on display, we encourage parents to pick up the
item up at 4:30 on Saturday. Entries not picked up on Saturday will be returned to the school for distribution.

Piano Lessons
Mrs. Ruth Martin will once again be offering piano lessons at the school. If your child is interested, please contact
her, directly at 519 794 3891.

Guitar Lessons / Fiddle Lessons at School
We thank Arlen Weibe for his years of guitar lessons at HCCS. Sadly, Arlen will no longer be offering these lessons
at the school. Should you wish to find a list of teachers he has suggested contacting:

Chatsworth Skating Club
Come out and join the Chatsworth Skating Club’s Learn to Skate program on Friday nights from 5:30-6:00 pm for KidSkate
(beginner skaters) and 6:00-7:00 pm for CanSkate.
Registration will be at Holland-Chatsworth Central School during Meet the School Community Night on Thursday, September
Registration will also be at Chatsworth Arena on Saturday, October 13th from 9:00 to 12:00 pm.
You may contact Rick Harrison, as well to register, 519-794-3959 or email

Markdale Scouting
Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Venturers…something for all youth! Registration will be at Annesley United Church in Markdale on
Wed., Sept 12th, 6:30 – 8:00p.m. or contact Ryan (519) 986-1872 or Barb (519) 986-3292

                     Best wishes for a great 2012-2013 school year!!!

                                              HAPPY NEW YEAR!

                                             Order Your Milk Card….
                                      Delivery begins Monday, September 10

      It is easiest for routines if your student has a milk card. Order a card by returning the sheet below.
                                                 $15/card gets 20 milk
                                                       .75 each

                          MILK Card Order - $15.00 / card – cheques payable to HCCS

Student’s Name _______________________________________________________

Student’s Teacher _____________________________________________________
Date __________________________________________
                            (complete and return this portion to order your milkcard)
Lucky Pizza Draw – Please sign and return to school.

      We received and read the September HCCS Newsletter. Please enter our name in the pizza draw.

 __________________________________________________                 _____________________________________
                             Family Name                                                Student

         Would you like to receive an electronic version of the school monthly newsletter?
                           If so, please print your e-mail address below.

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